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going to want that product. “The end result does float back to the franchisee and the business being able to make sure that they manufacture and deliver the product or have enough information in store to sell those products,� says Patterson.

Crust’s new degustation menu encourages customers to try a little bit of everything. Image: Crust Pizza

CRUSt GoURmet PIzzA BAR It seems Crust is tapping in on the share plate trend, with the company recently introducing a degustation menu. Its entire menu, which is designed for sharing, now spans five different categories - starters, pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts. Starters include lamb ribs and Vietnamese salad with wagyu, and pizza toppings have expanded to include smoked salmon, falafel and Italian sausage, among others. For the first time, four different pasta varieties are also available - spicy Spanish seafood, go through so our stores understand a little bit about prosciutto blanco, Bolognese Verdi and pasta that product,� he says. vegetarian. New dessert offerings, such as a black Pizza Capers places a high level of importance on forest crumble dessert pizza and ice cream flavours both communicating with and training its franincluding salted caramel, peanut butter, chocolate, chisees as this ensures new products are marketed vanilla and blood orange have also been added to and delivered effectively. the menu. “We need to be 100 percent confident that we Nic Brill, marketing manager, Crust says the can execute it [the new product] at store level, and menu with the opportunity AD_ F RACE 1 NOV _ 1 2 . p d f Pa ge 1 1 1 / 1 0 / 1 2 , 1 2 :provides 4 8 Pcustomers M secondly we need to be confident that consumers are to share multiple different items. “Customers can

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