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Southwood Elementary celebrates National Walk to School By Diane Krizek Eager young students of Southwood Elementary school joined up at C. Lee Kenagy Park at 79th Street and Raytown Road for the annual National Walk to School Day on the morning of Oct. 5. The sky was blue, the grass covered with dew and dozens of delicious donuts donated by Raytown Hy-Vee awaited boys and girls in the shelter to fortify them for the nearly two block trek to their school. While they awaited for the call to launch out, students and parents were provided a sheet of tips for walking safely to school and signed safety pledges while Officer Joe Holt passed out Topps baseball cards that were donated by the Kansas City Royals for the Cops are Topps program. “They’re excited, really excited about getting the baseball cards and it’s a great turnout today,” said Officer Holt. “I’m giving out as many as I can.”

Mayor McDonough and Officer Holt led the march down Raytown Road to Southwood Elementary school where teachers and staff cheered the students for making safe choices in their walk. The event was organized by Southwood Elementary PTA president, Terrica Jones, who reported that her PTA is 20 families strong now. One of their future projects is an outdoor classroom. “An outdoor classroom is really nice because it gets our kids outside. Our kids are not getting as much recess as they used to and they’re spending more time in the classroom. So, just getting them out into the sunshine helps them a lot. It gives them a change of pace, something new and another way to reward them.” Southwood Elementary students couldn’t have had a better day for stretching their legs, learning how to walk safely and joining in the camaraderie of National Walk to School Day.

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Downtown streetscape officially opens with ribbon cutting By Diane Krizek Elected officials and members of the Raytown Area Chamber of Commerce, Raytown Main Street Association and the community congregated at 63rd Street and Raytown Road on Oct. 5 to ceremonially open the newly renovated streetscape in downtown Raytown. Economic Development administrator Tom Cole, Mayor Mike McDonough and Raytown Main Street Association president Steve Guenther made opening remarks emphasizing the streetscape’s significance in elevating civic pride, enhancing the area for community events and advancing business growth in downtown.

Photo courtesy of Scott Walz

Compensation Committee recommends 7.5% raise for city marshal and 25% for municipal judge By Diane Krizek The Elected Officials Compensation Committee was appointed by Mayor Mike McDonough to review the compensation of aldermen, city marshal and municipal judge with the impetus that salary changes must be made prior to the next municipal election which will take place on April 7, 2017. Police Chief Jim Lynch who is acting City Marshal has announced his intention to run for reelection to a fourth term. Most city insiders assume that Municipal Judge Traci Fann will also run for reelection after being elected to two terms without a challenger. The committee members tasked with the assignment were Jo Riggs, Don Wilson, Richard Koop, Jim Bradshaw and Ralph Monaco who chaired the committee. Eyebrows raised around town with the selec-

tion of Monaco who is known to be the personal attorney and close friend of Lynch and McDonough. A conflict of interest is apparent because Monaco represents clients who seek justice from the municipal judge. Monaco opened the discussion of the committee’s recommendation at the board of aldermen work session on Sept. 27 with: “I want to dispel what may be a rumor that is untrue. And that is, when we looked at the salary compensation, we did not look at an individual. We didn’t say ‘Jim Lynch makes this and Jim Lynch should make more’…We looked at it simply as the elected person and we were devoid of who that person was. We don’t know who the next police chief will be or the next municipal judge and we don’t know who the next board of aldermen are going to be.”

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Monaco went on to explain that they looked at when was the last raise of each position and what were the economic changes and new duties imposed during that period. The committee compared the compensation packages of alderman, city marshal and municipal judge to counterparts in Gladstone, Grandview, Blue Springs and Liberty but what was not considered is the financial budget for each of those municipalities. Alderman Aldermen compensation has been $400 with a $50 car allowance monthly since year 2000. The salary/benefit package for this parttime position totals $5,969 annually. Annual Salary Car Allowance Work Comp FICA Unemployment

$4,800 50 154 367 48

The committee recommended raising the alderman salary to $500 monthly. Monaco remarked that the board will never be fully compensated for all the hours they put into board meetings, prepping for meetings and serving on committees. Municipal Judge The municipal judge’s last raise was in 2012 and salary and benefits bring the total compensation to $31,531.99 for this part-time position.

2004 $23,460 yr 2006 $24,408 yr 2007 $25,628 yr The committee recommended raising the annual salary of the judge by 25% to $35,238.74 annually with 2% increases every year thereafter. The argument for the substantial raise is due to the added responsibilities imposed on municipal judges “because of Ferguson.” In its Mar. 17 agreement with Ferguson, the Department of Justice stated: “The Justice Department’s investigation uncovered a pattern or practice of unlawful conduct by the FPD and the Ferguson Municipal Court, including: violating the Fourth Amendment by conducting stops without reasonable suspicion and arrests without probable cause, as well as using excessive force;

Annual Salary $28, 190.99 Work Comp 902.00 FICA 2167.00 Unemployment 282.00 Six raises have been given prior to 2012: 2000 $20,000 yr 2002 $21,459 yr Compensation continued on page 2 2003 $23,000 yr

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Friday, October 7, 2016

High school students participate in innovation challenge

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Terrica Jones, Southwood Elementary PTA president, and Mayor Mike McDonough

Front row (L-R) Raytown South math teacher Vivian Bozikis, Raytown South student Maia Lewis, Raytown High student Elizabeth Kujath. Back row (L-R) Raytown High student Dylan Finch, Raytown South student Andrew Wegley, and Raytown High math teacher Ian Abundis.

Officer Joe Holt passing out Topps baseball cards donated by the Kansas City Royals

Southwood Elementary students dig into the donuts donated by Hy-Vee

Raytown High School students Dylan Finch and Elizabeth Kujath and Raytown South students Andrew Wegley and Maia Lewis participated in the Student Innovation Challenge at the Missouri School Boards’ Association’s annual fall conference on Oct. 1.

During the challenge, students had to use creativity, problem solving, team work, and collaboration to think of ways to solve a potential water crisis. Students presented their research findings, solution, and plan for implementation at the conference. Three other districts from

around the state also participated in the challenge. Raytown High School math teacher Ian Abundis and Raytown South math teacher Vivian Bozikis served as mentors during the challenge.

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the city prosecutor and the impartiality of the municipal judge.” The Missouri legislature reacted with the passage of SB 5 that “modifies distribution of traffic fines and court costs collected my municipal courts.” Municipal Judge Traci Fann complained to the committee that SB 5 now requires judges since Aug. 2015 “to do daily arraignments for people in custody that cannot post bond.” The cases filed in the municipal court of Raytown provided by the municipal judge for the committee show a drop in cases since 2012 when cases totaled 10,165 bringing $950,868 in revenue. In 2015, the total cases were 5,240 and revenue was $959,349.84 and, as of July 31, cases for 2016 were 4,415 and revenue $430,174.59. City Marshal The city marshal last received a raise in 2012 to a salary/benefit package of $126,000 annually for this full-time position. The City also provides a vehicle valued at $8,750.00 per year.

Annual Salary $96,743.00 PD LAGERS 8,804.00 Work Comp 3,096.00 FICA 7,401.00 Unemployment 967.00 Group Term Life 180.00 Group Dependent 31.00 Life Employer Annual 5,008.00 Health Plan Employer Annual 1,104.00 HSA Contribution Employer Delta 699.00 Dental Supplement Employer’s Vision 132.00 Supplement

violating the First Amendment by interfering with the right to free expression and the right to record public police activity; and violating the 14th Amendment by engaging in racial discrimination, in both police and related court activity, as well as violating individuals’ due process and equal protection rights in court.” Consequently, the Justice Department demanded Municipal Court reform “to ensure that municipal code enforcement is driven by public safety, not a desire to raise revenue; implementing an amnesty program for all open cases and associated warrants initiated prior to Jan. 1, 2014; eliminating unnecessary fees and altering the court’s fine and warrant practices to ensure due process; increasing transparency of court operations; eliminating the use of secured money bond; ensuring that no person will be jailed for being poor; and ensuring the independence of the court from

Seven raises were given prior to 2012: 1992 2000 2005 2006 2009 2010 2011

$50,000 yr $68,000 yr $75,000 yr $78,750 yr $91,162 yr $92, 986 yr $94,845 yr

The argument for raising the city marshal’s compensation was based on the added duties of also being the Emergency Preparedness Director that oversees emergency preparedness, mitiga-

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Celebrating 75 years of “banking the credit union way!”

United Consumers Credit Union’s Celebrating 75 years of “banking the credit union way!”

8730 E. 63rd St. Raytown, MO 64133

Fall Shred Event Saturday, October-22nd 9am to Noon Banking is what you do, not where you do it!

Friday, October 7, 2016



FBI seeking individual who may have information regarding the identity of a child sexual assault victim The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is seeking the public’s assistance with obtaining identifying information regarding an unknown male who may have critical information pertaining to the identity of a child victim in an ongoing sexual exploitation investigation. Photographs and an informational poster depicting the

unknown individual, known only as John Doe 37, are being disseminated to the public and can be found online at the FBI website at http:// Initial videos of the unidentified male, John Doe 37, shown with a child were first recorded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in

June of 2014. The EXIF data embedded within the video files also indicated that the files were produced in April of 2012. In addition, audio from the animated film “The Land Before Time” can be heard in the background of the videos. John Doe 37 is described as a White male with brown hair and wearing dark-

framed glasses. Anyone with information to provide should submit a tip online at, or call the FBI’s toll-free tip line at 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-2255324). The public is reminded no charges have been filed in this case and the pictured individual is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

This individual is being sought as part of the FBI’s Operation Rescue Me and Endangered Child Alert Program (ECAP) initiatives, both of which represent strategic partnerships between the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Operation Rescue Me focuses on utilizing clues obtained through

in-depth image analysis to identify the child victims depicted in child exploitation material, while ECAP seeks national and international media exposure of unknown adults (referred to as John/ Jane Does) who visibly display their faces and/or other distinguishing characteristics in association with child pornography images.

Raytown Schools announce 2016 Alumni Hall of Fame Class The Raytown School District is pleased to announce its Alumni Hall of Fame Class for 2016. The class includes six individuals who will join the ranks of other respected alumni on during the Oct. 7 and 8 Induction Weekend activities. Dr. Cynthia (Paris) Burkhead is a 1975 graduate of Raytown High School. Dr.

Burkhead is the English Department Chair at University of Northern Alabama and is a nationally recognized lecturer, presenter, and author. Mark Corey is a 1986 graduate of Raytown High School. Corey is a multi-award winning journalist, producer, reporter, and photographer for the CBS affiliate KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Dr. Mark Hoffman is a 1987 graduate of Raytown South High School. Dr. Hoffman is the Director of Health Insights at UMKC and the Director of the Translational Bioinformatics for Children’s Mercy Hospital. Jim Martin is a 1971 graduate of Raytown High School. He is a decorated retired Navy Commander and com-

bat veteran, who served as a U.S. Navy Aerospace Engineering Officer and National Improvised Explosive Device counter-terrorism expert. Mike Swanson is a 1972 graduate of Raytown High School. Swanson is the Vice President of Communications and Broadcasting for the Kansas City Royals. Dr. Starnes Walker at-

tended Raytown Schools from Kindergarten through his 11th grade year in 1964. Dr. Walker is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Founding Director of the University of Delaware Cybersecurity Initiative (UDCSI). The six inductees will meet with students at the two district high schools, will be

featured speakers at a community luncheon, and will be introduced at the Raytown High School football game all on Friday, Oct. 7 at Chittwood Stadium; the formal induction ceremony takes place on Saturday, Oct 8. This is the 12th class to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, which began in 2005.

Springfield wins Early Childhood Education Program of the Year Award Mehlville, Raytown also honored The Springfield School District is the recipient of the Early Childhood Education Program of the Year award from FutureBuilders, the educational foundation of the Missouri School Boards’ Association. The award was

presented at the 2016 MSBA Annual Conference at the Lake of the Ozarks on October 3. The MSBA FutureBuilders Early Childhood Education Program of the Year is designed to reward public

school districts that have implemented programs to advance quality early educational opportunities for children. To be eligible for the Award, the school district must be a member of Mis-

souri School Boards’ Association and must offer a high quality pre-k program. Award recipients were selected by the MSBA FutureBuilders Board based on their innovative approaches and outstanding ability to

engage and support the development of the children in their care and on their overall commitment to early childhood education. The second place winner of the award this year was the Mehlville School District

and the third place winner was the Raytown School District. The Missouri School Boards’ Association is a private, not-for-profit organization that exists to help school boards succeed.

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$103,997.65 annually with 2% increases for each year thereafter. The committee’s recommendation was met with some consternation

among the aldermen who stated they would not increase their salary. As for the city marshal and municipal judge, some made their positions known.

Alderman Mark Moore commented that the city had not been able to find the $40,000 that Public Works requested for the overlay of the streetscape.

“We love you Chief but I don’t see where there’s any room in your budget,” said Alderman Moore. “I have a problem giv-

ing raises when city staff are making $11 an hour,” said Alderman Steve Meyers.

tion, and recovery. The committee recommended a 7.5% raise to

No Jackson County tax transactions at City Hall Oct. 21 to Nov. 4 The City of Raytown Finance Department will not be processing Jackson County tax transactions beginning Oct. 21 through Nov. 4. This is an annual “break in service” that occurs while Jackson County’s system is

offline as they prepare billing statements for the new tax year. During this time, Jackson County tax transactions will be able to be processed via the two main offices of the County at:

Jackson County-Kansas City 415 E. 12th St Kansas City, MO 64106 Jackson County-Independence 112 W. Lexington Ave #114 Independence, MO 64050

Steve Mock Memorial Tree and Monument Dedication The City of Raytown will host a dedication ceremony on Oct. 18 at 6:30 p.m. to commemorate the life and civic leadership of Alder-

Run for Excellence Course Map October 15, 2016

Blue Ridge Boulevard will be closed from Raytown High School to Woodson from 8:15 – 9:30 a.m. We thank you in advance for sharing your street to support students.

lawn of Raytown City Hall near the staff entrance to the building. Please join us as we dedicate a tree and monument in his honor.

Aldermen vote to waive ordinance requiring city administrator residency By Diane Krizek

You are located on the race route!

man Steve Mock who passed away earlier this summer. The ceremony will take place with the Mock family and City leaders on the east

The board of aldermen voted unanimously to waive the ordinance that requires residency of the city administrator prior to going into closed session during the regular meeting on Oct 4. Aldermen Jason Greene and Jim Aziere were not present. Mayor Mike McDonough read a statement from Greene stating that although he had always fought for residency, he would support the board’s decision. Aldermen Josh Greene, Mark Moore, Steve Meyers and Eric Teeman each expressed in their own words that they believed waiving residency was in the best interest of the city because it provided them flexibility in selecting the most qualified candidate for city administrator. The aldermen stated that while they would require residency from candidates who lived outside the Kansas City Metro Area, they did not think it necessary to force someone to move a few miles to live in Raytown. This is a complete turnaround for those aldermen who served on the 2014 charter commission prior to being elected to the board. Alder-

men Mark Moore and Janet Emerson have been vocal on their stand for residency requirements but they admit that serving on the board and observing the duties of city administrator has changed their outlook. The city has hired an employment agency to search for candidates to fill the position of city administrator that

was vacated when the Mahesh Sharma accepted a position in Iowa. Finance director Mark Loughry is currently the interim administrator and there is speculation that Loughry may apply for the position. Alderman Emerson stated that as of Wed. the board has not yet seen the submitted applications of candidates.


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The time is come when we all need to ride together, the youth and the elderly. If you live in KCMO Vote on question #3. “Is this good for the children” YES! The children need to see how the other people have to

work and live. This could be the first step on unifying the Kansas City region. Let’s get started November 8 Let’s all ride together! John Ivey Chairman of Citizens4Progress

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Star Trek: I was born a nerd at the right time

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Letter to the editor


Jason Offutt I’m writing this at 4:30 p.m. CST Sept. 8, 2016 – 50 years and three hours to the minute the starship USS Enterprise took flight on NBC. I was alive on that day in 1966, but I seriously doubt the Offutt family had tuned into the maiden voyage of the Enterprise crew’s fiveyear mission. “Star Trek” debuted that Thursday against “My Three Sons,” “Bewitched” and “The Dating Game” for crying out loud. “My Three Sons”? Whatever. But, I was one year old and had no say in the matter. Although chances were slim on Thursday, whatever possibility my all-time favorite TV program had of playing in my living room would have been zero if the show had premiered a day later. “Hogan’s Heroes” was on. Forget about it. NBC canceled “Star Trek” in 1969 after only three seasons and when the show went into widespread syndication in the early 1970s, my solid, stodgy farm family was faced with the fact that it had a nerd on its hands. While my sisters watched reruns of “The Brady Bunch” after school, I waited patiently for my turn on our black and white TV to watch the 23rd century adventures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy. The cerebral appeal of the show was lost on my six-year-old mind. I was more interested in the space ship battles, alien races and the really, really short skirts (although at six I didn’t know why I liked the skirts. I just did). The smart stuff came to me later. Back in the 1960s,

television executives didn’t like its shows commenting on social issues like race relations, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, or apparently tribbles. Like “The Twilight Zone” before it, “Star Trek” got away with addressing problems in America under the guise of science fiction. The history of “Star Trek” is well covered. Creator Gene Rodenberry was ground breaking in his futuristic view of a universe where genders and races were equal (in 1966, a black woman and an Asian man had lead roles on the same show). NBC wanted to cancel “Star Trek” after two seasons because of high production costs and mediocre ratings, but agreed to a third season after a fan letter-writing campaign. NBC produced a two-season continuation of the series from 1973-74 as a cartoon. Another fan campaign forced NASA to name the first model space shuttle after the Enterprise. And then came the movies. There are 13. Some are good, a couple are great, the rest are bad. There’s more, but on this monumental anniversary, this is about what “Star Trek” means to me: It’s just fun. Shut up. At precisely 7:30 p.m. CST, I showed my children the first episode that aired at exactly the same time 50 years before, even though my wife thought I was nuts. The Baby didn’t so much watch the episode as much as she ate Cheerios and giggled, but the Boy, 11 and the Girl, 9 did and loved it, of course. Nerdism, you know, runs in families. Find out about everything Jason at His Twitter handle is @TheJasonOffutt. Jason Offutt’s latest book, “Across a Corn-Swept Land: An epic beer run through the Upper Midwest,” is available at A native of Missouri, Jason currently teaches journalism at Northwest Missouri State University and has earned many humor writer awards throughout his career. His racy first novel, “A Funeral Story,” is available at

Jerry Lewis, “The Nutty Professor,” Part III

By George Michaud In the Sept. 16 issue of this column, I remember closing it out saying that “We’ll learn lots more about Jerry Lewis, which may shock some of you.” What I meant by that statement is the fact that Jerry was so crude with fans and even rude at times with children. I had seen it myself a great number of times and often wondered what he would say if I asked him about it. I decided that I would go to my mentor, Stan Irwin, and ask him about it for advice. He said, “Jerry had a rough career. It took him years to get to where he’s at. You, George know all about that and how difficult this business can be.” I agreed that, yes, it is a rough business and it takes a lot of patience to get to where you would like to go. I said to Stan Irwin, “That’s true and Buddy Rich was like that.” As I was about to go further into Buddy Rich’s career and how he treated fans and so on, Stan interrupted me and said “It’s different when an artist starts out their career at such a young age such as Mickey Rooney, who handled it quite well, was always a gen-

bitter about it because it just didn’t happen or it took too long in their mind.” I thanked him for his insight and went to a Friar’s Club Roast for Dean Martin and of course, Jerry Lewis was not there, nor was he invited. The Dean Martin Show from 1974 to 1984 roasted everyone from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Carson and in earlier shows even Jack Benny, Don

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Jerry Lewis from “Nutty Professor”, 1963

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tleman with fans and gave all he had being kind, giving autographs and gave his all. Mickey Rooney always appreciated every little thing he got in this business and the difference between the two was like night and day.” Irwin went on to say, “A big star like Sinatra, who the both of us spent quite a bit of time together with, was a bit on the spoiled side because most things came to him easily. The most difficult things seemed to just come his way without going out looking for them.” I said, “Then with Jerry Lewis, those most important accomplishments he wanted in his career came to him over years instead of months?” Stan said, “Yes, that’s the way it is with some stars. After years of trying to accomplish a feat in showbiz, many of them become

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weeklyBLOTTER From Raytown Police Department

Incidents from 9/28/16 to 6/6/16 09/27/2016 01:54:24 28.240 - CITY, FALSE REPORTS E 350 HWY

11400 block HIDDEN LAKE

09/27/2016 08:20:32 Non-Criminal General Information Report 8000 block HARRIS AVE 09/27/2016 10:08:02 569.100 - PROPERY DAMAGE 1ST DEGREE/ OVER $750 (F) 7200 block RAYTOWN RD

09/27/2016 13:12:09 70.090 - FORGERY (F) 9300 block E 83 St 09/27/2016 18:26:00 Non-Criminal General Information Report 10000 block E 59 ST 09/27/2016 18:28:44 BURGLARY 1ST/NO FORCE/RESIDENCE DAY (F) 9200 block E 54 ST

09/27/2016 10:20:53 569.030B - ROBBERY 2ND/ STRONGARM/GAS STATION (F) 8700 block RAYTOWN RD

09/27/2016 20:39:51 TAMPERING 1ST/ AUTO/ STOLEN & RECOVERED LOCALLY 9300 block E 85 ST

09/27/2016 12:20:33 28.139.c - CITY, STEALING PURSE SNATCH

09/28/2016 08:27:13

Fructuoso Aponte Fructuoso Aponte, 93, died Sept. 26, 2016, in KCMO. Visit. Was 6- 8 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 29, funeral Mass at 11 a.m. Fri., Sept. 30, all at Longview Funeral Home & Cemetery, 12700 S. Raytown Rd, KCMO. Interment followed. Myrtle May Hinkley Myrtle May Hinkley, 90, Lee’s Summit, MO, started her new life in heaven on Monday, September 26, 2016. She went on ahead while peacefully asleep with family nearby. Myrtle retired from Bendix/Honeywell after many years. Her greatest pride was with the titles wife, mom, sister, Aunt Myrt or Aunt May, grandma and great grandma. Myrtle was happiest gardening and canning and cooking big holiday meals for the family especially when they came to see her and Dee at their retirement farm near Clinton. She loved being around children and served as a Toddlers Sunday School Teacher at Raytown Christian Church, leading her Bluebirds, or volunteering for the Mothers Club for Boys Scout Troop 75 and Jobs Daughters Bethel 26. She took great pride in her kids and was so very proud of

her husband, Edwin “Daddy Dee” Hinkley. Myrtle was preceded in death by husband, Edwin and daughter, Margaret Ann HinkleyQuinn. She leaves behind son, David (Linda) Hinkley of Lee’s Summit; her sister, Peggy (Hank) Green of Warsaw; grandsons, Christopher Hinkley and Matt Quinn; and four great grandchildren. She will be missed by all her nephews and nieces and grandnieces and grandnephews. Graveside service was held 11 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 29, at Mt. Washington Cemetery in Independence, MO. Because she so much loved kids, the family asks that in lieu of flowers or donations that you buy a book for a young child and read it to them or please contact your closest elementary school and make a donation to their library fund for new books. Arr.: Park Lawn Funeral Home, (816) 523-1234. Barbara Diane Hoffman Barbara Diane Hoffman, age 58, died peacefully with family and friends around her at Saint Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, from a long battle with cancer. Born September 27, 1958, in Kansas City, Mis-

Non-Criminal General Information Report E 63 ST 09/28/2016 10:12:57 Non-Criminal General Information Report 8100 block MANNING ST 09/28/2016 11:39:05 CITY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, DESTRUCTION 5400 block DITZLER AVE 09/28/2016 11:52:47 CITY, STEALING FM MOTOR VEHICLE 5400 block Ditzler AV 09/28/2016 13:27:00 BURGLARY 2ND/FORCIBLE ENTRY/RESIDENCE DAY (F) 8500 block JAMES A REED

RD 09/28/2016 15:14:46 Non-Criminal General Information Report 8400 block Lane PL 09/28/2016 16:42:14 Non-Criminal General Information Report 11400 block HIDDEN LAKE DR 09/28/2016 18:39:31 TAMPERING 1ST/ AUTO/ STOLEN & RECOVERED LOCALLY Location : 7700 block RAYTOWN RD 09/28/2016 21:14:12 FRAUD/ STEALING BY DECEIT/ OVER $500 (F) 9900 block E 350 HWY


souri, she was raised in the Red Bridge area and later settled in a home in the Westport area of KC. Barb was a self-employed Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and graduated high school from Center High School in KC. She graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a B.E.S. in Guidance and Counseling, and achieved a Masters of Arts in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Missouri in Kansas City. Barb’s passion was her love of animals, and during her lifetime she raised many wonderful cats and dogs, and she was an Amateur Dog Trainer. Her current dog Ruby Rose is a pure-bred Sheltie that has won many awards including Rally Novice, Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent. Barb almost finished achieving an RAE title with Ruby, and she continued her efforts while her health was failing. She was an active member of the Greater KC Dog Training Club of Raytown. Survivors include her mother, Marilyn Hoffman, of Overland Park; her brother, Stuart, of Dallas, Texas; her aunt and uncle, Pat and David Bernstein of Baltimore, Maryland and family friend,

Paul Wacknov of Leawood. Barb had many wonderful friends and neighbors who supported her throughout her entire life. Graveside services were held at 10:00am Sunday, October 2nd, at the Mount Carmel Cemetery, 5529 Ditzler, Raytown, Missouri. Relatives and friends are welcome at the service. In lieu of flowers donations in her name can be made to the Greater Kansas City Dog Training club in Raytown or the Habitat for Humanity. Online condolences may be left for the family at www. (Arr: The Louis Memorial Chapel 816-361- 5211)

Raymond Earl McDowell III On September 30th, 2016, Ray McDowell, of South Greenfield, MO, entered the gates of Heaven. Raymond Earl McDowell III was born on July 10, 1950, at “Mom Pearl’s” in Pennsboro, MO, to Ray and Rosaline McDowell. He spent his childhood in Joplin, MO, then moved to Raytown, MO, at age 15. Ray, a proud graduate of Raytown High School and the University of Missouri, was also an active member in Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. At age 29, Ray found

09/28/2016 22:29:23 CITY, ASSAULTS Location : 9200 block E 54 ST 09/29/2016 09:47:00 FORGERY (F) 9000 block E 350 HWY 09/29/2016 14:16:41 STEALING/OVER $500/ FROM BUILDING 6100 block Blue Ridge BV 09/29/2016 15:38:13 STEALING / EMBEZZLEMENT/OVER $500 (F) 7600 block RAYTOWN RD

09/29/2016 16:49:20 CITY, STEALING ALL OTHER 6200 block RAYTOWN RD 09/29/2016 18:51:25 Non-Criminal General Information Report 7400 block Harvard DR 09/29/2016 19:49:02 Non-Criminal General Information Report 8300 block NORTHERN

09/29/2016 16:39:13 CITY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, DESTRUCTION 8500 block Evanston AV

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his true love Pam Blair. He line condolences may be and Pam (daughter of Hom- shared at www.greenfielder and Jo Blair) married on Services April 28, 1979. Through are under the care of Greentheir 37 years of marriage field Funeral Chapel. they built their lives on the premise of faith, family and Ralene Elaine Oberlechnerfriends. They raised three Gimple children and four grandchilRalene Elaine Oberlechdren - Kyle (married to Ken- ner-Gimple, 59 years old of dra), Cody (married to Sara Lone Jack, Mo., died Sepwith sons Maddox and Hud- tember 22, 2016, at Estes son) and Brandice (married Park Colo., doing what she to Jay Rosander with daugh- loved, taking pictures in the ters Vanessa and Brooke). mountains. Ralene was born He was also a proud brother on March 26, 1957, in Kansas to Frances (LeRoy) Benton, City to Ralph and Corinne Susan (Gerry) Redford and Oberlechner (Meltis). Her John (Mary Ann) McDow- dad was a great man who ell Ray always valued hard was German/Dutch-Italian work and taught everyone descent and her mom was around him the importance half Greek and her best of a good work ethic. He friend throughout her life. worked as a market report- Ralene was very proud of er for the state of Missouri her heritage and her favorand at the Joplin Regional ite movie was “My Big Fat Stockyards. He then fulfilled Greek Wedding.” Ralene his dream to own and oper- graduated from Raytown ate a grow yard at McDow- High School in 1975. During ell Farms. Ray, an active high school she loved taking member of the Pennsboro her friends for Jeep rides and community, was a life-time being part of the newspaper member of the Pennsboro staff, where she was a feature Christian Church. Ray dem- writer and photographer. onstrated his faith, positive During her school years she outlook, strength and brav- was involved in anything ery through the health issues and everything and stated, he faced over the past year. “I loved school and hated for This experience reiterated it to be the weekend.” She to him what is truly impor- went on to get her Associate tant in life, with God being of Arts Degree in 1978 from his guiding light and family Longview College and atbeing his rock. He will be tended one year of college greatly missed, but never for- at CMSU. She held several gotten. Funeral services were jobs including photographer, held at 2:00 p.m. on Monday, preschool teacher, photogOctober 3, 2016, in Pennsboro raphy teacher, and with the Christian Church. Burial will Prudential Insurance Comfollow in Pennsboro Ceme- pany, before graduating tery. Memorials can be made from Sanford Brown College to the Pennsboro Christian of Practical Nursing in 1993 Church Building Fund. On- Obits continued on page 6

CLASSIFIED ADS Just $7 a week • Deadline: Tuesday 6 p.m. • 816-313-0202 SALES Sales GREAT BUY ON ANTIQUES Many selections available. Call for appointment 816-353 0243 or 816-804-7805

FOR FOR SALE SALE POOL TABLE with near new felt top. 4 ft. X 8 ft. for a home or recreation room. Perfect for the kids or adults to play pool on. Heavy authentic slate table top. Comes with six cue sticks and three of them are two piece quality cues. Also overhead lamp for table and wall rack for cues. $700.00 FIRM. Call 816-456-1409 (Pool table pictured at news/classified-ads).


BOOKKEEPER A local United Methodist church has an opening for a part time bookkeeper with QuickBooks skills. Experience needed in the areas of Accounts Payable, month end reporting, payroll processing, recording donations and account reconciliation along with spreadsheet and basic database knowledge.This position will average 6-8 hours a week with flexible scheduling. Experience working in a church or other non-profit would be helpful. No phone calls. Please send resume to JCPENNY SEASONAL JCPenney is already getting into the holiday spirit by hiring 500 seasonal associates throughout the Kansas City area. Cheery local associates are needed for a variety of customer service and support

Producer continued from page 4 Rickles and a host of names too many to list here. “Jerry Lewis was very mad, if not even hurt, by this. After Jerry and Dean Martin broke up their “Martin and Lewis” comedy team, Jerry always blamed Dean for keeping him out of the limelight. Although this wasn’t true, it was true in Jerry Lewis’ mind,” said Irwin. On several occasions, I witnessed Jerry Lewis sitting at the same seat at the Bur-

positions, including cashier, replenishment specialist, merchandise support specialist and GARAGE SALE LEFTOVERS? SPRING CLEANING? Raytown Main Street Association raised $10,000 at its July 9 auction to buy new holiday lighting for downtown. We will continue to collect gently used or new items donated items such as: furniture, lawn and garden items, fishing, hunting, camping, lawnmowers or tools, sports, j ewe l r y, ve h i cl e s with clear titles, etc. Please no donations of bedding, clothing or used electronics or books! Make cash donations at https:// raytownlight Call 816353-4400 or visit www. for more information.

bank Airport while waiting for his plane with a cocktail. Each time a youngster would come up to him to ask for an autograph, I heard him say, “Go away, can’t you see that I’m busy?” Jerry rejected another boy who went away crying so I ran after him and brought him back. Jerry was quite nice to him and gave the boy the autograph he had asked for. No arrogance this time. Just kind words and very polite. I don’t know if it was be-

more. JCPenney offers seasonal associates a full associate discount up to 25%, as well as flex-

ible holiday scheduling. Hiring begins in early October and continues throughout the holiday

HELP WANTED Gate Attendant G4S, KCMO Personal Assistant Guardian Anesthesia Services, Prairie Village, KS

Clerk Typist I, II, OR III Missouri State Highway Patrol, Lees Summit, MO Administrative Assistant Aramark, KCMO

Library Clerk - Part Customer Service Time Specialist Johnson County Kansas, Johnson County Kansas, Overland Park, KS Olathe, KS Backhoe Operator City of Kansas City, KCMO

Administrative Officer City of Kansas City, KCMO

Retail Sales Associate Warehouse / MENARDS, Distribution Work Independence, MO Meyer Laboratory, Inc., Blue Springs, MO Scan Code To Read Application Details and Apply or Visit job-listings/

cause I brought the boy back or what but I was happy to see the youngster go away with his autograph, happy as could be. My nephew Vincent (Sonny) St. Louis was managing a swanky restaurant in Westwood near UCLA and Jerry Lewis would come in often for dinner. Sonny would say, “Good evening Mr. Lewis” and Jerry would arrogantly reply “I’m known to all my fans as Jerry.” My nephew thought that answer kind of strange. Sonny says that

Jerry was always very arrogant, never talked much and rejected autograph requests when people would approach him. I asked Jerry why he was opposed to giving autographs and I was appalled at his answer and we never spoke again afterwards. His answer was, “George, if you had to autograph something for everyone you met, it would drive you crazy. Everywhere I go, I can’t be left alone and it’s a pain in the (you know what).” I thought

season. Interested locals can apply in-store using our Applicant Kiosk or online by visiting VOLUNTEER DRIVERS for JET Express, a transportation service for seniors to help them remain active. Choose when you drive, where you drive, and who you drive. Flexible commitment – drive as little as once a month. Choose your rides from an online list. Receive mile-

age reimbursement. We provide secondary auto insurance.You’ll directly impact the lives of older adults in our community. Drivers must be age 21+ and pass a background check and motor vehicle report. Contact (913)7301410 or volunteer@jfskc. org for more information.

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CLASSIFIED Services AVERY HEATING & COOLING We service the surrounding Kansas and Missouri metro areas. Residential and Commercial. We Install, trouble shooting, service, maintenance for seasons.

that was rather rude to his fans who made him what he was. And yes, Buddy Rich was like that and Sammy Davis, Jr. was like that but not near as bad. I had a couple of readers ask me about doing a column on Sammy Davis, Jr. Maybe I will in the near future since we spent so much time backstage together talking. I may do one just for you, Gray. That’s all the space we have for this week. You all stay happy, as usual. George Michaud was a tal-

Monday thru Friday 8 to 5, with some emergency after hours. We pride ourselves on that we like to help our customers quickly and cost efficiently. Give us a call at 913-375-7387.

ent agent/manager in Burbank, California for nearly four decades with his own talent agency, GMA. Michaud booked hundreds of actresses and actors/ musicians, major concerts around the world and has been responsible for launching the careers of many notable names in television, motion pictures and on the Broadway stage. Michaud currently is semi-retired, still has a hand in show biz projects from New York to Las Vegas as consultant to entertainment venues and new talents as well as seasoned professionals.



Friday, October 7, 2016

Raytown Community Calendar Raytown Farmers Market Oct. 8, 9 am-1 pm Oct. 13, 3 pm-6 pm Located at 6210 Raytown Road James Farm Display Oct. 7, 9 am-6pm MCPL Library, 6131 Raytown Road Explore this display of items from the life and times of legendary outlaw Jesse James. View photos, letters, guns, and other items, and learn more about one of Missouri’s most famous bad boys. Sponsored by the Friends of the James Farm. “HOWLween” Oct. 14, 6 pm-9 pm Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center, 4750 Troost Ave., Kansas City Live owls will be on display by volunteers from Operation Wildlife. Visitors will take a wild side walk to meet along the outdoor garden trails some of Missouri’s creepy crawlies. MDC staff will guide explorers at track or treat, the bone yard, and the notso-scary prairie maze. Live music will be offered at the evening campfire. A HOWLing good time is expected. 5K Run for Excellence

Obits continued from page 5 as an LPN. Her first medical job was at Pepple and Mundehenke, a Health Midwest office in Blue Springs, Mo. In 1996, she turned her mom’s home into a residential care facility, Guardian Angel, so that she could take care of her aging mom and Aunt Frances. Ralene’s dream of becoming a mother came true in 2006 when she adopted three children from Colombia, South America. She fulfilled more of her dream by marrying Joseph Gimple in 2008. In 2013 Ralene graduated with her Bachelors of Arts in Health Care Management and in 2015 she completed Community of Christ seminary both from Graceland University. Her desire for learning never faded and she soon began working on her master’s degree in Religion. She also aspired to become an RN. There was never any task too big that she couldn’t handle. Ralene has touched so many lives with her outgoing, fun loving, caring and unforgettable personality. She lived to love and help others. She was a wonderful mother, wife, aunt and friend to many. Ralene was

Oct. 15, 8:15-9:30 a.m. Blue Ridge Boulevard will be closed from Raytown High School to Woodson.

ding with 4 box restriction. Goodwill will also be on site to accept electronics for recycling.

Three Trails For meeting dates and location, call 816-737-9955

Run for the Pancakes! Oct. 15, 11 am Blue Ridge Trinity Lutheran Church, 5757 Blue Ridge Blvd Cub Scout Pack 469 is having a pancake breakfast serving from end of Run for Excellence race at 11:00 am.

Cornerstones of Freedom Concert Oct. 22, 7–9 pm Oct. 23, 4-6 pm Lee’s Summit Community of Christ Church, 1101 NE Independence Ave., Lee’s Summit Concert of choral music including Randall Thompson’s “Testament of Freedom” and other pieces celebrating the theme of freedom. The concert will focus on ideas from FDR’s “The Four Freedoms” speech and includes music by Dana Mengel, Stephen Foster and John Rutter, among others.

Marguerite McNair DAR Chapter Monthly:Second Monday at 6:30 pm (Sept.–June)

Amateur Radio (Ham) Test Given Oct. 18, 7-8pm Raytown Community of Christ, 6231 Manning Ave. Take your Amateur Radio (Ham) Test by the K0GQ Amateur Radio Club every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Please contact Robin Cross, W0FEN, at 816-356-0888 or Email to confirm that this schedule has not changed. Fall Shred Event Oct. 22, 9 am-12 pm United Consumers Credit Union, 8730 E. 63rd St. Sensitive document shredding on site by SHRED IT of KC. Bring bank and tax statements and any other sensitive paper documents. Attendants will be on site to assist with immediate shredpreceded in death by her parents and brothers, Larry and William Oberlechner. Ralene is survived by her husband, Joseph Gimple, and three children: Nataly and a grandson on the way, Deibys, and Yamile Oberlechner of Lone Jack, Mo.; brother, JP (Pattie) Oberlechner of Lake Winnebago, Mo., and their children and grandchildren: Paul (Cali) Oberlechner and daughters Celine and Ceanna; Jessica (Billy) Oldham and daughter Libby; Lisa (Tim) Polta; brother Richard (Bonnie) Oberlechner of Peculiar, Mo.; brother, Lynn (Jackie) Oberlechner of Baltimore, Md.; cousin, Gary (Marcia) Diebel of Lewisville, Texas; cousin, Corinne (Royce) Ruegsegger of Council Grove, Kan.; and many more beloved family, friends and pets. Ralene, you will never be forgotten and will remain the “star” of the slideshow in our hearts forever, watching over us above with your beloved parents and grandparents. A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, at Stone Church, 1012 West Lexington Avenue, Independence, MO 64050. Peggy Puckett

ORGANIZATION MEETINGS Candlelight Quilters of Raytown Monthly: Third Thursday at 7:00-9:00 pm Show-Me Quilting, 6221 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Raytown Plaza Open to all quilters. Call 816353-9366 for more information

Raytown Al-Anon Family Group Weekly: Mondays at 7:00 pm Raytown Christian Church, 6108 Blue Ridge Blvd. (west side door, lower leve) Have you been affected by someone else’s drinking? We can help you find solutions that lead to serenity. Raytown Amateur Radio Club Monthly: Fourth Thursday at 7:30 pm Community of Christ, 6231 Manning Avenue Raytown Artists Association Monthly: Third Thursday at 6:00 pm St. Paul’s Church of the Nazarene Gymnasium, 8500 E 80th Terr. All artists (over 18) welcome.

KIWANIS Club of Raytown Peggy Puckett, 63, our loving Mom, died September 30, 2016 in Lee’s Summit, MO with her family by her side. Peggy was born April 27, 1953 in Kansas City, MO to Ernest and Carmen Henry. Attended Northeast High School, continued her education at Northwest State graduating with her Bachelors, then graduating from UMKC with her Masters. She is survived by her son, Freddy and wife, Nichole of Lee’s Summit, MO; daughter, Jennifer and fiance, Chris of Raytown, MO; brother, Randy and wife, Mary of Blue Springs, MO; sister, Leatrice and husband, Chuck of Kansas City, MO; and several cousins, nieces, nephews, brother and sister-in- law’s. She was preceded in death by her loving husband, Jerry of 37 years, along with her father, mother, and brother, Lyn Henry. Peggy was an incredible person and loved teaching high school Math at Truman High School. She loved to travel and spend as much time as possible with her family playing nickels. She always had the brightest smile and touched many people with her love. Visitation was held on Tuesday, October 4th from 6pm-8pm, fu-

neral service was on Wednesday, Oct 5th at 2:00 pm, all at Longview Funeral Home & Cemetery, KCMO. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Stroke Association . Longview Funeral Home & Cemetery, (816) 7616272, Nellie Rice Nellie Rice, 88, of Raytown, Missouri went to be with the Lord on October 3, 2016. A visitation was held Wed. Oct. 5 at Heartland Cremation & Burial Society at 1pm with burial to follow. Albert L. Walters Albert L. Walters, 85, passed away Friday, September 30, 2016, at his home

CLUES ACROSS 1. __ Nui, Easter Island 5. Midway between south and southeast 8. Small mark 12. Small antelope 14. Protects from weather 15. Goddess of women and marriage 16. City in Washington 18. Independent voters association 19. Bird genus 20. Train line 21. Annoy 22. Waste matter 23. 41st President 26. Type of cracker 30. Remove 31. Looked quickly 32. The habitat of wild animals 33. Type of gene 34. Humble 39. Barrels per day (abbr.) 42. Respectful compliments 44. Star Trek: The Next Generation doctor 46. Pithy remark

Raytown Arts Council Raytown Community Symphonic Band rehearsals: All musicians welcome! Weekly: Thursday from 6:45 pm-8:15 pm St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 9349 E 65th St. Contact: Raytown Chamber of Commerce 5909 Raytown Trafficway (816) 353-8500 Raytown Democratic Association Monthly: Third Thursday at 7:00pm Come early (at 6:00 pm) to dine and make new friends! Las Chili’s, 6210 Raytown Trfwy Raytown Garden Club Monthly: First Tuesdays at 10:00 am (Feb.-Nov.) Raytown Christian Church, 6108 Blue Ridge Blvd. Visitors welcome

9705 E. 63rd Street. Raytown New Day AL-Non Weekly: Wednesdays at 10:00 am Blue Ridge Trinity Lutheran Church, 5757 Blue Ridge Blvd. Enter at the back door. Everyone welcome! (816) 353-5446 RAYTOWN TOPS - Chapter #0255 Weekly: Tuesdays at 9:00 am-10:45 am Loma Vista Baptist Church, 8622 Blue Ridge Blvd. All are welcome to TOPS, Take Off Pounds Sensibly. For more information, call Betty at 816-356-6788 or Faye at 816-358-4350 Raytown Women of Today Monthly: Third Monday at 7:00 pm raytownwomenoftoday Faith Presbyterian Church at 8301 James A. Reed Road. For more information, call 816-358-7952.

Raytown Historical Society Monthly: First Monday at 10:00 am Raytown Historical Museum,

Add your own event by registering for Events Calendar access at www.RaytownEagle. com or email Events@

in Raytown, Mo. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 4, at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 3106 Flora Avenue, Kansas City, Mo. A Rosary was held at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 3, at McGilley and Sheil Funeral Home, with visitation following until 8 p.m. Al was born in Ness County, Kan., to Carl and Dorothea (Weilert) Walters. He attended Emporia State University before serving in the Korean War. Al owned and operated Service Printing and Graphics, Inc., in Kansas City, for over 50 years and enjoyed working full-time through his 85th birthday. His work ethic was unparalleled. A driving force in the community, Al was

active in politics and played an integral part in bringing the Society of St. Pius X to the Kansas City area. He was also a member of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta, one of the oldest orders of chivalry in the world. Preceded in death by his wife of 46 years, Una Marie, Al leaves behind four children, Greg, Doug, Karla and Karen, two grandchildren and one great grandchild. Al will be remembered for his sharp wit, rye sense of humor, and ability to tell a great story. He will be greatly missed. Online condolences may be left at Arr.: McGilley & Sheil Chapel, 11924 E. 47th St., KCMO 64133.

47. Sums up 49. Tailless amphibian 50. American Gaming Association (abbr.) 51. After seventh 56. Czech River 57. Folk band __ Iver 58. Kids ride this 59. Ancient Greek City 60. Liquefied natural gas (abbr.) 61. Net 62. Colors clothes 63. Midway between east and southeast 64. Japanese beverage

13. Capable of being thought 17. One seeded fruit 24. Largest English dictionary (abbr.) 25. Platitudes 26. Very fast airplane 27. Pet detective Ventura 28. Resinous substance 29. Explosive 35. Purse 36. Swiss river 37. Separately managed account (abbr.) 38. Electron scanning microscope (abbr.) CLUES DOWN 40. Fable 1. Island north of Guam 41. Mythical monsters 2. Biblical region 42. Whale (Norwegian) 3. Scottish ancestor 43. Domed recesses 4. Hills in northeast India 44. Member of U.S. Navy 5. A way to cook by baking 45. Cause to be loved 6. Attacked ferociously 47. Expression of surprise 7. Furniture with open shelves 48. Jessica __, actress 8. Burt Reynolds film 49. Drove 9. A way to examine 52. Commands to go faster 10. Plant of the goosefoot 53. Chinese dynasty family 54. Military vehicle 11. Job 55. Chinese Muslim

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Friday, October 7, 2016



Home for dinner | executive chef: mom

Salisbury meatballs and rice You’ll need to grab the following: • 1 pound ground beef • 1 egg • French’s Fried Onions • 1 handful parsley, chopped • 2 tablespoons Worchestshire sauce • Brown gravy packet • 1 yellow onion, sliced • 1 package baby portabella mushrooms, sliced • 4 servings white rice • Salt and pepper, to taste To get started we are going to make our Salisbury steak meatballs. In a large mixing bowl, add in your ground beef, salt and pepper to taste, and then add in your mixin’s. Mix in your egg and add in 1-2 handfuls of French’s Fried Onions, 1 tablespoon Worchestshire sauce, half of your chopped parsley, and mix together with your hands until you have a nice consistency. Roll out your meatballs and set on a plate. Begin your white rice

By Jacqui Duran We are officially in the comfort food season. And this calls for one of the most delicious, satisfying, and easy to make dinners you will ever find. Not to mention, the whole family will enjoy it. I have to give credit to my son for this recipe because he was the one who had the choice of dinner one night and this was his request. It sounded easy enough so I gave it a shot. It was such a success that I ended up refining it a little and thus, a true weeknight meal was born. It’s an easy take on a perfect comfort food meal: Salisbury steak. Only this time

cooking. I like to use a perfect shortcut by using Minute Rice to really help my cooking time. Prepare the rice to the directions on the box. Now we want to begin our gravy, which is really going to give us the flavor of the Salisbury steak. Take a skillet and add in a little vegetable oil to coat the pan. Once hot, add in your chopped yellow onion and sliced baby portabella mushrooms. Season with salt and pepper and 1 tablespoon of Worchestshire sauce. Sauté these until they are cooked thoroughly. Once done, take your Brown Gravy packet and add in, along with 1 cup of water. Whisk together until you get the perfect thickness to your gravy mixture. Turn down to a low simmer and allow these flavors to come together nicely. In your skillet you want to prepare your meatballs. Add a little vegetable oil and cook your meatballs all the way

through. Finally, we are ready to put all this together and serve up. Take a nice scoop of white rice and place in the middle of the plate. Add meatballs and then you are going to spoon over your gravy mixture. Top off with the remaining chopped parsley and sprinkle some of your French’s Fried Onions to the top to add some texture and that yummy flavor. Serve to your family and you’ll soon see how we were able to put together this perfect comfort food meal in less than 30 minutes. You will love this meal, and you can even play with the flavors. Enjoy! Jacqui Duran lives in Raytown, Missouri with her husband and three children. Jacqui shares her passion for food and cooking on Facebook at www.facebook. com/ and on her blog at Follow her on Instagram @jduran1313.

Salisbury meatballs and rice we are going to make it into a weeknight meal that you can

make in under 30 minutes. Who doesn’t love that?

MDC Discovery Center offers HOWLoween fun Oct. 14

This free event offers fun and treats for all ages. Kids will have a HOWLing good time exploring nature stations such as Track or Treat, the Bone Yard and the Bat Cave. Staff and volunteers will host varied activities along trails throughout Discovery Center’s prairie, woodland and wetland areas. The family fun will include some fireside treats

and acoustic music. The Gorman Discovery Center at 4750 Troost Ave. is just a few blocks east of the Country Club Plaza. MDC connects people with nature in the heart of Kansas City. Visitors can look at indoor nature exhibits and then step outside in our large native plant garden for HOWLoween fun.

Scott’S Lawn Service Residential and Commercial

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Ah, the mysteries of trails and creatures when sunset darkens the October sky and the autumn moon rises. Celebrate nature’s fun creatures, sights and sounds on a fall evening at HOWLoween, as the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) staff at the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center turns the outdoor garden into a Wild Side Walk 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 14.

You put your family first. Don’t you deserve a financial advisor who puts you first?

Raytown, MOHwy 64133 10801 E 350 816-358-2323 Raytown, MO 64138 Join the nearly 7 million 816-353-3646

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Two Days a Week! Join us Thursdays and Saturdays for great produce, great company and great times

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Fresh, locally grown produce, children's education and craft area, cooking and gardening demonstrations




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Sat 9a-1p

6210 Raytown Road, Raytown, MO

By Appointment Only Please Call:

Market Days every week May through October


The market will match up to $25 in SNAP purchases per week. (WHILE FUNDING LASTS) That’s $50 of fresh, locally grown produce for $25!

SNAP Ad provided in part by the USDA. The USDA is an equal opportunity provider. RaytownFarmersMarketRaytownMO



Friday, October 7, 2016

Kearney defeats Jays 42-7

FROM THE STANDS Black, White, and Blue

(a rambling on race and American sports culture)

13. Capable of being thought 17. One seeded fruit 24. Largest English dictionary (abbr.) 25. Platitudes 26. Very fast airplane 27. Pet detective Ventura 28. Resinous substance 29. Explosive 35. Purse 36. Swiss river 37. Separately managed account (abbr.) 38. Electron scanning microscope (abbr.) 40. Fable 41. Mythical monsters 42. Whale (Norwegian) 43. Domed recesses 44. Member of U.S. Navy 45. Cause to be loved Tel.: 47. Expression of surprise 48. Jessica __, actress Fax.: 49. Drove 52. Commands to go faster 53. Chinese dynasty 54. Military vehicle 55. Chinese Muslim

816-859-5166 816-859-5155

11529 E. 63rd St., Raytown

Open 7 Days A Week

Woodson Rd

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#12 Senior running back Antonio Williams pulling away

E 62nd St


11. Job

Photos by R.C. Jones #9 Senior wide receiver Charles Foster escapes

Harvard Ave

I’ve been involved in sports, playing, coaching, cheering or covering, for my entire life. I have played with team mates of all colors, religions and creeds. I always stood proudly for the National Anthem, I sang along with it; it’s my absolute favorite song to sing. But when I see Colin Kaepernick take his knee I do not see someone disrespecting a flag, law enforcement officers, or white people in their good ole United States of America. I see a young man trying to make a difference, no matter how little difference his effort may make. I think the nature of athletics gives a unique platform from which to initiate, engage in, and build tolerance for conversations regarding race in overall society. A team is like a society of starving artists. The playing field, playing court, playing surface all are canvasses where the artists earn access and build equity by the preciseness or excellence of their brushstrokes, not because of the color of their paint brush. Sports allow for the strength and fortitude of muscles along with the intangible metrics of heart, desire, and perseverance to vanquish the stigma of stereotype. The murkiness of the history behind the most memorable race/cultural-based protests in sports history is only beset by the brilliance and courage of the athletes who undertook them. Jesse Owens is credited for battling the issues of race, religion and segregation when he single-handedly toppled the Nazi German athletic diaspora in the 1936 Olympics. Jackie Robinson integrated Baseball; his resilience represented a shift in conversation around the water cooler when he suited up for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Jim Brown was practically a militant activist when carrying the football for the Cleveland Browns during the 60’s I have already discussed the legend and legacy of the great Muhammad Ali here in this space so it must be mentioned that he gave one of the most ultimate sacrifices in the name of the fight for racial, religious, and ideological freedom. He refused participation in Vietnam and was a vocal critic of American ethnocentrism. The result was the stunting of the prime of his career, he was stripped of the World Heavyweight title and spent 3 years out of boxing. The podium of the Olympics was the jumping point for Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ legendary blackgloved, raised-fist protest during the National Anthem during a medal ceremony in the 1968 games. Currently, with Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers, we have yet another major conversation that is wedging its way into our lives. My fear is that Kaepernick and others have shown public support toward his protest like our own Marcus Peters, or even the University of Nebraska’s linebacker Michael Rose-Ivey and his team mates, are being heard but not understood. I believe the

have to go into debt for. Yet, their advantage has not taken them to a place that is above the scrutiny that afflicts them and many black men. Simply put; in too many communities black men are targeted by police. Police are not acting as reactive interventionists, in many cases in black communities or when responding to situations involving black males. Too often are police proactive and have been programmed with preconceived notions about the men they are responding to. Without community policing models that prioritize building relationships, police are in a tough spot, arriving blind to who the person is, but armed with cursory circumstantial details, sometimes, fear, and loaded weapons. Earlier I talked about the many times I have been stopped by police and had guns pulled on me. While all the situations were solved without violence, I know I always felt like my level of compliance was received even more advantageously for my behalf because of the tone of my reply to demands. I think more black men can live through situations, even in those where compliance still didn’t save a life, when that compliance is delivered with a tone of deference. Here is where I think it all comes together. I am not saying that we as black men should bow down to police to save our lives when we encounter police in situations where we felt we have done nothing wrong. We should show deference, and respect, to the law. Standing up for your rights doesn’t need to occur at the muzzle tip of a police man’s handgun. Those enforcing the law should show deference to the fact that they are in no way knowledgeable enough about the individual and their circumstance when responding to situations involving black men in black communities. And when people engage in the conversation 47. Sums up that Kaepernick is trying to 49. Tailless amphibian respectfully shine a light on, 50. American please do it Gaming from a desire to Association (abbr.)about your learn, not teach, 51. After seventh community and culture. Be56. Czech River black, white, cause whether 57. __ Iver orFolk blueband we could all use a lit58. ride this about each tleKids more learning 59. Ancient City bridge other and Greek a lot more 60. Liquefied naturalpolice gas (abbr.) building between and 61. Net men, the black commublack 62. Colors nity, and clothes people of all colors overall. 63. Midway between east and Sterling Brown is a loving southeast husband andbeverage father of three. 64. Japanese Living in Raytown and working as aDOWN Behavior InterventionCLUES istIsland and Girl’s 1. northBasketball of GuamCoach at Biblical Raytownregion South High School, 2. heScottish is a life ancestor long resident of the 3. KC Metro. A few of hisIndia passions 4. Hills in northeast are doing play-by-play sports 5. A way to cook by baking commentary, playing with Star 6. Attacked ferociously Wars Legos with theopen kids, shelves eating 7. Furniture with Rotel dip while drinking a 8. Burt Reynolds film Stella Artois, and 9. A way to camping examine& fishing. #Ballislife 10. Plant of#KeepChoppingWood the goosefoot #allthelegosarereallyforme family

Harvard Ave

By Sterling L. Brown

conversation that Kaepernick is looking to see take place is not only one that many Americans have pondered, if not pledged to join, but one that must take some research to be active participants in the dialogue. I believe these athletes are unequivocal in their stances regarding support for law enforcement, the military, and law abiding citizenship as a whole. I am a black man; I’m no expert on being black. Yet I am dark skinned, tall, large shouldered, a former athletelooking type. I have been stopped in many cities and many states by police while driving, while walking down the street, while sleeping on my friends couch. I have had approximately 25-30 individual police service weapon barrels pointed at me over my lifetime. I am, by the grace of God, still here. I used to wholeheartedly believe I had some control over not getting shot during those incidents but the things we have been seeing recently have shaken even my confidence in myself, but strengthened my faith. I am glad athletes like Rose-Ivey, who while not knowing how long they may have the soapbox, decide to use it for the spreading of a message deeming that the apparent chasm that exists between the Police and large swaths of African American men in black communities must be sewed together with bridges. In my opinion, civilians are polarized by black, white and that racial divide dictates levels of access, power, opportunity and so forth. However, once police officers put on the uniform or badge, they are no longer black or white; they are blue. The black community I have always known sees it this way. And until, we can discuss with our children the component of society that recognizes law as something to be respected and followed, we won’t be able to take the color of the skin of the officer or the victim involved in any CLUESinteraction ACROSS out of the violent 1. __ Nui, Easter Island conversation. 5.I Midway between south hate hearing critics and and southeast haters of Kaepernick and 8. Small mark supporting other athletes 12. Small antelope Black Lives Matter, or other 14. Protects from weather social movements, say that 15. Goddess of women and the public protest of these marriage athletes is all about race. It is 16. all City in Washington not about race; racism is a 18. Independent major componentvoters of the tanassociation gible outcome, but poverty is the 19.foundational Bird genus driver. Poverty and race 20. Train line have a tangled intertwining in American 21. Annoy history as matter well, but poverty 22. Waste does not President afflict most of these 23. 41st athletes 26. Typeinvolved. of cracker 30.Kaepernick Remove is a millionaire. Petersquickly is a Defensive 31. Looked Rookie of the Year, intercep32. The habitat of wild tion machine, who looks animals to contract 33.sign Typea oflucrative gene someday. 34. Humble Even Michael Rose-Ivey oppor39. Barrelsearned per dayan(abbr.) tunity to enjoy the temporary 42. Respectful compliments spoils NCAA I 44. StarofTrek: The Division Next football, and an academic Generation doctor experience that lots of kids 46. Pithy remark

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Raytown-Brooking Eagle, October 7, 2016  

News for and by Raytown, Missouri.

Raytown-Brooking Eagle, October 7, 2016  

News for and by Raytown, Missouri.