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ARTIST: Rajiv Bhamoo

ARTIST: RAJIV BHAMOO Drawing his inspiration from surroundings and nature, Rajiv’s prints and canvas explore new creative possibilities in fact-based art. For the past seven years, Rajiv has been creating modern interpretations of classic themes, as well as new and original concepts. Each is custom-tailored to its final position in home or office. Rajiv is progressing toward large oversized pieces for collectors, businesses, modern room settings, and bridging more abstract styles with old classics. He resides with his wife and son in Texas. His works can also be seen on Saatchi online gallery.

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Due to high demand of reprints of my work, I have partnered with Fine Art America to offer affordable and easy to order reprints for my works. All the listed works can be ordered on paper or stretched canvas with thousands of frame and mat combinations.

Shopping Cart Link and View To buy reprints, signed prints, greeting cards, framed prints, please visit my online Store at

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To Order Call: 1.502.773.6468

Represented Artist at ARTISAN DIRECT


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Sold Works

Gallery Link LOST MEMORIES This series shows the diminishing landscape of rural India. Huge skyscrapers, urban infrastructure is taking over this landscape

ARTISAN DIRECT is a prestigious online art dealer consisting of several famous Gallery Curators, Collectors and Dealers. I was approached by them to be included in their represented Artist lists, after they saw my works on the website. My profile page with them is

ALREADY SOLD! Type: Oil on Canvas Seller: Gallery

PEACE ALREADY SOLD! Type: Oil on Canvas Seller: Gallery

Some Comments on my work •

Mon.19 Jan2008 from Galerie Quint-Essences (Gallery, Switzerland ) Rajiv, je vais effacer un des deux sites (je ne sais pas comment je me suis dédoublée!) Voudrais-tu devenir mon ami sur l'autre site sous le nom d'Anaïs Laurent (pas LAURENT)? Merci. Anaïs

Hello Rajiv, i love your work. Lindsay, 3/2008

I love your art style! It's really powerful!!!!! par katrina - 04/2009

J'aime bien!

par lechacz - 04/05/2009 08:07:56

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To Order Call: 1.502.773.6468

Artist Statement Painting Philosophy: I see painting as a strong medium to say what I want. I think of events and characters like a maze that come together at certain places and certain moments to form an eye catching, attention grabbing event. This event, if matched by my emotion, is put on the canvas.

Painting Style: Since some of my paintings are based on observations, I specialize in modern and contemporary artwork. I am very intrigued by Mosaics. Many of my existing and upcoming paintings will include abstract, symbolism, figurative, landscape and fine arts.

Favorite Medium: I like working with Acrylics and Oil paints. I am good at sketches as well but have kept those for myself (not for sale, I am too attached to details that I bring out in sketches)

Bio and Summary: Coming from a family of Art teachers, engineers, I had initial informal trainings at home to do sketches, perspectives and drawings. I made several art works that were submitted and selected at state and country level competitions as a kid. During Mechanical Engineering, I did engineering drawings which strengthened my perspective, 3-D sketches and also learned cartooning. I started with some background in color mixing and layer techniques from a Master Artist. I am always inspired and intrigued by worldly events, issues, beauty, horror, inhumanity, love, pride, and any emotional characteristics shown by my characters. This leads to putting an idea together and an art form is born.


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Original Artworks for Sale ACCESSORIES This artwork is done after seeing the wealthy have Nanny, Doorman and Security, in a way similar to house and cars making everything looks small in front of wealth.. Price: $3000.00 Order #: RB005 Type: Oil on Canvas, 20”x10”

GARDEN OF EDEN It all started with the apple. An abstract imagination. This work is selected by 10 jurors. Price: $4500.00 Order #: RB006 Type: Oil on Canvas Sheet, 20”x10”

FREEDOM I have always imagined life behind veil to be a life where people want to break free. But to my surprise, I have got answers of both types those who feel free while being in veil and those who want to be free. I wanted to portray that feeling of every veiled woman, whether she already feels free in veil or wants to be free of it. Price: $30000.00 Order #: RB007 Type: Oil on Canvas Sheet, 20”x10”


Feathered Friends This artwork came after seeing perched birds on phone and electric wires. What was amazing is that they were only seen at 5.00 pm,. As if they were waiting to welcome us after work.

I have found painting as a medium to connect with organizations that are working on issues close to my heart. I plan to donate a good portion of my sales to these organizations.

Price: $500.00 Order #: RB008 Type: Digital, Can be given at any size

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To Order Call: 1.502.773.6468


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Original Artworks for Sale KRSHNA This Original series is from religious genre, an Abstract artwork, representing Krishna.

30% off

Price: $5000.00 Order #: RB001 Type: Oil on Canvas, 20”x10”

GRAND Modified my old work from 2D to 3D Price: $1200.00 Order #: RB002 Type: Acrylic on Canvas, 24”x10”

TAU - VILLAGE UNCLE This painting shows the colorful clothing worn in rural India. This contemporary series is to capture the diminishing dress styles. It is a portrait style painting. Soon this style will be extinct. Price: $10000.00 Order #: RB003 Type: Oil on Canvas Sheet, 12” x10”

NATURALS Copy of another painting. Done to include my style in it as certain colors were missing. Price: $500.00 Order #: RB004 Type: Acrylic on Canvas Sheet,12”x10”

TERROR Contemporary Artwork Price: $8000.00 Order #: RB005 Type: Digital, Can be made to any size

Price: $2800.00 Order #: RB005 Type: Oil on Canvas Sheet Framed: No Condition: Original

Crowded Beaches When I visited Galveston, Texas, it was hard to see what a pity state the beaches are in. Man has taken up so much land by building big hotel chains, motels right along the seashores that NO BEACH is left out. In addition the little sand left there is heavily polluted. I intend to donate good portion of this work to, a non profit organization. The sale price only applies to those visitors who mention code: ISSUU when ordering.

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To Order Call: 1.502.773.6468


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Profile Featured:

Jury of 10 picks Garden of Eden for Auction

Profile was featured on Best Emerging Artists website for 1 month.

Garden of Eden, an abstract was liked and selected by group of 10 jurors. The Auction house selected 3 of my works to be listed with their Auction house, after the juror picks. JURORS OF BRIGHAM GALLERIES


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