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Razi Salih


Razi Salih is a businessman and entrepreneur with directorships at All New Investments Ltd, Paytick UAB and XE Prime Ventures. Salih studied for his bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business at Ariel University, majoring in Business Management with a minor in Finance. With more than 10 years of experience working in Fintech, Razi Salih has been involved with a number of projects that focused on using ecommerce payments solutions, blockchain technology and B2B/B2C operational investment services. Since the start of 2019, Salih has taken the role of Director at All New Investments Ltd, a company that also focuses on the growing Fintech industry. Other key areas for Salih include advertising, digital marketing and real estate, and in his own time he enjoys taking part in a variety of extreme sports including skydiving, freestyle motorcycling and snowboarding.