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the job, time and again. Support can take many forms in a franchise, from a personal business coach to head office staff that a franchisee can have access to, and of course other franchisees in the network that experience the same challenges and can share their solutions.

A good franchise training system will help address the issues 3 - fear of not reaching their business goals A major concern people have is wondering how they are going to make a living while they are building their business. In most new ventures working capital is essential to provide that financial fall-back. Some franchisors though are finding additional ways to help franchisees get through this crucial businessbuilding period. One solution is an income guarantee. This relieves the franchisee of some of the pressure around making focus the/ 1 2 , A D _ F R M R WJ Asales N _ and 1 3 .allows p d fthe P a g to e be1on building 1 0 / 1 2 customer base and getting to know the customers.

But the challenge for franchisees is to use this as a bridge to better sales through their own initiative; it’s never intended as a replacement for effort and self-generated income.

tHe CaFe2U SOLUtION The Acceleration Package is designed to get franchisees over those hurdles so they can focus on getting to know their customers and building their business at a faster rate. A key element of this package is an income guarantee of $500 a day for the first two weeks while franchisees are in their launch phase. The company is confident that given the right training and an intensive two week launch with the franchise development manager, franchisees will have honed all the skills they need to continue this level of business themselves.

aCHIeVING SUCCeSS Establishing your own business is a challenge, but with franchisor support some of the stress of the initial stages of development can be relieved. For any franchisee the key to overcoming the fear is having confidence that the tools and support inM the system will meet their needs and 9provided : 4 2 A help them prosper. F

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Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  
Franchising Magazine May / June 2013  

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