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There are a few things you must remember about SWTOR and it isn’t your typical WOW (World Of Warcraft) type of class. Each class on each team (Republic Or Empire) has its own unique type of character which is different from WOW where a Warrior on one side will often have a Warrior on the other side (same goes for Rogues, Mages and so on…) In SWTOR, all you need to remember is that there are classes that focuses on defense and those that focuses on dealing damage. Here are a list of classes for the republic and the empire: Republic classes: – Trooper consisting of Vanguard and Commando – Smuggler consisting of Gunslinger and Scoundrel – Jedi knight consisting of Guardian and Sentinel – Jedi Consular consisting of the Sage and the Shadow Empire classes: – Bounty Hunter consisting of Powertech and Mercenary – Sith Warrior consisting of Juggernaut and Marauder – Imperial Agent consisting of Operative and Sniper – Sith Inquisitor consisting of the Assassin and the Sorcerer Each of these classes allows you to move towards one of these 2 advanced Classes and these are specialized career paths. Each path will help you to accomplish a certain role in an easier way or participate in large scale battles where you need to cooperate as a team. It also influences the role you play as well so it is very important to plan your characters from the start. Do not try and put points into areas you will not use later on or you will regret your decision as the game advances.


What Are The Classes In SWTOR  

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