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Chisholm Middle School 900 E. 1st Street Newton, KS 67114

Victoria Adame’, Principal Don Cameron, Asst. Principal Brad Cooper, Counselor

December 2011 PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE The first semester is winding down quickly. We have excellent winter concerts to look forward to and I hope many parents are able to attend. Our young musians do an excellent job. It has been fun watching the first basketball games as our teams appear to be very competitive. It is encouraging for everyone that our attendance numbers at games have been great for it is so motivating for our athletes. P2BYP@CMS (Power to Be Your Best) is evident as fans cheer on our teams and our players put forth their best effort.

comprehension and fluency skills. An all school screening assessment was done at the beginning of the year to assist in the process of identifying learning needs for all students, from those needing additional assistance to those needing extra challenge. We will administer a followup screening when we return from our winter break in January. We are hopeful that we will be able to report gains for all students. It has been a learning process for all staff since most of us are not trained reading teachers, but we are persevering.

Our eighth grade students have been busy with classwork and several other important activities. We received results from the EXPLORE test which is an early predictor of future ACT performance. The EXPLORE allows parents and students to identify strengths and areas of concern before they enter high school so that appropriate planning can take place. If your youngster’s score in math or science, for example, is not as high as they would like, then in high school they might consider taking the classes that will help them the most. Mr. Cooper will be reviewing these results with students and information will be sent home for parents before enrollment in high school classes. They also have been taking the Kansas Career Pipeline Survey which helps to determine interests and talents that might connect them to the best career opportunities and again aid in planning high school coursework. Finally, they will take the Kansas Communities That Care survey which is taken by many young people in Kansas. The results of this Pipeline survey are shared with students and parents as well. This survey allows our community agencies to gather data about a variety of student issues from school attendance to exposure to drugs or alcohol. The surveys are taken anonymously, but the data gathered is important to various agencies for a variety of reasons from obtaining grant funding to planning for service needs.

We have a leadership group called the MOTIVATORS and they have created a video and short discussion they will lead in every class to spread an ANTI BULLY message. They are also planning to engage in community service projects. The first will be a visit to take some treats and Christmas carols to the residents at the Kansas Christian Home. This year’s motivators are: Maleena Alumbaugh, Jacob Anderson, Madison Aycock, Hannah Boese, Sarah Charboneau, Nancy Dorrell, Taylor Edson, Taylor Galliart, Taylor Keith, Olivia Mitchum, Calla Potlori, Essence Ratzloff, Alex Rivera, Olivia Sailors, Adonis Taylor, and Patricia Varpness. Check out our Chisholm Facebook page for links to watch the powerful videos our young leaders created. The link will be posted by Dec. 16.

MTSS (Multi Tiered Systems of Support) is well underway. Your son/daughter may have talked to you about their MTSS class. We are targeting reading this year so all MTSS groups are formed with students who are working at approximately the same reading level. The activities address

The staff at Chisholm takes this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season making memories with family and friends! Students enjoy a break from December 21st through January 3. Classes resume on January 4. Victoria Adamé

Orchestra Notes The year is going great so far. I am very proud of all of our orchestra students and the hard work they are putting in to develop their playing skills. I still want to encourage all orchestra students to take private lessons. Private lessons are the best way to improve on an instrument and we have great teachers in Newton. See Mr. Menninga for a list of private teachers in the area. I also want to encourage our 7th and 8th grade students to think about auditioning for the Wichita Youth Symphony program. This audition requires a lot of preparation, so now is the time to start practicing! The 7 th and 8th grade orchestras will begin working on music for our spring concert. We will also start thinking about preparing for our performance at the Pioneer League Music Festival. Students who are taking private lessons should plan on playing a solo at the festival. Their private teacher can help them prepare for this opportunity. Please continue to encourage your student to take their instrument home daily to practice. I recommend 30 minutes of practice a day. We don’t have written homework assignments in orchestra, so practicing is our homework. Here are some tips for practicing at home.


Take breaks during your practice time


Work on the sections of music you have trouble with


End your practice session with something fun

Finally, I want to encourage students to start thinking about upgrading their instrument. Most of the instruments that our orchestra students begin on are only made for beginning level playing. As students advance, they need an instrument that will help students develop a better tone, play advanced bowings, and improve their overall sound. Check out the orchestra website which is linked from the school website. You can also go directly to the site: I am looking forward to a great semester full of great music!

Joey Menninga

CMS BAND NOTES By Greg Bergman, CMS Band Director The Pioneer League Division 1 Honor Band Festival was held at Maize Middle School on Saturday, November 12. Representing CMS in this event were Olivia Sailors (flute), Sarah Turner (clarinet), Sadie Winter (clarinet), Jessica Conner (bassoon), Reid Loganbill (alto saxophone), Alex Rivera (trumpet), Trevor Pryor Zernickow (trumpet), Wyatt Dickinson (trombone), Ben Nickel (trombone), and Susannah Epp (percussion). Selected band students from middle schools in Derby, Haysville, Hutchinson, Maize, and Newton met for a day of rehearsals that culminated in a concert conducted by Mr. Gerald Gipson from the Blue Valley school district. The CMS 7th and 8th Grade Bands had their first concert of the year on October 3, and the 8th graders joined the Newton High School marching band for a special performance on October 7. The next CMS band event will be a concert on December 6, which will be held at the Newton High School auditorium. All band students should be bringing their instruments home and practicing regularly. Twenty or thirty minutes of practice each day is recommended. Students looking for a challenge or additional help are encouraged to take private lessons. Just ask Mr. Bergman for a list of recommended teachers.

Dear Parents, This is just a short note to remind you that we are again collecting Box Tops for Education, and new this year we have started collecting Labels for Education. Both of these programs help buy educational supplies for our school.

8th grade Girls Basketball Dec. 5 Andover Cent B/A– A 5:00/6:15 Dec. 8 Goddard Eisen B/A—H 5:00/6:15 Dec. 12 Derby Red B/A —H


Dec. 15 Haysville West B/A H 5:00/6:15 Dec 19 Haysville B/A


The Labels for Education can be found on a number of different products. For a full list of products there is a link on Infinite Campus and on Chisholm Middle School’s

7th Grade Girls Basketball

Facebook page.

Dec 19 Haysville A/B - A


Dec. 5 Andover Cent A/B – A 5:00/6:15 Dec. 8 Goddard Eisen A/B —H 5:00/6:15 Dec. 12 Derby Red A/B —H


Dec. 15 Haysville West A/B -H 5:00/6:15 5:00/6:15

All teachers are available thru

Chisholm Chorus News:

Congratulations to the Chisholm Chorus students for an outstanding job at the fall concert ―Fly! Wind!‖ A big thank you goes out to all who attended the concert in support of chorus students and music education. For the December 13th concert, many different holiday carols are being rehearsed in chorus class. Familiar songs will be heard at the concert like ―The Christmas Song,‖ ―Rudolph‖ and ―Santa Baby.‖ We have some outstanding soloists that are going to knock your socks off! Set your calendar for this special concert event happening in the Chisholm Middle School New Gym on December 13, at 7:15pm for 7th grade and 8:00pm for 8th grade. Following both performances will be a cookie reception in the Old Gym. To make this event work, I am requesting that each family bring 2 dozen of their favorite holiday cookies to share. Tables will be set out in the old gym where the cookies can be placed before the concert. Take that time to congratulate your student on their brilliant performance (BTW this concert is going to be GREAT!) Please bring disposable treys/plates. PARENT HELP REQUEST: I need several parents in both 7th and 8th grade to help for the concert cookie reception! If you are available to help set up the tables/table cloths/napkins, organize the cookies, and do a little clean-up, I really would appreciate help! Please contact me either by calling the school or email for more details. Important Dates: December 13 December Concert & Cookie Reception CMS 7th @ 7:15pm 8th @ 8:00pm January

Chorus Fundraiser

March 1

Folk Family Festival & Concert CMS

April 21

Worlds of Fun trip (Optional) Details to following in January

May 17

Spring Concert

NHS details TBA

*Just a reminder of concert dress: All students are to have black dress pants/skirts, with black socks/stockings, black dress shoes, and their chorus t-shirt.

7th Grade Black Newsleter Math In math we have been learning about percents, proportions and ratios. We have reviewed dividing and multiplying fractions, integers, changing decimals to fractions and percents, exponents, and story problems. Advanced Math We have been working on the same things as the other math classes, just harder and more problems for advanced math. Social Studies Some of the things we have been working on are rewriting the Preamble to the Constitution Bill of Rights in a different, simpler type of language. Our class also made posters about the different types of government such as: Dictatorship, Totalitarian, Absolute Monarchy and Constitutional Monarchy. We also created a student parliament and elected our own prime minister. Science We have talked about endangered animals, biomes, the Dust Bowl, pollution, energy sources, populations of plants and animals. We are ready to study cells, bacteria, and plants. Language Arts In class, we learned the proof readers marks. We are also reviewing setting, characters, conflict, climax and resolution. Also, we’ve read short stories such as Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Duffy’s Jacket and the Skeleton Key. Writing In writing we wrote an essay on why we are proud of our country. Our class has devoted an entire week towards the correct placements of commas, and then worked on which “there, their, and they’re” to use. We also learned about the six Traits of Writing. By Katelyn Boston and Cassidy Funk Christine Hasan

Kim Tate

John Werner

John Pescitelli

Tom Hatch

Scott Jantzi

Chisholm Middle School Honor Roll 2011-12 7th Grade Emily Adamson, Bailey Adkins, Nathan Ahrens, Carlye Anderson, Jennifer Andres, Tanner Arellano, Hunter Ballard, Destiny Ballinger, Morgan Barnes, Nicole Barr, Katelyn Boston, Karina Brandt, Joseph Brenneman, Casey Burbrink, Kandi Chairez Aragon, Luis Chavez, Emily Connell, Ziona Cornell, Brendan Crawley, Kali Degenstein, Tyler Doty, Conner Ekerberg, Nicole Engelken, Brookelynn Entz, Mykenzie Farmer, Abby Fruechting, Keri Fryhover, Cassidy Funk, Melissa Gaiser, Joana Galdamez, Cameron Galloway, Connor Garcia, Steven Gay, Austin Gehring, Drew Goerzen, Anabel Gomez, Derek Gonzalez, Sarah Graham, Elizabeth Groote, Logan Hamm, Abigail Harder, Danielle Harms, Kailey Harris, Kyla Jantz, Kristin Jantzen, Emma Jones, George Karst, Tyler Koehn, Brooke Lachenmayr, Kelby Lawrence, Reily Libel, Jaden Lim, Katherine Lindgren, Dawsyn Long, Juliana Loyd, Junuen Lujano, Samantha Magerfleisch, Kadin McBee, Dalton McEachern, Maria McGonigal, Leah McManus, Omar Medina, Aidan Mills, Mason Mock, Landon Moore, Alvaro Munguia, Brandon Murrell, Cody Murrell, Kailey Naysmith, Louisa Nickel, Clay Nye, Tanner Pauls, Rocio Payan, Kara Peaney, Celina Perez, Benjamin Peyton, Daniel Phillips, Julia Pierce, Jasmin Porras, Brenden Powell, Riley Pugh, Skyler Reardon, Addie Regier, Emily Regier, Michaela Regier, Kadin Remsberg, Guadalupe Reyes, Brody Roberson, Emily Robinson, Kathryn Robu, Aydan Rolph, Margaret Rostetter, Madison Roth, Samantha Scantlin, Abigail Schmidt, Gabriel Schrag, Dylan Shaw, Melissa Simmons, Jordan Singh, Antonio Snyder, Haley Southern, Corwin Stark, Abby Stenzel, Audrey Teater, Katelyn Terbovich, Sierra Thiessen, Rebekah Tonn, Aylin Torres, Daniel Trail Arellano, Laura Tran, Logan Treaster, Anna Tuszynski, Trenton Tuttle, Michael Vela, Gabriella Vogt, Aneka Voth, Mackinzie Weber, Jacey Wedel, Shaedon Wedel, Tresa Weller, Abigail Wenger, Nora Westhoff, Cody White, Max WiensEvangelista, Molly Williams, Carson Wittman 8th Grade Andrew Adamson, Joshua Akers, Maleena Alumbaugh, Madison Aycock, Kyle Banks, Aubrey Bartel, Lauren Beebe, Samuel Berends, Paige Berg, Hannah Boese, Shawn Bontrager, Jana Boston, Jonah Brackeen, Sarah Charboneau, Daniel Choe, Jessica Conner, Kaylee Cottle, Maia Cuellar, Quentin Dickey, Wyatt Dickinson, Michael Dinneen, Nancy Dorrell, Taylor Edson, Naomi Epp, Susannah Epp, Adam Ford, Katelyn Forkell, Jasmin Gamez, Emily Gile, Valerie Goertz, Allison Hershberger, Macario Holguin, Emilie Holler, Aslynn Kealy, Hunter Kerr, Cody Koehn, Cole Koerner, Parker Kuhn, Sydney Lagergren, Reid Loganbill, Eleanor Marshall, Kaycee McClelland, Alexis McMullin, Courtney Mellinger, Talea Montano, Jasmine Moon, Antonio Mosqueda, Treston Motes, Mitchell Murphy, Morgan Murphy, Benjamin Nickel, Jaiden Ochoa, Veronica Porras, Calla Potluri, Ashleigh Pulaski, Essence Ratzlaff, Rachael Regier, Carson Reimer, Zachary Roberson, Amairany Rubio, Olivia Sailors, Annabell Sanchez, Leah Sanchez, Heather Schiefelbein, Alexis Simonsen, Emmaleah Smet, Courtney Spreier, Madelyn Stonehouse, Kassidy Thompson, Areli Torres, Alexandra Tozier, Jennifer Tozier, Elizabeth Tran, Sarah Turner, Bianca Tyrell, Hailey Valdez, Patricia Lou Varpness, Tristin Wheeler, Dana Wild, Alexis Willems, Sadie Winter, Jordan Wondra

8th Grade Gold Science 8th Grade Gold Science students recently presented their projects involving simple machines and Newton’s Laws of Motion. Many students chose to build Rube Goldberg devices that raised a flag or shot a projectile at a target. Other students built catapults and trebuchets to participate in a contest to hit a target that was located at a distance of 3-6 meters. Other students built models of amusement park rides or related sports such as basketball, baseball, football, swimming and volleyball to Newton’s Laws, gravity, pressure and simple machines. Hours 1-4 will continue physical science study with work, power and energy. Hour 6 will soon be studying plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes. Mr. Flickner

8th grade boys Basketball Dec. 5 Andover Cent B/A– H 5:00/6:15 Dec. 8 Goddard Eisen B/A—A 5:00/6:15 Dec. 12 Derby Red B/A —A 5:00/6:15 Dec. 15 Haysville West B/A - A 5:00/6:15 Dec 19 Haysville B/A - H


7th grade boys Basketball Dec. 5 Andover Cent A/B– H 5:00/6:15 Dec. 8 Goddard Eisen A/B—A 5:00/6:15

Andrea Regier

Dec. 12 Derby Red A — A 5:00/6:15

Vision Impairment Instructor

Dec. 15 Haysville West A— A 5:00/6:15


Dec 19 Haysville A/B— H


Name: Charlie John Regier (named for two great Dads) Born: Nov 14, 2:26pm Weight: 7 pounds, 4 ounces Length: 21 inches

Meeting for Parents of 8th Graders A parent night for parents of 8th grade students will be held in the NHS auditorium at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 17, 2012. All parents of 8th grade students—Chisholm, St. Marys, Newton Bible, and home school—are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting. Important information will be shared with parents regarding planning course selections for their student’s freshman year. Early in the second semester of each school year NHS students begin the process of choosing their course selections for the following year. Once students have chosen courses, the NHS guidance counselors then begin planning the master schedule. Consequently, it is crucial that 8th grade students discuss the wide range of academic opportunities offered at NHS with their parents and make appropriate choices for the 2012-13 school year. These decisions will impact course selections in subsequent years. During the January 17 meeting, the NHS guidance counselors will share information on course offerings, criteria, and other pertinent information. Parents will also learn about the 4-year plan, a plan in which students map out their tentative course selections for their entire high school academic career. A secondary purpose of this meeting will be to begin building relationships between parents and the NHS guidance counselors and Mrs. Moore (ext. 1132), the assistant principal for the class of 2016. This informational meeting should last about 45 minutes. Time will be allowed for questions. Parents of 8th graders who would like to be placed on an e-mail list should contact Mrs. Moore at

Chisholm Seventh Graders Win First and Second Place in Local Essay Contest This semester there were 18 entries in the VFW’s ‘Patriot’s Pen’ essay contest. The contest, titled Why I Am Proud of My Country, was open to all students 6-8 in Newton. It is a national contest, so the essay of the winner at the local level will go to the state level, and the winner of the state contest will then go to the national contest where there will be a cash prize for the top 46 essays. Congratulations to Haley Southern, whose essay won second place, and Cassidy Funk who won first place in the local essay contest. All 18 particpants will be treated to a pizza party sponsored by the VFW.

7th Grade Gold Science On the Gold team in 7th Grade Science we have been learning about organisms in the environment and what they need to live and survive. We are finishing up with bacteria and virus's (important in our real lives). We will start 2nd semester with plants and cells, then begin the daunting task of reviewing all the content about Earth science and Physical science the students learned in 5th and 6th grade to get ready for the State Science Assessment in April. Chelle Gaede

From the School Nurse: Health Office Christmas Wish List/Checklist: 1. Check the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus to verify student is: compliant with all immunizations. 2. Send updated immunizations to school immediately if needed. 3. Notify school with updated phone numbers-cell, home, and work and address changes. 4. Verify student has an over-the-counter medication form on file in the health office. 5. Send ALL medications to the health office in small, original, labeled containers. 6. Keep student home if temperature is more than 99.6 degrees in the AM. 7. Keep student home until fever-free for 24 hours without medication. 8. Keep student home if he/she has had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 8 hours. 9. I love to see all the students at CMS, but remind them to only come to the health office when sick. 10. Encourage coughing into sleeve and frequent hand washing/hand sanitizer. 11. Encourage plenty of fluids and extra sleep to stay healthy. Have a “Happy and Healthy� Christmas and New Year 2012!

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