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ActivePDF delivers a comprehensive suite of PDF tools to enable companies to dynamically generate and manipulate PDF files from within server-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management and Workflow applications. The ActivePDF product suite is designed to streamline the process to render and assemble unstructured content into secure PDF documents. ActivePDF serves organizations from numerous industries, including Financial, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, Engineering, Legal and Government. The company has a substantial market presence of over 23,000 customers and distribution of more than 300,000 server licenses within 90 countries.




As businesses move farther away from traditional paper-and-ink to a complete digital environment, management of their content requires more streamlining and integration with external systems. ActivePDF’s tools enable almost any business to enhance and facilitate their document workflow automation. What makes ActivePDF products really stand out from the crowd is their commitment to performance, fidelity, reliability and ease of use. The tools are designed from the ground up, supporting enterprise operations with features such as: } } } } } } } } }

High-volume PDF functionality Centralizing and simplifying licensing Easy retrieval and archiving Batch file processing and automation Tracking documents and their status Compliancy within industry standards Security of sensitive digital documents Communication between businesses, employees and clients And more

Customizable PDF functionality in enterprise applications is a core component to deliver, share and manage content anytime, anywhere and with anyone. ActivePDF technology is the key for almost any enterprise businesses to achieve this delivery platform in a highvolume, low-cost and reliable manner.






Regardless of how much technology evolves, implementation of a successful content management strategy will continue to be a cornerstone of the enterprise. ActivePDF can make that goal a reality with smart tools that digitalize workflow and speed towards a complete digital transformation.

DOCUMENT Strategy Summer 2016  

DOCUMENT Strategy Summer 2016

DOCUMENT Strategy Summer 2016  

DOCUMENT Strategy Summer 2016