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Access Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 Board of Education March 9, 2010

Why before the BoE in closed session? • • • • •

Thanks for having us Start with what we agree on and know Move to what we’ve learned Share information provided to us Summarize – minimize potential embarrassment for RB and others

Schools Must Be Vigilant • • • • • • •

Life safety – top priority Upholding values Protecting children, staff and visitors Using technology Institution-wide protection mandate Procedures, protocols, training and evaluation Iterative and ongoing

Access • • • • • •

Janitor Teacher Controller Nurse Dean Coach

• • • • • •

Locks the doors Keeps records private Puts cash in the bank Medical records Student records Mentor the athletes

Access to Students Laws designed to protect kids • Restrict access • Records protected • Background checks • Media release • Military release • Medical release

Who’s after our kids • Media • Marketers • Military • Drugs dealers • Gangs • Sexual predators

Superintendent Jack Baldermann

Assistant Principal Tim Scanlon

Coach Duffy

Protocol in Extra-Curricular

Coach Duffy – January 21, 2009

Coach Duffy – February 7, 2009

Duffy not a Coach? BoE March 10, 2009

Subject Arrest 30 June 2008 Chicago Police Department (For alleged sale in North Riverside)

Possession with intent to deliver

30 June 2008

30 June 2008

30 June 2008

30 June 2008

30 June 2008

Prior Arrest 19 January 2007 Broadview Police Department

Possession of cannabis Possession of drug paraphernalia

Other Prior Arrests

Criminal destruction of property by fire Criminal trespass to land DUI – alcohol Older multiple arrests

“no guilt” • Dismissed or not guilty is not a finding of innocence • School’s policy is to investigate volunteers and certified staff • Board determines standards • Kids are important. Assets are too. It is critical that only people of character are allowed access

Board • Convicted felon service on RB Board with current member • Background checks as provided by law and policy • Marciniak investigation…no report • August grievance…no report • Named Duffy to Student/Athletic Code Committee

“permanent corrective action” “Otto is under Tim’s control”

Not guilty verdict for indicted coach RBHS officials say they were unaware of drug charge


• Had he known of the drug charge, Scanlon said, "that would have stopped it right there.“ • Scanlon added that he would send out a memo to staff that anyone wishing to be considered as a volunteer in any capacity needs to follow the same procedure for coaches or teachers. That procedure includes background checks.

Access - January 23, 2010

“Otto is under Tim’s control” Access – February 12, 2010

" would have stopped it right there.“ Access – February 13, 2010

“permanent corrective action” Access – February 13, 2010



Process for ACCESS