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Volume III, Issue IV | Summer Edition 2011

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We only have a few more weeks before school starts! Take advantage of your semi-free time and get a head start on reaching 50 hours. See page 7 for a detail of all of our upcoming events. Also, we have a t-shirt designing competition. If you love to draw, or you have a secret love of graphic design, give it a try! Look out for an emailing detailing the first Key Club meeting of the year, and of course, start cramming your summer homework!

Rancho Bernardo High School Division 37 South | Region 2 | Cali-Nev-Ha District President: Helen Fang ( Vice President: Kevin Mihalik ( Secretary: Amy Ma ( Treasurer: Jessica Fang ( Bulletin Editor: Melody Huang (

Summer Days…

…drifting away…

Beach Bonfire! By: Stacy Luu (Junior – Amazing Key Clubber) After a whole year of getting to meet new people and doing events, I was in love with Key Club. It’s such a great club to get involved with. The bonfire made it even better, and I was surrounded by not only my good friends and classmates, but a family. I feel like out of all the clubs and teams I’ve been a part of, Key Club really hit home for me. At the bonfire, we just talked, ate and I met even more people that I never would have imagined would want to get to know me! When it got a little late, the officers started passing out awards to Key Clubbers who got more than a certain amount of hours. After that, the bonfire actually started and we all sat around roasting marshmallows and talking about the most random things. I was really sad to leave, but I’m ecstatic to come back next year for another great year of service!

Division 37 South Banquet By: Helen Fang (Senior – President) On a wonderful Friday evening at the stunningly beautiful Rancho Bernardo Country Club, D37S Red Bulls gathered for the last DCM of the school year as well as the end of the year banquet to celebrate all of the achievements of the AMAZING Key Clubbers. With our wonderful hosts Douglas Bi and Vivian Yu, Key Clubbers from all over the division gathered to find out about the latest doings of the various clubs and enjoy the fine food. Our IP LTG presented awards for distinguished service as well as superlatives, which got a laugh out of much of the audience. After all of the speeches, Key Clubbers mingled with their friends and pooled tickets to win that dance with an auctionee. After all of the slow dances, Key Clubbers gathered on the dance floor and danced the night away to the beats set by the DJs. While some found great enjoyment on the dance floor, others decided to catch up with old friends and found themselves lost in very long conversations. All in all, it was a great banquet and DCM, and I look forward to another year of great service!

PAST EVENTS La Jolla Festival of the Arts When: June 18th, 2011 By: Helen Fang (Senior – President of Key Club) On a wonderfully gloomy June morning, spirited Key Clubbers got up nice and early to UCSD’s Warren Field to volunteer at the 25th Annual La Jolla Festival of the Arts sponsored by the Torrey Pines Kiwanis. Once we arrived there, we were quickly assigned to monitor and direct traffic in one of three parking lots provided for the event. Donning the very fashion-forward neon orange vests, Key Clubbers helpfully answered questions asked by festival attendees, monitored traffic, and directed people towards the shuttles. Thanks to the nice amount of clouds, volunteers were not sunburned like last year. After a while, the parking lot was filled and Key Clubbers were able to at last enjoy a well deserved break. The works showcased by local artists were beyond amazing. There were a variety of paintings, photographs, sculptures, and glass works for individuals to peruse as well as a silent auction. Time passed too quickly and soon, we were headed home from another wonderful art festival. We can’t wait to come back next year.

Spirit of the Fourth! When: July4th, 2011 By: Melody Huang (Junior – Bulletin Editor) The Spirit of the Fourth organization is devoted to helping set up the firework shows at Rancho Bernardo High School. This amazing group of people coordinates both live stage performances, as well as a multitude of different food booths, from funnel cakes to kettle corn, and actual dinner foods, such as barbecue and grilled items. Every year, this organization works with Key Clubbers from Rancho Bernardo High School Key Club to not only set up and break down stage and booth items, but also in asking the community for donations. During this event, volunteers can also guard several entrances that are closed off from the general public due to the safety hazards of the fireworks. This event was a blast for me. I'll surely sign up for years to come.

PAST EVENTS (cont.) FFCC Food Packaging When: July 29th, 2011 By: Jeffrey Lam (Sophomore – Dedicated Key Clubber) Four key clubbers decided to wake up in the morning to go to Carlsbad to pack food. At around 9:50, the place was all set up, and we signed in and got name tags. Our station was filling the bags with the actual food. Each of us was assigned a job. Alyssa was on rice, Jessica was on vegetables, Sam and I were on vitamin packets, and the other two people in our group were on placing the bag under the funnel and soy protein. We later got another person in our group, who became our runner when we filled our bucket with too many bags. We developed a very efficient system, and packaged many bags of food for the people in Haiti. After two hours, the entire event was at 31,000 bags of food packaged, which was more than halfway to the goal of 50,000 in 4 hours.

RB Key Club Bake Sale! When: July 30th, 2011 By: Dyan Khor (Junior – Ex-Soph. Rep/Spirit Chair) Though bake sales may seem like the typical contrived club fundraiser, they’re far from that to me. Baking is something that personally is really fun and fulfilling to me: from muffins to cupcakes to rice krispies, it’s all fun and delicious! Using one of my talents to help the club raise money is a plus to me, and educating the community by talking about our cause is something that I highly value. It’s one thing to get money, but another to make the community aware of not only our club, and also causes like PTP. It also provided an opportunity for me to build a relationship with my fellow Key Clubbers and seeing how they’re feeling about what’s happening in the club. An event that entails not only fundraising, but also education, bonding, input, creativity, and of course fun is something that’s greatly needed in every club.

T-Shirt Design Competition Have you ever been interested in designing t-shirts? (Yes you have. Don’t deny it.)

Here’s your chance! Help design the new 2012 RB Key Club school t-shirt!

Above: Last year’s t-shirt. Modeled by Kevin Mihalik, Pictures Courtesy of Seung-Yeon Jeong

CRITERIA: DEADLINE – August 31, 2011 for ALL entries. **Please

email entries to

COLORS - 1-2 THEME IDEAS: Project Shine? Broncos, Key Club… Something within reason hopefully MUST INCLUDE: District (Cali-Nev-Ha, or CNH District), Divisional (Red Bulls, D37S), Club (Rancho Bernardo) names.

---STRUCTURE OF THE DESIGN: Part 1 - front of shirt: logo in the top corner Part 2 - back of shirt: entire design - creativity!

***Award? Free tee for winner, but more importantly, bragging rights.

Future Events

To Do List:  Kiwanis Picnic!

When: 8/7/11 Time: 10am - 2:30 pm Where: Lake Poway Why: Help out the Kiwanis at their annual picnic!

 PAC Makeover When: 8/8/11-8/9/11 Time: 9am - 1pm Where: RB High (Y’all should know where that is…) Why: Come help the drama department give the PAC a well deserved face lift.

Div. Events  OTC (Aug DCM) When: August 13th Time: 1-5 PM Where: Boy’s and Girls’ Club (TP) Why: There will be workshops for members and officers! Make sure to come. It’ll be a blast.

 Regional Training Conference! When: October 29th Time: ALL DAY EVENT (11AM-10PM) Where: Taft Middle School Why: RTC is our regional training conference where several divisions (in our case ALL of the Key Clubs in San Diego) participate in training, spirit battles and just plain have good time. *Price will be $10 for dinner, training workshops, service faire, a talent show, a dance and so much more.

Words of “Wisdom” It's almost that time of year again when we go last minute shopping for notebooks, paper, backpacks, and writing utensils – SCHOOL! Yes, school is a very exciting time of the year when friends meet again and homework becomes an integral part of our academic schedule. As the nice long summer days wind down and the majority of us are furiously cramming in our summer assignments, try to find some time to squeeze in a few Key Club events to lighten up your week. With OTC, PAC Makeover, and other events coming up, there are plenty of opportunities to accumulate service hours. For those of you who are more creative, there's also our annual t-shirt design contest. There's definitely a little bit of something for everyone. Enjoy the rest of vacation and I hope to see you all August 24th! Lots of love, Helen Fang (President)


Hi Key Clubbers!

(Note how Matt Devlin is a beast photo bomber)


Hey Key Club! How do you feel?! It’s very unfortunate that I have to say, school’s about to begin! It feels like just yesterday we emptied out our lockers and stuffed all the contents of torn spirals, overdue library books, and random leftovers of lunch into our backpacks. These past two months have passed by much too quickly. I hope you all enjoyed the newsletter this issue. I spent a lot of time messing around with text boxes on Word, and I tried to change things up so it’d stay interesting to look through! While I don’t feel particular nostalgia towards the workload school brings, or the amount of sleep I’m able to get (or rather, the lack of), I do look forward to coming back to school and getting back into the routine of learning once again! So, whether you were rotting in front of your computer like I often do the entire summer, or you were slaving away at an internship, it’s time to say goodbye to waking up at 10am and say hello to school once again! Loveeeee, Melody Huang (Bulletin Editor)

Summer Issue (June-July 2011)  

Rancho Bernardo High School Key Club Newsletter - Summer Issue 2011