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How to launch a first-of-its-kind socially profitable healthcare enterprise

Branding for Business Advantage


The Company A hospital that had exited from the healthcare industry planned a comeback with a revolutionary business model – using the same brand name. The service line included the delivery of diagnostic and clinical solutions, through an option based structure, direct to the customer. A completely outsourced model, it was based on the alignment of many service providers on the same platform, driven by the mission to provide better healthcare experiences to customers.

The company classified itself as a ‘socially profitable business’ - a totally customercentric model that passed on savings to customers, but operated on a profit margin.



The Challenge Determining the brand strategy – whether to launch a completely different service offering under the old brand name. Defining the business category - as this was a first-of-its-kind model in the world. As an enterprise with limited means, its success depended wholly on viraling the concept through word of mouth, and via the relatively economical social media platform. The business was to be launched in phases over the next five years – with new service offerings being added at regular intervals. Which meant the brand promise had to be timeless and permeable. Unravelling the key values of this ‘socially profitable enterprise’ and making them an integral part of the overall branding architecture. The pluses: Five years of extensive and comprehensive research A unique offering A social mission



The Solution To avoid a rub off of the brand perception of the company’s earlier outing as a hospital, it was decided that a new brand name be coined. Much brainstorming and research later, we came up with the name Dr. C. The inclusion of the word ‘doctor’ did wonders to the reassurance factor, as the emotional connect with the word is strong. ‘C’ signified multiple values that the brand stood for: customer-centric; cost-effective; collaborative; conscientious; compassionate; choice; convenience…The logo design included a speech blurb - as Dr. C’s business model relied heavily on word of mouth.

The paradigm of ‘Social Business’ - a procustomer enterprise with profit margins was fashioned to address Dr. C’s unique style of working. RBC’s BrandTale™ module helped create a strong rationale for the brand. ‘On your side’ simply but firmly affirmed the brand’s reason for existence. Healthcare providers and Patients were described as two sides of the coin. While on one hand Dr. C ensures that the idle capacities of healthcare providers find takers and expands their customer base, for the patients, it makes sure they get the best of services at the most reasonable prices. This story has been effectively integrated into every aspect of Dr. C’s brand architecture and RBC HEALTH

development strategy.


A highly structured Web Engine was developed including an eCommerce gateway that was integrated with various media vehicles such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Processes were co-created with videos on the Home Page, banners, eCommerce applications and the like. Simple navigation, light content without many lead-aways made the site very user-friendly. As part of the BrandShow™ module we developed the brand identity, brochures, leaflets, uniforms, print and outdoor campaigns, press kit and other collateral that integrated all the strategic elements seamlessly. The look and feel was deliberately kept timeless so that it could accommodate the organic growth of the brand over the next five years.

The Brand Promise - of providing services at the ‘Real Price,’ the price that one should be paying vis a vis MRP, the price one is being asked to pay - was communicated at every level. This concept gave birth to an absolutely new price point in the global healthcare industry.



To counter the lack of a traditional media budget, we worked on the LCD - lowest common denominator model. Minimum sized newspaper ads were created. Web banners and ads for the Internet were designed. An SMS-based campaign was readied. We also gave patients the convenience of calling in with a missed call that would be returned by the Marketing Cell. The content generation for the portal is mostly through brand publishing by users, customers and participation by the healthcare community. This will soon enable Dr.C to graduate smoothly from a paid media scenario to an earned media one. Essential to all this was the selection of the business model. An extreme outsourcing model was put in place wherein partners were selected based on their capacities to optimizse their underutilized capabilities. Because at the heart of all that Dr.C does is the passion to offer the most cost-effective price to the customer, and thereby bring him the best value for money.

RBC played a vital role in defining the brand strategy and developing the brand architecture of Dr.C. Mapping customer-centric processes, enabling brand building through co-creation and not through traditional marketing were some of the challenges we overcame through extensive research, out-of-the-box thinking and proactive action. RBC HEALTH


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