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Design Display AND

DESIGN To do our plan with a specific purpose or intention in mind. An arrangement of lines or shapes created to form a pattern or decoration. The purpose, planning or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact or material object.

MANUFACTURE To make something on a large scale using machinery.

ENGINEERING The branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building and use of engines, machines and structures.

RESEARCH The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

DISPLAY To make a prominent exhibition of something in a place where it can be easily seen.

From the science of automotive manufacturing to the search for new engineering professionals to the promotion of research and development, RBD Creative is uniquely positioned to help you and your team achieve your communication goals. At RBD Creative, we put ourselves in your shoes. This gives us the right perspective to understand you, your business and your audience. We analyze and review, we question and strategize, we explore and create. This shared understanding helps us design the right solutions for your communication needs.

Good marketing is a balance of self-assessment and knowing your audience. We create ways for your audiences to connect with you. • Strategy, planning and review • Identity and branding support • Press releases

We explore the world of print and present solutions that make your message a joy to read, a treat to see and a pleasure to touch. • Banners, posters and trade show booths • Brochures and annual reports • Advertising and direct mail • Logos and identity systems

Our team of designers and strategists has worked with scientists, universities, and engineers for more than a decade. We’ve provided solutions that run the gamut of print and digital media, always keeping an eye on the client’s overall goal and strategy, and helping define those elements whenever necessary.

Going digital is your chance for a 24-7-aroundthe-world presence. We develop digital assets that maximize your outreach. • Email newsletters and campaigns • Website design and maintenance • Search engine optimization (SEO) • Social media strategy and support • Programmatic Digital Advertising

Within these pages are a few samples of our scientific, academic and manufacturing clients, their needs and how RBD Creative provided solutions. For more samples of our work, please visit us at To speak with one of our professionals and get your project underway, please call 734 927 7168 or email Dorothy Twinney at

Genesis Genetics about


Genesis Genetics is the pioneer of preimplantation genetic testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities. Founded by world-renowned scientists largely responsible for discovering and implementing the first successful cases of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), they have spent more than 25 years on their goal of helping build healthy families all over the globe.

Recently, RBD compared Genesis to other geneticsbased companies. While the company’s direction was still moving forward, serving as leaders in the field, its brand felt stuck, heavy and outdated.

situation From early in its existence, Genesis was ahead of the curve in terms of research and technology. But what their brand leveraged in science, it lacked in connection with a broader audience. The implication of the people impacted by the process was not as direct as it could be.

original logo

revised logo

We began an exploration of the company, including interviews with staff, patients and clinicians. We developed mission and vision statements, as well as a wide range of new logo options. From streamlining the current logo to discovering new icons, we presented concepts that exposed Genesis to new colors, new typefaces and new ways of thinking about themselves. In addition, we created a style guide to support any design needs and to create a unified voice and appearance for all materials. Photography became more targeted to the audience, featuring emotive, family images for patients and clean science for clinics. With their new logo in place, we were able to create new brochures, patient and clinic folders, trade show displays, social media posts and website, connecting their rejuvenated identity with their advancing position in the world of genetic testing.

pgd and pgs patient brochures advertising

asrm and nsgc trade show booths

boston lab announcement banner

tabletop display

nsgc trade show handout

nsgc trade show footprints For more, visit

Gil-Mar Manufacturing Company about Gil-Mar Manufacturing has provided highquality machining, fabrication, welding and other manufacturing services to the military and the automotive industry for more than 25 years. They consistently supply precision-machined parts at the lowest cost possible, and are focused on expanding their strengths in raw-material manufacturing, machining and assembly.

situation In an effort to increase their presence and reach a wider customer base, Gil-Mar decided it was time to renovate their website and produce additional materials that would help them connect with new audiences. While they felt secure in their product offerings and service, they knew they needed a sleek and modern presentation to what could be gritty work.


solutions RBD created powerful tools for Gil-Mar to present itself to potential clients. From a redesigned website that speaks directly to the company’s strengths and products, to infographics explaining their global outreach, to custom PowerPoint presentation templates that give the client the flexibility to tailor messaging to a potential audience, Gil-Mar was able to take their communication goals in their hands and make them work. The website, built in WordPress, allows the client to make editorial updates on their own. In addition to the design and original build, RBD provided training on how to manage the site and continues to offer support for larger edits and overall performance maintenance. Many of these pieces feature original photography by RBD’s in-house image experts. By creating our own images, we are able to focus on details and environments specific to the client.

powerpoint presentations

Chihuahua Mexico

Detroit USA

London England

Cologne Germany

Kunshan China

Shanghai China


Design Manufacturing Warehousing

Sales Agent Warehousing

Quality Support Warehousing

Manufacturing Warehousing

Manufacturing Warehousing

global infographic

photography For more, visit

All Med Medical situation


In a highly competitive field, All Med’s dedicated team makes a difference. The people behind the service, not just the service itself, keep their clients coming back. When attracting new clients, they needed to get this personal approach understood at a visual level.

All Med Medical Supply was established in 1995 as a full-line medical distributor and billing company committed to serving post-acute providers throughout the Midwest. All Med’s strength is the ability to guarantee customers the right products, at the right price and at the right time. They deliver all the benefits of a large organization but with the insight, care and commitment only a local organization can offer.

solutions RBD created a variety of collateral materials, insert sheets and trade show displays that emphasized the partnership nature of All Med’s business model — they provide the best to their clients, who in turn can provide the best to their clients. With warm images of people and appropriate industry details, the overall look is clean, engaging and consistent. In addition, RBD created magnetic nametags for in-office and trade show use.


trade show booth with shelving panels


brochure with inserts

Variation Reduction Solutions, Inc. about Variation Reduction Solutions, Inc. (VRSI) has been providing customers with state-of-the-art vision solutions for metrology (the scientific study of measurement), industrial robot guidance, and inspection since 1998. They offer flexible, intelligent automation systems at every step of production.

situation As a growing company in an expanding industry, VRSI found themselves ready to increase their workforce and attract high-caliber candidates. While attending trade shows and job fairs, their team required informational displays that would be both easy to transport and eye-catching.

solutions RBD created two versions of a career opportunity display unit — one as a table top, one as a banner. In each case, the brand is strongly supported by industry images of the industry and clear call to action. Each unit folds easily into self-contained carrying cases and allows for consistent messages to be shared simultaneously in different locations.


tabletop display

For more, visit

University of Michigan Medical School about Consistently ranked in the top ten in the nation, the University of Michigan Medical School has been training medical professionals since 1850. They graduate approximately 170 physicians annually, and their alumni include Nobel Prize winners, faculty members, leading researchers and trusted doctors in hospitals around the world. The faculty is committed to creating the future of health care through discovery and a medical education that sets the standard for discourse, intellectual rigor and creativity. Their mission: To educate students, physicians and biomedical scholars and to provide a spectrum of comprehensive knowledge, research, patient care and service of the highest quality to the people of the state of Michigan and beyond.

walking tour audio guide

situation In an effort to keep Michigan top of mind for prospective students, the Admissions team was looking for new ways to reach them throughout their school decision-making process. They also wanted ways to attract more top tier students, building upon their goal to develop the “leaders and best.” Students needed to receive messages and designs in ways that embodied the Michigan experience — energetic, engaged and informed.


admissions ann arbor z-card

RBD Creative researched not only U-M but other medical schools across the country and around the world. Interviews with current students and Admissions team members revealed key attributes of the school and its philosophy. Working closely with the Health System’s Marketing and Communications Department, we devised themes and creative styles that complemented the University’s larger branding mission. Print and digital media worked hand in hand, sharing styles from brochures and Z-cards to social media infographics and email newsletters.

second look weekend logo and schedule book

programs in biomedical sciences overview z-card

department of pharmacology advertising

interview day banners cellular and molecular biology program informational handout For more, visit

University of Michigan Medical School continued postbaccalaureate premedical program banner

postbaccalaureate premedical program postcard

medical scientist training program handout

24 hours in blue: interview day book

m-home olympics logo (special event)

Funding Solutions solutions

about Since 1999, Funding Solutions has helped secure millions of dollars in franchise financing for hundreds of happy clients across the country. The staff has professional expertise in the finance industry, with experience in securing financing for franchise units, multi-unit franchises, remodeling and equipment.

situation The search for franchise funding is a daunting task. Funding Solutions needed ways to inform their clients in an approachable manner, assuring them that their goals are attainable and Funding Solutions would be there every step of the way.

RBD Creative bolstered the brand with a modern typeface and energetic colors. As the Funding Solutions team were seen as “heroes� to their clients, an illustrated mascot named Francis was used as a symbol of strength and support for those seeking funding. Bold fields of color and headlines were used to pique interest and keep information easy to read. Our goal: to keep the message strong and consistent across all platforms — from their revised website to their multifaceted trade show displays.

trade show booth and podium


tabletop display For more, visit

Agridient about


Agridient is active worldwide in sourcing and marketing ingredients produced by strategic partners in crop-processing industries as well as ingredients used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and pet food. With an extensive knowledge of the international agricultural market, they are able to offer their clients both ingredients and “agricultural intelligence.”


As they continued to address potential clients in the marketplace, Agridient realized the need to build a trade show presence that supported its brand and clearly expressed its core competencies. In addition, providing prospective clients with easy-to-read handouts for reference became a priority.

RBD Creative created bright, engaging displays that expressed Agridient’s connectivity and flexibility. The display pieces work in combinations to fit a variety of booth spaces and keep the brand and web address top of mind. Handouts detailing the company’s product list and business scope linked to the overall look and messaging into a portable format that generates additional contact.

For more, visit

Relationship Building by Design

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RBD Creative: Design and Display  

A portfolio of trade show displays and designed collateral for a few of RBD Creative's client.

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