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Fall 2011


What makes us who we are Museum exhibits to open in November Whether you are a recent arrival to Waterloo Region or your family has lived here for generations, understanding the place you and your family call home helps define who you are. When the Waterloo Region Museum’s long-term exhibit opens in November, you will have some “aha” moments as you discover stories from the community’s past that will help you understand this place. The exhibit traces the human history of Waterloo Region from approximately 12,000 years ago, through European settlement at the start of the 19th century, through the manufacturing heydays of the 20th century, to the high-tech sector boom of the 21st century. You’ll discover the reasons why people from around the world have immigrated to this region of Canada – whether they came for love, education, a better life, a new job or to find freedom. • Learn about First Nations peoples’ connections to this Trophy won by land. long distance • An 18th century Conestoga runner Clifford wagon helps tell the story of Bricker in 1925. immigration to this region from Bricker was Pennsylvania by Mennonites inducted into the seeking land and opportunities. Waterloo Region • What was the impact of the first Hall of Fame World War on the community, in 1974. and why was Kitchener chosen

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Painted wooden trunk from Germany used by the Wenk sisters when they immigrated in 1856. as the new name for the City of Berlin in 1916? • Learn about the CWAC and the WRCNS, and why they were here during the second World War. • Explore the important role that this region played in the development of hydro-electric power in Ontario, and have a little fun looking at a 19th century daredevil from Waterloo County who rode a bicycle across the gorge at Niagara Falls. • As time passes and communities grow, trades vanish and buildings disappear from the landscape. A unique video installation will help you remember some of the changes that have taken place in Waterloo Region. • Explore the accomplishments of hundreds of individuals and groups inducted into the Waterloo Region Hall of Fame through artifacts and photographs. These stories, and many more, connect us to each other and to this place we call home. Visit for more information.

Influenza Season 2011/2012 Influenza vaccine protects adults and children against influenza, which can be a serious illness for some people. Influenza (commonly known as “the flu”) is a serious, acute respiratory infection that is caused by a virus. People who get influenza have fever, chills, cough, runny eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, extreme weakness and fatigue. Illness due to influenza usually lasts two to seven days and sometimes longer in the elderly and in people with chronic conditions. The cough and fatigue can persist for several weeks, making the return to full activity difficult. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO STAY HEALTHY? • Protect yourself and others by getting your seasonal influenza vaccination (flu shot). • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds. • Keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at work, home and in your car for easy access. • Cough and sneeze into your upper sleeve or a tissue, not into your hand.

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GPS Cycling Study


Seasonal Flu Clinics Date


Public Time


Oct. 31/11


2-8 p.m.

Nov. 2/11 Nov. 3/11

Cambridge Waterloo

2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m.

Nov. 8/11 Nov. 9/11

Kitchener Waterloo

2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m.

Kitchener Memorial Auditorium Newfoundland Club Waterloo Recreation Centre Huron Heights S. S. St. David’s High School Southwood S. S. Kitchener City Hall (Rotunda) Elmira District S. S. Bluevale C.I. Forest Heights C.I. Wilmot Recreation Complex Preston High School Public Health (99 Regina St.) Public Health (150 Main St.)

Nov. 10/11 Cambridge Nov. 14/11 Kitchener Nov. 15/11 Nov. 16/11 Nov. 22/11 Nov. 23/11

Elmira Waterloo Kitchener Baden

2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m.

Nov. 24/11 Cambridge Jan. 10/12 Waterloo

2-8 p.m. 2-8 p.m.

Jan. 12/12

2-8 p.m.


For more information, call 519-883-2324 or visit our website at

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Comments or questions? Region of Waterloo Customer Service: regionalinquiries Tel: 519-575-4400 TTY: 519-575-4608

Looking into your future Region launches new Strategic Plan for 2011-2014 The Region of Waterloo spent the last 10 months gathering information from residents, community groups and businesses regarding their views on current issues, trends and priorities facing the Region. In addition to conducting a professional phone survey, we talked to students, seniors, people living with disabilities, new Canadians, rural residents and business leaders. Regional Council and staff heard what citizens value and want. They value the environment, our innovative community and educational institutions as well as our unique balance between urban and rural communities. Residents appreciate the quality of life here and were enthusiastic about providing a list of priorities they want the Region to address.

Future priorities • Getting around the region – transportation. • Eliminating poverty. • Creating more and better affordable housing.

Managing growth. Supporting arts and culture. Promoting active lifestyles. Improving services for children, youth and families. • Improving services for seniors. • Increasing inclusion and promoting diversity. • Improving communication and engagement.

• • • •

New Strategic Plan Focus Areas Based on this input, Regional Council has adopted a new Strategic Plan for this term of Council (2011 to 2014). The plan includes five focus areas: Environmental Sustainability: Protect and enhance the environment. Growth Management: Manage growth to foster thriving and productive urban and rural communities. Sustainable Transportation: Develop greater,

more sustainable and safe transportation choices. Healthy and Inclusive Communities: Foster healthy, safe, inclusive and caring communities. Service Excellence: Deliver excellent and responsive services that inspire public trust. Within the various focus areas, the Region has also identified 27 specific objectives and more than 70 detailed actions to ensure we address these important community priorities. The Region will work closely with our community partners and area municipalities to meet these goals, and will monitor and report on our progress regularly. You can read more about the Strategic Plan on the Region’s website

The Region launches its new website and sub-sites The Region launched a new website and several new sub-sites earlier this spring with the goal of providing easy access to services and information. The new website and sub-sites all feature improved navigation and search capabilities. Users can follow news items from the Region through an RSS feed, check Region events on various event calendars and share links directly to their favourite social networking site, all within a freshly designed, attractive new format. The organization of the site is based around our services and how various audiences and citizen groups may need to access our services. The goal is to get you the information you need in the fewest clicks possible. The Region’s sub-sites provide more specific

Library site offers direct access to the library catalogue, an online library card application and event information for each of the 10 branches.

information to major services. For instance, the new Grand River Transit (GRT) site provides access to GRT’s trip planner, schedules, fare information and all things transit. The Region of Waterloo International Airport site provides access to arrival and departure information, parking information, a social media room and even packing tips. The Region of Waterloo

Passport to Play! Visit participating museums and cultural attractions in Waterloo Region and win in more ways than one! During your visit, get your passport stamped. Once you have four stamps, you’ll be entered into a draw to win great prizes! Download your passport and get more details at Participating museums and cultural attractions Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory Castle Kilbride City of Waterloo Museum Homer Watson House & Gallery Joseph Schneider Haus The Mennonite Story and Historic Mill Museums THEMUSEUM Waterloo Region Museum Woodside National Historic Site

Be sure to check out all the new sites for quick and easy access to information and services. • Region of Waterloo main site – • Region of Waterloo Social Services site – • Region of Waterloo Public Health site – • Region of Waterloo Library • Region of Waterloo International Airport – • Grand River Transit –

Social assistance goes digital The Ministry of Community and Social Services is modernizing computer technology across Ontario public services to support the delivery of human services. One part of this initiative is a web-based application process for the Ontario Works program. The online application is another avenue for individuals to begin the process of applying for Ontario Works assistance. It does not replace the requirement to complete a full application in the office. Applicants continue to have the option of applying over the telephone. As of May 16, 2011, residents of Waterloo Region may access the new provincial online application for social assistance by visiting By using the online application, residents can: • find out if they may be eligible for all three social assistance programs: Ontario Works, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD); • apply for Ontario Works, ODSP and ACSD. The online application for Social Assistance is confidential, accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, more accessible for people with disabilities, and available 24/7.


Better opportunities are inREACH inREACH is a local street gang prevention project funded by the Government of Canada’s National Crime Prevention Strategy. Several community partners help youth in Waterloo Region between the ages of 13 to 24 to exit gangs or find viable alternatives to becoming involved in gangs. The project provides one-on-one and group supports for youth who are looking to make a change. A community treatment team offers assistance in the areas of mental health, substance use, education, employment,

housing, family supports and peer relations. Staff engage in outreach activities to encourage youth to participate in the project. Referrals can be made by police, agencies, schools, parents, or youth themselves. InREACH also works with neighbourhoods to provide positive alternatives for vulnerable youth through mentorship and recreation supports. For more information about the program or to make a referral, visit or call 519-742-7007.

Bridge over Cambridge railway tracks underway Construction is well underway on the grade separation that will carry Hespeler Road traffic over the busy Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) tracks just north of the Delta intersection in Cambridge. This project will eliminate serious delays to pedestrians, cyclists, transit vehicles, emergency vehicles and motorists, currently caused by frequent train movements on the busy CPR crossing. Construction began in May 2011 and should be completed by late 2012. This $25 million project will include construction of a new depressed rail corridor, a slight elevation of Hespeler Road (including an overpass bridge) to cross over the new rail corridor, and other improvements to roadway geometry and operations. The project design ensures that access to all intersections, side streets, businesses and residential properties is preserved. Two lanes of traffic in each direction are being maintained during peak traffic hours throughout the construction period. Access to all local businesses is being maintained throughout construction. Dufferin Construction Company is completing construction work for this

project. IBI Group is the engineering consultant and contract administrator.

August 2011: Traffic on Hespeler Road crosses over a temporary bridge as construction crews excavate the future depressed rail corridor beneath it.

Pedestrians: Take the lead at roundabouts How to cross at a roundabout • Step up to the curb at the marked pedestrian crossing, extend your arm and point your finger across the crosswalk. • Do not start to cross if a driver cannot safely stop for you. • Look and listen for a safe gap in the traffic flow before crossing. • As you cross, keep pointing until you reach the far side of the road. • Watch for drivers in the next lane. Make sure that the driver sees you.

Tips for pedestrians

GPS cycling study yields interesting results The Region of Waterloo recently conducted a cycling study that will help inform our Active Transportation Master Plan. The study, conducted in partnership with the University of Waterloo, gathered data on cyclists in Waterloo Region using GPS units carried by volunteers. The study revealed a lot of information that may interest you, including: • People cycle to work all year round • When the weather’s bad, many cyclists walk and take transit instead • Cyclists are higher than average income earners (for this region) • Over 25 per cent of cyclists in Waterloo Region are female • Cyclists are people of all ages The study also found that many cyclists own cars, but make the choice to ride their bikes instead. Since cycling has the same peak times as car travel, a small group of cyclists can have a big impact on travel times and traffic congestion. Study participants also identified barriers to cycling and places that make them nervous. Their biggest concerns are safety and the need for more trail connections. The Active Transportation Master Plan will use these results to find strategies to get more people cycling.


• • • •

Drivers are more likely to yield if you show that you intend to cross. Walk to the crosswalk briskly and deliberately. Make eye contact with drivers. Start to cross as soon as you are sure that the driver intends to slow or stop.

Tips for motorists • Expect pedestrians • Yield to pedestrians at all crosswalks

For more information: 519-575-4558

COUNCIL CONTACTS REGIONAL CHAIR Ken Seiling 519-575-4585 (R) COUNCILLORS CAMBRIDGE Jane Brewer 519-575-4404 Ext. 3402 (R) 519-653-3315 (H) Doug Craig 519-575-4404 Ext. 3404 (R) 519-740-4517 Ext. 4215 (W) Claudette Millar 519-575-4404 Ext. 3408 (R) 519-621-7202 (H) KITCHENER Tom Galloway 519-575-4404 Ext. 3401 (R) 519-578-2112 (H) Jean Haalboom 519-575-4404 Ext. 3406 (R) 519-748-1508 (H) Geoff Lorentz 519-575-4404 Ext. 3413 (R) 519-741-1494 (H) Jim Wideman 519-575-4404 Ext. 3409 (R) 519-576-5150 (H) Carl Zehr 519-575-4404 Ext. 3403 (R) 519-741-2300 (W) NORTH DUMFRIES Rob Deutschmann 519-575-4404 Ext. 3407 (R) 519-621-0340 (W) WATERLOO Brenda Halloran 519-575-4404 Ext. 3400 (R) 519-747-8700 (W) Jane Mitchell 519-575-4404 Ext. 3411 (R) 519-886-9626 (H) Sean Strickland 519-575-4404 Ext. 3414 (R) 519-503-0613 (C) WELLESLEY Ross Kelterborn 519-575-4404 Ext. 3410 (R) 519-699-4611 (W) WILMOT Les Armstrong 519-575-4404 Ext. 3412 (R) 226-748-8971(C) WOOLWICH Todd Cowan 519-575-4404 Ext. 3405 (R) 519-669-0591 (H) General Fax for Council 519-575-4048

Call 2-1-1: Finding help in Waterloo Region just got easier On May 6, 2011, 211 service launched in Waterloo Region. 211 connects people to community and social services through a three-digit phone helpline (2-1-1) and the website, It provides access to 56,000 programs and services in the community, social, health and related government sectors. As a joint initiative of the Province of Ontario, Region of Waterloo and United Ways of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, 211 is a non-emergency number that connects callers to organizations that can help them with a multitude of challenges from finding employment, language classes and settlement services, to accessing food programs. For information about this service, or for promotional materials, just call 2-1-1!

Make your ideas GROW with the Region’s NEW environmental fund!

The Region of Waterloo will soon broaden its financial support of community-focused environmental initiatives. This new fund will help cover the cost of projects which improve environmental sustainability in areas such as: • Land stewardship • Energy conservation • Waste reduction • Greenhouse gas reduction Stay tuned for more information.

Visit or call 519-575-4400.

Work for one of Canada’s Greenest Employers The Region of Waterloo is proud to be one of Canada’s Greenest Employers. As one of the largest local employers, we’re conscious of the impact that consumption of natural resources has on the environment. From green workplace programs, to larger environmental initiatives, we’re leading the way in our efforts to create a healthy environment and sustainable community. Visit our website at to learn more about our environmental programs and career opportunities.

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