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Eat Something


10 Meals Brunch & Dinner for 5 Days

16 Items Use the Express Checkout

Less than $50 Dollars Total One Serving per Meal at under $5 Dollars a Meal

Rotisserie Chicken with Vegetables


The Shopping List

Chicken The Fixins'


Portobello Wrap

Balsamic Aioli

M o n d a y


Dinner "...a hearty fettuccine that makes the Rice-a-roni box stuff look pretty weak."

Fettuccine with Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

21 4 3 w e d n e s d a y

4 The Pantry List


A Thai


Affair Makes for Strange Bedfellows

Thai Food is influenced by many cultures including French (via Vietnam), Chinese, and Indian.

with Peppers and Balsamic Onions

F r i d a y

t a E We ll!

Scribus Menu Magazine Project  
Scribus Menu Magazine Project  

This is my first attempt at the Open Source Desktop Publishing Software - Scribus. It is a journal of my week eating a new meal plan and als...