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Getting the right location is crucial to a retail business as these franchisees explain


refurbishment, there was the opportunity for upgrades for retailers too. And for franchisees, there was help at hand from the franchisors.


point towards business success. When the Barkly Square shopping centre in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick drew up plans for a $17 million

The prospect of a new site in a refurbished shopping centre was too good to miss for Jon Gao from Michels Patisserie, even though this meant taking a huge hit on earnings while the redevelopment was underway. “We demolished the shop at the end of June 2012 and opened in November 2012. We closed the business for five months. It was very tough because we had no income. Most of our overseas students on the staff came back to us, two permanent staff left. “We were given the option to continue and it was a very emotional decision, I am attached to customers, they are like a family, I couldn’t let them down. “We moved from a kiosk to a proper shop and a lot of customers like the new location, they feel its comfortable and private, but our aged customers like to sit outside to see what’s going on. We’re in negotiations to get some tables outside our shop. “I had to pay all the costs of the shop fitting and equipment, and the legal fees for the new lease and

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ocation is a vital element in setting up as a retailer, whether you start small with a kiosk, or open the doors to a shop. The right traffic flow, a convenient position, good neighbouring stores and affordable rent all



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