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Welcome Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to present our marketing proposal for the sale of your home. In selling your home there are four key matters we need to consider: 1. 2. 3. 4.

The marketing strategy The most appropriate method of selling your property Why Ray White Surry Hills | Alexandria is the right agency to sell your home Our key responsibilities

This proposal addresses each of these aspects. Our aim is to ensure that the property is exposed to the widest target audience of potential buyers in the current market to ensure that the best possible prices is achieved. In a very short period of time Ray White has positioned itself as the Inner City and Inner West’s premiere agency. Stand out premises, effective marketing and exceptional service are our hallmarks. Our growth speaks for itself. Once you have had the chance to read this proposal we look forward to meeting with you. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours Sincerely,

Teresa Natoli & James Natoli

Having been raised in the inner city, I have always been fascinated with experiencing the growth and change that has shaped our community. I’ve had over 15 years of experience working in the area, and developed firsthand knowledge on the geographical and cultural elements of the local neighbourhoods, and the needs of my clients.- Teresa Natoli 0425 272 652

I was essentially born into real estate at Ray White Surry Hills, working alongside my parents from before I can remember. I was constantly immersed in the culture and fast-paced environment of the inner city, I love the area and all it has to offer. Being a part of the community has always been important, keeping active with the local rugby league team, or nearly any other type of sport. - James Natoli 0425 337 163

195 Lawrence Street, Alexandria Sold: $1,850,000 Reserve: $1,800,000

Contracts Issued: 12 Visitors: 80+

Marketing Investment: $7,500 Vendor: Peter Hall - 0403 131 393

Contracts Issued: 10 Visitors: 50+

Marketing Investment: $6,500 Vendor: Mortgagee sale

Contracts Issued: 45 Visitors: 100+

Marketing Investment: $8,000 Vendor: Government Sale

544 Elizabeth Street, Redfern Sold: $1,110,000 Reserve: $1,000,000

81 Anglesea Street, Bondi Sold: $4,230,000 Reserve: $2,700,000

94-96 Doncaster Avenue, Kensington Sold: $4,350,000 Reserve: $3,600,000 Pre Auction Offer: $3,400,000

Contracts Issued: 20 Visitors: 50+

Marketing Investment: $9,200 Vendor: Salvo Barbagallo - 0418 699 177

Contracts issued: 12 Visitors: 80+

Marketing Investment: $7,000 Vendor: Tom Johnston 0422 444 104

Contracts Issued: 32 Visitors: 100+

Marketing Investment: $7,500 Vendor: Rogan Yates - 0414 228 400

186 Mitchell Road, Alexandria Sold: $1,700,000 Reserve: $1,650,000 Pre Auction Offer: $1,650,000

18 Phelps Street, Surry Hills Sold: $1,485,000 Reserve: $1,350,000 Pre Auction Offer: $1,400,000

13/101 Belmont Street, Alexandria Sold: $1,900,000 Reserve: $1,900,000 Pre Auction Offer: $1,900,000 (accepted)

Contracts Issued: 16 Visitors: 50+

Marketing Investment: $8,000 Vendor: Peter & Suzette Carrington 0417211577

Contracts Issued: 15 Visitors: 70+

Marketing Investment: $4,400 Vendor - Mortgagee Sale (Commonwealth Bank)

Contracts Issued: 50 Visitors: 150+

Marketing Investment: $7,250 Vendor: NSW Sheriffs

62/450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills Sold: $1,177,000 Reserve: $1,000,000 Pre Auction Offer: $1,000,000

72/3-5 Darley Street, Darlinghurst Sold: $550,000 Reserve: $375,000

M02/147 Mcecvoy Street, Alexandria Sold: $1,340,000 Reserve: $1,200,000 Pre Auction Offer: $1,100,000

Contracts Issued: 16 Visitors: 60+

Marketing Investment: $6,199 Vendor: Diana Sanchez - 0411259259

Contracts Issued: 12 Visitors: 30+

Marketing Investment: $7,000 Vendor: CK LAM (International)

Contracts Issued: 20 Visitors: 90

Marketing Investment: $7,200 Vendor: Ian & Helen Potter 0412 558 621

10/300 Riley Street, Surry Hills Sold: $1,220,000 Reserve: $1,200,000

22/111 Mcevoy Street, Alexandria Sold: $1,200,000 Reserve: $1,100,000 Pre Auction Offer: $1,050,000

C79/240 Wyndham Street, Alexandria (vendor) James Natoli was highly professional , excellent customer care and achieved well above our expectations. All dealings with him from the beginning to the end process were exceptional. I would highly recommend his expertise.

16 Kensington Street, Waterloo (vendor) Teresa has been a wonderful agent and held our hands throughout the whole sales process. We hadn’t sold at auction before and she dealt with all our questions and issues promptly and professionally. Importantly, Teresa also managed very well all our prospective buyers keeping them well briefed and in the process to maximise attendance and participation in the Auction. Well done on a great result Teresa and we hope to do business with you again.

186 Mitchell Road, Alexandria (vendor) Teresa and James were a great team in selling our Alexandria terrace. We were interstate, so they looked after the day to day issues (negotiating with tenants, trades etc.) and the bigger picture of finding the right buyer. We were kept up to date on all prospective buyers and given realistic price expectations throughout. I would highly recommend engaging Teresa and James and the broader Ray White team in Alexandria.

295 Forbes Street, Darlinghurst (vendor) Teresa was extremely closely involved in the sale of my house, and put a great deal of effort into making sure that we extracted as much value as possible. She was always honest and up front with us, and did not leave a stone unturned when making sure that our pre-auction offer would not be beat by anybody else - she literally called every person who had been through the house right at the end of the campaign, even after it was clear there were only 2-3 interested parties! Really wonderful to deal with and generous with her time. Offered to do even more for us than what was within the scope of her role, which we really appreciated.

314/141 McEvoy Street, Alexandria (vendor) Teresa and her team provided a comforting service that gave me peace of mind and kept me fully informed in a timely and effective manner during the entire sales process. I was never kept in the dark nor given false expectations. Teresa delivers both the good and bad news in a straight manner and the result was a sale for which I am happy with. It is important to trust your Agent as the costs are significant - a very PROFESSIONAL business led by a professional! Thanks Teresa and James

2/28 Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills (vendor) From the very start I felt confident that Teresa Natoli was the best person to handle the sale of my Surry Hills apartment. Her experience and professionalism made me feel very comfortable with her and with the process too, even though we only ever spoke by phone. Living over 3 hours from Sydney I needed an expert on the ground to solve any issues during the sale process and Teresa handled all these easily. Plus she negotiated an excellent pre-auction price with the most qualified buyer. Teresa delivered!

G08/123 Wyndham Street, Alexandria (buyer) James and Teresa were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in assisting my partner and I in buying our first home. They kept us in the loop through regular communication, and we felt that they dealt with both the vendor and buyer with extreme honesty. Would highly recommend.

209W/138 Carillon Avenue, Newtown (buyer) I met Teresa, husband Peter and son James at quite a few opens over the 17 months I spent looking for a property. They were always friendly, open and helpful, never pushy. Even after the purchase and prior to settlement, they have been helpful with ideas about how to improve the property and giving me access for quotes and the like. I am happy to warmly recommend them.

62/450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills (buyer) James was very easy to work with and was very helpful in sourcing the information we needed to make our purchase decision. James continued his great assistance post exchange as we sort to visit the vacant site to consult with builders and architects.

19/19 Birmingham Street, Alexandria (buyer) Teresa and her team were totally professional and also very helpful with our journey in buying our lovely apartment, when things didn’t go quiet to plan with a report we requested Teresa was into it and fixed it so we received the correct reports , could not ask for better service. Thank you

22/111 McEvoy Street, Alexandria (buyer) After spending almost every weekend for the last 3 years looking for our new home we secured this fantastic property with the help of Teresa and James Natoli. We found both Teresa and James to be upfront in their dealings with us and their knowledge of the local market was very helpful. Property negotiations are always emotional and stressful, however Teresa’s understanding of this, and her no nonsense approach really helped the process. We would not hesitate to recommend both Teresa and James for your next purchase.

15/107 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst (buyer) Teresa kept us informed the whole way from our initial viewing of the apartment right through to exchange of contract. Appreciating the agent ‘works’ for the vendor, as the purchaser we felt we could rely on Teresa to provide accurate and unbiased information which assisted us in making the decision to purchase the property. We appreciated her service delivery so much that Ray White Surry Hills have been engaged the agency to manage the rental of the apartment also. Thank you Teresa


R REACH Expect unrivaled personal and expert attention, backed by the power of Australia’s premier real estate brand. Powerful brand • • • •

Your property will have the full marketing backing of Australasia’s premier real estate brand. Ray White is the most ‘Googled’ real estate brand in Australia. Our on-the-ground expertise in China Ray White is also one of the most searched agencies on and, ensuring your listing is at the forefront of search engine results.

Double the exposure • •

With multiple offices working in tandem on your behalf, you have a greater chance of finding the right buyer at the right price. Our office database of more than 25,000 active and qualified buyers captures unparalleled buyer reach across the Inner City and Inner West

Local expertise • Your property will come under the care of one of Ray White’s premier and most awarded sales teams in its network of over 1,000 offices across Australasia. • Our local expertise provides instinctive market knowledge relevant to your street, suburb and surrounding areas.

METHODS OF SALE Every property is unique. Based on the set of circumstances surrounding each property sale, we recommend the most appropriate method of sale that we believe will achieve your highest price. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Off market An off-market sale is when a property is being sold without any public advertising. Selling off market usually results in a quick sale, and can often allow the seller to determine a shorter settlement conditions or request a larger deposit Auction: Why auction? We suggest selling the property by the way of auction. Although the auction clearance rate in Sydney for the last quarter has been in the vicinity of 70%, at Ray White Surry Hills our clearance rates are consistently in excess of 90% and we still believe this is the best method to achieve a sale for the following reasons: • • • •

To gain high exposure for the property To create competition amongst buyers and to achieve a result above market expectations To encourage buyers to act within a four week time period and entice offers prior to auction. To establish the current market price for the property.

Our auction campaigns generally run for a period of four weeks with the auction to be held on the fourth Saturday. We also recommend the auction to be held on-site wherever possible in order to create an emotionally charged atmosphere and reinforce in the buyers mind that the property is for them. Private treaty – fixed price This is where the property is submitted to the market by the asking price.

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We approach buyer behaviour holistically and from a local perspective. With years of experience and understanding buyer behaviour, we create property appeal and conduct campaigns to attract the right buyers who will pay premium prices. How your buyer ‘shops’ 1. 2. 3. 4.

Time poor, they primarily use internet advertising to shortlist properties. They begin to eliminate properties, shortening their list to those with the greatest appeal. The majority inspect a property within the first two or three weeks of hitting the market. This is the optimum time for finding a premium buyer as once this initial pool has been exhausted, only a trickle of new buyers inspect during the latter weeks of the campaign. Once emotionally engaged the sales process begins. At this point, buyers can pay up to 10 per cent more than their initial budget – an important fact when it comes to negotiations.

About your buyer Your future buyer(s) are likely to have started property hunting using methodical and logical methods. They enter the market with a definitive list of desired features within a budget. However, once they become “attached” to a property, the ultimate purchase is far more emotional than rational, which is why our campaigns engage them at a deeper emotional level.


From the moment your property goes on the market, it needs to look it’s best. We have a reputation for presenting our properties a class above the rest and a crowded marketplace. To help you achieve the highest selling price, we can walk through your home with you, providing presentation advices based on our buyer behaviour expertise. Homes that appear well maintained are more desirable and valuable. There are many simple techniques you can use to prepare your home without financial outlay. However, in some cases, we may advise investing in building, cosmetic improvements or home styling to achieve a significantly greater outcome.

SIMPLE IS UNDERRATED Your buyer needs to imagine living in your property. Ridding clutter visibly increases the room size and will better showcase the space.

THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL Pay attention to the temperature and make prospective buyers feel comfortable. Open windows, turn on the air conditioner/heater or light candles or fires. Brew coffee, arrange flowers and remove any pet or smoke smells. Spring clean your property from the inside out including walls, windows, skirting boards and every nook and cranny. Freshen up interior and exterior paint work and clean carpets, floors and lounges. Make up beds with neutral, new linen.




HOMES Now that your property is ready, it’s time to open the doors to your potential buyers. We want to make you feel comfortable about leaving your property in our expert hands. On the day We understand how you feel about opening your property to others and preserve the uppermost level of professionalism and integrity during opening times. It is our personal commitment to have a minimum of two agents overseeing your opening to maintain the highest level of security. By doing so, we can service each potential buyer with the utmost diligence and be on hand to answer any questions they may have. What to do Buyers prefer anonymity when viewing a home and like to speak freely to agents and with each other, something that can be hard to do if you’re there. We recommend that you (or current tenants if applicable) leave the property during its opening times,taking pets and their food/water bowls and litter trays with you. Open inspection timings We recommend scheduling open homes twice a week. By doing so, you’ll show your property off at its best and create a feeling of competition among the many potential buyers inspecting at the same time. Buyer feedback We make follow-up calls to every party inspecting your property and report back to you quickly, which is vital in today’s market. We also obtain buyer feedback about your property.



Our lines of communication are open at all times with agents available to speak to you 24/7. We make sure you always have a deep understanding of the progress of your sale.

Transparent communication

We believe it’s extremely important that you know what we know so that you can make informed decisions. As well as our immediate reporting on the day of open for inspections we provide regular written summaries which include: • Marketing campaign status, including web site hits • Number of groups through and positive/ negative feedback. • Emails sent and phone calls made. • Number of second inspections. • Contracts issued • Offers received


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In a crowded marketplace, you need to attract every possible buyer with a high impact, cost-effective campaign that showcases your property to perfection. Tailored marketing strategy

Because your property, situation and needs are unique, we custom-design your high-impact strategic marketing campaign. Through a variety of mediums, we can cast our net far and wide to target local, national and international buyers. Our aim is to: • Achieve a maximised price for you, beyond market expectations. • Work with timing that suits your needs. • Maximise the exposure of your property at minimum cost, and without compromise. Core marketing activity • • • • • •

Prominent property video and backlit street signboard. Online marketing. Public relations and editorial. The highest quality, professional sales material. Advertising materials. Unique property website.


aring your house for sale is an investment in time, marketing is an investment in securing the highest possible sale price.



The Ray White database



Conducting a compelling marketing campaign is a blend of art and science. Our goal is to capture the attention and imagination of the right prospective buyers for your property, creating authentic desire and the perception that your property surpasses others in value and worth

Our current Surry Hills | Alexandria | Erskineville database holds in the region of 25,000 genuine, qualified buyers which has been built up over 14 years, making it one of the most powerful buyer attraction tools in the market. This database which is made up of local, interstate and international buyers and investors is the most cost-effective marketing tool, as we know what these buyers are looking for and how much they want to spend. Upon listing, we email buyers looking for a property just like yours before we advertise your property.

Floorplan imaging Floorplans provide buyers with an overall perspective via a 2-Dimensional illustration of your property’s entire layout. They are invaluable to help buyers visualize and understand the dimension of the spaces and the relationship between rooms.


2 Internet presence Ray White is the most ‘Googled’ brand in Australia today. Our internet campaign for your property is designed to capture the 80% of buyers who use the internet as part of their purchase process. We feature a comprehensive listing of your property, including professional photos and floorplans, broadcasting it to local and international buyers on the top real estate sites, including: • • • •


Professional Photography Ray white uses the finest industry renowned property photographers, highly experienced at showcasing a property to its best advantage, including specialist atmospheric twilight/dusk shots. We create a broad portfolio of high resolution digital photographs for use in colour print and online marketing.

Property video


Our professional property videographers are experts in taking viewers on a journey of your home. These videos showcase a property more comprehensively than any other marketing tool, allowing you to present your property, its location and surrounding lifestyle options in a cinematic package.

RAY WHITE SURRY HILLS ALEXANDRIA ERSKINEVILLE Ray White Surry Hills | Alexandria | Erskineville consists of two offices working as one. Established in 2003, our multi award-winning offices consistently rank among Ray White’s top performers due to the on-going outstanding results we achieve for our clients. Office locations and reach Our Surry Hills | Alexandria | Erskineville offices are located at 500 Crown Street, Surry hills and 75- 77 Erskineville Road in Erskineville. With two locations, we have an unmatched presence across Sydney’s Inner City and Inner West, enabling us to cross-sell surrounding suburbs, including, Surry Hills, Alexandria, Darlinghurst, Chippendale, Erskineville, Newtown, Elizabeth Bay, Darlington, Waterloo, Potts Point, Zetland, Sydney CBD and Redfern. Our directors Managing Director Peter Natoli, and Sales Directors Teresa Natoli, Shaun Stoker and Ercan Ersan lead our team, working tirelessly and enthusiastically to uphold the Ray White values and vision for excellence. Our Directors take an unparalleled personal and active interest in every sale and property management brief, ensuring you benefit from their attention, network and breadth of experience. Our services Our offices have established a unique profile, specialising in the sale and management of all types of quality residential property.

Combined office expertise With extensive local knowledge and the ability of our two offices to work in tandem, our clients have a far greater opportunity to source the right buyer. As such, Ray White Surry Hills | Alexandria | Erskineville is industry recognised as the local market leader in one of Australia’s most competitive and diverse real estate markets. Sales Over the past 14 years, we have established a proven track record, selling more than 1800 properties in the Inner City and Inner West and achieving record sales for clients. Property management Our property management service is designed to help you achieve your financial goals. Our expert property managers have priority access to market intelligence and receive industry-leading training, education and resources to coordinate your tenancies with maximum efficiency. Our ethos We’ve built our business on trust and a reputation for honest and reliable service that always exceeds expectations. We focus on what matters the most to you and the key elements required to achieve the successful management of your property.


PERFORMANCE With over 10 years of sales experience in the Inner city market, I can provide you with the most strategic and appropriate approach to selling your home. Ray White network list more properties than any other brand in New South Wales

Ray White Market Share 2018 10.90%

6.50% 5.20% 4.80% 4.70%

3.40% 2.90%

Ray White






Ray White Surry Hills Auction Office of the Year - City Winner July 2016 - June 2017

Dan White Director

Brian White Chairman



Creating competition Auctions create a competitive bidding environment and have the ability to establish an emotional connection between the property and the purchaser in a short period of time. This may increase a home’s value, and help achieve a premium result. No price capping In such a high demand area you don’t want to cap the price you can achieve, this is why we don’t advertise a price guide. Also it is important for buyer to inspect the home before discussing price. If they love it then they might stretch themselves at your auction. Having a set end date Having a set date creates the urgency for a prospective purchaser to be organised for auction day. Setting a date creates urgency with buyers, and also creates a structured selling plan in which to achieve a sale either prior to auction, at auction or post auction. Selling in 4 weeks is the ideal time. Taking a home to auction can help you attract more buyers through the open homes and this is why they are set over 4 weeks. This is the ideal time, while your home is still new to the market but without selling to quickly and missing buyers who wanted to see it. Unconditional contract Auction gives you an immediate unconditional contract. Selling prior or on the day.

BIDDER 3 $1,650,000 BIDDER 4 $1,600,000







SOLD $1,850,000

BIDDER 2 $1,500,000

BIDDER 7 $1,600,000

BIDDER 6 $1,500,000 BIDDER 5 $1,450,000

BIDDER 1 $1,400,000








2 K W







Marketing peak time interest in your property will peak at week 2 and 3 however will have a little spike just before auction day. With a bit of luck you might get an extra buyer you didn’t expect. Only one lead agent To truly understand each buyers situation and budget your lead agent must run everything to do with buyers! Including all buy inquiry, open homes, call backs, private viewings and negotiations (obviously) Taking out the guess work Come auction day you know almost exactly what to expect without being nervous. Things like, how many bidders, who they are, what reserve to set, where the bidding will start and finish should all be discussed prior.

BIDDING RECORDS $1,850,000 $1,825,000

$1,800,000 $1,770,000 $1,720,000 $1,625,000




$1,680,000 $1,500,000




$1,575,000 $1,450,000

$1,400,000 BIDDER 1









We’re here to take the stress away from selling your property and provide you with a sales experience that exceeds your expectations. As part of the local community, we’re enthusiastic about the prospect of looking after you and your property, achieving a superb result in our local marketplace. We look forward to meeting with you.

Ray White Surry Hills | Alexandria T: (02) 9004 8800 F: (02) 9004 8888

Teresa Natoli

0425 272 652

James Natoli

0425 337 163

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Listing Your Home 2018 TN&JN