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Parent Engagement Planning (PEP) Committee Our Mission Statement: Strengthen parental involvement in the Pleasanton Public School System. “Children learn best when families and schools partner together to encourage and support their learning” Members: 2 members representing School Board, high school teacher, elementary teacher, school staff, high school parent, and elementary parent Diane Hand, Lisa Nichols, Randy Bauer, Lisa Fisher, Becky Shafto, Leslie Martin, and Kami Loeffelholz Starting date: August 2009 to present Meeting times: Third Monday of every month Successes:           

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Be There (Parental involvement) campaign. Sharing “Be There” monthly ideas from NASB newsletter in the Pleasanton newsletter Student of the Month – recognizing 4 students per month Breakfast on First Day of School for Teachers/Welcome Baskets for New Teachers – great community donations! Parent Volunteerism – reading in classrooms, prep work, copying, bulletin board assembly, lunch room help for preschoolers, etc. Parents help with lunch for teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day 7th grade/new student orientation: for parents and students Cheerleader parent sponsor Band uniform fitting help/parade walkers Welcome Committee packets created for new families/students PowerSchool printouts sent to parents if not able to attend parent teacher conferences Started a “Where are they Now” article in the school newsletter to highlight alumni and their success with emphasis on how Pleasanton School has prepared and assisted them to become successful Coordinate healthy snack program on State and National testing days for students Highlight classroom projects as annual soup supper: elementary students showing how they use i-pods, slides of artwork and Technology, and demonstrations of other classroom activities Made the school “Visitor Friendly” with new welcoming and directional signs Meals for Drama students on practice nights

Summited by Randy Bauer

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