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their own. The support from the Jim’s Fencing group eliminates this concern,” he says. franchisee - Peter dragic Peter Dragic purchased a Jim’s Fencing business in May 2012 and he is all praise for the training program. In particular, Dragic says it taught him three key things - how to build a fence, time management and how to run a small business effectively. franchisee - danny frood Former furniture/cabinet maker Danny Frood of Blackburn has been with the company since May 2012. While Frood was quite confident he would pick up the techniques required to build fences rather easily, the training program showed him that he may need to polish his administration and sales skills. “During the training period as well as learning the practical, hands on side of it, I learned I needed to know how to set up the business and develop my sales skills before I went out in the field.” He was also surprised by how much he learnt from the practical modules, and explains his trainer was very knowledgeable. “From a hands-on point of view, learning the different techniques used when building different types and styles of fences was very important. The trainer I had was extremely supportive, knowledgeable and very helpful.”

HYDRoKleeN Peter Jenkinson saw great potential for a new service in his home town of Broome but didn’t dream of the success his new franchise would bring. He left his role as the regional manager of one of Australia’s largest air-conditioning companies and signed up as the franchisee for HydroKleen, a business that maintains and services air-conditioning systems.

Since establishing his franchise back in 2009, the business has grown to three further locations: Karratha, Port Hedland and Geelong. The result has been a year-on-year revenue growth of about 100 percent, and it’s a rate Jenkinson doesn’t see slowing down in the near future. “With Broome as a kind of litmus test, I saw the A business on the road usually means hands-on work Image: Thinkstock

possibilities that the business offering would afford me in a range of other locations,” he says. “To date the response has been overwhelmingly positive and growth has been continual, which I believe is at least partly the result of power prices increasing and people generally taking a great interest in their health.” Jenkinson has won awards for his business, and believes a hands-on approach has been a significant help in achieving success. “Part of the reason HydroKleen Broome took off in the way it did is because I took such an active role in promoting the business,” he says. “We get great marketing support from head

Generating your own revenue stream though business to business and private referrals was just one of the training topics that I found very useful “When you live somewhere like Broome, people genuinely value the level of comfort that air conditioners can bring to a highly variable climate,” Jenkinson says. “Because of this, people in the area are quite proactive about having their air conditioners serviced in order to ensure this ongoing comfort. “For most peoople it’s not a hard sell. We focus instead on educating our market about the health and economic benefits of our service.”

office, which has been crucial to our success, but it’s the direct communication with clients that has made all of my franchises a success. “To this end, I didn’t just place ads or send out flyers - I went out and met with potential customers and showed them exactly what we do. “While there is now a fairly large managerial element to what I do now, I’m also frequently out in the van myself, meeting new and returning customers. “There’s no substitute for that kind of marketing.” F www.FRANCHISe.Net.AU


Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  
Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  

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