DOCUMENT Strategy Fall 2022

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WHAT THE ANALYSTS SAY… The 2022 Aspire Leaderboard Makes Its Debut In July 2022, Aspire launched the next generation of its CCM/CXM Aspire Leaderboard™, now in its fifth year of development. As the evolution from Customer Communications Management (CCM) to Customer Experience Management (CXM) continues to gather steam, numerous acquisitions, consolidations, strategy adjustments and new product introductions have altered the provider landscape. Accurate analysis of the players now requires a more agile approach. Instead of releasing a single market overview annually, Aspire is now constantly updating the Leaderboard so that enterprise users will be armed with the latest, up-to-date information on this ever-changing industry. The latest iteration included major advancements in two key areas: new Market Segmentation Grids and interactive Relevance Filters.