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This annual event presents a great chance to have your questions answered, to explore and research recognised and new franchises and to hear the first hand experiences of successful franchisees.

We wanted our franchisees to focus on their core business – servicing their clients’ test and tag requirements, and growing their local businesses Get free advice If you have any legal or financial questions about buying and starting a franchise and don’t know who or where to ask, the Franchise Advice Centre at the expo has specialised bankers and lawyers on hand to F R0 5 1 3 _ 0 0 0 _ T EL 1 2 0 1 3 - 0 4 - 2 3 T1 1 : 4 5 : answer your questions. Make sure to book in your free appointment at the Franchising Advice Centre Information Point when you first arrive to guarantee a time with an expert. The ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission) will also be there to help people



understand the rights and obligations of franchisors and franchisees under the Franchising Code of Conduct and relevant legislation All the information that you need to make sure the franchise you choose follows all legal criteria can be obtained from the ACCC, such as articles and fact sheets, guidelines and other educational materials. Information about Australia’s workplace rights and rules can be found at The Fair Work Ombudsman’s stand at this year’s expo. The ombudsman’s services are free to all employees and employers in Australia. Stop by the stand to find out more about running an efficient, supportive workplace. attend free information seminars If you’re thinking of buying a franchise or would like to find out more about what franchising entails, free information seminars will be held throughout 1 9 + 1 0 : 0 0 the day. This is a chance to hear the real life experiences of successful franchisees who have faced and overcome different challenges and are now enjoying the work life balance that owning your own business can offer. These seminars provide insight into the real

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