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factor how training can give franchisees a confident start to running their business


first time franchisee in any business steps right out of their comfort zone and has to learn a host of new skills. With a new career, responsibility for their own business success and a financial investment to recoup, fear of failure can be the driving factor for any new business owner. However when buying into a proven franchise system much of this fear can be alleviated. Franchisees get the back-up of a brand, a franchisor who has tried and tested the model, and a support team to help with training and establishing the business. Even with these reassurance, it is natural for people still to have misgivings - will they, as an individual, be able to make it all work? How a franchisor helps redress the fear factor will depend on the particular system - and the franchisee’s specific concerns. But as Lerida Grant, marketing manager at Cafe2U reveals, franchisees commonly share three major fears: fear of the customer, fear of not consistently delivering a high level of quality and fear of not meeting business goals.

tHe tHRee COmmON FeaRS OF FRaNCHISeeS 1 - fear of the customer A good franchise training system will help address the issues of not just deaing with customers but sourcing customers. Many people are experienced in dealing with other people, but most don’t have the experience of being in the spotlight all day, every day. For some franchise systems, the franchisee is upfront and centre on a daily basis. www.FRaNCHISe.Net.aU

At Cafe2U new franchisees are trained on customer relations techniques and then their franchise development manager shows them how to apply this in practice. “Another side of this is many people have a fear of finding their customer, and do not wish to “knock on doors”. Once again the franchise development manager actually does most of this for the new franchise partners and trains them on how to go about it for the future,” explains Grant. The aim is not just to get the new franchisee undertaking new tasks they would have feared before joining their franchise, but to get them to achieve a high level of competence so the activity becomes second nature. 2 - fear of not delivering quality every time Franchising is founded on the principle of replication and consistency. Why do customers choose a franchised product or service? Because there is a reputation attached to the brand, and they understand what the service or product will deliver - every time. That can be daunting for a newbie in the franchise network. Particularly when franchisees are managing so many new aspects of their business. But the product or service is the crux of the business - it has to be right. Training is paramount and can vary in length and intensity, according to the system. Solid, intensive training to get franchisees well established in the techniques forms a good grounding to their business. Of course the product has to be right too, and that comes down to ingredients and equipment. Franchisees need confidence that the tools will do may/JUN 2013 FRaNCHISING | 107

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