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Working Dogs

How to Train Adult Dogs (4)

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How to Train my Puppy (12) Dog Tricks (2)

There are several meanings of the term

General (2)

“Working Dogs”. But here I mean dogs that do tasks for humans. In this category I’ll confine myself to service

General (2) Sport Dogs (5) Dog Obedience Training (1)

dog training, herding dog training, rescue dog training and on how to train a dog for hunting. Of course there are a lot more sorts of working dogs but these are the most widespread. These terms are collective terms. The term police dog just means a dog

Top Posts (4) Working Dogs (11) Herding Dog Training (1) How to Train a Dog For Hunting (6) Police Dog Training (1)

working for the police. The police has specialized dogs for searching lost people, searching for drugs, explosives,

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weapons, cadavers etc. Any of them can be trained as Schutzhund in addition. All of these tasks can be found

How To Train A Dog To Give You His Paw

in other sections such as sports, advanced positive dog training, rescue dogs, hunting dogs etc. Service Dog Training

How to Train a Dog to Come to His Name

There are several kinds of service dogs all specialized for different tasks.


The guiding dog is trained to guide the blind safely through the environment.

How To Train A Dog To Wait For Food

Guiding dogs are the start of all the other service dogs. Start was during World War 1 when there were a lot of veterans returning visually injured by war gas. Assistance dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities such as physical or


How To Train A Dog To Come When You Whistle

psychical disabilities.

All terms here are not clearly defined. A guiding dog could be understood as assistance dog as well. The same holds true for autism dogs, hearing dogs,

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medical response dogs, psychiatric service dogs etc. Herding Dog Training

Working Dogs

Herding dog is the best defined term here. For working livestock you should definitely choose a herding breed such as Border Collie, Australian Shepherd or any other herding breed. The training depends a bit whether the dogs have to

Sport Dogs

herd sheep, cattle, geese or chickens. The work itself is more or less the same for all: to keep the herd together, to BASIC DOG TRAINNG

drive the herd in a defined direction and to separate single individuals.

Basic Dog Training

Rescue Dog Training The most well-known rescue dogs are avalanche and debris search dogs. Next


there are water search and water rescue dogs and area rescue dogs. Except for

How To Train A Dog – Reward And Punishment

the water rescue dog all dogs need to be trained for scent work. They need some means of indicating that they have found either by barking, scratching or retrieving.


Gundog Training

In the case of rescue dogs the handler needs thorough training himself as well since the handler – dog team normally works in a hostile environment. How to Train a Dog For Hunting Hunting dogs fulfill different tasks to help the hunter. Hounds and to some extent Terriers hunt for animals and kill them themselves. Pointers search for game, usually birds or rabbits, and indicate the location to the hunter. They flush the game on the hunters signal and the hunter can shoot the game.

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do g pedia: Do g Training Advanced Do g Training Skills - Beco me a Pro fessio nal Do g Trainer Po sitive Reinfo rcement Do g Training - Pet Sitting | Do g Training

Retrievers search for the shot game and bring it to the hunter. Bloodhounds are specialized to trail for wounded game. When they found it they alarm the hunter who can give the coup de grâce. Conclusion

Fantastic Reviews o n Ho w to Train Yo ur Do g and Puppy | Do g ... Puppy & Do g Training Video s Online | Co rgi Cuteness Ho w To Train Yo ur Do g – Do g Obedience Training Review | Do g ... What 's Hot

This was only a very rough, incomplete overview over working dogs. In future posts I will dive into more detail about the different tasks and the training. Comments are welcome.

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Out and Abo ut in o ur Premium Service Do g Vests Premium Service Do g Credentials Disabled Perso n Identificatio n Card NEW: Service Do g Identificatio n Leash Illegal Service Do g Sign

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Working Dogs  
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