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Friday, Oct. 30th, 2009•Volume 79, Issue 1

Day of Service, four years strong

Quote of the issue “Our team has been playing together long before high school and we have great team chemistry. It was nice to see our work come together in such a historic event,”

--read the full article on page 9 .

NewsBLURBS Bulldogs Helped Save Lives A blood drive was held this wednesday in the Alumni lounge. Many RB students took the oppurtunity to help others. Bulldog Football Playoffs The varsity football team will face Hubbard today at 7 PM at Gately Stadium in Chicago. Please come cheer the Bulldogs on to a playoff victory.

Members of RB’s Best Buddies club ust as many Seniors have matured in their four years at RB, so has the Day of Service. From its humble beginnings four years ago, when 130 students turned out, to now in it’s fourth year where approximately 550 students showed up to give back. When the Day of Service started four years ago as a way to give back to the community, no one could have expected the growth and development it would go through. Almost doubling every year, the Day of Service has gone from being new to being a staple of the RB year, not only to the students but to the community as well. “They come to expect


Caught Caring Have you caught anyone caring lately? If you would like to recognize a person for their caring act, please fill out a form. The forms and drop boxes are located in the Assistant Principals’ office and Ms. Ziola’s room (216). A Happy Halloween Have a fun and safe Halloween tomorrrow. Enjoy the holiday festivities.

gear up to help their community on it, and they are showing up to support it, either volunteer wise or financially,” said social studies teacher and Day of Service organizer Cara Gallagher. “Parent volunteers tripled. It’s a way of life now.” Students who participated in the day did a variety of activities. One that has seen the most growth is the Senior Citizen Project. Students were driven to seniors’ homes where they then helped clean up in the homes. Students raked leaves, pulled weeds, and moved heavy objects like furniture. Some students even helped them with their computer problems. Reaction to the students has been

the fourth annual Day of Service. overwhelmingly positive. RB administration got responses from the community that shows the feelings of community and their thoughts on RB giving back. Thought from the community were varied, but all commented on the work ethic of the students. The most telling response was from a senior citizen who said, “[The students] were very pleasant and eager to please, they even asked if there was anything further. This is my 3rd yearGod bless you all- I am beyond pleased.” In addition to helping seniors, students made RB’s surrounding neighborhood a little more scenic by planting

flowers, cleaning up the Riverside train stop, and also clearing the Zoo Woods. Students led by science teacher David Monti went into the Zoo Woods and cleared the woods of buckthorn, an invasive species that threaten to choke the natural plant life of its resources. “Basically one third of the student and staff population was present at the Day of Service,” said teacher Angela Ziola “ A lot of students didn’t come back for pizza, and a lot just showed up without signing up for a job before.” Gallagher added, “The day of Service is something I am excited for from start to finish. It is one of the best things RB does.”---Maslowski

Save the Arcade Building



lthough you may not think by looking at it, the Arcade Building in downtown Riverside is one of the oldest buildings in Illinois. It was built in 1871. Unfortunately, many now look upon the historic building as an “eyesore” and it is on Illinois’ “10 Most Endangered Historic Places” list. With a long list of violations, the boarded up windows are the most visible offense. Because of recent concerns that the landmark building will be torn down, the village of Riverside contacted Riverside Brookfield High School. RB’s drawing and painting classes have joined forces with the school’s art club and are now planning to help restore some of the original beauty of the old Arcade Building. Starting on October 19, the students will begin their work by starting to paint a very large mural on the side of the building. Right now, the group of RB artists is assigning leaders to be in charge of the different groups. “I wanted to help the community,” said freshman Megan Kennedy on her involvement, “It will raise awareness of the building.” The theme of the mural is “This Place Matters”. The mural will consist of more than 15 panels, the artists of RB will be designing what goes on each one of them. The panels will be split up into the four seasons beginning with winter and finishing with fall. “We have a lot of freedom with the detail, but we have to make sure they flow throughout the whole piece,” said participating freshman, Stephanie Wolff. Although the students will be designing it,

•November 2Start of the second quarter.

•November 47:00 PM-8:30 PM Understanding Financial Aid (Library) •November 82:00 PM - First performance of the fall play Murder Room (Little theatre) •November 96:00 PM-8:00 PM- Men’s Ensemble (Choir Room) •November 107:30 PM- Board of education meeting (Alumni Lounge) •November 11Veteran’s Day (Nationally Observed)

Riverside Brookfield High School

The beautiful stained glass windows of the Arcade building are -Photo by Pleasant covered by boards anyone is invited to help. Leading this they can get. imposing project is Fine Arts Department “The mural will make the Arcade Chair, Jon Grice. “We want volunteers to Building intriguing to people that aren’t help us,” said Grice, “Students can help by brought in by the historical aspect,” said joining art club, but anyone can help paint Wolff. the panels”. So if you feel inspired to help Grice has also contacted several beautify a historical landmark, join art Junior High students. He is currently club, or volunteer your time to be a part trying to get these students involved with of this project and help save the Arcade painting the murals. As of right now, the Building.---Sanchez artists are going to need all of the help

160 Ridgewood Rd.

Riverside, IL 60546

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

RB has a “Passion for the Arts” Megan Welch Features Manager


n Tuesday, September 29, 2009, RBHS hosted the Passion for the Arts college event, a forum designed to inform students and parents about college fine arts majors, including college applications, auditions, and the majors themselves. Jon Grice, RB Fine Arts department chair, and counselor Marsha Hubbuch presided over the seminar. Each spoke about the importance of knowing the application and audition process of arts colleges for those interested in the field, as well as important decision-making questions to ask any college representative. Grice stated, “The col-

lege entry process is not always the same when it comes to pursuing a fine arts degree. Sometimes students are required to audition or go through a portfolio review to gain entrance. Since RBHS has a number of students that continue their education in the field of the arts, we felt it was our duty to bring in school representatives to help educate our students on the college entry process, the course work load and job opportunities within the Fine & Applied Arts Colleges.” Students and their teachers were first addressed by Grice and Hubbuch, and then allowed to go to two break-out sessions with individual college representatives. Attendees could choose the college representatives to listen to based on the specific fine or applied art in which they were interested. The colleges present were Roosevelt University, Johnson & Wales, Illinois Insti-

Students interested in attending fine or applied arts colleges gather together to listen to a presentation

tute of Art, Universal Technical Institute, Southern Illinois University, Concordia University, North Central College, Columbia College, Triton College, and Northern Illinois University. The colleges presented information on Theater, Culinary

Should I stay or should I go (to school)? Charlie Morrissey News Manager


Will students risk their attendence or their health?

ith flu season in full swing, the same question always arises amongst sick teachers and students: do I stay home from school and miss all of that work or do I struggle through the day at hand? Though many people think that the school wants them to be in attendance and keep up with the work, RB actually stresses the opposite. According to a memorandum sent out to all RB staff, students, and parents, “…students and staff alike are asked to stay home if flu-like symptoms occur and to remain home until the 24 hour resolution period has passed.” This topic has become very relevant since the H1N1 virus or swine flu epidemic hit the nation. People need to be a lot more careful about their hygienic tendencies, and RB recommends students follow the three C’s: Clean, Cover, and Contain. These steps are meant to protect the everyday health of the individual. Students and teachers should clean their hands with soap or sanitizers, and avoid contact with sick people and cover their mouth

and nose when sneezing and coughing. Lastly, the administration wants sick individuals to contain their illness by staying home and limiting contact with other people. Will the students follow these procedures? Assistant Principal John Passerella is optimistic. “I’m hopeful that kids will continue to do what they are told to do,” said Passerella, ‘but anything can happen.” National awareness of this issue has grown alarmingly fast, and a swine flu vaccine has already been created and recently distributed. Since the vaccines are limited in quantity, the first group of people to be vaccinated will be those most at risk. These people include pregnant women, infants, and people who are in constant contact with infants. according to, in the past seven months, there have been 76 U.S children deaths because of H1N1. The regular flu kills between 46 and 88 children per year. Though there have been over one million reported cases in the U.S, there has yet

to be one at RB. This does not mean the school has been deprived of its share of illnesses. Recently, two students reported having MRSA, and there have been other reported cases in the past. According to webmd. com, MRSA is a bacterium that causes infections in different parts of the body. The cafeteria staff at RB is one group that was asked to take extra precautions in maintaining adequate health care. They have been making sure that “…hand washing and personal hygiene stations are adequately stocked,” according to the memorandum. The cafeteria tables and other areas that frequently come in touch with staff and students are also being properly disinfected. As the year goes on, RB looks like it should be safe from these viruses and these bacterium if everyone continues to follow all the precautions that the memorandum states. If a student does not know whether or not to attend school when they are sick, they should remember that their choice could be a risk for the entire school.

Arts, Digital Media, Automotive Studies, Film & Photography, Music, Theater Tech, Art & Art Education, Dance, and Broadcast Communications & Engineering, respectively. The well-received Passion for the Arts will be present-

-Photo by Welch

ed on a bi-yearly schedule, so the next time RB will host it will be Fall 2011. Grice reccomends that even if students don’t want to be arts majors, they should still attend because many of the schools present were not exclusively fine arts schools.

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An ill student reclines on a sofa in the nurses office

-Photo by Wilson

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Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

Huge jump in scores means RB passes AYP Brian Wilson Layout manager


B was shocked last year when it was revealed that for the first time ever, the school failed to meet AYP standards. During the 2008-09 school year, former superintendent/principal Jack Baldermann said he was “certain that the scores would improve in the following year.” Baldermann’s enthusiasm was confirmed this year when RB once again succeeded in making AYP. The No Child left Behind Act of 2001 activated national AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) standards. The aim of AYP is to set an amount of students that are required to meet or exceed standards on standardized reading and math tests each year. The standards are raised each year in order to set students on the right track, ultimately ending with the 2013-14 school year where 100% of juniors are expected to meet or exceed the standards. When there are 45 or more students of a certain group in a given grade, they are tested as a subgroup, these subgroups are grouped based on ethnicities, free or reduced lunch, and other various factors. In the 2007-08 school year, Illinois schools students were expected to reach 62.5% proficiency on the tests. Only 40.4% of the Hispanic subgroup at RB passed the reading portion of the PSAE (Prairie State

Achievement Exam), causing RB to fail AYP for the first time. Baldermann instituted numerous programs to help raise scores, and ultimately put RB back on track. Several programs and workshops were made available for all students at RB to help with reading, math, writing, and science portions of the PSAE, and ACT. CAP classes were taken advantage of by a majority of students, as well as after school courses, morning courses, and Saturday courses. These classes were only a small fraction of the price that they would normally be if taken privately. The efforts taken by administration last year proved successful with remarkable results this year, actually being the best test results since 2003. 75.6% of juniors passed the reading portion of the PSAE, a 5.1% increase from 08-09. The Hispanic subgroups scores alone jumped from 40.1%, to a staggering 74.5%. In addition to reading and math scores, AYP also relies on ACT composite scores, and graduation rate. The average ACT score last year was 23.5, with the state average in 2008 being 20.5. The minimum requirement of graduation rate in Illinois was 78% last year, however, RB once again soared far past the requirement, with a graduation rate of 97.6%. Where many

John Izaguirre and Melissa Carey host this years first OLAS meeting.

schools fail to make AYP, RB passes with flying colors. Graduation rate is a place where many schools struggle. Assistant Principal Troy Gobble said it was truly a “wonderful Feeling”. Last year, Gobble and other important administration figures met every Thursday for an hour at the least to discuss what they were currently doing, and could do in the future to help students perform better on standardized tests. These meetings included Jack

Baldermann, Doug Shultz (Math specialist), Troy Gobble, Tim Scanlon, George Miller (English specialist), and Laurie Ritchey(PSAE Coordinator). Not just the English scores increased this year, Math scores significantly increased as well. Gobble noted that as well as English, “the Math was all part of it” and that it “lives in the CAP program”. The Image Test was a special test meant for ESL students, and new speakers of English. It included a test mirror-

Segway into the new year David maslowski Web Editor


s of the start of the school year, RB security has been using a Segway to patrol the halls, and make sure that kids get to class on time. Many students have noticed that Segways have been roaming the halls of RB, and the student population has had mixed opinions on them. “They’re dangerous and irresponsible,” said senior Hugh Berglin. On the opposing side of the argument, senior Sean McGonagill said, “They’re a awesome and a great addition to RB.” For the first three weeks of school, “Segway of Chicago” loaned one Segway to RBHS. The loan comes from Jim Reynolds father of RB graduate Preston Reynolds. The Segway was on loan until September 25th when it then had to be returned. The decision of whether or not to purchase the segway is up to the school board. Much of their decision well rely on Assistant Principal John Passarella, and whether or not he believes Segways are the answer to the problem that RB now faces. “We have gained 80,000 square footage in the building, but we have gained no extra security guards,” said Passarella “so to be fiscally responsible,

with our budget the way it is, I want to be creative, and figure out if we can somehow supervise the building without adding another person.” This brings up the issue of how much benefit a Segway actually brings with its five thousand dollar price tag. “I can circulate around the building and within minutes be back in my office. Security members could do the same. They can circulate the floor and wrap around numerous times, which you just couldn’t do before with foot traffic,” said Passarella when asked about the benefits. “It’s more efficient, and beside that you are eight inches taller a the crowd, the average person, and you can watch for problems. For example if you see kids hanging in a area and it seems it may be a problem, you can see that. It’s a great advantage.” Community reaction was mixed when news of the Segway trial reached the public. After a Riverside Landmark article detailed the Segway trial, several commenters mistakenly thought the school had already purchased the scooter. Given RB’s difficult budgetary situation, taxpayer reaction was not strong. Currently RB’s halls are Segway free while RB waits for the Board to make the final decision.

-photo by Brian Wilson

ing the PSAE, but with a more accessible vocabulary for these students. The Image Test was discontinued in before the 2008 testing and may have contributed to the low reading score of the Hispanic sub group in 2008. Gobble stated “it surprised us last year. This year we knew it was coming and we prepared the students for it.” To read the entire story, please visit,

Chicago loses olympic bid Eddie Morrissey Sports manager

-Photo courtesy of Rouser Security guard Mr. Ruge tests out the segway.

The Windy City suffered a severe disappointment last Friday, losing out on the bid for the 2016 Olympics. Rio de Janeiro won the bid for the first time and as a result will be hosting the summer Olympics. This will be the first time that a South American country will host the Olympics. The final round of bidding took place on October 2nd in Copenhagen, Denmark. President Obama himself was present for the bidding. Chicago was eliminated in the first round, followed by Tokyo in the second round. The final round was a close contest between Madrid and Rio de Janeiro, but Spain has hosted the Olympics before so the decision went to Rio de Janeiro. Because Chicago has never hosted the Olympics, there is obviously no Olympic stadium in the city. Evidently, this counted against the city during the bidding. However, there are a number of suitable facilities desirable for Olympic use, including Wrigley Field, U.S. Cellular Field, the United Center, Soldier Field, the McCormick Place, various fields/facilities at Northwestern University, University of Chicago, UIC, Loyola University, and Chicago State University. Chicago has all of the necessary resources to host the 2016 Olympics, not to mention a fantastic city with a rich culture and history. It is truly disappointing that Chicago will have to wait a little longer for a chance to host the Olympic games.

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

The elephant graveyard -

legend behind the Hammond train catastrophe Jette Pleasant Editor-in-Chief


iercing through the night, a far-off sound is heard. It could be a train, barreling towards some new destination, or merely the wailing of the wind. But then again, to many Riverside residents, it sounds more like the trumpeted cry of elephants, echoing from the confines of nearby Woodlawn Cemetery. Many believe these sounds to be the cries of elephants which perished in a train wreck which occurred nearly a hundred years ago. While the train wreck itself was an actual event documented by historians many of the stories which have sprung up around it are not rooted in truth. On the date of June 22, 1918 members of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus

were on their way to a performance in Hammond, Indiana. None of the passengers had any idea that an empty troop train was hurtling towards them at 60 miles per hour, its driver asleep at the throttle. Steel twisted, sparks flew from the tracks, when the kerosene lamps used for lighting hit the floor the train was consumed by fire. The event proved to be one of the greatest train disasters in American history. A total of 86 people, all of them circus performers, perished in the wreck and another 127 were left injured by the accident. The performance scheduled for that very same day would never go on. Many of the unclaimed dead were laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery in Forest Park and buried together in a plot purchased by the Showmen’s League of America. Some of the recovered bodies, burned beyond recognition, were never identified. Their

One of the five elephant markers which surround the gravesite known as Showmen’s Rest. gravestones are marked only with the words “unknown” followed by a series of numbers. There are even gravestones where the only names engraved in the marble slabs are the circus performers’ jobs and nicknames such as “4 horse driver” and “Baldy”. Five grave markers in the shape of elephants were placed around the borders of the plot, their trunks pointed

down as a sign of mourning. This area later became known as Showmen’s Rest. Over time, people began to believe that these unusual markers had been placed in the cemetery over the bodies of circus elephants that had perished in the train wreck along with the performers. In actuality, there were no animals and certainly no elephants present on the

-Photo by Pleasant

train the night of the fateful crash. Exactly how the story of Showmen’s Rest first came to be altered will forever remain a mystery, but in the end the truth behind the ghostly legend is far more horrific than any of the rumors which have come to surround it through the years.

Scream your head off

5 4

Top 5 scariest movies of all time

The Ring

Anyone who watches a mysterious video-tape dies seven days later. As a journalist begins to investiagte the strange occurences behind the tape, will she be able to find out what’s behind it without killing herself?

The Sixth Sense


This classic thriller is about a young boy who can communicate with spirits that don’t realize they are dead yet. The boy tries to help them move on, but is easily frightened by his ability.

What scary movie are you most excited to see this Halloween Season? The Stepfather Saw VI


To vote on this poll log on to

A young woman steals $40,000 from her employer’s client. On the run from the cops, she encounters a young motel proprietor, Norman Bates, who has been too long under the domination of his mother

The Exorcist A teenage girl is possessed by a demonic spirit. Her mother tries finding every possible person to help her daughter by exorcising the demon.

Paranormal Activity Zombieland



The Shining A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter. Once there, an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into acts of violence. Meanwhile his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from both the past and the future. -Compiled by Powers

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

Halloween costumes gone bad The Joker Admitedly, the joker is a truly awesome batman villain and Heath Ledger portrayed him marvelously in the hit film, The Dark Knight, but seriously there had to have been a million of them last year. Dead celebrities I saw a few Steve Irwins running around last year. The costumes could be ok, but they’re usually portrayed in bad taste and are almost never funny. Only time will tell if Michael Jackson gets over-used this year. Cartoon Characters Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin are funny, but when people dress up like them it has quite the opposite effect. The masks look awful and it’s just not as humorous as you would expect. Ghost If you’re a little kid, dressing up in a sheet is fine, but if you’re an adult it’s probably better to leave the sheet on your bed this Halloween. Yourself It’s Halloween! If you don’t put some effort into creating a good costume you really don’t deserve any candy this year.

Creative costume ideas Allan from the Hangover Strap on a fake beard and a baby blue shirt and you got the starts of a Halloween classic. Also you’ll need to get some sunglasses and don’t forget a baby Carlos to strap on. Walk around talking about your wolf pack and you’ll be the talk of the town. Deadpool- X- men Origins Wolverine was The Dark Knight of 2009. Of course, everyone’s favorite mercenary with a mouth stole the show. Just grab a red shirt and black pants and start gabbing. Don’t forget: the wittier your jokes, the more weapons you’ll need. Carl Fredricksen Up was one of Pixar’s saddest and best movies. For the costume of old man Fredricksen, you’ll need a shirt and sweater. As for the pants, anything supported by suspenders should do. Get some thick rimmed glasses, blow up some helium balloons, and you’re ready to soar to a classic costume. Bruno Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilarious film Bruno premiered this year to both shock and enjoyment. Grab a pair of short-shorts and your tightest shirt and you’re ready. Don’t forget to master your Austrian accent. -Compiled by Suchy

Things that should rot and things that should not Stay dead Furbys: Never again will you haunt me with your demonic voices! Rod Blagojevich: He should leave the planet, but no force on earth can remove his hair! Bellbottom pants: These “fashion items” are worse than someone wearing a kilt and walking over an air vent. Mad Cow Disease: We’re just encountering the swine flu, we don’t need this disease to pop up now.

Die now! Snuggies: It’s called “not being so freakin’ lazy”! Disney channel: The world does not need any more Miley Cyrus. Daytime Television: People need to find something else to occupy their time. Sketchers: Doesn’t anyone notice that they are just re-coloring the old shoes? Sonic: It stopped being cool after the first one.

Come back to life Sock Em’ boppers: Violence can be fun again! Masquerade balls: The old school ones, no more sexy Pikachu. Powdered Wigs: The best and only REAL cure for male pattern baldness Platform shoes: I want a goldfish in my shoe! Ragtime Music: That’s the only music to dance to. On top of a moving plane! -Compiled by Pruett-Jones

Comedy brings Zombie genre to life Ian Pruett-Jones Staff-Reporter


he living undead have long permeated the movie genre. The first zombie movie was made in 1932 and was titled White Zombie. Since then, they have set the standard for classic horror films. Recently however, the zombie movies have tried to break up the age-old horror story and add a few laughs. The most notable example of this was the popular 2004 film, Shaun of the Dead. This was probably the first and best of the comedic zombie movies. But on Friday, October 2nd, a new film emerged to set the bar for humorous zombies. Zombieland can easily be described as the American version of Shaun of the dead. While Shaun of the Dead is all about irony and sophisticated British humor that doesn’t make you laugh hysterically, but certainly allows you to enjoy yourself, Zombieland focuses entirely on the good old gross American jokes that

we’ve come to love so much. There is gore to be had at every turn and plenty of sexual innuendos. From its description, most people would think that this film would be crass and stereotypical, but Zombieland does an amazing job. While the jokes can sometimes be less mature than others, it almost always makes you laugh and never apologizes. Although there is really no story present in the movie, you tend not to mind very much. You’re simply too busy being caught up in the spectacle and characters. The movie follows Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) as he treks through the old USA which has been turned into Zombieland thanks to the “Mad People Disease”. Pretty soon he meets up with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) and they form an unlikely duo. Everyone in the movie chooses to name themselves after the destination to which they are headed. Even after they are all well acquainted and comfortable with each other

they still choose not to disclose their real names. Despite this, you still feel attached to them. The story picks up when Columbus and Tallahassee run across the sisters Wichita and Little Rock (Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin), who are Hell-bent on surviving no matter what. Despite several double crossings, Columbus has fallen head over heels for Wichita and does everything he can to be reunited with her. Tallahassee is a guntoting, wise-cracking, zombiehating killing machine whose sole purpose left is to take as many zombies with him as he can. Despite first appearances, Tallahassee has a very complicated past and is a surprisingly deep character. In contrast to Tallahassee, Columbus is a “Michael Cera-esque” character who has survived this far due to his set of strict rules. This list is about 37 rules long and he adds each rule after a specific experience which has taught him to obey the rules. Some favorites include “Beware of Bathrooms”,

“Double tap”, and the most important of all: “Enjoy the little things”. Despite first appearances, this movie is insanely enjoyable with plenty of action and humor thrown into the mix. It focuses less on actual horror and more on those “BOO!” moments that most zombie movies tend to use. Some people think that this movie will bring the zombie genre down, but I feel the exact opposite. I feel that this has brought the term zombie far up! One of the best moments in the movie is the cameo of Bill Murray playing himself. He does any insanely good job and is able to make you laugh just by standing there and being himself. He lives up in a giant mansion and puts makeup on to blend in with the zombies so he can go about his life as normal; he even still finds time to play golf. The first scene he is in shows that even though the world has virtually ended around him, Tallahassee still has time to breathlessly tell his

hero just how much he loves him. Although this movie is worth buying, I advise people to still see it in theaters. Just to get that popcorn experience with the big screen that people seem to love. Anyone who doesn’t mind zombies and loves a good laugh should definitely see this movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, or to anyone who loves a good movie. Zombieland is not for the faint of heart though, there is a good amount of strong language and the movie definitely enjoys being gory and does it quite often. But this is definitely a movie everyone should see at some point. 9 out of 10 stars.

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

RB construction - worth the wait Danielle Sanchez Staff reporter


ith the start of a new school year, students returned to see a practically new RB. No more dark hallways and dusty floors, construction workers have been hard at work all summer so that students could finally have a school without loud drills resounding or dust lingering in the air. Many students were truly excited to come back to school after the long summer. “I was excited to see RB again,” said sophomore Emily Andrulis. “I was also a little worried to see how much of it was done.” It seems that the new entryway is the favorite addition for both students and teachers. “It gives the school a fresh look,” said sophomore Denise Gonzalez. “It also seems that the halls are less crowded and there is more space in the hallways

to pass through.” The recent construction efforts also included a brand new cafeteria. “It’s more organized than last year,” said junior Ana Reyes, “There’s a lot more space. The lines are still slow, though.” The students aren’t the only ones happy with the new school, all of the teachers now have their own classroom. With construction almost done, there are now enough classrooms available to everyone. Science teacher, Kristi Sterling, commented that “The new lab spaces are huge. They are also organized.” There are also the added computer labs. “The new labs are a nice resource for students,” said English teacher, Daniel O’Rourke. One disappointment that one of the boys cross country coaches, Larry

A look at the recently completed north west entrance from the school parking lot

Forberg, has is that the new field house isn’t big enough to hold a meet inside. “The field house could have been bigger. RB will never get this opportunity again,” he says. Yet, he still says that RB is the nicest place he’s ever worked at. There was a large amount of work that had to be done to have this nice school. “Working on RB has been a challenge,” says Andy Totten,

construction manager. “Construction had to be separated from students for safety.” The little theater and the auditorium still aren’t finished, though. The little theater is supposed to be finished sometime this month, and the auditorium is targeted to be finished at the beginning of next semester. Ever since construction started, everyone’s been

-photo courtesy of Gary Prokes

wondering when the work will be completely finished. Construction manager Andy Totten answers, “We’re hoping to be finished by early next semester.” Going through this process was worth the wait because students and teachers will finally have a completed school that they can be proud of.

Skyward – RB’s new grading program Megan Welch Features manager


new piece of technology has slipped into the building, perhaps overshadowed by the new classrooms, fresh hallways, and clean bathrooms. However, students and teachers of RB will soon find, if they haven’t already, that Skyward is imperative to their daily academic lives. Skyward, replacement for RB’s previous grading and records software, not only tracks and tabulates grades for teachers, but also runs attendance, sends messages, has a full personalized activity calendar, and much more. It was introduced to RB through a software bid program, where many companies vied for the school’s business. According to that website, Skyward is a “vendor of K-12 administrative software.” The site also states Skyward can help manage and store information relating to a school’s student management, human resources, financial management, and food service. Over 1,300 school districts worldwide use this software. Besides 17 states in the US, Skyward is used in parts of Venezuela, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and India.

Teachers are now able to mark students present or absent through Skyward, and the information is broadcast through the students’ schedules to their other teachers throughout the day. They can also use the grade book program to post scores of tests, quizzes, and homework. They can also list assignments for students to check and complete. Skyward tabulates total points for the teachers and notifies parents when anything changes. Teacher Mark Gouwens, the Social studies department Skyward leader, commented about the new program. “Edline was attached to our old program, SASI, which went away; and we were forced to update the school software,” said Gouwens. “Skyward is overall easier to use. It is pretty intuitive as far as being user friendly. It’s good for parents and teachers; the days of hiding bad grades are rapidly coming to an end.” Gouwens also said, “Grading is now in ‘real time’, meaning there is no lag [when grades are entered.] Eventually, we may make attendance real time also.” On the student side,

Senior Morgan Vogel explores the new Skyward system

Skyward allows RB attendees to see how they are doing in their classes, log missing assignments, and receive messages from their teachers. This can be very helpful if students miss a day of school, or forget to write down their homework in their assignment notebook. Junior Claire Schraidt said, “It’s just like a list of grades you can see right away, so if you’re getting a weird grade you can click on it.” She also said that the increased parent notification doesn’t scare her. “They know I’m going to be motivated enough to do my homework,” she added.

Another Junior, Nate Reyes, said that he found Skyward “Kind of confusing, especially since the teacher we were signing up with didn’t know how to use it either.” Reyes said his mom is pretty strict about grades, “especially the ones she had to pay lots of money for, like AP classes.” Reyes also said that he thought “Edline was more precise, less cluttered.” In Reyes’s case, Skyward can be a burden, especially since all missing assignments show up right away, rather than giving him and other students a long time window

-photo by Brian Wilson

to get everything in, usually before the end of the marking period. Sophomore Danny Kelliher also commented, saying, “Skyward’s main advantage is said to be that it is updated instantly after the grade is entered into the teacher’s grade book. But a few of my teachers only update their grades once a week. So it defies the whole point. For Skyward to be used to its full potential, every teacher would have to update grades immediately after the assignment is graded which is not always possible.”

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

Familiar faces, new jobs Alex Krug

Public Relations Manager

With the resignation of former Superintendent-Principal Jack Baldermann over the summer, the look of RB’s administration has changed. Dr. David Bonnette has taken over the role of Interim Superintendent, while the role of Interim Principal has gone to Tim Scanlon, formerly the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instructions. The assistant’s role has been passed to Troy Gobble, formerly the school’s Science Department Chair. Dr. David Bonnette, Interim Superintendent Educational Backround: Undergrad, Hope College – Holland, MI PhD, University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 1. What was your previously held office? I was the superintendent for District 96 for 13 years and I retired in June of 2005. For two years after that I directed a school leadership program at Northeastern Illinois University. I was then contacted to be interim superintendent for District 90 in River Forest. After that I thought that I was really retired. 2. When did you decide to start working at RBHS/ How were you notified about the opening? I was approached by a board member regarding the interim position after [former Superintendent Principal, Jack] Baldermann resigned. From there, I was interviewed by the Board and hired for the position. Since I live near the school and have always had a vested interest in RB, I accepted the position. 3. What’s your favorite part of your job? Being able to renew relationships with kids I knew from Hauser and being able to form friendships with new acquaintances with kids who went to Komarek and Gross. What attracts me to my job is being able to help kids be successful. 4. What are your goals for the 2009-2010 school year? My goals for the school year are to really involve the community, work with the staff more, and take RB’s already strong reputation and build on that. The district is facing some financial hardships, and I have been working with a state wide group for a few years now and our goal is to increase school accountability and better the method by which the state funds schools. Mr. Tim Scanlon, Interim Principal Educational Backround: Masters Degree in English from St. Xavier University in Chicago School Administrative Certificate from Governor State University

Interim Principal Tim Scanlon and Assistant Principal Troy Gobble meet up

in the new entrancway.

-Photo by Krug

2. When did you decide to start working at RBHS? How were you notified about the opening? I came to RBHS because of the outstanding reputation of its staff and students. Additionally, at that time, the position at RBHS gave me an opportunity to concentrate on staff development and curriculum which constituted my dream job. 3. What’s your favorite part of your job? Reflecting with teachers on strategies, assessments, and curriculum are my favorite aspects of this job. Lately, however, I seem to miss more and more being in the classroom, but there will be time for that in the future. 4. What are your goals for the 2009-2010 school year? I want to maintain our academic excellence, spend more time in the classrooms, and finish the construction project. Also to help RBHS to make a smooth transition to a new administration Mr. Troy Gobble, Assistant Principal Educational Backround: BS in Chemistry Education from University of Illinois at Urbana MS in Physics from Eastern Illinois University MS in Educational Leadership from Benedictine University Plans to finish Doctorate in Educational Leadership from DePaul in 2010. 1. What was your previously held office? I was the Science Department Chair and a Physics teacher. 2. What’s your favorite part of your job? As the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, I am very excited to watch teachers in the building practice their craft and talk about ways to improve instruction and student learning

1. What was your previously held office? For the past few years at RBHS, I have been serving as Assistant Principal.

3. What are your goals for the 2009-2010 school year? Personally, my goals are to be a good dad and husband, and to complete my doctorate coursework. Professionally, I want to continue to learn and grow as an educator and help others to do the same.

Volley for the Cure

the fight against breast cancer

Ethan Gallegos Staff-Reporter

Breast cancer attacks over two hundred thousand woman every year. Though it’s 100 times more likely for women to get breast cancer, guys can get it to. This is one of the reasons why RB takes part in The Volley for the Cure. Elizabeth Fredlund, the head coach of RB’s girls freshman volley ball team said,” Volley for the Cure is an important event to raise money for the Susan G. Komen foundation. The volley ball program is raising funds for cancer research & awareness. The girls are enjoying participating and working together to help this worthy cause.” This is the second annual Volley for the Cure RB has taken a part of and they plan to do this for many years to come. The actual game is on Wednesday October 21st at Morton

East. The admission is five bucks for the game and all proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The game starts at five o’clock and all levels of RB and Morton girls volleyball will be participating. Though they may be the only teams in this tournament they are not the only high schools who do Volley for the Cure. The main reason for Volley for the cure is to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This foundation is helping trying to find the cure for breast cancer. “I think women with breast cancer should be helped an collaborated to: and I like helping a cause like Volley for the Cure,” said Freshman Stephanie Lanbruschin . RB is going to raise money by doing a few things.

They are going to sell long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts. The long sleeves will be thirteen dollars and the short sleeve will be ten dollars. The shirts are going to be black with pink writing on it. You can buy one from Mr. Bonarigo at room 208 staring on October 19th. RB is also having a bake sale form October 19-21 all lunches. They will be selling cookies, brownies, cupcakes, rice krispy treats and puppy chow. So bring some extra money to school on the 19th through the 21st. not only are you helping out breast cancer your also getting something yummy. We are also doing pledges for serves. This is when people donate a certain amount of money per every serve the girl does. They are going to have every girl serve so they can all help

The logo for the 2009 Volley for the Cure campaign.

raise money. So come show your support to this worthy cause and to the RB’s girl volleyball teams on October 21st.

To learn more about either breast cancer or the foundation go to www.

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

Seniors do service work around the world Clarion takes on technology


s many probably know, the Clarion released a brand new web site on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009. Our new website is a significant update from last year, and has many new features that will add to the quality of our school newspaper. Our new website boasts numerous features that we feel will add to the reader experience. Media is one big area that the Clarion Staff is trying to improve this year. Photo galleries, video clips, and audio interviews will be making their way into stories. Another major addition to the new site is the comments section. Anyone that visits the site will be able to comment on any story provided they have a valid email address. The comments are moderated and inappropriate comments will not make it up on the website, but we encourage students and staff to visit the site and let us know what you think of the content! In addition to the actual web site itself, the Clarion has signed up for other technological services such as Facebook and Twitter. Both will be updated on a regular basis, and serve as valid sources of information. Clarion plans on using Facebook and Twitter to help send out updates and current headlines. If you would like to view these updates and headlines on a semi-regular basis, the Clarion staff would like to encourage you to become a follower of our Twitter ( or a fan of our Facebook page. (RBHS Clarion) With all of this new technology, the Clarion hopes to reach as many people as possible. Please help us in spreading the news of our new website, Facebook, and Twitter. -Clarion Staff

Senior Emily Hejna tenderly embraces a little boy from an orphanage in Ghana

Kate Abbattacola Content Editor


typical summer for most RB students, turned out to be an exciting and eye opening one for three RB seniors. Vija Lietuvninkas, Connor Halline, and Emily Hejna, all spent part of their summer doing service work in three different countries around the world. The students got to experience what it’s like to live in another part of the world and were able to help those who are less fortunate. LIETUVNINKAS VISITS LITHUANIA “I loved how the kids warmed up to us,” said Lietuvninkas of the Lithuanian kids she looked after at a children’s center. Lietuvninkas left school a few weeks before this past summer break and headed to Lithuania, a country in Eastern Europe. During her three weeks of service, she spent her time volunteering at a rural children’s center. “The center was basically a safe haven for these kids who come from homes with parents that are abusive and aren’t good role models,” said Lietuvninkas. Lietuvninkas planned her trip through Child’s Gate to Learning, an organization within her Lithuanian community. About half of her expenses for the trip were paid through the RBEF. Lietuvninkas stayed in a part of the country where the dialect was very difficult to understand, but felt that it was easier to make a connection with the kids because she is fluent in Lithuanian. She worked with about 20 kids, ages 7 through 15, who enjoyed hanging out, having fun, and being loved by the volunteers like Lietuvninkas. “Just seeing how much they loved us because of the attention and love we gave them was so rewarding,” said

Lietuvninkas, “We were the highlight of their day.” She enjoyed doing different crafts with the kids, especially making bracelets, the activity they enjoyed the most. “I wear bracelets they made me so I can keep them close to my heart,” said Lietuvninkas, “Every time I look at the bracelets I think of them.” CONNOR HALLINE SEES COSTA RICA “I got addicted to coffee; they had the best coffee in the world,” said Halline of Costa Rica. This past summer, Halline spent a month doing four different service projects in the Central American country of Costa Rica. He applied for the trip by filling out an application through AFS (American Field Service). Halline was in a work crew of about 17 other high school students from across the country. He spent time on a self sustaining farm, renovated two high schools by fixing tiles and bathrooms, and built trails in the rain forest. “We basically had to carry bags of sand and rock through the rain forest for three miles,” said Halline. Halline lived with his group in a barn for the first and last week of his trip and stayed with two different Costa Rican host families for the two weeks in-between. “At first it was really awkward but I was able to speak Spanish almost fluently,” he said. Halline enjoyed learning a lot of Spanish and even got to be a guest speaker on a Spanish radio talk show. “It was a really great experience and I made a lot of close friendships,” said Halline. HEJNA GOES TO GHANA “It was rewarding because the people are truly grateful for anything you do,” said Hejna of her experiences in Africa.

This past summer Hejna spent a little more than two weeks in Hohoe, a small village in Ghana, Africa. She applied for her trip through a teen program called Cross Cultural Solutions and had to write an essay and interview for the spot. Some of her expenses for the trip were paid through a grant from the school and from sponsors who Hejna asked to donate money. Hejna worked on many different projects during her trip including painting the outside of a hospital, visiting the school for the deaf and mentally disabled, and helping out at an orphanage. She spent time at the orphanage, playing with children who only spoke some English. They enjoyed drawing pictures for the volunteers like Hejna. “The kids at the orphanage wrote things like, I love you Emily,” said Hejna, “It was heartbreaking.” She stayed in a house with the other teen volunteers and experienced different African culture lessons presented by dance groups and speakers. Hejna enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers who were from all over the United States as well as other countries like Canada, England and Belgium. Although Ghana is one of the more stable countries in Africa, Hejna saw people living in tin roof huts and experiencing a very different lifestyle. “I had to get 5 or 6 shots because of the foreign diseases I could catch,” said Hejna, “The food also made a lot of us sick because we weren’t used to it.” Hejna, who has wanted to go to Africa since junior high, was grateful for her experiences and enjoyed getting to know the different people she encountered on her trip. “It was cool to see how other people live,” said Hejna, “It makes you appreciate your own life a lot more.”

The man behind the mic

Guzelderli takes up morning announcments


irst he was a Speech Champion, now he is the voice of Riverside Brookfield’s morning announcements. Zeyne Guzeldereli greets the student population over RB’s intercom every morning to deliver the morning announcements. Everything from a good morning greeting, to where the chess club will meet after school, Guzeldereli gives students the low down about what’s what at RB. In 2009, Guzeldereli, a junior at the time, added a new honor to his resume. He wrote and performed his own piece to perform as part of the speech team. Guzeldereli practiced and perfected his speech to the point where he was able to qualify for the state tournament. Guzeldereli not only participated in the competition, he came in first and earned the IHSA Speech State Championship title, Best Original Comedy. The news of the new state Champion spread quickly around the school. Both students and teachers were all impressed by this incredible feat. No one was more impressed than RB Social Studies teacher John Fields. Fields was the one who recommended Guzeldereli for the job. “He’s a state speech champion and he’s the Director of Communications here at RB. He’s more than qualified for the position,” said Fields. Fields was the one suggested to John Passarella, Assistant Principal at RB, that Guzeldereli be the new morning announcer. Passarella and many other teachers jumped at the opportunity. They thought that it would be pleasant to hear a student’s voice deliver the morning news. Without another thought, Guzeldereli was hired for the job. “I love my job,” Guzeldereli said, “My background in speech has definitely helped me feel more confident doing what I do.” You can listen to Guzeldereli every morning at 8:01 a.m. throughout the RB classes and hallways. Remember, it’s great to be a bulldog!--Arvis

Senior Zeyne Guzelderli the new voice of RB

-Photo by Arvis

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

Did Barack Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? David Maslowski Web Editor


hen one thinks of the Nobel Peace Prize, what comes to mind? Someone who has done what exactly? What makes a noble prize winner worthy of the awards? With the 2009 Peace prize being given out on Oct. 9th much attention is being given to the winner of the award, Barack Obama. In 2008 tension in the Middle East was on the rise. Iranian communication was cut off; all Government cooperation with the United States was slim to none. The only country where the Government actively sought the help of the United States was Iraq, a country that we where fighting a war in. Then on January 20th 2009 Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States.The first Middle Eastern country to open communication was Iran. A day after Obama was elected president, the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that he “Welcomes basic and fair changes in U.S. policies and conducts, I hope you will prefer real public interests and justice to the never-ending demands of a selfish minority and seize the opportunity to serve people so that you will be remembered with high esteem”.

In May of his first year as president, Obama went on a visit to the Middle East. Starting in Saudi Arabia, Obama made a trek across the Muslim world to visit those world leaders. In recent news Obama is publicly preaching for the reduction of nuclear arms. That is what Obama has done to promote Peace, and Fraternity. A 25-nation poll of 27,000 people released in July by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found double-digit boosts to the percentage of people viewing the U.S. favorably in countries around the world. At home Obama is attacked for trying to follow through with his agenda, healthcare being the main headline but around the world Obama, is a symbol of unity. What Obama stands for is a change in world thinking. Obama in the world stands for a new attitude of understanding. The Noble Prize committee doesn’t care about the US as an individual, they don’t care about our Healthcare, or anything internally, they care about the world. The change in thought, the atmosphere and the attitude of the whole world is so dramatic that it does in fact deserve a Noble Peace Prize. My question is why are American citizens getting upset over Obama’s victory? We should be honored that people think that so highly of our President because like it or not, he represents America.

Dear Marge

Alex Krug Public Relations Manager


arack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize victory can be summed up in two words: premature and shocking. Although Obama has made great strides in terms of peace there are many things that he promised during the campaign trail that remain undone. Obama received this coveted award because he opened up peace talks with the rest of the world and has improved the way in which other nations look at the U.S. On October 9, the president blogged stating, “I will accept this award as a call to action – a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century.” Whatever happened to awarding people for deeds they have actually done? “I’m still waiting for my Nobel Prize in literature for the book that I am trying to write,” joked English teacher Daniel O’Rourke. Obama is now one of three sitting presidents to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Woodrow Wilson received the Nobel Peace Prize for founding the League of Nations, and Theodore Roosevelt received the award for mediating the peace treaty that ended the Russo- Japanese war. Key words:

“founding” and “writing.” These were both things that were accomplished before receiving the award. On his first day in office, Obama started off by saying that he would close down Guantanamo Bay in the near future. This has not yet been done. “I don’t think Obama has proven himself worthy of such a prestigious award like the Nobel Peace prize. I think that this is the equivalent of giving a freshman senior honors and recognitions,” said English department chair George Miller. As for being so “peaceful,” the White House has recently attacked Fox News Channel. “We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent,” White House communications director, Anita Dunn recently said. “We don’t need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave.” If the president is willing to go after a news source that rates as the United States’ number one cable news network, which bears the slogan “Fair and Balanced,” then how peaceful can Obama really be? Freedom of press is given to us by the constitution, and Obama should respect this and realize how poorly this reflects on him so shortly after winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I guess we’ll see how deserving he really is in the months to come.

Day of obligation? Jason Flam

Dear Marge,

Opinion Manager

I am currently in a relationship with a girl I really like, but my entire relationship is based on lies. That lie is that I am a fan of … Twilight. I completely changed my life to become a fan. I changed my clothes, my thoughts, and became immersed in a culture that I completely detest. I have exchanged my polo’s and blue jeans for Edward Cullen T-shirts, and skinny ripped blacked jeans. I don’t think this would be a problem but the girl I am with is an extreme fan. We already have tickets to the release of the second movie, and she is so immersed into the culture. Most of our dates include us sitting in her basement, watching the first Twilight movie. She is even talking about making me wear colored contacts so that they are the same color as Edwards. I really like this girl but I am scared that her obsession and my web of lies are going to cause something drastic to happen. I am catching myself, comparing things to the book, and I can feel my mind changing. I am tired of the crappy incense smell of Hot Topic, if I have to walk into that store one more time I am just going to lose it. I am being strangled by the hold of a glittery vampire. I am completely someone I am not, these books are utter and compleate trash, and I am forced to live that trash every day, because I am entangled in a web of my own lies.

It’s that time of the year again, when the community comes together for a common bond: service. But I wonder if the right motives are there. We see the students and community members participate, but if asked what there motives were, what kind of responses would be given? On October 17, 2009, RB will be having its annual Day of Service which provides great community service by doing things such as painting lamp posts, lending a helping hand to our elderly neighbors, or cleaning up trash around parks. The help our students, staff, parents and other members from around the area, bring every year is unmatched. I am proud to say I have been a part of it for the past two years, and I am planning on a third this year. Now I would probably be the first to call myself out on this, but are we all doing this for the right reasons? The feeling I get from most kids is that they feel obligated to sign up for the Day of Service. I know I felt that way my freshman year, and wondered why. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to better my community, but in a way I felt like the only reason I was going throughout Riverside with a paintbrush and a bucket full of black paint was because my parents had urged me to do so, not because I was there on my own terms. It could just be me, but I’m pretty confident when I say that other kids have this same thought process. Would half of the football players be attending the event if they weren’t required to sign up? Would the band members be there if it wasn’t for peer and parent pressure? We see “everyone else” signing up because it is something to do on a brisk, autumn Saturday morning. However, if you were to ask kids to give you an honest answer as to why they were participating, you may be surprised as to what you might hear. Yes, the common goal is to better our community, and I give all the credit in the world to RB and what it has been able to accomplish because of the Day of Service, but I’m just not sold on the inspiration behind many of its advocates. We all feel like the world owes us something. I think that a lot of my classmates feel obligated to participate, and don’t really appreciate the great things we’re doing. We have to know that by giving back, we will feel better about ourselves and truly “pay forward” our good fortune to be living where and how we are. I’ve had some personal things happen to me that have allowed me to feel the true joy of giving back. It is important for all of us to understand that we need to truly “give” to really “get”, and that the Day of

-Entangled. Dear Entangled, You are in quite a pickle. Your entire relationship is based around a lie, and it is completely your fault. Your first mistake was thinking that she wouldn’t like you if you were yourself. You made yourself a false identity, and because it wasn’t you, you are now miserable. What you need to do is figure a couple things out. What is more important to you? Your identity or your girlfriend? It’s obvious that you really like this girl or you wouldn’t have changed who you were but it’s time you come clean. You can’t have a healthy relationship when it’s all based on a lie. If you keep pretending you are a fan of Twilight you are going to end up hating yourself, or your girlfriend. Your best course of action is to come clean and be honest. Hopefully at this point you guys will be in a good enough place for your relationship to prosper. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. –Marge

Service should set the tone that we live by all year.


Riverside Brookfield High School

ENTERTAINMENT Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

“Bulldog Faceoff” ready for new edition Charlie morrissey News Manager


re you smarter than a fifth grader? Participants in the new RBTV show Bulldog Faceoff can find out as they put their knowledge to the test. The gameshow returns for another round after a successful campaign the previous year. Hosted by senior Max Weiss, the game show features teams of two competing against each other in a typical game show setting. The team that won the previous point gets to select a topic from which the host, Weiss, then reads a question related to that topic. Which ever team hits the buzzer first gets the first opportunity to answer that question. If answered correctly then they receive a point, but if answered incorrectly, then the other team can answer the question. This show based off “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” and is very competitive and very fun for most contestants. Several prizes were awarded to the winner of the competition, including a Culvers gift card, a free haircut and a Dr. Pizza gift card. Of course, with prizes came

Students compete alongside teachers in a brand new edition of RBTV show Bulldog Faceoff

competition and controversy last year. In a competition last year, eventual second place finishers George Suchy and Mark Swift were facing off against Jason Flam and Madison Jordan in the first round. Flam and Jordan’s team was winning by five points with one question left, so the game was in the bag. But Weiss decided to make it interesting, so that whichever team got the

question right would advance to the second round. Swift got the question right, and he and Suchy never looked back. Flam was not pleased. “It was an interesting format, but I felt that I was unjustly served a loss,” said Flam about his first round exit. Suchy on the other hand called their last second win a “landslide victory”. The team that turned out to be the one to beat was

composed of teachers Doreen Fritz and Jennifer Waldock called “Team Tall”. They ended up outlasting Suchy and Swift to win the tournament. They received the prizes and all the glory that accompanies winning an RBTV gameshow. Look for new competitors and plenty of knowledge coming up. Tune into RBTV in the future to catch new episodes of Bulldog Faceoff.

- photo courtesy of RBTV

RBTV is now available on AT&T U-verse Click on channel 99 under the Brookfield tab Also on comcast channel 16 streaming worldwide at

“Hello Chicago” – Owl City stuns at the metro

New Moon Anticipation

Bradley Wilson Media manger

Kate Abbatacola Content Manager


n Friday September 25th, Owl City arrived at Chicago as part of their Ocean Eyes album tour. The electronic band from Minnesota, headed by Adam Young, stunned a crowd of close to five hundred at the Metro in downtown Chicago. As my brother and I drove up to the theater, conveniently placed right next to Wrigley field, we saw crowds of high school and college students lined up all the way down Clark Ave. Although we arrived just fifteen minutes after the doors opened, we were relatively far back in the theater. The Metro itself is a relatively small venue in relation to others, there wasn’t a bad spot to stand in the theater. After thirty minutes of standing packed in the theater like sardines, the show finally got started. Most concerts have at least one opening act and Owl City was no exception. We stood towards the back of the theater as some seventeen year old walked out on stage with a lion hat on. Yes, you heard me correctly, A lion hat. My doubts only greatened as he

introduced himself as Unicorn Kid. However funny this kid looked, I couldn’t help but start dancing along with the crowd as he started to play. I don’t actually know how much he was doing live, but the electronic synth runs and bass beats so loud you could feel your nose cartilage vibrating were more than enough to get the crowd even more pumped up. Unicorn Kid played for about twenty five minutes before Norwegian singer and songwriter Kate Havnevik appeared on stage. I didn’t like Kate’s style of music as much as the previous act, but she was a talented performer and had a good voice. When Kate finished, you could sense that the crowd was becoming antsy for Owl City to come out. Small technical details only furthered the anticipation, but all the tension was released when Adam and company walked out on stage. They opened with “Cave In”, a popular track off of the new album. Throughout the concert, almost all of the Owl City essentials were played, as well as some lesser known songs.

After playing their entire set, Owl came back on to end with their most popular single, “Fireflies.” If you have ever listened to anything by Owl City, you would think that a lot of stuff would be prerecorded at a live show; however this was not the case. Adam, who sang as well as playing synth and electric guitar, came out on stage with an incredibly talented ensemble of musicians. Breanne Duren, known for her previous work with lead singer Young, sang backup while playing two different keyboards. A cellist, violinist, drummer, and backup guitarist also added to the live effect. I would say probably 90% of all the music was live. Throughout the entire show, the crowd was going crazy, singing and totally immersing themselves in the music. It was an incredibly fun crowd to be a part of, and the music definitely didn’t disappoint. If you are an Owl City fan, I highly recommend that you try and get tickets the next time they come to Chicago.


alloween is just around the corner and one costume sure to be a popular choice this season is of course, the vampire. Although “New Moon” (the second movie in the Twilight saga) doesn’t open until mid November, many teenagers and adults alike are anticipating its release. “Twilight” opened in theatres November of last year and quickly became a huge phenomenon, bringing in $75 million its opening weekend. Twilight and New Moon are based off of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyers, which includes four books so far. Eclipse, the third book in the series has already been made into a movie and its expected release is June 30th of 2010. New Moon is a continuation of the dramatic love story between mortal Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). When the Cullen family leaves the town of Forks in Washington, Bella finds herself seeing Edward’s image every time she puts herself in jeopardy. Through her desire to be with Edward she continues to take greater and greater risks. More of Bella’s childhood friend Ja-

cob Black (Taylor Lautner), will be seen in the second movie as a relationship grows between them. Many new characters will also be introduced in New Moon, including the Quileute tribe who has a mystic secret of their own. “I’m looking forward to seeing when Edward leaves the town and how Bella reacts,” said Junior and Twilight saga fan Maria Sanchez, “I hope they make it accurate to the book.” The anticipation of New Moon is everywhere, on the cover of magazines and even in the stores. Kristen Stewart was featured as the cover girl for the November issue of Seventeen Magazine, which included an interview with her as well as her costars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. In many stores like Hot Topic and Nordstrom, Twilight saga clothing lines have recently come out. In October, Nordstrom introduced a whole line of New Moon inspired clothing, including Edward and Jacob graphic tees. The “team Jacob” and “team Edward” tees represent the emerging competition for Bella’s love in the new movie.

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

RB basketball sensation goes Division 1

RB star basketball player senior Sean McGonagill smiling away at the camera


vy League hoops will be seeing a new level of the talent in the coming years. RiversideBrookfield athlete Sean McGonagill recently committed to play college basketball for Brown University. While the Ivy League does not technically distribute athletic scholarships due to their outstanding academics, Brown provided McGonagill with a generous amount of financial aid which rivals most athletic scholarships. “[Brown] couldn’t give me a full scholarship, but they wanted me to play basketball for them,” said McGonagill. “Plus when I get a job in college, I’ll be able to take care of any other costs.” Brown certainly has good reason to so desperately want a standout hoops star like McGonagill on campus. Last season, McGonagill averaged 16.7 points per game, 5.2 assists, 2.3 steals per, made a total of 58 3-point shots and 76.4% of his free throws. He was the team leader in each of the categories mentioned. “[Sean] got to Brown through hard work,” stated Coach Mike Reingruber. “And it’s great when you see a kid work as hard as him and achieve success. It’s a great honor for him to compete at the Division 1 level.” “I’m happy for him,” he added. “I’m

very happy for him.” In addition to Brown, several colleges expressed interest in McGonagill’s basketball talent, including other Ivy League schools Columbia and Cornell, Loyola and North Dakota. The latter offered him a full scholarship, but McGonagill had his future in mind in addition to basketball. “It’s hard to pass up an education like Brown,” stated McGonagill. “They showed the most interest in me, and I was interested in them as well. When I went to visit there recently, I needed questions answered: How hard is the workload there with basketball? How does travel impact my workload? Obviously, they gave me good answers.” Like most Ivy League schools, Brown has not had much success with basketball. In over 70 NCAA Division 1 basketball tournaments, Brown has only made the tournament two times (in 1939 and 1986). They did not win the tournament either time. They are relying heavily on incoming talent like McGonagill to take the team to the tournament for the first time in over 20 years. It’s a stretch, but when you have a player like McGonagill on the court, anything is possible regardless of the team he’s on. ---Morrissey, E.

Meindl takes regionals


nfortunately, in the busy world of athletics at Riverside-Brookfield High School, the name Matt Miendl is one most commonly associated with the varsity basketball team’s bench. This is where the senior had spent his winter season. Waiting for those few precious moments when he would win the crowd over with his incredible acts of athleticism, but unless you were able to catch a golf meet this year, you have yet to seen half of his ability. Miendl has been able to show off his talents at the surrounding golf courses, and just recently was able to capture the regional championship, shoot an impressive seventy-two. He began golfing at the age of nine, when his father would take him to their country club and teach him the basics. Since then he’s always had a special place in his heart for the game, but it wasn’t un till just two years ago when Miendl began to take golf seriously and

signed up for private lessons at Oak Brook. Which he claims to be a huge part of his success. “The lessons were a big help, I credit a lot of my success to him.” explained Miendl. “My game truly elevated to another level after that”, but according to Miendl there seemed to be one more component to his success. Larry Rocco. Rocco has been the head coach for all four of Miendl’s years and was no doubt a favorite topic. “Rocco, what can I say, one of the greatest and funniest men you’ll meet in your life. He’ll live forever, he’s just got it,” Meindl said. For Miendl, next year won’t include coach Rocco, as he still is currently looking for a new coach to play for at the collegiate level. “Illinois Weslyan is a really good school and I’m interested, but for now so much it’s up for grabs.” ---McDonagh

Bulldogs advance to the next round

Senior Mark McDonagh celebrating after a touchdown against Robeson during RB’s homecoming game

David Maslowski

Web Editor


ith a victory under there belt from a 24-12 win against the Ridgewood rebels, the Bulldogs are going into the playoff looking to strike again. The Bulldogs started the season by packing into the buses and heading down to face the Metamora Redbirds. In the Bulldogs first game, they managed to throw up 41 points against the Redbirds who went on to be second in state. Even with the impressive show of offensive force the Bulldogs fell with an end score of 52-41. The bulldogs then faced the Nazareth Roadrunners, at home. The bulldogs misfired that night, and lost in a crushing defeat of 51-7. After being routed, the bulldogs went into there third game against Robeson looking to get there first game the season. The Bulldogs came out firing on all cylinders and crushed the Robeson Raiders 65-26. After this victory things were looking up for the Bulldogs as they headed into week four, which was the start of the conference play. In a surprise upset, the bulldogs lost to the

Fenton Bison, in an upset of 3322. Since that day the bulldogs have gone undefeated and ended up with a record of 6-3. The Bulldogs now face the playoffs. Leading the offense is senior Mark McDonagh who has not only broken tackles for touchdowns, but also almost every single receiver record in the state. The Bulldogs will now face their first opponent, Hubbard, this Friday at Gately Stadium in Chicago. The Bulldogs are confident for this game, “We got a good draw,” said quarterback Billy VandeMerkt. Billy has completed 237 passes this season for 2648 yards, and averages 294.2 yards per game. The Bulldogs are looking to strike fast, and score points and then let their stellar defense take the field. The Bulldogs are going to be playing Hubbard, a team that has gone through the season as 7-2 and is ranked six while the Bulldogs come in a eleventh with a record of 6-3. If the Bulldogs can beat Hubbard, they will either be playing ranked three Chicago Robeson who the Bulldogs beat 65-26 or the Crystal Lake who is ranked tenth. The Bulldogs are excited

and ready to strike on both sides of the ball. When the bulldogs have won it was due greatly to the defense who in their six wins let up less then ten points per game. “When everyone does their job we play well, which leads to a more aggressive attitude,” said senior defensive tackle Vince Arvis. When the Bulldogs lose however they lose big [averaging about 45 points per game let up]. They key to a Bulldogs Victory is for them to get up early, and get points on the board. When the Bulldogs win they have outscored their opponents 221-55. If the season is going to be any indication of the game expect the bulldogs to up at least 32 points, in what will prove to be a shoot out as Hubbard is averaging a total of 31 points per game. The Hubbard Greyhounds are led by quarter back Quincy Skanes and rusher Jerome Laseter. Hubbard is by no means the toughest team they have met all year, but it’s not going to be a walkthrough. The Bulldogs are going to have to bring it all together to advance into the next round.

Frampton, Devolio, Dalton lead Girl’s Golf Ted Radek Staff-reporter


Lady Bulldogs advance through conference

iverside Brookfield’s Girl’s Golf team’s road to glory came to an end last week at Regionals. The Lady Bulldogs were 4-8 in regular season play with great performances from Kristy Frampton, Jackie Devolio, and Taylor Dalton, a first time golfer. Dalton first picked up a club in August 2009 at summer camp. With the help of coach Barb Panek and her fellow Bulldogs, Taylor placed tenth at the conference meet. The Lady Bulldogs advanced through conference with Frampton, Devolio, and Dalton all placing top ten. Regionals were not as successful. Frampton was the only Bulldog to move on to Sectionals with a score of 90. Frampton shot a 100 at Sectionals, which wasn’t enough to place. The 100 was over Frampton’s average of the year, but the conditions were misty and cold. Frampton’s average for nine holes was 46 with her best game being a 37 at Ken-lock, where she medaled. All of the Bulldogs showed a lot of improvement as the year advanced. Forty percent of the team received Academic All-Conference.

Riverside Brookfield High School



Oct. 30, 2009•Issue 1

Soccer, the best sport you didn’t watch Get that camera out of my face! Why RBTV need to relax on the sidelines

Eddie Morrissey

Sports Manager

Members of RB’s Sophomore boys soccer team practicing for their next game.

Brian Wilson

Layout Manager


t was a bit windy and a bit cloudy, but with the temperature just under 65, it was a fine day—perfect for the RB Boys varsity soccer team, who just happened to have a game on that given day. The opposing team showed up right on time and the game was played well, resulting with a victory for the Bulldogs. Only one problem remained, where were all the fans? Just under 20 students showed up to cheer on the Bulldogs, a far cry in comparison to RB’s football games, or basketball games, that have been known to fill the stands, and then some. On a normal Friday night, The RB football team will bring an entire stadium full of bulldogs in to help cheer on the team, and just as many, for the opposing team. This makes quite a difference, especially to the players. Boy’s Soccer Junior Varsity Coach Josh Bozeday gave his concern, “it’s unfortunate, really, and if people would appreciate the smaller aspects of the sport they would enjoy the game.” So what is it that makes soccer such an unpopular sport in comparison to others at RB? Across the world soccer is hands down the most popular sport of all, it’s the only true universal sport. In some countries, profes-

sional soccer games have just the opposite problem: overcrowding. Bozeday said, “It’s hard to say why, I think that traditionally, football is just the game to go to. It might be that the football team has just one game a week, where as the soccer team has 26 games in a season.” Junior Rachel Powell confirmed by noting that, “football games are more convenient because they are at night and on the weekends, rather than after school during the week.” Though the Girls Soccer season does not start until March, the girl’s team has the same problem. Girl’s Varsity Soccer Coach Marissa Dobbertin said, “over the seven years since there has been a girl’s soccer team, fan turnout has rose significantly. Their record has been improving, and the fan turnout has as well.” “People want to see great soccer.” Dobbertin said. The girl’s varsity team is starting their 8th season this March, and look forward to a good one. Senior Ashley Mendoza said her attraction to football over soccer is simply, because there is, “more action in football.” A lack of action is a common misconception of soccer in America, but the reality is, that as previously mentioned, soccer games just have small scores. Sometimes a soccer game may leave the victor with only 2-4

Photo by: B.J Wilson

points scored, but the process of scoring those points is quite a challenge. Soccer forces players to constantly run and keep control of the ball. Boy’s varsity soccer player Hrvoje Zolo said, “America is all about football and baseball. If there are more fans, we try harder, it boosts our potential.” Zolo also noted that more people should come to the soccer games because they “actually win”. Bozeday added that, “the more fans, the more energetic and enthusiastic the players are.” “I’ve noticed a difference in the way they play when the fans are there” said Dobbertin about the girl’s team. Boy’s Varsity Soccer player Josip Lovrinovic agreed when stating that “we would have higher morale during the tough games and that’s when we need them”. The Varsity Boy’s Coach Danny Makaric leading the boys with a record of 6-0 as of 9-29-09, it’s amazing that more people haven’t paying attention to RB Soccer. When it comes down to it, it’s really not about why people don’t go to the games. The past can’t be changed, but the future can. So next time there is a game, grab some friends and go show some love to the RB soccer team.

Too soon for Tebow? Vince Arvis

The dangers of football related concussions

Staff Reporter


niversity of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow returned to the field this past Saturday after suffering a concussion two weeks ago in the game against Kentucky. Tebow was cleared to play a few hours before kickoff, and looked just like his old self. He completed 11 of 16 passes for 134 yards with a touchdown and an interception, and ran 17 times for 38 yards. The Florida Gators prevailed with a 13-3 victory over the Tigers of Louisiana State University, thus proving that Tebow’s injury did not affect his performance. Much of the drama leading up to the game was whether or not it was too early for Tebow to return to play. He was immediately rushed to the hospital after suffering the

concussion during the game on September 26. Tebow returned to practice on October 6, after sitting out a week and a half. He played well, but what risk was taken in letting him play? Concussions are bruises to the brain due to an intense blow to the head. They are a serious injury and can be fatal if not taken care of properly. Concussions are common in contact sports such as football and basketball, and should be taken care of by a professional. Depending on how severe the concussion is, effects can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. The danger comes in when an athlete returns to play before the concussion is fully healed. Once a person suffers a concussion, the chance is higher that he/ she will suffer another one. If athletes return to play before

the first concussion is fully healed and they suffer another one, the results could be fatal. This condition is called Second Impact Syndrome. This causes rapid swelling of the brain and can end in permanent injury or death. Although this condition is rare, it should be taken seriously. Tebow ran the risk of getting Second Impact Syndrome by playing in the game last Saturday. Although he was cleared by a doctor to play, it didn’t mean he was invincible. If Tebow suffered another concussion, he and the Gators would be in some serious trouble. Concussions are an injury that should not be overlooked by any means. If you think you might have one, see a doctor as soon as possible.

Nothing can compare the energy you get from running through the huge banner on a cool Friday night onto the football field. All the players are pumped up and ready to play; they’re jumping around and shouting like crazy. Then they make their way to the sidelines, where they experience one of the biggest buzz kills of all time: having a gigantic TV camera shoved into their face right before the opening kickoff. Football is a sport that requires a great amount of focus and concentration, and it’s infuriating when you’re trying to discus tactics with one of the coaches or cheering on your teammates while some guy is pressing a video camera as close as he can legally get to your face without getting charged for harassment. “They come right up into your face and distract you from the game,”said junior football player Zach Sollinger. “They should stay off the field and stand where they belong: with the cheerleaders.” RBTV has had a fair amount of success at various competitions. In the last eight years, RBTV has won at least one 1st place trophy for a TV program at the Hometown USA Video Festival. In the 2007 festival, they won a total of seven 1st place trophies. Needless to say, we have a talented TV station. “If you’ve ever watched

a college or NFL game on TV, you’ll notice that they use sideline cameras,” said TV production teacher Gary Prokes. “In order to completely cover the game, it’s necessary to have cameramen on the sidelines.” However, I just can’t stand watching a football game when the only sound coming out of my TV is the announcers. I don’t know much about video cameras, but I do know that the cameras broadcasting the RB football games cannot pick up any sound whatsoever. You can’t hear the crowd shouting, the cheerleaders cheering. You can’t even hear the referee blow his whistle. And when I see a close up (and I mean an extreme close up) of a player on the sidelines, I see his lips moving, but there is hardly any sound. It is reasonable for the station to want to cover the football game as well as they possibly can, but you seldom see professional cameramen doing close ups of the players to the extent that the RBTV cameramen do. It doesn’t do RBTV justice and it shatters the players’ concentration. It would be more desirable for the cameramen to stand apart from the players and take some sideline shots, but do it in a manner that won’t make the entire team feel like they’re being stalked. It’s not like player closeups are a vital part in successfully covering RB football games. Sideline cameras are meant to add a bit of interest for the viewer and impress the TV audience with the numerous camera views. Unfortunately, RBTV sideline cameras accomplish neither of those goals.

RB Boys Soccer makes history

RB boys Soccer becomes regional champs for the first time Brian Wilson

This is quite a historic event, being the first time that the team has taken a regional title. n Saturday October 24th, The Bulldogs hoped the Boys Varsity Socto continue sucess in sectionals cer Team made history, against Chicago High. Although winning a regional title for the the Bulldogs fell to Chicago High first time. with a score of 2-1 on Tuesday, After a lucky first round October 27th, the team considers bye, the boys destroyed St. Franthe season a raging success. cis in a 6-2 championship victory. The Bulldogs have had The Bulldogs exploded a very successful season, going on offense, scoring six goals, an 8-2 in conference play and 15-4 in incredibly high number for high overall matches. To add to their school soccer games. success, the team beat Nazareth Senior Ruben Chavez Academy on Senior Night. led the Bulldogs attack putting Junior Elliot Louthen three shots into said, “The season “The regional victory was the net and as a whole was becomining a awesome. It was especially nice extremely because we were so close last hat-trick hero. year, and it was nice to be able to successful. We set The our goals of win team’s defense redeem ourselves” ning conference shined as well, with great efforts and regionals at the beginning by senior defender Jerry Brown of the season and we completed and senior goalkeeper Mark them.” Benya. “Our team has been Benya, who hopes to playing together long before high continue playing soccer at the school and we have great team University of Chicago after chemistry. It was nice to see our high school, said, “The regional work come together in such a victory was awesome. It was historic event,” added Benya. especially nice because we were

Media Manager


so close last year, and it was nice to be able to redeem ourselves.”

RBHS Clarion - Issue 1  

October of 2009. Includes stories on Halloween, the Day of Service, and RB's AYP progress.

RBHS Clarion - Issue 1  

October of 2009. Includes stories on Halloween, the Day of Service, and RB's AYP progress.