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What’s wrong with these pictures?

Spontaneous Vibrant Dynamic

Informal Unconventional Avant-garde

Contemplative Carefree Serene

Thoughtful Imaginative Reflective

Reliable Consistent Efficient

Casual Hardworking Do-er

What is a brand?

A brand is how you present yourself. ‌it is the vital match between the outer expression of your business and your inner business reality.

A brand built from within allows you to be absolutely unique.

The usual way. Look outside, check the competition, find the gaps and fill it. The match doesn’t matter to them But‌it does matter.

Why it matters‌ Inside matches outside









Inside matches outside




Absolutely unique



Brand Essence Essential. The underlying truth.

Sharing Responsibility Balance

Responsibility Essence = deeply held value Often taken for granted

How do you find your essence?

Process of Discovery

1. Uncover your values through your leadership. They influence the culture. Culture is the clue to uncovering values. Culture is the sum total of the values and character.

Define character: personality, uniqueness and quirks Get a third party perspective. Look for the validation, the match between what the leaders says, the culture and team perception.

Build on your strengths.

2. Explore the way you communicate. Benchmark those you admire. Know your rules of respect.

3. Understand what you offer. Is it new, better or different? How do you want a customer to feel?

4. Take a step back. Layout your findings and take note. Let your values emerge. These are the qualities that form a foundation for your brand.

How we built a brand out of responsibility.

Liza Brand Essence Liza stands for life inspired by family, community and home.

Brand Positioning Brand Personality Brand Promise

Liza Brand Positioning To create communities that: • stimulate local environments • invoke reciprocity • elicit feelings

Liza Brand Personality Welcoming, Complete Warm, Enlightened, Rich

Liza Brand Promise We are always conscious of our actions, innovative in our approach, artistic in our delivery and holistic in our commitment to forming communities and lifestyles.

To differentiate yourself – find the answer within.

Our brands speak volumes to the world about who we are.

Our brands are the outer expression of our inner vision.

Our brand is who we are.

eWomenNetwork Brand Presentation  

brand presentation

eWomenNetwork Brand Presentation  

brand presentation