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varies according to the size and type of centre. As Kwik Kopy is such a long-standing system, about 10 percent of its franchises are available for resale at any time as their owners retire. Alternatively, a new owner can decide to start a Kwik Kopy from scratch. “A few years ago we had someone who moved to Gosford and decided to open a business there,” says Bell. “Another did the same on the Sunshine Coast. These were lifestyle choices - starting a new business enabled them to live where they want.” The franchise fee is roughly $40,000. A small business might cost an additional $150,000, a big business turning over a million dollars would cost significantly more. “It’s hard to put a dollar value on it but the important thing is that our franchisees have a wide choice of ways to get into what will continue to be a vibrant and dynamic sector,” says Bell.

PoINtING tHe wAY to A SUCCeSSFUl FUtURe These days, signs are about a lot more than giving directions. Like print, signage can incorporate communication in its broadest form - for example, Signwave describes it as a powerful and immediate tool that can be used to build a brand, market a product or service or announce an event. Signs can be printed, lighted or even interactive, and Signwave covers the full spectrum of signage solutions. Digital signage is dynamic - it allows businesses to communicate constantlychanging information, updated news and the latest offers in a way that will catch and hold their customers’ attention. Signwave has been operating in the digital signage space for many years and, as the opportunities within the sector continue to increase, it is well placed to cope with changing demand. “Virtually every business uses signs and graphics to



sell, inform and direct,” says Andrew McKay, Australian general manager of Fastsigns International which runs the Signwave business in Australia. “This means that every business is a potential customer for Signwave and advances in technology will only continue to expand the market.” The franchise also offers a wide range of complementary products and services - everything from floor and vehicle graphics, architectural and interior decor signs and labels to promotional products and wearables - and has recently introduced a new branding platform to communicate the fact. “We chose ‘SIGNWAVE: So Much More Than Signs’ because we want people to know that we provide a wide variety of products, services and comprehensive visual communications solutions to help businesses raise their visibility, reach more customers and tell their story,” says McKay. Currently, Signwave has more than 530 locations worldwide with 20 of those in Australia. “Ours is a proven, international model which is locally

managed,” continues McKay. “The support we provide has been tailored to the Australian market. We provide all the help that’s needed in terms of day-to-day operations as well as vital intelligence via a sophisticated system of reporting.” New franchisees can choose a start-up franchise for an overall cost of around $210,000 or to convert an existing print or sign business for a much lower cost. Like Kwik Kopy, Signwave looks for enthusiastic and motivated franchisees who enjoy interacting with people and embrace every opportunity to provide solutions for other businesses. “This hasn’t changed over the past five years - we have always seen the value in building relationships,” says Mckay. “The only thing that has changed significantly in our franchisee recruitment is the age demographic. We’re getting much younger people showing an interest now than when the business started out.” F

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