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are thinking and to ask them what they are thinking. “It is quite a long process bringing a new product to market and our franchisees play an integral role in that,” she adds. When a new product or promotion is implemented, Eagle Boys works hard to ensure franchisees and particularly their in-store staff receive sufficient training. “Our corporate chefs provide a lot of training, but there are also sales and training tools that go out with any part of our menu and we are constantly increasing that to make sure not only our franchisees but our in-store staff receive as much information as possible. “They are the best people to get feedback from because they are the ones speaking to our customers, they are the ones getting the feedback from the people who come into our stores and who are using our online service, so they often have the best insights,” she says. Franchisees can reap the benefits of pizza franchises that constantly innovate because they regularly reinvent themselves in a bid to stay ahead of the pack. Customers grow tired of menus that never change, almost A D _ and F R they A MP M A Rexpect _ 1 3 to . pbedpresented f P a gwith e 1 new and unique products on a regular basis. If one

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pizza franchise has introduced a new product, it is likely a customer will choose that particular brand over another out of pure curiosity and the desire to sample the new product. Pizza franchises are aware that consumers operate in this way, and they operate accordingly. And at the 1 1end / 0of2the / 1day, 3 , the 1benefits 2 : 3 3of this P Mapproach flow down to franchisees. F

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Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  
Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  

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