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LLORT · Crime Novel

If They Give You Up for Dead, But One Day You Come Back July 2012 · 224 pages · Catalan

This novel has the bare, indisputable effect of a tequila shot. Or a punch.

The bell rings. Which feelings stir inside the mother when she opens the door and recognises her son, the one who disappeared years ago? How does she react, since he will not tell her where he has been, or with whom? Since he will not say a word about what happened. Why Agustí has been fourteen years and a half missing? And why has he come back? And, missi mostly, why is he forced to remain silent about mostl it? Llort sets a puzzle with the background of a painful walk through darkness. The journey painf that goes from innocence to maturity, with stops in lies, self-improvement, violence, redemption, doubt, guilt, waits and ever present redem love and a death. story that mingles different pasts A relentless rel with one present. But, among the cracks of mystery, there is still room for lyricism, dry myste deliveries, non-clichéd images and highlydelive tuned dialogue.

Lluís Llort signs his novels only as Llort and some works as Lewis York. He started working for the newspaper Avui in 1986, and he still works there, despite the paper press being in its death throes, and the never-ending rotation of area, partners, editors, owners, titles… He has published hundreds of articles, six novels and eight children’s books.

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Si et donem per mort  

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