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but we’re not enjoying the time off yet,” Ben reveals. “We’re more interested in getting the business to where we want it to be: a successful multisite operation that operates more efficiently. Our growth has been fantastic, now we need things like the warehousing and our personal development to catch up.” The business has expanded rapidly, and the four directors have invested in a warehouse off-site to service the stores. “We’ve got great shop fronts but it’s about the back end too.”

FRANCHISee SUPPoRt Snooze has provided guidance and advice when needed but also has “a fantastic network of franchisees with a wealth of knowledge across the country,” says Ben. “We’ve got their mobile numbers, we’ve seen quite a few different stores and operations. I spent a fair bit of time with a franchisee in Melbourne as part of my induction, and we’re still in touch. Now it’s our turn and we have a new franchisee visiting us.”

operation requires. Says Ben, “In the media business I could be working when I wanted, after hours, at night, but in retail there are set hours, times to open and close, and you have to set an example for staff. “Finding a balance for myself has been important. It wasn’t about increasing the working hours but getting back into a structure. CHALLeNGeS The biggest challenge has not been running the needed ground AR D0 _ 5 F1 R3 G_ R0 E0 S0 E_ PG _ R 1 E 2 . -p d 1 f P0 a 1 g3 e - 0 1 4 -6 “I / 7 0 8 1 / 0 1 to , 9 :1 from 1 1 : + 0the 4 0 M 0 up and the F 2 1 T :2 learn 1 2 1 :A 0 business but in adopting the structure that a retail only way to do this is to be hands on.” F

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Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  
Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  

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