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Issue One September 2009.


Issue One. Razz Magazine

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4. From the Editor 5. Credits 26-29. The Adventures of Asten

Art Fashion 10-11. Bits & Pieces 18-19. Online Store. Renee Sturme 22. International Style icon. Andy Torres 22-23. Local Style Icon. Winifred Ng

Music 24. Feature. Your First Album 25. Razz Lyric. Taykor Swift

Sex & Relationships 34-35. Sucky Sex Syndrome

6-9. Creative Artists. Danny Roberts 12-17. Photography. Andy Houghton 42-46. Photography. Reynard Kerman

Health & Fitness 30-31. Best Fitness Tracks in Perth 32. Benfits of Exercising 33. Q & a

Travel & Culture 36-39. Feature on China 40. Yum Yum Dim Sum Review

r o t i d E e h t m o Fr It’s 2.30 in the morning and I have just finished putting together the very first issue of Razz Magazine. I think I have spent the last four days in a bubble, and that bubble is Razz. I received all of the articles and photography on Monday and here we are. First of all, I have to say how excited I am about this magazine and while it has been more than stressful- I really love this job. I am also full time time student at Edith Cowan University, majoring in journalism and creative services. While there are student publications and local newspapers, there really isn’t anywhere for student writers to express themselves. The writers here at Razz are either students or have just graduated. I think it’s important for all of us to have a publication where we can write about anything we want. Why online? Simply, online is free. Having a print magazine would be a dream come true, but for now I think the online audience is just as good. I also believe that the Internet is the future (oh how cliche) and most magazines already have an online presence. But, being an online magazine does not make the process any easier. Yes, I really should have allocated more than FOUR days to put everything together. Yes, launching Razz on my birthday was not a good idea but it sounded so cute. You live and learn right? The first issue of Razz is a mixture of this and that to be honest. I put out flyers around ECU and received a great response. It seems as though a lot of students have done some extensive traveling, which has made me realise how much I want to travel. I gave everyone an opportunity to write about anything, so longs it was within their assigned section. While the deadline was quite short I am more than pleased with the end result and I hope you will enjoy reading them as well. Fashion is a key component of Razz and due to the fact that I do not have a fashion editor, I had to dig in and contribute myself. I think I spent more time shopping online than actually doing some research for an article. I can tell you that there are so many stylish people in this world and with the help of the Internet, I have discovered many. Our international style icon, Andy Torres, has impeccable taste and I do envy her bold and sophisticated style. Local icon, Winifred Ng, also has great style and I am excited that she will contributing to Razz in the future. I could write for hours but I would rather you continue to read the rest of Razz. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me with starting this magazine and I appreciate every idea, advice, motivational quote and laugh. Special thanks goes to Atoosa, who gave me motivation and belief through a simple email years ago. I hope you enjoy reading the FIRST issue of Razz and next month will be bigger and better. If you can’t express yourself then you are never truly yourself.

love, Natasha Spykerman

Razz Magazine Editor in Chief & Fashion/Art Director

Natasha Spykerman

Fashion Contributor

Josephine Pasco

Health & Fitness Editor

Carli Allen

Sex & Relationship Editor

Emma Burnitt

Travel & Culture Editor

Sonja Seifert

Adventures of Asten

Asten Nunn

Music Editor

David Lennon


Karis Smyth

Credits (photography, artwork & quotes) p 6-9. Danny Roberts p 12-17. Andy Houghton p 18-19. Renee Sturme p 20-21. Andrea Torres p 22-23 & cover. Winifred Ng p 30. Dan Cox ( p 31. Carli Allen p 34. Matthew Romach ( p 35. Valema c Preisler ( p 35. Abnel Gonzalez ( p 36-41. Ashley Porter & Sonja Seifert p 42-46. Reynard Kerman p 47. Mariaane Williamson

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DannyRoberts Creative Artist

You seem to find the most strangest things on the Internet. But don’t be fooled, great things can be found if you dig around enough. I tend to browse around a lot of international online stores that sell stylish jewlery and clothes. When looking at our international style icon Andy Torres’ blog, I found a link to Danny Robert’s online store. What captured my attention was the beautiful Romeo and Juliet image I saw at first glance. Of course being tempted by my new debit card, immediatley bought myself a copy. As I continued to browse the store I discovered a talented artist who depicts women in a simple and sensual way. I didn’t say sexual. I said sensual. Roberts also has a great blog, which I found just as interesting. While a lot of people don’t find themselves as those “artsy” people and don’t bother to discover art, I encourage all to at least discover the work of Danny Roberts. - Natasha


ER B O R Y N N DA Age: 23


rtist/Th A : n o ti a p u c c O


Location: Cali


orand ig @ ts r e b o r y n il: dan d n a d n a r o g I : Website

& s t i B

s e c Pie

from online stores

Where & how much? 1. Bear Burnout Swin

g Tank by Lauren Moshi ($15 9) 2. Thrashed Bolt Jean s by John Eshaya ($349) 6. Double-Wrap Brace let by Cc Skye ($385)

4.Scratch Print Tiered ($68)






5. Flame Mesh Halte ($117)

r Dress 3. Cotton Style Dress ($18) 7.Cage peep toe boot ie ($28) 8.Straped up sandles ($28) 9. Buckle Slouch Bag ($26)










much Where & how rew ($66) 1. Hibiscus Print C ($198) 2. Malibu Hoodie

2 1

eacot ($156)

3.Grey Wool Mix P raight jeans 4. Light bleached st ($33)


5.Black denim p ($35)



l ring ($89)

6. Sunburst Cocktai ng Gold($29) 7. Antique stack ri om .c

Both from Miijo

er ($29

8.Silent Walk blaz from indies

5 4


r o t Edi ites r u o Fav



Photography by Andy houghton




o hi

When did you first start making jewelry? When I exactly started making jewelry, I don't know, but it was at a pretty young age, maybe about nine years old. At that time I was actually making everything by hand. Colorful beads and pendants out of clay, rings from wire and beads from bamboo I found in the garden. Early 2009 I finally started a 'real' but small business through my own little webshop, currently at reneesturme.bigcartel. com, after searching for months and months to find the exact materials I wanted to use for my jewelry. It's a pleasure to see people purchasing my pieces, I really appreciate it.

What inspires you when making your jewelry? I think I get ideas from the materials itself, I don't really have sources where I get my inspiration from. Actually, I quite make what I would personally like to wear. Adorable miniatures of for example camera's and keys are things I love, but also big pieces like for example brass moths or large cameo's.

Do you have any favourite pieces? Oui, my very favorite will be the Octopus TrĂˆsor necklace, I actually have to remind myself of not wearing it every day. The centerpiece is stamped in brass and antiqued afterwards, and I love how it can spice up your outfit, whether it's simple or already quite over the top. Furthermore I also really like a moth necklace which will be available soon as well and the Blue Cerisier Key bracelet, probably because of the turquoise beads. I love to use natural coral and turquoise beads, they have perfect colors and add a nice contrast to the metals I use.



re ne e s t u r me


.b ig c a r te l . c om




o hi


International Style Icon. from AMSTERDAM

s e r r o T dy


Q2. Who is your style icon and why? I don’t have a set style icon, it changes as the seasons and trends come and go but right now, I feel very inspired by Miroslava Duma’s style and of course, my ultimate fav; Emmanuelle Alt. They are edgy, unique and so perfectly put together, so it’s very difficult not being inspired by them. Q3. What influences you when shopping for clothes? Well, I have to admit that sometimes I do rule myself by the trends a little bit, but not always, if I see something I like, I will scan my brain in few seconds trying to make at least 10 outfits with what I have at home, if it works, I’ll buy it.

Q4. What is the one piece of clothing that you could not live without? I think that would have to be my black leather jacket.

Q5. Do you have any fashion “do’s” and “dont’s” ? My fashion do is; be yourself and have fun with fashion! My fashion DON’T has to be, do not care about what other people think; IF IT FEELS RIGHT AND YOU LOVE IT, WEAR IT!

Q1. Wh tion a of st t is your yle? defin iquestio I n but I think that is a ju line wh ich des st recently sa bit of a hard cribed w a quote it perfe onctly: Style is what you lik knowing who e and not giving you are, a damn !




o hi

Local Style Icon from PERTH.WA

Winifred Ng

. Q1 s at i tion h Q2. W W efini ho is yo d r ur style u yo ? icon an e l I don’t really y d why? t s have a ‘sty of g n i le s o ff ic s o o n e th ’ r e to r stylis be ho exp possess a so h individuals from aroun nest. My inspirations fe about ours i d the globe ft e l Sty . I do howev ed born and bre spot for model street wing y o n k er st d y le, especially Skye Strack and e. Three wo that of Pert rds: si self. h’s Q3. W hich A ustralia like? n

mple, chic, & effortless. designer s do you

Dion Lee, M ada Zanthus. Lis me Marie, Sass & Bide, t goes on… Susien Chon g, Valerie T olosa, Q4. W h a t is the o that you ne piece could n of c ot live without lothing My leather ja ? cket... need I say more? Q5. D o you h ave any “dont’s fashion ” ? “do’s” and Simple: Chic . Never ove r do an outf with what y it a ou’re wearin g… with th nd always feel comfort then where able e onc you with the late feel awkward and out e off exception now an d of place wh st fashion fa ilst experime d, and you look awesom nting know deep e. down inside that you Take a cue from the fab ulous Coco Chanel: ‘When acce ssorizing, alw ays take the last thing yo Gabrielle Bo u put on’ nheur Chane l

e n o y r e v E m u b l a the n w n O o n d n l e L u o d i Sh by Dav


“Ok, so it’s a greatest hits. But every song on that album is still relevant today” Everyone will at some stage in their life realise the true power of music. Its power spans across all cultures and is used generally as one tool, the teller and conveyor of story and emotion. It is everywhere. Radio, television, movies, carnivals and even elevators all expose us to this organised sound. So eventually you will have the urge to buy an album. Let’s forget about downloading music and assume we have all moved on from vinyl and cassettes. With our launch of the first edition of RAZZ what should your first CD be?

Obviously it all depends on what has been around you growing up. Older generations probably can’t go past anything by The Beatles, particularly The White Album and Sgt. Pepperís Lonely Hearts Club Band. And if The Beatles are up there then you can’t leave out the Rolling Stones.

Ok, so itís a greatest hits. But every song on that album is still relevant .You would run out of fingers if you tried to count the number of times you have heard We Are the Championsí played at sporting events. Punk rockers of Same said for the Y generation We Will Rock Youí. And I bet any would find enjoyment in Blink182’s money on the fact you start head Enema of the State. The poppy punk banging in Bohemian Rhapsodyí anthems from that album defiantly thanks to Wayne’s World. But got kids off their backsides to rock out even so, the influence of Queen at a party. The is outstanding. Mika has been same could be compared to Freddie Mercury’s said for Green voice, My Chemical Romance day. But then this have had their spot of Brian May wasn’t considered style guitar solos in The Black real punk, and Parade. enthusiasts should seek The Sex And who can forget Vanilla Ice. Pistols, The Clash or The Ramones. Or Ice Ice Baby uses the famous almost anything bass riff to Under Pressure beginning with (featuring David Bowie) and has The. had that much success that if you tell anyone under 17 that Queen I think the originally did it and Vanilla Ice first album borrowed ití, they will look at you any musical enthusiast should go with glass eyes and then pick their and buy first (although many people chin up off the floor. reading this will probably have a nice music collection already, but if you are Feel good music from four lacking this disc then you best go add massively talented guys. Admit it, it immediately if not sooner) is Queens you love Queen! And please, buy Greatest Hits I. the CD, or at least use iTunes!

Teeny Boppers of the eighties would probably need Thriller by the late Michael Jackson. He wasnít called the King of Pop for no reason. But there was a king before him, and his name was Elvis Presley. But he had more albums than skin cells so where do you begin?


Razz’s Favourite Lyric of the Month

- Natasha

Fifteen by Taylor Swift from the album Fearless

You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors It’s the morning of you very first day You say “hi” to your friends you aint seen in a while Try and stay out of everybody’s way It’s your freshman year and you’re gonna be here for the next four years in this town

Hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you and say You know I haven’t seen you around Before

Cause when yor’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you You’re gonna believe them And when you’re.. Fifteen feeling like there’s nothing to figire out well count to ten, take it in this is life before you know who you’re gonna be Fifteen

You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail And soon enough your best friends Laughing at the other girls who thin they’re so cool We’ll be out of here as soon as we can And then you’re on your very first day and hes got a car Any youre feeling like flying And your mommas waiting up and you think hes the one and you’re dancing round your room when the night ends When the night ends Cause when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you You’re gonna believe them When you’re fifteen and your first kiss makes your head spin ‘round but in life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team but i didn’t know it at fifteen when you all you wanted was to be wanted wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday but I realised some bigger dreams of mine and Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind we both cried

cause when you’re fiFteen and somebody tells you they love you’re gonna believe them and when you’re fifteen, dont forget to look before you fall I’ve found time can heal most anything and you just might find who you’re supposed to be i didnt know who i was supposed to be at fifteen




Wednesday, 12/08/2009 Posted - 8:20pm I just arrived home from the worst date ever! Okay, slight exaggeration but let’s just say it was pretty bad. I didn’t want to go in the first place. I had that feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach and I should have trusted my woman’s intuition. Ah, hindsight! So, this guy (let’s call him Mike) is gorgeous, cheeky, seemingly clever, ambitious and tall (which is a bonus as I am 5’10). We chatted briefly at the Leederville Hotel the weekend before and decided it would be a super idea to swap numbers. So, I have heard of ‘beer goggles’ but is there such a thing as ‘beer personality’? Let me explain, one can be drunk and think a guy is hot and then, in the harsh-hung-overreality of morning, find that he isn’t looking as pretty as was previously thought. In Mike’s case, the beer acted as a social lubricant for someone who (in the light of day) seriously lacks interpersonal skills. One luke-warm-hot chocolate and five minutes later, we have exhausted the F.O.R.M system (for those of you under 50 that don’t know what that means – it is Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money.) Done and dusted, so now what? ‘Do you want to watch me play pool?’ he asks, unaware of the bile rising at the back of my throat from the very suggestion. Really? Does he honestly think I want to stand around and guard his drink while he tries to win a game of pool? I don’t think so.



Posted - 10:40am My partner in crime and I decided to hit the town and have a bit of a wild night out on Saturday. Our night began with us screaming our lungs out to Silverchair on sing star and trying to rev ourselves up after a week of mentally challenging priorities. We usually try to put our make-up on before getting inebriated to avoid panda eyes and Lady-gaga-style-one-inch-thick-foundation. However, this particular night we left it to the last minute and weren’t too happy with the results. ‘Screw it’ my mate said, throwing down her lip gloss in disdain, ‘Who cares what we look like?’ and with that, she turned on her heel and exited the bathroom in record time. My reflection and I were left to battle it out. I turned 25 last year and these bags appeared under my eyes that simply refuse to go away, I appear older, I feel older. Two minutes later and my mate’s head pokes around the corner, ‘You look hot, screw it, let’s go’. That’s what friends are for; to lie to you when they want you to get the f@%k out of the bathroom.


eds us street, saying he ne e th on us ed st co e man has ac his own. ‘Don’t m on so e d fin an e r te ag la an s m ur to le hree glorious ho T that he should be ab s. ‘Somebody m lip ......... hi s ll hi te I of s b. ta er r rn ba co a the hand to help him drink a smirk crawling up e, m ks as oceeds to grab my pr he ?’ en th am e I H . ho w ed us ow and not am you kn up to the bouncers ?’ I suggest. He is g ex tin pl ut m tr S co . is on le he l po fu na with a into the club, just how power d e an ov e pr lin to ng on ro si st is 0 m the 10 ‘door and embark on a that. Being let past do n ca ne that. Smiling at the yo do an n , ca ah p ye to , t at cu ch w a a lo htly having ir of tight pants and entry fee, yeah, slig pa 0 a $1 ith e w th rl gi ng t yi ho pa y t withou r and yeah, an propping up the ba ching wrist stamps at rs m le r gg ou ra st ng n tti ke ge d un r dr girls’ an to carve rved before the othe se later that he ‘wants s ng te ei u B in . m ve si ve fi es e pr e next more im cool. Telling m ty of meat’ thing to th et e pr ec ’s pi at a e th , lik ah en m ye take the ‘treat wo not having to pay, en have decided to rently m

Appa me up’. Not so cool. level.

Sunday, 23/08/2009 Posted - 9:15am Big booties bouncing up and down on music videos, girls dressed in skimpy bikini’s promoting mobile phones, half naked women appearing in advertising campaigns that really have nothing to do with half naked women. This sexed up world, sex sells. Unrealistic expectations of the way women should look. Women sleeping around claiming that they do it because of the male dominated sexual hypocrisy surrounding them. Society is out of control. Music film clips should be an afterhours thing and not displayed to all the impressionable kids (and impressionable adults) wanting to watch TV on a Sunday morning. Yuck.

Sunday, 30/08/2009 Posted - 11:20am There is something about school reunions that make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. I am due for my 10th yr reu nion in 2010 and after last night, don’t really feel the need to attend. I was an ugly kid; acne took over my face with a fiercene ss that seemed unjust, I was 20kg overweight AND I had glasses, and back then gla sse s weren’t so common and didn’t come in so many styles . My mother likes to show me pic tur es of a young Delta Goodrem wearing the same bulky mauve framed glasses and say ‘Se e! SEE! There really were no other options’. Last night presented the chance to meet thr ee pe ople that I had gone to school with many moons ago. One in particular had always been an arrogant bitch; does time change people? Yeah, sure it can. Did time change her? Abso lutely not, still an arrogant bitch. The first words out of her mouth: ‘Wow, it’s amazing ho w much of a difference makeup can make.’ In my head I was retaliating ‘No, it’s amazing ho w much of a difference a decade can make’. My wonderf ul-solid-as-a-rock friend was quick to spring to my defense saying, ‘She doesn’t even have mu ch makeup on.’ The ‘bitch’ scann ed my face for any flaws, saying ‘What about foundation? Yo ur skin is...’ and my friend shook her head ‘Hardly any’. I suppose there were compliments in her reaction but I don’t have an y room for bitchiness in my life. Girls will be girls. This hasn’t been a good month for me.


Red il a t k c o C e tt e v Cor co 40 ml Frangeli 40 ml Midori s 5 strawberrie ed ice h s u r c f o p u c A ons:

sti Serving sugge

a blender. in ix m d n a r e h ients toget d e r g ar and garin g ll u a s e h it in b w s m s o la C asy. mug, a martini g e f e o ff o im c r a This is easy-pe e h o t t t in a r othered, co hered, pou t b o e b b e n b a c ’t n u a o c y If erry. If you b w a r t s good. s e t d s e a c t li s ll ti a s h it it r, w nish ction of o doesn’t matte c n o c a g in k ea of drin id e h t create t a o t e d iv s e n d e n h le e b r p g , everythin was a bit ap e I is , r it p r creamm u e d s h a y t t t s m u u o o T s . Im g y r r in r tail really b and strawbe k t c u o c ln e e z h a t h f , o one or two n g d in le d z z melo n u le g b I s e a h T s ed the side y treasure. h b c u r u o t id u ly q d li r a is h h t rries and it e b w a hings. r t t s e s e e h h t t f f o o s ) s n e e in (or t litre of mia lf a h ; t n a v le ecipe is irre r e h t t ns, doesn’t h o tt ig u n b e y h t ll f e o b s d e en your friend f o t u o Best bit: By th s ie r r e n good. trawb s m g a n d ti y a tt e e , r e p ic s dori, no it still taste really matter, sy. You a e o t y a a a a a go down w y e h t s k in r d y rned. Worst bit: Loll have been wa er is a n n u t s d e r s u orgeo Verdict: This g aste buds. t e h t r fo t a e r t


Live vicariously through me... This month I take you on a journey of one of the oldest dance forms You are nervous. You Everyone makes their have never done anyway over to the basket, thing like this before. you are trying to get The lounge is low and there first but pretend ing soft beneath you. You that you don’t really care, reach down to remove you are an adult after your sparkly ballet flats; all. You usually get what your feet are exposed you want and this in no and feel very vulner- exception; you hav e the able on this big wooden royal blue one. It jing les floor. You feel vain lookin your hands. There is ing in the mirror; yet something very mag ical there is no place your about that sound. Wh en eyes can rest where you were a little girl you there is not a mirror. had a story tape of CinYou are in a big box of derella, and every time mirror. She points you you had to turn the page towards the aged cane it made a noise much like basket in the corner, its this. contents spilling from it in a stream of multico- It is heavier than you exloured brilliance. pected, and cool against your warm skin. You find the two ends and hold it up to the light, making sure it isn’t twisted. The coins all fall to their correct places and for a moment remind you of soldiers coming to formation. You wrap the belt low around your hips and tie it in a decent knot. Then the music starts.

The bass is so deep you feel the vibrations running from your bare feet all the way through your body. It is hard to tell where the drum ends and your own heartbeat begins. You are lost in this music. Your mind takes you back to the Middle East and you can remember the way you felt when you were there three years ago. You can hear the chaotic traffic of the city, feel the fresh night breeze on your face, you can almost taste the saffron. You love this music.

...belly dancing

She looks as if she is floating, gliding fluently along the polished floorboards. Her hips are continuously moving. You imagine that would be hard work yet her face is calm and shows no sign of strain. Her eyes are kind, but confronting and you understand what she is trying to say to you. She is in total control of her body and she wants to teach you the same power. This beautiful woman has lured you in with her secret smile. You want to learn her secrets. You want to learn how to emit sexuality the way that she does. You crave to have her poise. You desire to have her flexibility.

Watching her makes you feel uncomfortable because you don’t quite know where to look. Her stomach is showing and she isn’t the slightest of ladies. You feel awkward standing on a beach in Her hands are reaching a swimming costume for you now, it’s your yet everyone around turn. you is dressed the same. How must she feel? She is smiling, obviously doesn’t care. You love that. You wish you didn’t care.

health & fitness

Health & Fitness By Carli Allen

Best fitness tracks in Perth

With the Swan River and Kings Park so close to the city centre, Perth is home to some of the most scenic exercise paths in the country. Whether it’s walking, running or bike riding, the city has lots to offer both those starting out and the more professional exercisers. A scenic stroll or ride along the Swan River or around a local lake is not hard to find in Perth. The north and south foreshores, along the banks of the Swan River and around Lakes such as Herdsman Lake and Lake Monger provide a great distraction to your exercise routine. Some of the best include:  

Lake Monger (Wembley) The distance around the lake is 3.5km with dual pathways and plenty of wildlife to look out for.

Swan River Bridges (Perth) Walking from the Causeway over the Narrows

Bridge is a 10km stroll or ride with dual pathways. Beginners can turn back anytime to suit your level.

Swan River (Maylands) Dual pathways grace the shores of The Swan River near

Maylands for a nice, flat walk-perfect for a Sunday stroll. Dual pathways indicate the pathway is suitable for bikes


health & fitness

Herdsman Lake

View of the foreshore at Kings Park


en near th

Lake (Herd

is lake from

King ’s Park


sman) The

re are seve ral walks t hat can be long board takwalks and dual pathw ays.

1 to 3 km a

Park rangin West Perth) There are severa g from 1km l walking t to 5km wit training. racks in Kin h hills and g ’s flats-perfe ct for inter val

Neil Hawk


Park, Lake trail, but h Joondalup as dual use (Joondalup p athways. T to the Qua ) This is a na he distanc rry Lookou ture e from Ne t and back il Hawkins is a 3km ro Park und trip.

Zamia trai l,


old Park (F walk to vie loreat) Loo ws of Rott k through nest Island Lakes. bushland o , Perth CBD n this 5km , Darling R anges and Perry

health & fitness

The benefits of exercising and how to do it having fun Our health & fitness editor Carli, gives her tips on living a healthy lifestyle

Starting Exercise: with the help of an exercise diary-

Once you are comfortable with If you love exercising with friends, this, add a slow jog to your plan regular exercise sessions or walk. Try jogging for a minute find a local walking group to join. If you want to start an exercise then walking for a minute, then The first step is always the hardroutine the best way to keep est, but it makes it easier if you track of your fitness is with an jogging again. As you build are participating in an activity that exercise diary. Every time you on your interval training you exercise, write down the length can then add a run into your you really enjoy. of time you exercised, distance regime. The benefits covered or route you took, and The key to the exercise diThe Heart Foundation recomany inclines or hills you climbed. ary is being able to track your mends at least 30 minutes of The diary will help you to track progress. It will also act as a physical activity each day, most motivator to challenge yourself days of the week. Exercising will your fitness level over time. that little bit harder the next not only help you shed a few unRecord everything in your time you exercise. Try adding wanted kilograms and gain more exercise diary. You may also consider recording your weight, a hill or doing your route in a energy, but can also help with a measurements, diet, number of short time-make it fun to keep range of lifestyle factors. hours you slept, energy levels your motivation levels up. Longer life and happiness levels- because We’re not all perfect. We all Exercise lowers the risk of cardioexercise affects all these areas. have bad days, illness or lack vascular disease, some cancers, motivation at times. Keep type 2 diabetes, cholesterol levels The diary doesn’t have to be persisting and you will see reand blood pressure. Exercise anything fancy. Get a blank sults. Results won’t always be also leads to stronger bones, notebook and record everything or use your existing dairy. instant, but exercise is the key meaning there is less chance of Whatever you use, make sure it to a healthier and happier you. developing osteoporosis or being injured in falls. is close by and big enough to list Make it fun everything. What physical activity do you Happier really enjoy? Have you stopped Exercise releases endorphins, Set goals chemicals that work together to If you are starting exercise after playing a sport you have always loved? Perhaps you are lower stress hormone levels. Bea long break, don’t push yourself too hard- take it more motivated if you exercise ing happier leads to better mental with friends? health- you are more likely to fight slow. Start by walking Exercise doesn’t have to be off mild depression than people around the neighbourhood, boring and it doesn’t have to be who don’t exercise.Being happier a little further each time you a chore. If you love the beach, and relaxed can also lead to betexercise. exercise there. If you have ter sleep as the body is tired from always wanted to play netball all the activity. again, join a casual team.

Diet By exercising you may think twice about takeout- why would you ruin all that hard work just for a greasy hamburger? Try a chicken salad instead. Also try to incorporate more fruit and vegies into your diet. The Cancer Council recommends two servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables each daytry adding another serving in. Save money and the environment Start walking or riding to the local shop and work and leave the car at home. Save on petrol and save the emissions. The Heart Foundation says each year in Perth, more than 90 million private car trips of less than one kilometre are made. A one-kilometre car trip makes around 300g of carbon dioxide, which equates to 27 million kilograms of carbon dioxide being released into our environment each year. Stop contributing to the greenhouse effect and save money by walking. *Always consult a doctor before undertaking any new exercise routines.


health & fitness

got a question for Carli, then email her at razzmagazine@gmail.

Q. What is Low GI food and what are the benefits?

Q. Is the sugar in fruit bad for you?

A. The Cancer Vitamins are designed Council recompotatoes, pumpkin, A. mends two servings pastries, white bread to supplement your of fruit each day, diet in areas where and cereals such as  What is it? Cornflakes, Coco Pops you may not be get- but with summer GI stands for glyce- and Sultana Bran. ing enough required approaching and mic index which is the delicious sumnutrients People go Benefits the is ranking of carmer fruits in seathrough different bohydrates according Low GI foods delay stages of their life son, is it ok to eat to how much they hunger levels as the where they need spe- more?The sugar raise blood sugar cific vitamins. A veg- in fruit is called blood sugar is conlevels after eating, or stantly and consisetarian diet requires fructose. Fructose how quickly the bodytently released, which iron, a pre-pregnancy is a natural sugar absorbs the food.The makes them perfect diet requires folate that is low GI and scale ranges from and vitamins can help absorbed much for weight control 0 to 100. Low GI and improving sugar people gain the needed slower by the body foods are absorbed levels of people with amount of specific than a chocolate and digested slowly, diabetes.  Blood pres- nutrients.A multi vi- bar, which contains so blood sugar lev- sure and cholesterol tamin can supplement sucrose.Any sugar els rise steadily. High levels can be reduced, several vitamins and elevates blood GI foods are quickly which leads to a drop nutients at once but sugar levels, which absorbed and cause a in the risk of heart if you have a specific if constantly introspike in blood sugar. disease. dietary requirement, duced into the body, take a targeted vitamin can have a detri Low GI foods Q. Do multi vitamin tablet. This will delivermental affect- it can tablets contain every- the nutrient in a higher lead to cardiovasLow GI foods are thing I need? between 0-55 on dose than a multi vita- cular disease and the GI scale. Grain A. A multi vitamin is min will.Multivitaminsdiabetes.While fruit breads, brown rice, a tablet that contains should never replace a is part of a healthy oats, wheat passeveral differnt vita- healthy, balanced diet, diet and provides tas, nuts, dairy mins or nutrients such only supplememt it. essential vitamins and most fruit and as Vitamins A, C, D, and minerals, it vegetables are low E and K and works to is important to be GI.Avoid high GI in- prevent deficiences. balanced and keep cluding watermelon, the recommended intake in mind

Sucky Sex Syndrome

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It can be easy to convince yourself that being unsatisfied in bed isn’t a big deal. But, it is. By Emma Burnitt In the beginning for Sarah and Tony, little got in the way of lust, and when something did, it just added to the excitement. Work problems? A laundry full of washing? No food in the fridge? Who cares? But, time has passed and the initial excitement has worn off. Now he wants it. She doesn’t. She wants it. He doesn’t. The phone rings. The footy’s on TV. Her hormones are messed up. Sarah’s finding it’s harder to get in the mood. Orgasm? Too much work. Sex makes Tony happy and being held feels good, but for her own sexual release, she’d prefer to just take care of herself. Tony tells Sarah that he’s frustrated at how soon the nights of passion have come to an end. She misses too, but when the initial thrill is over, what can you expect? Sound familiar? You’re not alone. You’re partner makes you happy in many ways, so it can be easy to convince yourself that being unsatisfied in bed isn’t a big deal. But, it is. “In a relationship, you need to have that sexual component to maintain intimacy and a connection,” says psychiatrist Gail Saltz, author of The Ripple Effect: How Better Sex Can Lead to a Better Life.

When love is new there’s no problem. Nothing gets in the way of being together. There’s always time for love. He has deadlines, exams and poker night, and he’s still at your door. In the mood? Of course. You’re all over each other before the door closes. No matter how hot the passion is in the beginning, at some point the excitement wears off. Those exciting new things you did together are now things you’ve done dozens of times. You find yourself having sex in the same old way, saying and doing the same old things and usually in the same old place too. It’s now time to just do it, in the mood or not. Forget spontaneity. Forget waiting for your partner to turn you on. Forget waiting around for that spark to happen and getting upset when it doesn’t. What’s making you cranky isn’t that he isn’t turning you on. It’s that you haven’t taken care of yourself. Get your own needs met. It’s not his responsibility to get you into sex. It’s your responsibility to fulfil your own needs by getting into his intimacy when you are least into it.

Here are some simple ways to help spice up your sex life: 1. Change location. Sometimes just changing the place where you have sex can wake you up from your sexual boredom. If you always (or only) do it in bed, next time try it on the living room floor or on top of the kitchen table. If privacy is an issue, try a shower-for-two—the running water will muffle your moans. 2. Change position. How many different positions have you tried? You can pick up a guide to sex positions and try them with your partner. Try reading up on Kama Sutra and tantric se. Learn how to enhance your orgasm and how to savor every moment of sexual contact. Sex should be something you never want to finish! Try propping pillows under your hips for a better angle of penetration; make love side by side or standing up; have him sit in a rocking chair and lower yourself onto him gently, then let the chair rock you to orgasm. Have some fun! 3. Explore sensuality. A lot of people define sex as intercourse and oral sex and leave very little time for all the relaxing, intimate fun lovers can enjoy together, in and out of bed. Do you give each other massages or foot rubs? Have you fed each other chocolate in bed or sipped wine from the same glass? Has he ever run a rose petal over your body? Have you ever scrubbed his back in the tub? Maybe he could give you a pedicure. Sensual intimacies like these will wake up your passion- fast! 4. Pump up the excitement. Sometimes the real reason passion diminishes in a relationship is because one or both partners would rather be doing something else in bed. For example, maybe you wish your boyfriend spent more time kissing your breasts or giving you foreplay; maybe he wishes you would initiate sex more or give him more oral sex. Maybe neither of you wants to admit that the stuff you have been doing isn’t as thrilling as you need it to be because you’re afraid of hurting the other’s feelings. Put your cards on the table and let him know if there’s something more or different he could do to enhance your pleasure. Repressing your needs will only leave you frustrated. Always remember you’re not alone in the dilemma of routine sex. Talk to your girlfriends. Get their advice and talk about what works well for them. Sex should never feel like a choreit’s meant to be fun!

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l l a W e h t g n i Walk Written by Sonja Seifert

I have to admit it—I thought the Great Wall of China was one big long wall. In actual fact it’s a series of separate walls built throughout several dynasties by different emperors. And, while I’m confessing, I’ve also discovered (thanks to NASA) that the long-standing claim about being able to see the Great Wall from space is a myth. Now that I’ve taken all the romanticism out of it you may be wondering why I would even go to see this feat of human wonder and determination. Well, I do have one little secret left to divulge…

After a terrifying taxi ride with a driver who was so intent on proving his racing skills in thick, congested holiday traffic that he almost turned us all into roadkill, our traumatised arrived at the gate group of four of the Jinshanling section of The Great Wall. Mr Sun, our guide, is waiting for us. We’re late and he urges us to hurry—he doesn’t want us to miss the sunset from the wall, which he assures us is most spectacular. The four of us—my partner Ashley, and friends Emma and Simeon—huff breathlessly as we rush up the steep ascent. We’re babbling noisily about fitness levels, or lack there of, when I’m silenced by the view. Steep hills and mountains bathed in a golden orange glow undulate in endless ripples across the horizon.

Photography by Ashley Porter & Sonja Seifert As the sun slowly sets, throwing lavender and purples shadows over the landscape, a pregnant moon rises white and pure against the mottled sky. The Great Wall of China stands solid beneath my feet and extends in an endless ribbon of brickwork in either direction, it’s magnitude momentarily dwarfed by the majesty of the mountains. As the sun drops behind the last mountain range, Mr Sun ushers us back to his store for dinner. His wife has prepared a feast of dumplings, omelettes and various stir-fried dishes, which we wolf down with enthusiasm along with several rounds of beer. Afterwards, Mr Sun guides us back up the wall to a watchtower where we will spend the night. Yes, that’s right, we are sleeping on the Great Wall of China. Inside the watchtower, illuminated by a lone red candle, Mr Sun prepares mats and sleeping bags. With one last reminder that he’ll wake us just before dawn, he bids us goodnight and departs to the level below where he will spend the night.


FEATURE ON CHINA Wrapped in sleeping bags to fend off the cold autumn night, we sit huddled together gazing over the moonlit countryside. It’s a surreal feeling to be here on this ancient wall built by thousands of men in a wild and mysterious time. I can imagine centuries walking along this section of the wall, which was dimly lit by torches lodged in the ramparts, staring out over the same view that I’m seeing now. I awake to the steel-grey pre-dawn light and quietly slip outside. A biting breeze wraps around me but I’m too enthralled with the view to notice it. The others begin to stir and sleepy-eyed stumble out to join me. It’s completely silent. Not a bird sings, not a car toots its horn. It’s magic. Slowly the sun appears over the horizon and its blazing yellow fingers claim the new day. After a simple breakfast of two-minute noodles and tea Mr Sun points us in the direction of Simatai, the next main gate along the wall, and bids us farewell. It’s a ten-kilometre hike that takes us along original, not reconstructed, sections of the wall. Some parts have survived the passage of time with remarkable tenacity and others crumble dangerously. This part of the wall is off the main tourist circuit and we amble for hours past beautiful scenery; pass hawkers selling T-shirts, books, cold drinks and even beer; clamber up wide steep stairs and down slippery ramps; and encounter but a handful of other travellers.

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After six hours of walking my legs are protesting, thigh muscles burn and only the promise of a cold beer prevents me from falling in a heap. I look at the wall stretching in endlessly behind and in front of me. It’s an eerie moment. Even though I’ve walked for hours it feels as though I’m still in the middle of nowhere and no closer to civilisation.

Then, at last, Simatai looms into view, perched above a luminous aqua river that winds its way through this hive of hills. Relief washes over me as I clamber up the final stairs to the gate. There, beside the entrance a sign warns, ‘No sleeping on the Great Wall of China’. Oops, well we’ll keep it our little secret then, shall we.

To enjoy your own wall adventure contact Mr Sun Hailong:

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In Search of Shangri-la If you’re keen to get away from the human crush, the endless noise of the supersized cities and want to experience the ‘real China’ then Yunnan, in the southwest near Tibet, is worth exploring. A third of China’s ethnic minorities live in villages scattered across this diverse province. Yunnan, with its abundance of forests, wildlife and snow-capped mountain ranges has some of the most beautiful countryside in China. Highly recommended hot spots to visit include Kunming (the capital), Dali, Lijiang and Zhongdian. Kunming operates at a slower pace than that of Beijing or Shanghai and the fresh air, clear skies and cosmopolitan atmosphere will make you want to linger longer than anticipated. The city offers many interesting sights to see and a vast variety of tantalising food including the legendary Yunnan dish, ‘Noodles over a bridge’ (guoqiao mixian).

Dali, an ancient walled town, is rich in history. Take a turn off the tourist streets and you’ll find local Bai women, in traditional dress, shopping with large wicker baskets strapped to their backs, farm fresh produce piled onto tables, and bakers selling fresh steamed buns with sweet or savoury fillings. Back in the centre of town shopping is a dream with everything from hand-printed wall hangings to clothes being available for bargain prices—remember to barter, hard. Restaurants offer tasty traditional fare including a locally made yak cheese, and if you’re feeling brave, try the yak meat too. Sightseeing opportunities include Erhai Lake, various temples and the Jade Green Mountains. Over eight hundred years old, Lijiang was listed as a World Heritage site in 1997 after the town was almost destroyed in an earthquake. Since then much of the town has been authentically restored. Lijiang is a maze of -

wok-handled hutongs and rambling cobblestone laneways lined with glowing red lanterns and gushing canals. With an abundance of great food, plus culture from the matriarchal Naxi people such as Shuhe, a nearby traditional town that was part of the ancient tea trading route; treks to Tiger Leaping Gorge (along the Yangze River) and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (part of the Himalayan Mountain ranges), Lijiang has much to offer in the way of sightseeing and adventure travel so it’s a region not to be missed. Zhongdian, further north on the border of Tibet, was renamed Shangri-La by China in 2001. At a height of 3300m, the air is colder, fresher and discernibly thinner. In this little village you definitely feel the presence of the Tibetan culture and a visit to the grand 300 year-old Tibetan monastery, Ganden Sumtseling Gompa, is a must.


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Overlooking Dali Old Town market

Treks are available to picturesque Pudacuo National Park, Napa Lake and further a field. In town there are plenty of bars, cafes and hotels offering a mix of Chinese and Tibetan style food. Is this the lost paradise from James Hilton’s Lost Horizon? You’ll have to be the judge of that. The southern part of town The gold glitters in the afternoon sunhas undergone restoration light on the 300-year-old monastery but manages to retain a sense of authenticity with cobbled laneways, markets, temples and prayer wheels. The surrounding countryside is rugged with snow caped mountains looming in the distance. Fields are filled with woolly cows, flat black pigs and shaggy yaks.

Monks going about their daily chores

Getting up close with the locals shopping for street food and tasty steamed buns

Stunning scenery of Black Dragon Pool Park with snow capped mountains in the distance

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Saving Face

Saving face. You’ve heard the term used before but you’re not really sure what it means. Hands up those who think it was something to do with being involved in a socially embarrassing situation? Well, you’re half right. The Asian custom of saving face (mianzi) is a complex and confusing issue for Westerners to understand but if you’re going to be travelling through China then an understanding of this multi-faceted custom is a must. ‘Saving face’ is linked not only with honour but also perceived failure. Fundamentally, it relates to self-perception. In Western culture the primary focus is on the freedom of the individual and people pride themselves on their individuality. Communication is direct and up-front, and conflict is considered a normal part of life, something to be dealt with and then move on. By contrast Asian societies are more hierarchical with the emphasis on the group and surface harmony. In any given group situation each person is responsible for not just their own ‘face’ but for that of the other group members too. It’s not just you, the individual, who matters but also the people viewing you. Face operates on something of a sliding scale depending largely upon how highly you judge the other people around you to be. Losing face happens when you appear weaker or less competent in front of a person you either respect or are in competition with. Direct confrontation, losing your temper, arrogant behaviour and failing to show another person the correct amount of respect can all cause a loss of face for you and others in the group. Losing face is considered a serious humiliation not just to oneself, but also to the others in the group. It’s something to be avoided at all costs. This is why when you approach someone and ask for directions in China, regardless of whether or not they actually know where the place is, they will give you directions. It’s their way of saving face. For them, it’s far better to give directions rather than to lose face by admitting they don’t know where that place is, or even worse, that they don’t understand what you, the foreigner, have said.



Written by Sonja Seifert

Photography by Ashley Porter

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Photography by Reynard Kerman Location: Singapore

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson from A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

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