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Issue Two October 2009.


Issue Two. Razz Magazine

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October ‘09 Fashion

International Style Icon p 18-23 Online Store - ASOS p 30-33 Online Must Haves - Roar p 34-35 International Style Icon p 36-41 Perth’s Most Stylish Stores p 42-43 Perth Designer - Anita Carr p 50-55 Highlights of Perth Fashion Week p 56-109

Film & Music Film/Music Review - The Boat That Rocked p 48-49

Beauty Makeup Essentials p 44-47

Politics & Opinion Haiti and Restaveks p 114-115

Art Creative Artist - Annaleise Ronzan p 6-13 Creative Designer - Dakota Rico p 14-17 Photographer - Andy Houghton p 24-29

Travel & Culture Oktoberfest p 110 Where to enjoy Oktoberfest in Perth p 111 Pride of Bavaria - Munich p 112-113

Adventures of Asten Blog Entries p 116-117 Live Vicariously through Asten p 118 Asten’s Nifty Ideas p 119

r o t i d E e h t m o r F Issue TWO!! I can’t believe this is already our second issue,. This month’s issue is much bigger than the first so I decided not to write a lot this time. I do have some things to talk about so here I go... First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who read Razz last month. The reponse was great, with over 1200 views in a month. thank you. thank you. thank you. ----Our sex and relationship editor, Emma Burnitt has not been well and was not able to contribute to this issue. I did attempt to write an article on sex and relationships but realised a pessimistic and very single woman should not write about anything to do with the opposite sex. It wouldn’t be fair to you Razz readers. ----I would like to say a special thanks to Carli Allen, who is leaving Razz due to commitments. ----I would also like to welcome Andreia Rodrigues and ourinternational beauty editor, Tiffany Lopez to our team. You have to read Andreia’s article on Haiti, which I believe is a forgotten country by many. ----p.s - gleeee

love, Natasha Spykerman

Razz Magazine Editor in Chief & Fashion/Art Director

Natasha Spykerman

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Josie Pasco

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Tiffany Lopez

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Emma Burnitt

Travel & Culture Editor

Sonja Seifert

Adventures of Asten

Asten Nunn

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Andreia RodriguesAndr

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Razz ART

AnnaleiseRonzan Creative Artist

As a young girl I defined my skills in visual arts, creating comic miniatures out of fimo and blue tack and working with acrylics to express my thoughts and dreams. And then, one fateful day my dreams disappeared and electric currents flooded my body. I was just 16, studying, preparing for my future. And through my final year at high school I was diagnosed as an idiosyncratic epileptic. Seizure after seizure I experienced many changes. I lost memories, my mind was altered and so was the way I painted. I could no longer see things realistically but now the paint talked to me in a different way; and colours immerged in people’s faces that I captured with my brushes. Through the physical strain of experiencing fits my family supported me in determining the causes of my seizures as well as supplying me with a bounty of artistic mediums. The seizures developed however, and I lost my painting inspiration, as well as the ability to read. I was trialed on medications but they left me feeling nothing. I was lifeless and I was frustrated, so I took myself off the trial and searched for a more natural way to heal. My parents had always told me growing up that they didn’t want me to be a doctor, or a lawyer or an engineer; they wanted me to be an artist.

They could see that my illness was deterring me; that the medication had created a lifeless child and they pulled out all the stops to find out why. After a year of searching it was determined that I actually had a severe brain infection stemming from a root canal and I knew immediately what was preventing my mind from exploring the endless possibilities and ideas around me. I took a natural route and after 28 grandmal seizures, I could paint (and read) again. My style was different however. I could still see the vibrancy in people’s faces but moving my brushes with my mind was a challenge and serendipitously I found feeling the paint in my hands created something far more beautiful. Using sponges and cloths of all textures I aimed to experience the paint as well as see the picture. And with my eyes closed, my mind open I created magic on canvas.

Whilst I have had only limited training in visual arts; I believe I have self-taught skills that can only be expanded through means of knowing myself as an artist. During my time at Newman College I was fortunate to hold my own exhibition on the school grounds and from this I was commissioned to create artistic pieces and logos for a number of organisations in Perth such as Patti Chong Lawyers, KavaCafe, ARTINVESTA, Roxy O’Reilly and the RAC. My art explains the stories of a little person in this big world, and while big issues may not be expressed in entirety, nor immensely philosophical messages expressed at all, I have translated my experiences which I believe will inspire, intrigue, or even encourage questioning in both medical practice and artistic views. I defied odds, and I have the paintings to prove it.

Annaleise conducts expression courses for children of all ages in the Scarborough area, the next series are to be held this November. From 5 to 105 welcome. for further information you can contact me at annaleise.ronzan@ or 9341 3651

Razz ART

Bear Within this image there is a grizzly bear, after months and months of struggling with my health I was experiencing a particularly hard time in my recovery and found rather than expressing myself verbally and concerning my family, I would paint to explain my situation. Inspired by Steven Colbert’s segment “Threat Down” (Bears being the number one threat to America) I integrated the ideas of his threat system to my wellbeing and contemplated the issues that I felt were hurting me through my paint. Looking closely images within the bear’s face immerge and within each picture within this picture there is a symbolic link to the pain that encouraged me to paint. Since that day I have not painted a more pain filled picture

Razz ART

Elvis Singing is a passion of mine. As I paint, I tend to sing, and one morning in the Perth sunshine I was singing along to Elvis tunes in my back garden. Feeling his music, and remembering his movies I sang and danced with a sponge in my hand and when “Return to Sender� came to an end I looked down at the canvas expecting to see a great mess of colour. Then, bringing my eyes into focus I was shocked and in awe of what I had created. Following with oil pastel I traced the delicate lines to see that my movement had created an image I can only say was a subconscious thank you to the King.

Razz ART

Sun and Moon “I had a dream that the Sun and Moon were lovers.” Sun and Moon communicates with intimacy the relationship between our solar system’s great giants. It expresses their connection symbolically in a passionate kiss that fades down to the earth’s atmospheric colours and entwines a blur of the world beneath them with celebratory symbols of new life. Through representation of the Sun and the Moon in human emotions this painting encourages the artist in everyone to contemplate the thought of the sun and moon as lovers and watch their story in the sky as any other romance here on earth.

Razz ART

Block Block represents my teenage mind. Through my recovery memories immerged that I had lost when my brain had suffered trauma. In blocks little glimpses of stories and projects and conversations were returning and my mind felt as though it was a Lego brick wall; delicate, colourful and eager to be rebuilt. Still clouded though, I maintained the air of mysterious grey because I was unaware whether my building blocks were sturdy, or whether another event could cause the wall to fall down and have to build it up again.

Razz ART

Headless Headless is one of my first creations after the seizures began to subside. Still dazed from the effects of my medications and the emotional baggage attached to hospital beds and family worries; I let my mind wander and used vibrant colours to counteract the fluorescence associated with the emergency room. Frustrated with my attempt I took a sea sponge covered in the deepest of blacks and threw it against my page. It expressed my feelings in both action and image and there standing on my page was I without my head.

Razz ART

Mapanza This portrait was created in the initial stages of my illness. One morning Patti Chong introduced me to Mapanza Masheta Nkwilimba, a young and up and coming lawyer. As he stood beside her, the aura of authority and respect around him inspired me to capture his face in my mind. When I saw his face, I saw a president. His eyes explained worlds of knowledge, and experience even though he was only young and I wished to share the feeling of hope that I felt when I shook his hand. So as I arrived home I quickly pulled out my paints and brushes so I could document everything I remembered.

Razz ART

Burning Faces



Save The Whales

Razz ART

Dakota Rico

Creative Artist

Dakota Rico is a unique designer from California who lives in New Zealand. His designs are charismatic,sweet and truly one Do you think about who might of a kind. Dakota Rico uses beautiful materials in his pieces like tibetan coral, champagne wear your designs when creating pieces? pearls and rajistani ruby beads. Razz were lucky enough to ask this creative artist a few questions about his influences, style and Dakota Rico girls. Do you have any design icons you look up to?

I absolutely, do. I think of women with identity, style and taste.Women who love travel, fashion, culture, art, and all things cosmopolitan... A Dakota Rico girl loves all of that jazz! Your style is very unique and classic yet modern and sweet, will you be experimenting with different styles in the future?

John Galliano - Haute Couture, Florence Broadhurst, Gustav Klimt, Givenchy (Especially his 2009 Middle East-inspired Haute Couture collection) Farah Pahlavi, I’m always inspired to create new pieces for Audrey Hepburn, 1968 Italian Couture, are a few to the Dakota Rico collection... Those whom love, note. wear and admire my most recent work, will love what I have coming. I’ll unleash the DaWhy jewelry? kota Rico in me, and reveal a few design snippets... Think of paisley intertwined with Jewelry is a wearable art form and an aesthetic medium that enables me to express my identity as a glamorous amounts of exotic gemstones, designer, my culture and also my passion for combin- avant-garde center pieces and colors that will steal your eyes. And, did I mention that Dakota ing East with West. Nothing inspires me more than seeing someone fall in love with what I create. Art is Rico is working on very extravagant accessories line? Prepare to feast your eyes, everyone! an expression, as is jewelry.

Razz ART

International Style Icon. from LOS ANGELES


O. L. i. V. A. i. z . e . p . o . L What is you r definition o f style? Confidence, c lass and poise . I believe they are the k ey elements to be able to pull of anythin g, now that’s style.

Who is your style icon? To name a few: Julian Casablancas, Old punk and rock and roll bands, Anita Pallenberg, Blondie + Jean Shrimpton.

iinfluences or insp Do you have any ping? rations when shop snag whatever Not necessarily, I . Although lately I’m pleases my palate y soul to anything more apt to sell m s. coveted with stud

What is the one piece of clothing you could not live wit hout? A shredded band te e! They never go out of style, I can rock it dressed do wn with nylon and a bo mber jacket or pa ir it with a mini on a night out. Not too mention how com fortable they are...

Do you have any fashion “do’s” and “don’ts”? Don’t believe the hype. I think this season has some questionable fashion trends that its patrons will regret spending their rent on in a couple of years.





Razz ART

Andy Houghton Photography

Razz ART


Online must ha

ves from

Spring Dresses

Woven and Knit Dress, $32

Lace and Frill Dress, $21

Big Rose Print Dress, $25

Bow Strap Dress, $14

Shirred Waist Border Print Dress, $35

Umbrella Print Dress, $28

Prices will vary, based on current exchange rate

Cotique Lipstick Print Dress, $32

Dipped Hem Jersey Dress, $18

Pleat Detail Strappy Sun, $18

Cotique Lipstick Dress, $45

Zip Front Sweat Dress, $35 Crotchet Trim Dress, $35 Gestuz Boned Floral Bodycin Dress, $34

Cotntrast Stitch Dress, $39

Cotique Lipstick Dress, $45

Miss Milne Open Back Rockerbilly Floral Dress, $69

Skirts . Skirts . Skirts


Vero moda Studded Jersey Mini Skirt, $22

Tiered Back Full Skirt, $22

Ballet Wrap Skirt, $14

Coral Tulip Skirt, $21

Print Full Skirt, $25

Printed Tulip Skirt, $27

Prices will vary, based on current exchange rate


great buys

Laundered Cargo Shorts, $23

Ben Sherman Jacksley Print T Shirt, $25

Light Wash Bootcut Jeans, $17

Skull print Low V Neck Shirt, $9

Low V Neck Shirt, $5


Textured Overhead Shirt, $23

Prices will vary, based on current exchange rate


Oversized Cardigan by Garden Party, $74

Albie Hearts ‘Floating on Love’ Skirt, $41

Black n Violet Romper Playsuit by Garden Party $96 Cute White Floral Tea Dress, $32

Blackromp Playsuit by Garden Party, $92 Albie Hearts ‘Wedding Cake’ Skirt, $42



Online must haves fr

k u . o c . e r o t s r roa Here at Razz we are loving the vintage jackets and handmade pieces from American brand, Garden Party. Albie Hearts has also designed gorgeous skirts, which are perfect for Spring. While Roar is UK based, the online store does ship to Australia at an affordable price.

70s Butterfly Print Casual Dress, $39

Roar is a great little online store that sells ladies vintage and handmade clothing.

For more information, you can email 70s Medium Denim Jacket, $33

Laura Ashley Vintage Floral Blazer $49

Vintage 80s Blazer, $49

Prices will vary, based on current exchange rate


Local Style Icon. from FREMANTLE. WA

Tamara Cordon

W hat i of s t s yo ur d efini y Having le? tion t

like, w he confiden ce he experi n you like. B to rock wha m t you e incorp ent with diff ing able to arate t e hem in rent trends a to you r own. nd to

Who is your style icon?

I wouldn’t really say “Icon” but Erin Wasson, the Olsen twins and Kate Moss inspire my style. I’ve also taken a liking to Alexa Chung’s vintage wardrobe. Anyone with a dirty, grunge rocker type style gets my vote.

Do you have any influences or inspirations when shopping?

I look for quirky pieces that work well into my wardrobe, and if they don’t they go into my online store, Obsession Du Jour Vintage.

Which Australian designers do you admire?

Gareth Moody with his Chronicles of Never brand, the jewlery is amazing. Perfectly worn in dark silver geometric shapes on heavy chains, I have a few pieces on my christmas wishlist! I’m also increasingly liking Sass & Bide.

How would you describe your sense of style in one sentence? Rock n Roll chic meets the Paris Vogue team.

How would you describe the fashion in Perth at the moment?

Everyone dresses the same but I guess that’s basically the norm everywhere you go. I’m seeing a lot of ripped tights/oversize shirt/ leather jacket combo’s. Lots of black leather, rocker boots, and disheveled hair.

What is the one piece of clothing you could not live without?

A good pair of ankle boots. They go with just about everything! I have a pair of croc platform ankle boots by ZU, they’re perfect for every outfit.

Do you have any fashion “do’s” and “don’ts”?

Do - dress for your body type and learn what flatters your shape. Don’t - try to dress like someone else and adopt their style, everyone’s different, that’s what makes fashion so alluring.


Harry Highpants

(William St, NB)

Cute little unisex store that stocks Australian and new labels such as Romance was Born, Friend of Mine, My Pet Square, Mjolk, American Apparel, Beat Poet, Dr Denim, Das Monk and Vanishing Elephant. A must visit store when you find yourself in Northbridge during the day!!

Atlas Devine

(Oxford St, Mt Lawley)

Trendy unisex boutique found on Leederville’s cappucino strip.

Billie & Rose

(Fremantle, King St, Mt Lawley)

A personal favourite of mine, I practically live in their stores!! Stocks hot and upcoming Perth designer’s One Fell Swoop and Carly Hunter plus various Australian and international designers including Maurie & Eve, Life With Bird, Finders Keepers, Lonely Hearts Club and Twenty Seven Names. Caters for all price ranges and occasions. The Mt Lawley and King St stores have some pretty sweet threads for the fellas too!!

t s o M s ’ h Pert

The lad’s can grab themselves hot clothing from Pete Vs. Toby, Saint Augustine Academy as well as a range of other brands. The ladies are spoilt for choice with Alice Mccall, Bec & Bridge, Reverse, Zimmermann, Karen Walker and This is Genevieve. Atlas is a treasure chest full of quirky goodies with cute Addias booties for the young’ns, jewellery by Disney Couture and cameras from Lomography.

Urban Depot

(Oxford St, Mt Lawley)

Front half of the store is Urban Records, back half unisex clothing catering for the best of both worlds. Not only do they stock labels such as Finders Keepers, Maurie & Eve, Style Stalker, Mink Pink, I Love Billie and Wish, they have a wide range of intersting and fun ornaments (think quirky alarm clocks, gun shaped vases, old school telephones).

Harry & Gretel

(Oxford St, Mt Lawley)

The diva herself Miss Beyonce Knowles was spotted in this Leederville boutique, not once but twice in her small amount of time in Perth. Stocks clothing labels such as Perth designer’s Story By Tang and Morrison as well as interstate labels such as Talulah, Shakuhachi, Jessie Hill, Lucette and Fleur Wood. The ladies can keep them self well accessorised with hot jewllery by brands such as Cinderocker, Jessica Kagan Cushman and Sophie Kyron.

By Josie Pasco


Underground Surf

(Hay St Mall, Perth)

Surf store with your broad range of surfing brands like Rusty, Bil labong and Quicksilver but also stocking for the fashion-forward Perth ladies cheap and affordable favourites from Style Stalker, Maurie & Eve, Mink Pink, Ins ight, Von Zipper, Tigerlilly and Gypsy 05.

Subway DC

(Fremantle, Claremont, King St) With the King St store fresh from renovation, Perth fashionistas can keep themselves looking fabulous with threads from cult labels Lover, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Sass & Bide, Marnie Skillings, Anna & Boy swimwear and Sylvester. The lads aren’t left out with rockin’ items from Chronicles of Never, Tuesday Night Band Practise, Claude Maus and Jack London.

s e r o t S h s i l y St Cite

(Carousal, Karrinyup)

Unisex streetwear shop sto cking trendy labels Insight, Industrie, Be n Sherman, Von Zipper, Birds of a Feath er, Evil Twin, Something and Some thing Else, Minty Meets Munt, Le Spec s and Disney Couture.


(Gateways Shopping Centre, Success)

South of the river streetwea r unisex store with cheap thrills fro m ladies labels Children of the Sun, Motel , Rodeo Show and Little Red Potty Shoes. Guys can choose from YD, Zanerobe, Elwood, Lonsdale, Travisty, Fresh Jiv e, Mooks and Nobody denim.

One Teaspoon


Concept store for Aussie label One Teaspoon featuring other labels including The Cassette Society, Bec & Bridge, Maurie & Eve and Talulah. Affordable fashion for all!!

Bonnie + Clyde (Fitzgerald St, North Perth)

Up and coming womens boutique is already making a name for itself through Facebook. Erin Louise, Butcher and the Crow, Gypsy 05, Alex Perry, Nina Maya, Minty Meets Munt and Two Birds are just some of the brands you will find in this North Perth Store. Style icon Nicole Richie’s debut range of jewellery ‘House of Harlow’ can be found in Bonnie & Clyde, making them one of the exclusive WA’s stockists of this epic jewellery line.

Makeup Essentials Razz BEAUTY

by Beauty Editor, Tiffany Lopez

If you must have make-up then you must have these: I personally am obsessed with make-up I love all colours and all brands but let’s face it with so many different brands out there we sometimes don’t even know where to start or what are the basics we need to start our very own make-up case. Palettes, shadow primers, concealer, mascara, eye liner and foundation are usually the A,B,C’s of make up.

Palettes 1- Palettes - I own the 88 shimmer palette from Coastal Scents and I have to admit that I’m madly in love with it. It’s my go-to item when I’m in a rush and need to have all my eye shadows in one place. Every shadow is highly pigmented and goes on smoothly you can create as many looks as you want without having to go through your whole make-up case. For those of you who love the high impact of colour but without all the shimmer, they also have an 88 matte palette. Palettes become your best friends and your favorite little accessory when you decide to travel they are space friendly and light weight that you can even stick them in your purse and go!


Eye Shadow Primers


2- Eye shadow Primers There are tons, beyond tons, of primers. Trust me I’ve used many of them and to tell you, the truth not all of them work exactly the way they’re suppose to, which is to create a thin film on the eyelid so that your eye shadows won’t crease. When you apply eye shadow on a “bare” lid, they’ll crease because of the natural oils of the skin. I’ve tried a couple of primers but my favorite are Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Primer is one thing I don’t mind spending a little more on because I like when my make-up lasts all day especially when I’m on the run and I don’t really have time to do touch ups.

3- Concealer – Now, this is a tricky part of make-up. We all want to “hide” those little imperfections we all have on our skin. Your concealer should be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Why? Because it will camouflage your bags and imperfections properly and will give you that flawless look many of us want. The name of the product is concealer, not make-me-look-likea-raccoon. So girls, if your under eye area is all WHITE then you did it all wrong. It’s important to have concealer on hand just for those just in-case days when you wake up with little bumps that you don’t want showing through your make-up. Concealers come in a variety of colors also. You have Green for people who have red areas, such as Rosacea, inflammation from acne, etc. Concealer is one thing that I would go and ask a make-up consultant about because we always want to make sure we have exactly the right one for our skin tone and the correct colour to cover whatever we feel needs covering.


Eye Liner


5- Eye Liner – Eyeliner is an awe- 4- Mascara – Mascara is really an some little product because you essential part of makeup. It puts the can contour and even give the illast pizzazz on your eyes and it ties lusion of a smaller or bigger eye the look together basically. There are depending on where you place the tons of different brand mascaras and eyeliner and the colors you decide they all claim to do something difto use. Black is the most common ferent. Thickening, lengthen, voluone and it gives off the illusion mize etc etc etc. Just like eye shadow that you have smaller more almond primer, it can be confusing because shaped eyes if you apply it in your not all formulas are made the same water line (the water line is the in- way and not all of them side of your eye on the last as long as the rest. bottom part). White can You don’t want your make your eyes look mascara to be under bigger and brighter. It’s your eyes in less than always good to have on an hour but you also hand on those days when your eyes don’t want to have to are feeling a little puffy. All make rub your eyes over and up brands have eyeliners. Again, not over again when you all of them are the same formula decide to wash it off. My recommenand some work better than others. dation would be to visit Sephora, Ulta, Some are water proof, MAC or which ever make-up store is others come with glitavailable to you and ask about what ter, and different they have on hand and which one colors for fun make they would recommend. Now I know up looks. Drugstore a lot of the brands these store sell brands, such as are kind of on the pricey side, so you L’Oreal, have a vari- can always try a drugstore brand. By ety of eyeliners from that I mean brands that they sell at gel, to pencil or liquid. I like Gel Wal-Mart, Target or K-mart and try form eyeliners. They don’t tend to whatever brand they sell. Brands like smudge and have an excellent color L’Oreal, Maybelline, Almay are a good pay off. For those of you who have option to try out and see which one days that are hectic where you can’t you like. Personally, I LOVE Maybelltouch up your make up gel is defi- ine’s Colossal Lash mascara. Try it out nitely a good alternative. and then let me know if you like it.

n o i t a d Foun


6- Foundation – Foundation is the biggest must have when it comes to make– up. There are so many formulations and brands that it really can be confusing. Mineral make up, Liquid, powder even gel based. What’s a girl to do when it comes time to choose? I have tried them all. Ladies, yes, believe me, I love trying new brands and formulas just to see which work best for me and my skin type. I have very sensitive skin plus Rosacea, which I will explain in my next article on different skin types and conditions, so whatever I use on my face has to be very gentle and have good ingredients to avoid reaction. I’m a personal believer that what touches my face has to be of excellent quality and made with beyond excellent ingredients. I think that when it comes to foundation, we should find our perfect one. That one foundation we can’t live without and that makes our skin look beautiful and radiant and that feels like silk to us. Stores like Sephora, Myer and David jones have tons of different brands and your make up consultant should be able to help you choose the perfect formulation for you. Powder is great for quick in between touch ups and to help control shine on our faces. Remember: we might want shine in our shoes and hair but never on our faces. Mineral is good also, it should be made with natural ingredients and SPF and since is more of a “healthy” approach to make up it should be good for our skin. Liquid and Gel are awesome too for pictures and an all day coverage but they should never feel heavy and goopy on our faces and becomes more of a nuisance than a must have.

There is so much more to make up and so much more we can buy but these would be our basic must haves. The things that should always have a home in our case. I’ll always be up-dating and bringing you what’s what from the make-up world. Remember make-up should always play up our natural beauty and make us look radiant. Any comments, Questions or requests you can always reach me at The beauty from our soul radiates in our smile



The Boat That Rocked If you want to be transported to a time when listening to rock music was defying the system, then rent or buy The Boat That Rocked.

Created by Richard Curtis, who’s brought us some other feel-good movies such as Notting Hill and Love Actually, this movie indeed does not disappoint on the feel-good department. It takes place in the swinging 1960’s and as we find out, England wasn’t swinging at all. The BBC still followed the rigid moral codes set by its founder, Lord Reith, and unlike millions of Britons, they were not enthusiastic about playing rock music. In fact, the BBC broadcasted only a few pitiful hours of rock and pop per week. But these were the rebellious 1960’s and so the pirates were called to the rescue. Pirate radios, that is.

Review by Andreia Rodrigues Music is used as part of the story telling and acts as a guide through the movie, with some songs hilariously played at certain key moments. And with over 50 songs listed in the credits, this The Boat That Rocked tells the soundtrack is a must have. The story of one of those pirate radio wardrobe is very evocative of the stations, Radio Rock. The DJ’s age, cool and diverse and very worked and lived on board of a particular to each character. Rhys ship anchored on the North Sea, Ifans was the poster-boy for the as a way to escape the country’s movie and delivers a sexy, tres draconian broadcasting laws. And rock’n’roll performance, but it they rocked, 24/7, to the delight is Philip Seymour Hoffman who of the people and to the dismay of truly steals the show, with a laidthe government. We arrive on the back and effortlessly cool perboat with Carl (Tom Sturridge), an formance. 18 year old lacking some serious life experience, and get introduced After watching The Boat That to the DJ’s and other staff of the Rocked, some of that unshakable boat, a funny and diverse bunch of optimism so characteristic of the characters brought together by their 60’s will rub-off on the viewer. unsinkable love for rock/pop music. After all, those were one of the most interesting times to live. It But there’s a stormy cloud hanging was a time for revolutions and in the shape of Minister Dormandy protests and things were never (Kenneth Branagh), a particuthe same. Richard Curtis may larly up-tied, sun-deprived pillar have taken that hunky-dory vibe a of decency. Things amp up when bit too far making the movie too the arrival of legendary DJ Gavin saccharine at times, but considerCavanagh (flamboyantly played by ing his previous work that’s not Rhys Ifans) is announced at Rasurprising. dio Rock. This greatly upsets The Count, played by Phillip Seymour Still, anyone who understands Hoffman, and leads to some funny how vital music is for one’s moments during the second half of survival and sanity at times will the film as they battle for supremenjoy this movie. acy.


The Music That Rocked

just as much

Here Comes The Night Van Morrison All Over The World Francois Hardy

To Sir With Love Lulu

A World Of Our Own The Seekers So Long Marianne Leonard Cohen

as d e s u s i c i s “Mu telly r o t s e h t f o part sa a s t c a d n a g in the h g u o r h t e d i gu movie”

Razz Favourites from the Soundtrack

Stay With Me Duffy All Day And All Of The Night The Kinks Dancing In The Street Martha Reeves & The Vandellas Wouldn’t It Be Nice Beach Boys Ooo Baby Baby Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Crimson And Clover Tommy Jaes & The Shondells With A Girl Like You The Troggs The Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix These Arms Of Mine Otis Redding A Whiter Shade Of Pale Procol Harum You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me Dusty Springfield Stay With Me (Baby) Lorraine Ellison Let’s Dance David Bowie


Anita Carr Design Vintage Glamour will be turning heads in Perth this Spring


Cotique Lipstick Dress, $45

Sasha, $149

Santana, $129

Shauna, $89

Sybella, $139


Previous Page. Selia, $99

Shioh, $17.95 each

Scarlette, $119


Shiari, $99

Next Page. Sheridan, $129

Serena, $99





words & photography by Winifred Ng


Popsicle Bus – On Williams 04.09.09 Popsicle! Returned with something different for Perth Fashion Festival: Seven days, seven locations, and fourteen emerging WA designers, all on one fab vintage bus. All aboard! Designers: Plonk, Mollipop, Fallen Feathers, Lady Lascivious, Suzi Homemaker, Martha and Lilly, Champ + Rose, Jessica Jubb, Osieri, Skullduggery, Relative Magazine, Boom., Kingbrown Magazine, Love Is My Velocity.









Restyle Fashion Workshop 04.09.09 Perth Fashion Festival 2009 welcomes a transition into styling with the use of recycled clothing from op shops to achieve fashionable looks. Every step into an op shop is a guaranteed treasure hunt. Together with your creativity the possibilities are endless. Helping the community, your wallet and your wardrobe. The environment will be thankful so reduce, reuse and recycle.













Sunday Best by Unwrapped 06.09.09 Unwrapped creates a place for young emerging designers to come together, launch their ideas and gain some well deserved exposure. One of Perth’s most successful design markets now in its third year just got better with a brand new collaboration with Perth Fashion Festival. The first “Sunday Best” market at PICA offered the stylish inhabitants of Perth with a range of unique handmade goodies. The showcase was made of one-off fashion pieces, jewellery, accessories, skincare products, homewares, illustrations and original art.













Perth Fashion Week Plaza Arcade and


Carillion City Parade























by Sonja Seifert

You’ve got to love a festival that’s free, fun and encourages you to party for weeks without recompense

Munich’s Oktoberfest is one of the world’s biggest folk festivals. In just over two weeks revellers scull down over five million litres of beer and eat over 200,000 Wurst (sausages) as they enjoy the revelry alongside traditional brass bands, carnival rides, lads in lederhosen and lasses bedecked in lacy bodices. Nowadays, the cavernous beer halls of Munich are congested with crowds cavorting about drinking huge one-litre steins of local beer and munching on giant pretzels and Bratwurst. This free for all does have an element of civility in that you must have reserved a seat in one of the beer tents to be served a drink. If not, the lovely beer wenches won’t be bringing you an amber ale any time soon. Remember to tip the beer wench well and she’ll reward you with speedy delivery of your beer.

This huge festival originates from humble beginnings back in 1810 when King Ludwig I of Bavaria decided to celebrate his marriage with a weeklong festival outside the city gates. Representatives from all over the state were invited and had such a good time that they all turned up the following year to celebrate the festival all over again. Hence, the Oktoberfest was born. A word of advice, when drinking beer in Germany, it’s customary to look your companions in the eye one at a time, say a hearty, “Prost!” and clink glasses. To not look someone in the eye is considered rude and offensive, and the locals will pull you up if you break tradition. From here on in, you’re free to continue building your biceps by lifting stein after stein of beer alongside several thousand of your Münchener mates.

OKTOBERFEST FACT FILE: Munich tourist information: Munich Oktoberfest: www. ;


Where to enjoy Oktoberfest in Perth Salt on the Beach

Date: 17 October Where: 44 Port Beach Road, North Fremantle Cost: FREE but bookings are essential. Bookings: phone Natasha on 9430 6866 or email: Web:

Elmar’s in The Valley

Date: 24-25 October Where: 8731 West Swan Road, Swan Valley Cost: FREE Website: Phone: 08 9296 6354

Salt on the Beach promise a day of entertainment with music by The Polka Dots, bratwurst and lots of German style beer from their brewery.

Elmar’s German restaurant will be transformed into a Bavarian Beer Hall that incorporates a two-acre beer garden, plus there’ll be beer, Bratwurst and pork shanks.

Paddington Ale House

Duckstein Brewery

Date: 17, 18 & 24 October Where: 141 Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn Cost: $40 Bookings: Free Stuff:German Bratwurst Giant German pretzel Competitions, door prizes Sexy beer wenches Prizes for best dressed wench and lad The Paddo are hosting the biggest Oktoberfest in WA. They’ll be serving up traditional German food, beer and steins full of fun.

Date: 24 -25 October Where: 9720 West Swan Road, Swan Valley Cost: $15 Website: Phone: 08 9296 0620 Tickets: Duckstein Brewery are getting into the festive spirit with beer, Bratwurst, sauerkraut, pretzels and an authentic German polka band.


Pride of Bavaria

by Sonja Seifert

Munich, home of the Black Forest cake, beer and BMW’s is the heart and soul of Germany. This sexy southern capital seamlessly blends centuries of history and age-old traditions with sleek modern architecture and a thriving cosmopolitan culture. The city is a fairytale come to life with beautiful clock towers on every corner, church bells ringing, spindly spires soaring skywards, and ornate palaces within the city centre. Munich is more than a European city; it’s a destination.



Those more inclined toward fast cars of sleek and superior design can have their s f art gallerie o y a rr a g n li fantasies fulfilled at BMW Welt (world) and z ics k from a daz the old class g in th ry Take your pic e the BMW museum. Both buildings are disv e s exhibiting ns. Be sure o ti u ib tr n o c and museum plays of Munich’s modern architecture at its rary e re contempo ent old palac c ifi n g a m to newer, mo a best and are worth viewing even if you’re , h Residenz s and the g ic n in u K , M it rs is le v ru to not into cars. The BMW museum was arian various Bav ling grounds w ra p s e h that housed T . recently rebuilt into the shape of glimmers ten up until 1918 alace that ha p a government to y ing towers that resemble engine pistons. a w atures give crown is the e c la a p e th and water fe l in red Guided tours take you through the history rts. The jewe ted in lavish ra o c e d different cou y tl of BMW car design and into the production n any opulent atre. Decade m e h r T fo s é rm li il o v tf u C e pla t- line where the newest models are assemgold it was th lace are pain a p e th t u o and glittering h g neck- bled. Swoon over luxury leather interiors display throu crowns and d te s operas. On ru c and watch in envy as buyers drive their new n e lames, jewe ities. u q ti n a l fu ti u ings in gilt fr car off the lot. er bea laces and oth

Razz TRAVEL&CULTURE Previous Page: Munich City, overlooking the old town hall and church. Bottom right- Munich town square This Page: Top Left- Munich Underground – even the underground gets the sexy modern design treatment Bottom Left -BMW Welt Munich’s modern architecture at it’s best

ENTERTAINMENT When you tire of Baroque architecture, culture and cars take yourself off to a German bakery and salivate over seriously tempting tortes and black forest cakes. You can dine on jumbo sized schnitzels and sauerkraut or indulge at any number of stylish cafés, bistros and restaurants. Munich offers plenty of options for after dark escapades but your visit won’t be complete without an evening spent drinking giant jugs of beer at the local beer hall. Germany also makes wines well worth experiencing so be sure to enjoy a glass or two throughout your stay. And, your trip isn’t complete until you’ve had several rounds of seriously strong schnapps; at 42% proof it certainly packs a punch. If the outdoor lifestyle is more your thing, then head out into the Bavarian countryside where you’ll find an abundance of castles, churches and monasteries to explore, mountains to climb and natural lakes to cool off in. Whatever your interests, Munich will satisfy your desires and more.

MUNICH FACT FILE: BMW Welt & BMW museum:, Munich Residenz : Munich tourist information: Festivals & Events:


A Dirty Word


The only fourth world country, that is home to thousands of child slaves known as RESTAVEKS by Andreia Rodrigues

Haiti was the first country to outlaw slavery and became a free nation in 1804. However, today many of its children still work as slaves. They are locally known by the Creole term “restaveks”. They are children of poor parents that can’t afford to feed them or send them to school and often come from the country-side. Boys and girls are sent to the cities to stay with an unknown family and work as unpaid domestic servants. The parents hope that their children’s life will improve, but most children simply exchange a life of poverty in the country-side for a life of slavery in the city. A typical day for a restavek starts before sunrise, when they go fetch water. Less than a quarter of the houses have running water in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. This means that these kids have to walk multiple times to and from the public stand-pipes and fountains, often located kilometres away. Restaveks are forced to do all sorts of house work for 10-16 hour days, often on only one meal a day. At night they sleep on cardboards or rags. Throughout their time as domestic servants they endure physical, verbal and emotional abuse; they are beaten with whips designed to be used specially on children (if the beating was too brutal and the child could not work after, it would be counter-productive). The girls are commonly used for sexual initiation of the teenage boys of the house.

When the restaveks turn 15 years old it means that, according to the law, they must be paid to work. This is when the families either throw them out or force them to continue to do unpaid work. Either way, as restaveks are not allowed to have friends and are brought up under inhumane circumstances, they can find it hard to relate and trust other people. Many are not allowed to go to school, adding to the 39% illiteracy rate of Haiti and diminishing their chances to improve their lives. Being a restavek is being seen as lower cast, as a child without the same mental ability or potential as other children who live with their families.


Who can help The numbers of restaveks vary, because many of these children don’t have a birth certificate and therefore don’t have an official existence. However, it is estimated that between 200,000 and 340,000 of Haiti’s children are restaveks. Haiti has laws against abusing children, but no way to enforce them. The police are overstretched dealing with brutal gangs, insurgent groups, kidnappings and killings. The task of helping these neglected children falls to some of the local organizations such as Beyond Borders (http://www.beyondborders. net/index.php) and Guerda Lexima, a child rights activist who has worked on behalf of restaveks for the past two decades; or Briel Leveille, a local leader in Fond des Blancs, which is one of the rural communities that have been affected by the restavek system. Haitian-born Wyclef Jean, a multiple Grammy Award winning artist currently residing in the U.S. and a UN Haitian Goodwill Ambassador, started Yele Haiti organization (http:// This organization has a number of projects such as Primary School Scholarships, Boys Rehabilitation Centre and Youth Sports Program. With each project it offers, Yele Haiti aims to revive Haitians hope to rebuild their country. Helping to reduce poverty and desperation hopefully reduces the practice of parents giving away their children.

200 years ago, Haiti was the first nation in the world to abolish slavery and the only country in history to have a successful slave revolt. There is no reason why another slave revolt can’t happen now. Times were hard then and are hard now. In the words of Wyclef Jean: “In a time when Haiti seems so dark, that’s when we should focus on the light.

The poorest country in the western hemisphere has the richest spirit in the western hemisphere”.

Australians who are interested in helping can go to ourwork/southernamerica/haiti to find out more on how to get involved.

Razz THE ADVENTURES OF ASTEN Tuesday 08/09/2 009 Posted - 11:40pm Stephanie Meyer ha s a lot to answer for. I put off reading the series for a very long Twilight time, convinced that they were kid’s book wanting to be one of s and not the many-seeminglyobsessed-people ravi them. One lonely w ng about eekend arrived and the thought of phon desperately trying to in g ar ound find something to do was enough to mak Weekend television e me cringe. turns me on about as much as the idea of then I remembered gi ving blood, that stack of books that my friend had le started on the Friday nt me... I night and devoured all four books, two of those flavoured ric whole packets e cakes, and about te n grape starburst lo the Monday. I was le llipops by ft staring at my roof , unable to sleep an the crumbs of my ea d rolling in rlier-binge-eating-es capade. My symbolic heavy. Stephanie M heart was eyer had managed to lure me, a 25 year ol the story and Edwar d female, into d Cullen’s arms. I am obviously not alone; sales speak for them the book selves, but I can’t help but think that better than to proj I should know ect my ideals for m y perfect man onto character. I am mid a fictional twenties for god’s sa ke. I must admit thou obsession with the ‘v gh, my ampire theme’ isn’t a new thing for me. dren of the eighties All you chilmust remember the original Buffy, the Va movie. Luke Perry m pire Slayer in all his forehead-w rinkling-smooth-talk buckling glory. He ing-swashwas human though… it seems that masoc new romanticism. A hism is the fter reading Twiligh t, I have decided that nice to have my very it would be own vampire. One who can obsess over tect me and love me me and proso much it hurts. It Wednesday, wouldn’t be too bad all-consuming-butte to have that rflies-in-the-pit-of-m 09/09/2009 y-stomach-cannot-li him-unswavering-kn ve -w ithoutee s-go-weak-at-the-si Posted - 4:00pm ght-of-him-love. So own Edward Cullen/ is my very Robert Pattinson ou Wasn’t the world meant t there? I like to be BUT I think it is sa op tim fe istic… to assume that the an to end today? Still here. swer is no, no he is you Shakespeare fo not. Damn r creating Romeo M Something did end today for la ontague, a big damn s Sparks for making yo u to NichoNoah Calhoun (from me, and that was a friendthe Notebook) and big-god-f%$king-da an extra mn you to Stephani ship. People come and go e Meyer for dreamin Cullen. Must we es g up Edward cape into fiction to bla,bla,bla. We have heard it ‘experience’ perfec t lo ve ? all before. Doesn’t make it From her point of view, the end of any easier when it happens our friendship came about because My friend Y made my day by telling though. The disintegration I am apparently ‘awkward, odd me that my awkwardness is what she of mine and X’s friendship and her friends felt uncomfortloves about me. It’s not like I try to be has been a slow and mindable around me’. This information awkward, it is just something I have numbingly-draining process. was relayed to me through another been carrying around since my childThe three years we spent friend (let’s call her Y). Now, I like hood and I am sure that there is some together were interesting to to put a positive spin on things and complex psychological reason behind say the least, but I am not one have been trying to tell myself that my behaviour. I suffer from what my to say the least – so here we I am not indeed awkward (but unu- best mate calls random-selective-shygo. There was a four year gap sual), not odd (but eccentric) and ness. It strikes when I least expect it. between us and her immaturi- not uncomfortable (but intriguing I can strut into a nightclub like I own ty killed us in the end. Oh, it or mysterious). Do we really want the place and start a conversation with is easy to assign blame when to live in a world where we can just about anybody about anything the other person can’t defend figure everyone out? I personally anywhere. However, sometimes I am themselves, I know, I know. like oddities in people; it is what overcome with these ridiculous bouts makes them unique, and different of shyness and I have the urge to cover from the rest of the baa-baa-sheep. my face and I just want to hide and stand behind people. Weird.

This month our blogger ASTEN finds it difficult to separate fact from fiction


Tuesday, 15/09/2009 Posted – 1:02am Just saw that movie (500) Days of Summer. Loved it. It was a perfect example of a modern day love story. It doesn’t follow the ‘normal’ conventions of a romance chick flick. It had a surprisingly profound scene, covering the expectations of the male protagonist versus the reality of his situation. It had some groovy art effects and a killer soundtrack.

Nothing happened the way it was supposed to. The same can

be said of life, which is what made the film and its characters so believable. I smuggle my own home made popcorn into the cinema every time (haha system) I simply cannot justify paying the price of candy bar items, it is extortion.

Tuesday, 15/09/2009 Posted - 10:40am Life is so ephemeral. One of the first people I became friends with at uni died a few days ago. Very unexpected and I don’t know how she died yet. I had been looking around the classroom, wondering where she was. She was always the first one to speak out and start debates amongst our class and it is strange not hearing her voice. We hear all these quotes and lines all the time ‘life is short’ /‘life is not a dress rehearsal’ /‘live life to the full’. But do we ever really understand what these short but insightful lines mean? I don’t think that I am living my life to the full. I go to uni four days a week, and am constantly doing homework, I work on my holidays, I go to the gym five days a week, watch television and sleep. If ‘life is not a dress rehearsal’ and I am indeed the leading lady of my life, when is production starting? What can I do differently? Money seems to be the answer to all life’s problems. If I had some, I do think I would be ‘living life to the full’. Life just seems to get in the way.

Thursday, 24/09/2009 Posted - 11:20am Have you ever had the ‘look I think you’re a great girl but I am not looking for a relationship’ talk? What about if you didn’t even want a relationship? This has happened to me twice in the past month. First there was a guy who grabbed my hands and held them in between us, looked at me sympathetically and tried to spin off the ‘friends’ line. I was shocked, wtf? What I wanted to say was ‘Look dude, I don’t even want a relationship and I can tell you right now that even if I did I definitely wouldn’t want one with you, so shut up.’ What I really did was smile and walk away, and NOW he feels the need to message me a few times a week, yuck, go away. The second time was a 22yr old who said to me ‘I really like you BUT don’t expect anything from me.’ The actual words didn’t offend me as (shock-horror) I don’t actually expect anything from any man anymore. So, as I walked away from him after a date and he asked me when he could see me next, I said to him ‘Well, I think you’re great but don’t expect anything from me.’ Ha,ha.



Live vicariously through me... “I imagine myself like Pac-man, eating my way over to Asia”

The nose is an open doorway through which smells of all kinds can drift in. Taste and smell have long been considered closely linked to memory. I know this to be true because I have eaten my way through 25 countries in my 25 years. When somebody asks me about my experience with a particular country, my mind first goes to food. Switzerland, the most expensive meal I have ever had. I remember dipping fresh, spongy bread and gourmet vegetables into pools of golden cheese. Poland – the biggest strawberries imaginable dipped in bitter dark chocolate, followed by rich white chocolate, and finished with a smooth coat of milk chocolate. I remember hearing that satisfying crunch as my teeth broke through that crust and into the juicy pink flesh of the berry, bliss. Chunky beef Irish stew, laden with potatoes that dissolved in my mouth the minute they arrived. A perfect escape from the heavy rain and ruthless winds that awaited me outside. I indulge in crepes suzette in France, the fine pancakes coated in a delicious orange syrup sliding down my throat with ease.

I found myself sipping apple tea whilst sitting on camel bags out the front of a carpet shop in Turkey. I splurged on one of the nomadic silk on silk carpets and was invited to dinner by Dogan, the owner of the shop. Dogan only spoke snippets of English but his culture spoke to me through the meal. Clear chicken broth with saffron strands floating throughout. Cheese pie, so rich I could only manage a few bites. Rose and pistachio Turkish delight that left my lips coated with a delicate layer of icing sugar. I imagine myself like Pacman, eating my way over to Asia. Indonesia boasts tender chicken skewers with a peanut sauce so thick it stuck to the roof of my mouth. The heavy French influence on Vietnam resulted in perfect bread. Crusty on the outside, feather light on the inside with a slightly sweeter flavour than I am used to. I bought rolls every morning from a street vendor for pittance and grazed on them all day.

I am thankful that the menus in Cambodia were translated (very poorly but still decipherable). Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that bamboo rat, squid eggs and white goats prick were on offer. I didn’t experiment much with these things and kept to my usual water spinach soaked in oyster sauce. This dish had enough garlic to fend off the common cold for the rest of my life. My brave siblings ordered the tarantulas, fried in lemongrass and chilli. My brother bit into the thick abdomen of the spider with no qualms. My sister tentatively broke off a few of the legs. They lodged themselves in her throat and she consumed copious amounts of liquid after that. In Thailand tom yum goong was placed in the middle of our table for us to share. The waiter asked if we would like it tourist hot or local hot. Not wanting to appear weak, we opted for the latter. I don’t think my tastebuds have ever quite recovered from that. Being in a country that felt like I was in a sauna didn’t help.

I remember the people I met and the experiences I had. I remember the trinkets I bought and the money I spent. I am occasionally reminded of these things when I see photo albums or objects lying around my house. However, the memories that occur more frequently and need no visual stimulation are my memories of food. Walking past a restaurant or through food hall’s or markets evoke such vivid memories of my travels. I am taken back to the exact moments when I was truly happy and doing what I do best, eating.


ASTEN’s NIFTY IDEAS In the bathroom...

PROBLEM: You bought a new pair of shoes and that stubborn price or size sticker on the sole just refuses to come off in one clean go. SOLUTION: Simply direct the heat from a hairdryer directly on to the sticker and it will peel straight off. PROBLEM You are sick of your hair being dead straight all the time and can’t be bothered with curling tongs and hairspray. SOLUTIONAfter washing hair, leave to dry until almost completely dry and then plait/braid. Go to sleep and undo in the morning and you will have some texture, woo hoo! PROBLEM You use home hair dye because you can’t afford to go to the hairdresser but you end up with a coloured forehead, neckline and ears. SOLUTION Smear moisturiser or Vaseline on the problem areas and simply wipe off afterwards.

Just because...

>> Don’t wear a low cut top AND a short skirt/dress. Pick a feature to flaunt and cover the other one up, this will save you from looking like a hooker. >> Don’t wear heavy eye make-up AND heavy lipstick. Choose the feature that you want to draw attention to and work with that, this will save you from looking overdone.

In the kitchen...

PROBLEM: You have leftover soft drink from one of your nights out and it has gone flat. SOLUTION: Freeze it, it makes yummy icy poles. PROBLEM: You go for the weekly food shop and buy a whole stack of stuff you don’t need, and it all happens to be high in calories. SOLUTION: Make sure you eat something before you go so that you are not shopping on an empty stomach, that way you are less likely to buy impulse food. Also, write a shopping list and stick to it. PROBLEM: You buy a whole packet of fresh herbs when the recipe only calls for a little bit, then you can’t use it all and it goes all slimy in the fridge, what a waste. SOLUTION: Chop it all up and freeze it in an airtight container, pull it out as you need it. This trick works for parmesan cheese too. Lasts for a long, long time. PROBLEM: You have leftover wine and don’t feel like drinking it now, but don’t want to throw it out. SOLUTION:Freeze it in ice block trays and pop them out and add to cooking as desired (etc - risotto, pasta, casseroles, and sauces).

JUST FOR FUN >> Soak onion in milk for ten minutes before you fry it and it gives it a more mellow flavour, and the colour is lovely.

>> Raw onions can be a bit overpowering in salads, so place diced onion in a bowl of boiling water for one minute, drain and add to salad.

>> If you fry onions on a low heat for 30 minutes the flavour completely changes and gives recipes a sweeter taste.

>> To make a scrumptious icing for a cake place a thin layer of chocolate of any description on top of the cake immediately after pulling it out of the oven. It will melt to form something quite spectacular, marshmallows work well too! My personal favourite are those mint patties or golden roug


“You cannot run away from a weakness; you must some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?” Robert Louis Stevenson


The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude, under the burden of dissatisfaction

song by allen ginsberg

the weight, the weight we carry is love. Who can deny? In dreams it touches the body, in thought constructs a miracle, in imagination anguishes till born in human-looks out of the heart burning with purity-for the burden of life is love, but we carry the weight wearily, and so must rest in the arms of love at last, must rest in the arms of love. No rest without love, no sleep without dreams of love-be mad or chill obsessed with angels or machines, the final wish is love --cannot be bitter, cannot deny,

Razz Magazine Issue Two  

Issue Two of Perth online magazine, Razz

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