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he print and signage businesses are both about communication and they have both been changing fast. For print, there was a major shift around five years ago when big, offset printers were replaced by digital alternatives. Suddenly, business owners had no need for a dedicated operator and, as digital machines are also much neater and cleaner, their outlets took on the look and feel of service centres rather than manufacturing plants. Meanwhile, in both sectors, the digital revolution has been opening the door to methods of communication that, just a decade or so ago, would have sounded like science fiction. As a result, there are new and exciting opportunities to prosper for anyone willing to work with the changes.

tHe CHANGING FACe oF PRINt “There’s no question that this is shrinking as readers and advertisers move part of their spend into digital forms of communication - but it’s shrinking slowly and from a very large base,” says David Bell, chief executive officer of Kwik Kopy Australia. “Today, the business is as much about software and problem solving as producing printed materials and we have responded by broadening the range of services we offer from print to print and digital.” For some time, Kwik Kopy has been actively enabling its owners to offer web-based solutions. Website development was the first cab off the rank and quite a few franchisees are now offering web design. The next growth areas will be mobile and social media. “As competition for the print dollar intensifies, the franchisees most likely to succeed are those who understand what they’re actually selling, which is communication,” says Bell. “We produce materials for one of two reasons - the first is for

We’re tending to attract a younger demographic people who have grown up with social media internal communication, the second is for external or marketing communication. If you understand that, and you also understand each particular clients’ market place and how they want to allocate their dollars then you can adjust your range of products and services to meet their changing demands. If you’re also offering a broader range of services, you’re in clover because they can come to you for all their digital communications as well as their print work.” Even franchisees who choose to focus on maintaining or growing their share of the traditional print market now need to GBC 0006 230mm x 85mm w-FINAL_ol.indd 1


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