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WHO CAN HELP BANKS & FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS WITH IMPROVING THEIR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? THESE 5 COMPANIES CAN. As a bank or financial institution, you obviously need to stay on top of everything when it comes to finding the best way to work with each of your customers. To help, we have put details from 5 CX solution companies all in one place. Any one of these companies could have the answers to exactly what you are looking for. Check out their websites and then reach out to them with your questions. Don’t forget to mention you saw them in DOCUMENT Strategy magazine.

Instant access to documents for services agents is a key component of most financial digital transformation projects. Banks send thousands and thousands of statements and letters to customers each day. Using CrawfordTech offerings, all of these documents can be captured and made available in a centralized solution that gives the customer services staff the ability to view, print or email a copy of any particular piece of correspondence, as required, to resolve any customer inquiry. Crawford Technologies develops software and solutions to help the world’s top banks and financial institutions optimize and improve the secure and accessible delivery, storage, and presentment of their customer communications. With over 1,800 customers on six continents, CrawfordTech solutions and


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know-how enable the largest banks, insurers, healthcare providers, utilities, and print service companies to use their existing technologies, documents and data in new ways. We help them navigate the challenges in leveraging legacy applications in the platforms and applications of the future. CrawfordTech’s Products, services and domain expertise reside at the nexus of content, data and output management and are essential components of our customers’ digital transformation, output management and document accessibility strategies. www.crawfordtech.com sales@crawfordtech.com 866.679.0864

As a marketer and document professional in financial services, the complexity of managing regulated content and disclosures is a constant challenge. Typically, this content is duplicated across many templates and systems throughout your organization, and just as likely, this content is iterated on repeatedly for variations according to product, language, region, and delivery channel. Ultimately a single piece of disclosure content can end up residing in hundreds of templates in various systems, managed by disparate teams across your organization. The result is incredibly slow and costly change management cycles that are prone to error and put you at risk of costly fines and rework. Messagepoint is a centralized content hub designed to intelligently manage the complexity of regulated content. Messagepoint gives you a single point of control for centrally managing content across your various touchpoints and channels. It even enables you to create dynamic variations of content that can automatically target the right product, language, region, or channel. When content needs to change, you can do it in one step – applying changes globally, with 100% accuracy, in minutes instead of months. All without any help from IT. Learn how Messagepoint can help you ensure compliance while streamlining disclosures management at http://www.messagepoint. com/regulatory-disclosures/ www.messagepoint.com/rationalizer 800.492.4103 info@messagepoint.com

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DOCUMENT Strategy Fall 2020  

DOCUMENT Strategy Fall 2020

DOCUMENT Strategy Fall 2020  

DOCUMENT Strategy Fall 2020