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Bring your support team on the journey

Karli FUrmage CEo of the Franchise relationships institute, a research and training organisation that has been helping franchisors and franchisees create profitable partnerships for 24 years

There are a number of people on whom businesses depend. We define these supporters as people who willingly invest their time, energy or money in

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hose who fly regularly know the many and varied ways of ignoring the pre-flight safety briefing. Safety is a serious business no question. I have seen the demonstration many times and could recite most of it. For the few minutes it takes, most people are talking, covertly listening to their iPods, reading, sleeping, staring intently out the window. Most of the time, the flight attendant goes through the motions to a completely uninterested crowd. I have always had sympathy for the flight attendant trying to engage passengers, when all they want to do is snuggle down and start the movie. It’s a tough gig.

EngagEmEnt On my flight this morning I was sitting on the aisle of row 12. As we were preparing for take off, Mark the flight attendant approached me and handed me the demonstration seatbelt. ‘Excuse me madame, would you hold this for me?’ He turned to the guy across the aisle, ‘... and you sir, are in charge of the oxygen mask’ as he passed it to him. ‘Madame’ to the lady behind me, ‘the life jacket is now in your safekeeping’. Bing! Suddenly three people were completely engaged. We had all made eye contact with Mark and he had involved us in the process of our safety. I was riveted for the entire demonstration. As were the people around me. I showed off with my demon-

supporting your business. Supporters can be your family and friends, your accountant, your staff, your customers, your suppliers. When we feel supported we deal with disappointment more constructively, we manage stress better and we are more likely to take responsibility for our performance. I’m a big supporter of Mark the flight attendant now. I even gathered up all the rubbish in our row as

When we feel supported we deal with disappointment more constructively, we manage stress better and we are more likely to take responsibility for our performance stration seatbelt. Rather chuffed he trusted me to hold it. I even nudged the guy next to me to pay attention, my seatbelt is coming up! In about a minute Mark had built a rapport with three people and engaged us in helping him do his job. The lady entrusted with the life jacket even coughed pointedly at two giggling passengers behind her.

gEtting support From our research study last year, it emerged that family and social support was the third top predictor of success for a franchisee. Behind brand passion and positive outlook as one and two respectively. 134| FranCHising maY/Jun 2013

he came around with the cart before landing. Do you know the supporters you need to run your business more profitably? What can you do to build your support network? Can you buy a known and trusted supporter a coffee and say thanks? Or can you hand out extra responsibility to a staff member to build commitment? Business is a team sport. We need a group of reliable, skilled, well intentioned, passionate people around us to achieve our goals. Great supporters also make the ride fun. Just look at Mark, not only were we working for him, we enjoyed it. F

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Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  

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