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“Free of Bull, Full of Bulldogs”

Friday, Feb. 11, 2010 • Volume 80 • Issue 4

Dr. Kevin Skinkis facing transition at RB New school board Referendum? Changing economy

Will our new superintendent be

UP TO THE JOB? Also in this issue: Gymnastics wrap-up

Meeting Dr. Skinkis

Girls b-ball wrap-up

English curriculum changes for 2011-2012

Cheerleading wrap-up

Matchmaker results: who is JFlam’s #1 soulmate?

ACE teaches RB about the environment Glass Slipper Project

Spotlight on Veronica Erik Kramer rallying Schraidt at State Perez Previewing “The Wiz” students for the referendum • Riverside Brookfield High School • 160 Ridgewood Rd. • Riverside, IL 60546 •


Riverside Brookfield High School


Mar.. 11, 2010•Volume 80 Issue 5

Administration excited to work with Skinkis Ethan Gallegos Layout Manager Danielle Sanchez PR Editor

On Thursday, February 17th, 2011, the new Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Skinkis, was officially announced and confirmed by the school board. Though only 34 years old, Skinkis is ready to confront his new job head on. “I’m elated and excited for this great opportunity. I grew up around here and I watched and played against RB. This school has a lot to offer and I am looking forward to working here with the staff and students,” said Skinkis. Along with his eagerness to join District

208, Skinkis is also sad to leave his former job as principle of Bartlett High School. Skinkis said, “I told my staff this afternoon; I had to pause because I started to tear up. It will always hold a place in my heart.” It is hard to leave a school you love behind and start over a new tradition. As Skinkis is making the transition to RBHS, the existing administration at District 208 is welcoming him with open arms. “We’re very excited about him coming to RB. He has great experiences with students and culture. He also had Character Counts at his old school. He is very energetic and has a ‘can do’ energy. He is strong,

fearless, and focused. He will bring great things to the district,” said Principal Pamela Bylsma. Interim superintendent David Bonette was hired by the district two years ago. He was originally only going to serve one year, but District 208 asked him to stay on until they found a new superintendent. After his two years as interim superintendent, he is glad to welcome Skinkis to district 208. Bonette said, “Great, I can’t wait to hand off the baton. He in some respects reminds me of myself when I had my first superintendent job. I had very good interesting experiences before I got to be the superintendent, like

him. He is young, ambitious and energetic, and I think he will be a good fit for this school district. “ As well as Skinkis, Bonette will also miss the school he is leaving. “I really enjoyed working with the faculty and the board. One thing I regret is not spending more time with the students. Being an interim superintendent really made it hard to do so,” said Bonette Skinkis will start his new job as superintendent at RBHS on July 1st. “It is a great opportunity. It’s my first time as superintendent and I’m looking forward to building on the traditions here,” he said.

English curriculum changes, adds more Honors options Julia Reyes Staff Reporter

Changes in the English Department curriculum for 20112012 have been formally approved by the School Board. At a recent leadership council meeting the English Department took time to discuss expanding English class opportunities. It was not any one teacher or administrator’s decision but the whole depart-

ment itself. The specific changes are switching Advanced Placement Literature to be available for juniors and Advanced Placement Language and Composition to be available for seniors. Next year Advanced Placement Language and Composition will not be available at all since this year’s juniors have already taken it. English Department George Miller

hopes for these decisions to be very beneficial for students but admits he will not really know of success for two more years. Dan O’Rourke, an Advanced Placement Language and Composition teacher for 5 years, said, “The changes will make it easier for students to make cross curricular connections with the Advance Placement classes switching for juniors and seniors.”

Meaning, O’Rourke hopes that Advanced Placement Language and Composition students can more easily make curricular connections with Advanced Placement Environmental Science and Advanced Placement Biology for seniors. O’Rourke also believes the changes will be an overall positive change and have positive effects on the students affected in the changes.

Riverside Brookfield High School



Mar. 11, 2011•Volume 80 Issue 5

I don’t think we’re in RB anymore: The Wiz

Trent Baer Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, January 11th, auditions for RB’s spring musical The Wiz took place,

beginning the long, hard journey to another spring musical. The show will run from March 18th to March 20th. The musical will be directed by Melissa Briskman, Diane Marelli, and Mindy Haines. Briskman teaches drama, Marelli is the choir director, and Haines teaches dance. The Wiz is William F. Brown’s all-black retelling of the popular story The Wizard of Oz. Along with other popular musicals like Purlie and Raisin, The

Wiz was a breakthrough for Broadway when it premiered in 1975, a time when an all-black large scale musical was unheard of. “We chose The Wiz because it has a large list of lead roles, and lots of fun minor roles. The story is moving, and I personally love the music.” said Marelli. “The Wiz was originally an all-black production, but within a few years multi-racial shows were common. The color of the population of the school didn’t play a part in our

Bulldog Spotlight: Veronica Perez Danielle Sanchez PR Editor

selection of the musical.” Andy Krug, a sophomore who will play Dorothy, is ready to take on the responsibility of a lead. “I’m excited to take on this new challenge. Everyone is working very hard, so it should be an awesome show!” For the next six weeks, the cast and crew will be working hard day and night to put together the best show possible. So mark your calendars, and “ease on down the road” to the auditorium on opening night! Riverside Brookfield High School


Editor-in-Chief Bradley Wilson

Senior Veronica Perez has been tutoring students in Little Village for two and a half years. We interviewed her about her experiences.

Web Editor Jason Flam Content Editor Anthony Scianna PR Editor Danielle Sanchez

Perez started working as a sophomore in Little Village through her aunt who works at the Non-for-profit Organization. “I started working there going into my sophomore year up until the fall of last year,” she said. She tutored Monday - Friday every week.

me what they have had to go through at such a young age,” she said.

Working with kids was Perez’s favorite part of working in Little Village. “I loved learning about their fascinating lives. Each kid has a unique story. It fascinates

Perez said she wants to continue working with kids in the future. “I just want to have a career that I can interact with people and I want to make a difference.”

Sports Manager Charlie Morrissey A&E Manager Nick Kirkines Layout Managers Madison Powers Ethan Gallegos

Social studies teacher, Jan Goldberg commented about having Perez as a student, saying “I think she’s terrific. I am so proud of her. When she talked about working with little kids in Little Village, I almost started crying. I just had to tell someone about it.”

Staff Reporters Trent Baer Bryan Doyle Shawnn Hwang Kelly Kramer Renee Miedlar Fitz Robling David Skowronski Jon Stevanovich Alleigh VandeMerkt Hrvoje Zolo Julia Reyes Danny Blackburn Sponsor Dan Mancoff

Riverside Brookfield High School



Mar. 11, 2011•Volume 80 Issue 5

Cheerleaders come up just short; Girls basketball lose to St. Joe’s One place away from 2nd day at State to end season with 17-16 record

Sectionals were held on January 29th and the cheerleaders came prepared. After working hard all season, the cheerleaders’ dedication paid off. This gave them a spot in competing at state and a chance for their overall goal. In

state they placed 11th, just one place away from advancing to the second day of competition. Even though they didn’t move on, they showed there spirit and good sportsmanship by cheering on the rest of the cheerleaders.

The Varsity girls’ basketball team suffered a tough loss February 24 against St. Josephs High School in the championship game of sectionals. The final score of the game was 71-49, St. Joseph with the win.

The girls ended their season with a 17-16 record. Junior Brittany Janney said, “This season was really fun and I can’t wait for next year. It’s going to be very different with out the seniors.”

Gymnastics, 4th at Regionals Uneasy ending in Champaign

On January 19th, RB competed against Fenton on senior night. There were five seniors on the team, Kaitlynn Markowski, Emily Cain, Jackie LaManna, Ellie Hutcheson, and Chiara Ercoleri. Even though

Fenton came out on top with a 130.00 over RB’s 112.85, the girls had a great senior night. “This season was awesome. I hope next year will be the same,” said junior Kristen Santoro.

February 19th at the ISHA state wrestling meet, senior John Schraidt was defeated in the first round against Jimmy Boyle of Kaneland High school. Schraidt lost his match by one point to Boyle.

“It was a very close match. I wrestled hard and I barely lost” said Schraidt. Ross Ferraro of Montini Academy would win the 2A heavyweight class and Jimmy Boyle would finish in 4th place.

Clarion - Volume 80, Issue 5  

Read Issue #5 of the 2010-2011 Clarion.

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