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6 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Kids Creativity is a skill parents can help develop in their child. By fostering creativity in your child, you can help your child mature mentally, emotionally, and socially. Moreover, it helps them develop social skills, decision-making skills, self-confidence, and self-independence. Here are 6 ways to foster creativity in your kids: 1. Inspire Self Confidence Tea h hild to trust their de ision and e onfident a out their ideas. Don’t let others interrupt or influence their decisions and thoughts. For Example, if your neighbor asks you to enroll your child in a dance class instead of a sports class that your kid likes don’t do it. Instead, onsider your kid’s hoi e and de ision and enroll him/her in the kind of activity they prefer.

2. Provide Required Resources Here the resources we are talking about are time and space. Kids need a lot of time and space for unstructured and imaginative play and that doesn't depend on a lot of commercial stuff. Give them a specific corner or a room, where they can get messy with colours, craft paper, colourful flowers etc. It is sure to bring out the best in them. Moreover, this activity will foster happiness and cheerfulness in your child.

3. Do Not Pressurize Do not pressurize your child or force your child to take any decisions, instead, set him/her free and let creativity flow in all directions. Your child should not feel the pressure constantly, else he will not be able to excel in his/her field.

4. Introduce Role Models Does grandpa or grandpa like music or painting? Encourage your child to spend more time with them. Creative role models who can teach, inspire, and guide him/her will make the child more confident and self-assured. In the process, you may also create unbreakable family bonds and memories to last a lifetime.

5. Enroll Your Child In a School That Encourages Creative Learning There are many international schools in Mira Road and Bhayander that encourage creative learning methods. Such schools provide a broad holistic and international educational framework for scaffolding young minds with knowledge, skills, humanistic values and learning experiences befitting the 21st-century learners. Moreover, through creative learning in school, your child becomes capable enough to face the challenges of the world.

6. Appreciate You must have enrolled your child in one of the best international schools in Bhayander or anywhere else in Mumbai, however, as a parent, it is your duty that you even appreciate your child on his/her achievements. If you kid has won an art competition or a sports competition in school, appreciate him/her in whatever simplest way you can. This will make the child feel loved and cared and encourage him/her to do much better in future.

6 ways to foster creativity in your kids  

Creativity is a skill parents can help develop in their child. By fostering creativity in your child, you can help your child mature mentall...

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