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After a couple of hours of shooting breeze we called it a night.

The two lads astride the balcony of my apartment. Nice view. Boys where are your beers! Bangkok

- After months of planning and delays the boys finally made it to Bangkok. They were first planning to come in the Fall, then it was after Christmas and then late February. Well on February 26th at just 'round midnight our two weary-eyed travellers made to the welcoming gate at Don Muang airport. They weren't two hard to pick out. Looking a little lost and very tired we connected pretty quickly. It was great to see some familiar faces. Our first task was to get a cab and get these guys home. After complaining that 150 baht is too much to pay for a 100 baht ride we hopped into a local hack and headed for home.



After packing up our three heroes made for the airport with plenty of time to spare. We had a little bit of a panic at the immigration area. I couldn't figure out which line I had to go into (Resident of Bangkok, but non-Thai passport). Then the immigration cops decided to let Tim off the 'over-stay' but not John. We couldn't figure out why but hey we made it this far rightl We made our way to the departure lounge and put our baggage down to take a break and have a smoke (well not all of us). They announced our boarding call and we joined the queue.

The first thing that Tim noticed is that even at midnight it was well into the high twenties. Hot damn hot in fact. After the half pointing out a arrived.

hour drive few of the

home and sites we

Next on the agenda was a survey of available domestic ales. There are four beers brewed in Thailand and I happened to have three of them: Singha (pronounced SING), Singha Gold, and Klostier (I don't know anyone who drinks the fourth Amarit). I prefer s tngha , Tim agreed and John said it was beer. I told John that we might not be able to find gingerale but I have seen plenty of Mr. Seagram's.

SINGAPORE Nothing to do but wait. Pretty tense moments. As we were approaching Singapore she came back and reported tha t they hadn't yet found my bag. Gulp. I smelled mutiny. We were told to be the last ones off the plane so we could be escorted to the person who would look after our problem. We were told that they found my bag and were asking for confirmation of what was in it. We would have to wait until the next day before the next flight would bring our passports. They assigned a security guard to watch over us. We were lucky we were told, the airport is very nice and there is plenty to do. Yeah, right.

We took our seats and followed the preflight instructions. And in mere moments were off. Around about ten feet off the ground I realized that I left my waist pack in the departure lounge. Panic. In it were all our passports, traveller's cheques and the guys plane tickets. Aaaaack. Bone-head move I know.

The only bright spot came when John ran into Cindi and Gerry. They found my error slightly amusing (needless to say the rest of us weren't too happy about it). They would go on ahead to the hotel and wait for us.

I contacted the head stewardess and explained her the situation. She said they would contact Don Muang Airport and find out if anyone reported a black bag being found in the departure area. She tried to comfort us but only the free drinks helped.

Nothing left to do but try to get some sleep. Apparently I was the only one who got any real sleep that night. Guess it comes from sleeping on trains and buses around Thailand. Didn't make me feel any better though. (continued page 3)


The next morning I went off to work and left the jet-setters sleep-in. My maid fed the animals breakfast and put them into a taxi to meet me at work. They had a little difficulty making out the map I left for them. After showing them around our office we went to grab some noodles at my favourite shop. After a few bowls of kweetwoe we headed back to the office. We piled into Gord' s Benz and headed out for a tour of Wat Phra Kheo. Wat Phra Kheo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and the Grand Palace are probably the most popular tourist attraction in Bangkok. The ornately decorated temple and the mixtures of architecture of the palace warrants several visits. I have been there twice before and have since gone again. We were lucky enough to get a view of the audience hall and throne room. The boys (continued next page)

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The Krung Thep Chronicle


Visitors - (from page 1) seemed impressed but the heat getting to all of us. It was very of Khunying Patrapa to arrange guided tour for us.

very was good the

John and Tim encountered most of Bangkok's pleasures: heat and traffic all in their first day. So we headed back to rest up by the pool. We decided to stay in that night as we were all beat. We agreed to take a beer run and stock with frosties for the evening. Amporn fixed a great meal. We were all stuffed like artichokes. Nothing more to do than to sit back, pop open a few cold ones and enjoy the evening heat. The next couple of days saw our buddies catching some serious rays by the pool while yours truly tended to work. Tuesday evening was an introduction to the shopping and nightlife scene in Bangkok. Both guys were amazed at how crowded it was. I guess after nine months I have got ten used to the teeming hoards. Wednesday night I introduced the lads to Harry my squash partner. After scrounging some brew we settled into a little squash. Mind you the ales were much better than our play. We went out after for a little bite to eat and to look at a bit of the night life. A little apprehensive at first the boys got into the swing of things as it were and I guess a good if not




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Tres Drunkados

late time was had by all.

I decided that work could be put on hold for a day so I stayed in with the guys until we decided that we should go out and see some of Bangkok. After flagging down a killer-tuk-tuk-fromhell we proceeded off wander. But first a little stop to pick up some tickets to Phuket and pay for my flight to Singapore. We had a little hassle with drivers who wanted ten baht for pointing us in the direction of the travel agent. After straightening out the flights we decided to head off to the Dusit Zoo to look at the elephants and tigers, zebras and giraffes. Although it is not on the top ten list of tourist attractions the Dusit Zoo is a nice place to be. They also encourage you to feed the critters so that is a bonus. The afternoon sun was just too much we called it a day and headed back the pool at my place.

so to

In the evening we went out shopping near Pratunam. This trip would be the first of three we made to that place. The prices were better than the night market on Si lom Road and the crowds weren't half as bad. Friday was another work day. But in the evening we went along the Chao Phraya River for some sea food. We joined Jim Roy, Khun Rattana, and Khun Gai (Patama). The food was excellent and we talk well into the evening. They wanted to close the restaurant so we grabbed a boat back to our car and headed for home. That was the end of the first week. Pretty full but just the start of things to come.



We awoke early Saturday morning and grabbed a 'killer-tuk-tukfrom-hell' to the Eastern Bus Terminal. We bought three 50 baht tickets and were on the road for Pattaya shortly after 9.00. The bus pulled into Pattaya City just before noon. We hopped into a song-taew (truck cum mini-bus) and drove off to our hotel. We were to stay in the Merlin Pattaya. A nice hotel just across the street from the beach. John was beat. Mornings are not his thing, so Tim and I went out to see about a bite to eat. We walked a fair piece before agreeing on a small open air restaurant.

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··:···>S?rri~··:·spibY"Bailid ·toh~ fp:y~~i: lloresalong.


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We wandered down the road after lunch to do a little shopping. Tim picked up a great pair of jams with the Singha logo on them for under $5.00.

As we were walking somebody was taking their pachyderm for a noontime stroll. Right alongside the beach! How about that? Imagine the size of that pooperscooper. The mid-day

sun was

too much

- April 1st, 1989

for both

It would figure that if there was a Mexican food joint in Bangkok the editor of this paper would know about it. When my two buddies from decided they had enough local fare we went to my favourite cantina. El Gordo's

is a shophouse that has been a fine and cosy place. is half decent but the is its big selling point.

converted into The food atmosphere

That night the three of us were talking over old times and putting away our share of the alcohol when Freddy Fender alias the Sherpa-Guide-From-Hell (a Filipino guitarist) starting playing anything under the sun. Heck he even mixed stuff together. He even played one of John-boy's favourites 'Light My Fire.' Unfortunately it was the Feliciano version but the ad-lib guitar work was just fine. It was also the evening for one of the heaviest versions of "Hotel Cal ifornia" I had ever heard. Freddy was followed on stage by 'Cow Paddy.' She played acoustic and her repertoire was more on the folk side. The owner is a friendly kinda fella. He told us stories and goaded us into singing one song before we left. John is the only one of us who has 'professionally' (except he didn't get paid) sang and we didn't really want to get up there. But beer overrules common sense at the best of times. We treated the crowd to a rousing (if not off-key ) rendition of our college drinking song. In the end the evening was a great time and after all it was a great tune. Let's all get drunk and go naked (see picture page 03)

Pattaya so we made for the pool We spent the afternoon rays and a few Z's.

at the hotel. catching some

Five o'clock was happy hour and not wanting to disappoint the local bar maid we ambled into the lounge for a warm-up. John was in near heaven. Rye and gingerale. Tim and I stared with Caesar's. After an hour or so we decided that our six-plus rounds were enough for this watering-hole and we set off to find another boite. As luck would have it there was a aptly named 'Tim Beer Bar.' Well it too much of a good omen to pass Fate was gracious as the bar also a bottle of Mr. Seagram's finest.

bar was up. had

We spent the evening sucking back cold ones (remarkably kept cold in Tim Beer Bar beer holders) and being suckered by the bar-maids in games of connect four. The next morning Tim and I left gentle giant lay and went to check some poolside attractions.

the out

We packed it in around noon and grabbed the next bus back. A nice little distraction never hurt anyone, right guys!


The Krung Thep Chronicle

- April

1st 1989


Day at Jomtien Beach Cindi and Gerry we eager to visit the beaches that the Chronicle had reported on earlier. We left early in the morning and took the same bus as John, Tim and I had to Pattaya. Jomtien is a beach twenty minutes south of Pattaya Beach. Jomtien caters more to locals that to farang. At least the beach is more popular with Thais. We arrived and noticed that we white folk were definitely in the minority. We spotted a large umbrella shade and parked our carcasses down. It was still early and we decided that a swim would be in fine order. Gerry and I split on an inner tube to float around in.

Stranded (from page 1) The next morning things didn't look too much brighter. We were told that we would have to wait a little longer as the flight was delayed. I'lorepanic. We managed to get a hold of Gerry and Cindi (who buy this time had spent most of their money on clothes) to let them know that we would be a little late. Our guard was nice enough and he took us on a tour of the shops. Prices were actually fairly reasonable but not having all our funds available '" Finally after 15.00 we were told that our passports had arrived. Fourteen hours after we did. The nice folks did rush us through. After checking that the only item missing was my camera (poetic justice at its best) we picked up the guys luggage and made for the bus stop. I chalked up the experience to fate and my luck finally running out but I promise to be more careful next time and let someone else take care of the passports. After arriving at the hotel we decided to get shopping. Isn't that why you come to Singapore? The Mulcahey's decided to start without us and proceeded to spend a bulk of their mad money in the first day. Poor souls. Offered deals they (or anyone for that matter) couldn't possibly couldn't refuse. The five of us decided to check out the shops they visited earlier. I was interested in a camera (to replace the one 'lost' in transit) and sure enough there was a camera store right across from the clothes shop that Ger and Cin were at. And coincidentally it was owned by a brother of the owner of the cloth shop! After the fittings were done we walked down Orchard Rd. (the place to be in Singapore) to see what else was about. It was getting on in the evening and we decided to find a place to have dinner. We






advertised surf&turf. The pretty good and reasonable.



The next morning we went all the way down the other side of Orchard road. I was looking forward to having a Singapore Sling in Raffles bar but it was closed for the next year or so for renovations. Go figure! My luck was just about running pure bad this trip. I had some errands to run for friends so we went to the Funan center. This large mall has two floors dedicated to computer stuff. Ger and Cin and I went out to find Merlion park. Tim and John said they would meet us back at the computer store after they found a place to eat. Merlion park was a bit on the small side. With a name like that I figured a few acres at least. Just a small patch of land over ooking the harbour. The view was pretty good and the statue of the Merlion was impressive enough. As we walked along the streets I could help but notice how clean and orderly everything was. It was nice but it seemed so sterile. No street vendors selling ro t i , som-tam or gai-yang. Kinda boring, but a welcome change. The three of us found a Chinese restaurant .The luncheon special was good and it was nice to have a little view of the harbour.We met John and Tim at the appointed time and went out exploring. We tired of walking fairly quickly and grabbed the subway back to the hotel. This was to be the last night with John and Tim so we found a little pub to have dinner and drinks afterwards. The Tiger beer was pretty good and the atmosphere perfect for a farewell drink. The next morning we misread the tickets and we realized that we may be late for our plane. We had to rush off without properly saying good-bye to the guys. Luckily we made it time and actually had a few minutes to spare. Singapore was nice but after our troubles it was good to get back to Bangkok.

The water was warm and very salty. There was also the occasional slick from the water scooters that were very popular. Popular, loud and dangerous. We saw one farang trying to maintain his cool even though he kept losing control. The maniacs driving them didn't seem to notice us poor folk floating about. While we were out making like to guys in a beer commercial a group of Thais were forming a human raft. They called over to us. I asked Gerry if he wanted to check it out and he was agreeable to the situation. We paddled over and introduced ourselves. They were amazed at our friendliness. They spoke a little English but the whooping and hollering as a big wave rocked our floating island were international. I stumbled my way through a few greetings and found out that most of them just came from the city for the weekend. Too hot in Bangkok they said. I have to agree on that one. The youngest in the crowd was eight. The salt water was too much for our eyes so Ger and I called it an early swim and headed for shore. Just after noon we started to get a little hungry. Fortunately we did not have to leave our little shelter to go looking for food. Several ladies were carrying a wide variety of food. We decided on shrimp and crab. We were all impressed with the freshness and taste of the food. You can't beat sitting back on the beach with a cool drink and eating sea food. Sabai ••Sabai .• For dessert we had a selection of fruit to choose from.Pineapple and pomelo cost us all of thirty baht. Not only is food readily available and good but it is cheap too. T-shirts, hats, varnished puffer-fish lamps were among the other items available for sale by the beach vendors. After another round of crab and prawns we decided we had enough sun for the first weekend and decided to head home. Jomtien is a nice place to escape Bangkok and the many foreign tourists that haunt most parts of Thailand.


The Krung Thep Chronicle

- April











By the end of the second week Bangkok traffic and heat got the better of us so we welcomed the chance to flyaway from it all. We grabbed an early morning flight to Phuket. When we landed in Phuket we realized that it was even hotter than when we left Krung Thep. We were staying in the Phuket Island Resort, about an hours drive from the airport. We hopped in the complimentary van and settled in for the ride. When we arrived and finished the checking details we promptly went to our rooms to shower and change into beach gear. As reported in an earlier edi tion the swimming beach is located on an island about twenty minutes out by boat. We signed aboard for the next trip and shortly we were soaking up the rays. The island is equipped with a small restaurant serv Lng snacks, lunch and drinks. We supplied ourselves with some refreshments and headed towards the beach. The beach is fairly secluded and the water emerald green. A fairly far-out place if I do say so myself. I know the boys were happy to be out of Bangkok and in paradise. Being less interesting in power tanning I went about seeing if I could body surf. The breakers weren't near as high as my first trip but they still had enough power to turn me over sideways a couple of times.

The boys take a little r-;;ose on the beach of


semi-deserted island in the tropics. Good day!

Back on the beach the boys were enjoying the tropical scenery, although most of it was imported from Europe and wearing at least half of a designer bikini! After a few hours of melting in the sun we decided to hop the ferry back to the resort. During the ride back we noticed that we had overdone it on the sun bit and were starting to feel our skin punish us for our abuse. That evening we decided to hit the buffet. There was a wide selection of western and Thai CU1S1ne. Tim and I bloated out fairly bad. But hey we were on vacation. As we were beat by too much sun we hit the sack early. The next morning it was off to the buffet breakfast. We planned to go visit the aquarium, Tim still has this thing for sharks. We rented a van and driver and set off to the islands aquarium. The trip was just under an hour (truly amazing how everything takes the same time). There was a wide assortment of fish. Tim knew many of the varieties and floored us with estimates of the prices of some of the little critters. Aside from the normal tropical fish they also had some salamander type beasts. (Continued page 07)



Another long weekend in the sun. What could be better. Cindi, Gerry and I agreed to take the VIP bus to the islands in Krabi. We hailed a cab and drove across to the Thonburi side of the river to the Southern Bus Terminal. The terminal is at the end of a small soi and extremely overcrowded. Buses moved in and out gobbling or spewing out tourists. Our first task was to gather supplies for the over-night ride. The bus we were to drive in was decorated a la Mercedes. The cleanliness and comfort made me wonder, but nah it couldn't be. Each seat had ample room (even more than on Business class airplanes) and came with a blanket and pillow. We left just after 20.30. It was a welcome change to have a driver that wasn't all over the road and travelling at break-neck speed. We tried to get a little sleep before our stop in Hua Hin for khao-tom. Being woken up just before midnight is not a very pleasant experience. I would have preferred to sleep right through, but the meal was part of the service. Back on the bus I quickly dozed off. Ger and Cin had a more restless sleep, but in the morning were ready for the day. We arrived in the town of Krabi around 08.00. Our bus let us off right in front of the restaurant that we were supposed to get a boat to the island. Khun Udomsin, of the Pilot Pen office, had suggest the Phra Nang Place and made arrangements for us. She had even taken the time to write me a note (with instructions in Thai) to help us out in case of trouble.

Yet another beautiful beach. Our young honeymooning couple get a chance to smooch in the setting sun.

The island was about a forty boat ride out of the town. We into the long-tail boat and took sea. The town harboured a fleet, by the gear I assumed to be squid. (continued next page)

minute hopped to the which, after




The Krung Thep Chronicle

- April

Krabi (from page 4) The islands we passed along the way towered out of the sea like green velvet fingers. The water was a clear emerald. More paradise. The beach we landed at was very wide and not crowded. There were some interesting caves on one side and the other end of the beach disappeared around the island. During 10\"1 tide there is a sand bar that becomes an additional tanning area. So far it was beautiful. We checked in and they were a little confused, until I showed them the note Khun Udomsin wrote. There were no bungalows on this side of the beach so we would have to go to the other side of the island and stay on Sunset beach. The manager of the sunset beach was a lively fellow that spoke reasonable English. He was the kind of guy that gave Gerry the willies, the kind of guy that thinks I'm kinda cute. No harm he

1st 1989

was getting carried away by all the 'Really neat stuffs' that the beach had to offer. shallow and The water was very therefore fairly warm. It felt like a big salty bath, until you hit a cold current and experience a little chill. We went to the office/restaurant/gathering place to have lunch and escape the sun for a bit. The food was excellent and the kitchen offered a wide variety to choose from. We spent that afternoon between the beach and our balcony. We definitely enjoyed the change of pace and peacefulness the island offered. That evening we went back to the restaurant for supper and arrived in time to watch the sun set into the sea. You know you can hear the water sizzle when the sun touches the edge! We ordered a round of seafood (So fresh

5 that you need repelling gear mountain jack to make the trip.



Undaunted we decided to carry on. The first climb was very steep and none of us had prepared for the hike. I was in flip-flops, Cindi had on a skirt and light canvas shoes, Gerry was a little better off. Using the ropes we managed to struggle up the main climb. We were covered in sweat and dirt, but hey we were on an adventure. The next section started down. I found this to be a little more complicated than climbing. The jungle around us was lush and giant trees kept out the sun. I half expected the Lord of the Apes to appear swinging off one of the vines. As we neared the pool we noticed a camera crew setup. They had loads of equipment and plenty of crew. I wonder how they got everything up here. He found out they were shooting a Camel cigarette commercial. Interesting to note that not a single person smoke. The camera crew had set up on the second ledge of three. They put up a mountaineering ladder and were responsible for most of the good ropes that we use on the way up. We managed our way down. Slightly touch and go there for a while but the view was spectacular. There were two more cliffs to climb down before you hit the waters edge. I venture down to the third ledge but looked down at the next descent I gave up. Maybe with hiking boots and gloves. The rocks were very jagged limestone/pumice and I managed to jam my heel. The young couple agreed that the view from our vantage point was worth the trip.

Just another beatiful shot of Phra Hang Place. This shot from the balcony of Ollrlittle grass shack. was just very friendly. He let us have a bungalow at the far end of the beach. We made our way to the little grass shack and were in awe of the white beach and green sea. More heaven. Our little shack had four mattresses on the floor and had mosquito netting. The privy was mixed Thai-Western style. There was a sit-down commode that you had to pour a bucket of water down to flush. There were two huge water jars with a small bowl to ap-nam with. We set up our stuff and decided to shower before setting out for the sun. The cool water felt great after the twelve hour journey. Sunset beach was along a horse-shoe bay. The sand was soft but there were belts of sea-debris left by the changing tides. A variety of shells, coral, wood and some odd bits of flotsam and jetsam made for an interesting time of beachcombing. Cindi

and cheap) and Gerry and I decided to try some of the local hooch, l1ekong. I take my poison with soda and Gerry prefers cola, Cindi decided that two drunks would be enough but she order a couple of wine coolers to join in the festive mood. After one small bottle we were finished our meal and started back to our cabana.

We talked with the crew for a while when I mentioned a similar site in the Gulf of Thailand. The lagoon was larger and there were stairs and ladders that made the hike easier. I was not making any friends by sharing my travels with these folks. The hike back was almost as exhausting as the climb up. At long last we made it. A little worse for wear but feeling proud that we (in our not so conditioned bodies) could still hike up a mountain. It was a unanimous decision that we head back to the cabana for a good shower and swim. As it was near lunch time we made it a quick one and set off to the restaurant at the other side of the beach to have our midday meal.

The next morning I decided to go for a run on the beach. I hadn't finished four laps before I found a soft spot in the sand and went tumbling down. Nothing hurt but my pride.

This hut didn't have the same warmth and atmosphere as our little restaurant on Sunset. The menu was virtually the same and the food comparable.

We had a scrumptious breakfast of banana pancakes by the beach. The morning breeze was cooling, but the sun had already started to tweek our skin.

We tried to get snorkel and fins to further explore the sea bed. But they were out. No problem. We could come back the next day.

He decided to hike up to the Princess Pool. The guide pamphlet said it was a good forty minute hike from the main site. Hhat they neglected to tell us is

We spent that afternoon lazing about in the shade. I managed to get a hold of Gerry's book and read the time away. I


Krabi (from page 5) am becoming very used to this casual way of life. It would be very hard getting back to the regular pace of Bangkok. After we showered for supper, Cindi noticed a creature under our cabana . Simians! I was surprised. I didn't think they would come down during the day. We rushed outside and followed their movement to a bunch of fruit bearing trees just beside our hut. There were at least a dozen monkeys feeding off the branches. We tried to get a couple of shots of the critters but they weren't very cooperative. It was getting dark anyway off to supper. Gerry and decided that we should continue our investigation into local alcohol and found that two bottles were in order. The one yesterday was just enough to get us going. We ordered plenty of food to go along with the drinks. In the end we ate more than our fill and took our second bottle back to our hut. After breakfast we went off to get snorkeling gear. We planned to spend a better part of today splashing about looking for shells and coral. He all went out that morning for a couple of hours. By lunch we were giant pink raisins. We had collected a fair share of shells and other goodies. After a relaxing lunch we took a bit of a siesta. Last nights overexertion was catching up. Gel' and I then decided to go out once more and see how far we could go. He left Cindi to finish her postcards (neat idea, writing down a diary on postcards). We paddled around close to shore looking at the fishes and sea cucumbers. Getting a little braver we decided to venture around the first bend. There were some small channels that help some very colourful fish. Jacques Cousteau has nothing on these two boys. Around another corner we discovered a grotto with a treasure trove of polished stones and shells. He filled our loot bag and head out around the next corner. Hhat we found was beyond words. A series of caves and channels held schools of fish all colours of the spectrum, shapes and sizes. It was like one of those undersea documentaries where the camera swims through a school except we were the camera. The feeling was invigorating. The rock formations were fascinating but very sharp. It was hard to find a rest spot without being bashed about. We swam on and somehow I turned right when Ger turned left. I ended up in the seaward side of the caves fighting off the current and waves crashing into the cliff. Trying to get my balance I grabbed a rock and cut my hand a little. No big deal but where was Gerbeav? I swam back to find Gerry. He thought he lost me and was resting on

The Krung Thep Chronicle a short ledge. He too had cut himself, pretty bad too. After taking a damage check we decided that we had overstepped our limits and headed back. On the way back we saw some wild coral and I saw my first sea urchin. The thing looked hug and I wasn't into seeing it much closer so I swam on. I wish that I wasn't so nervous about being out in the deep (anything over my head) sea. There is plenty of colourful life down there. Maybe next time. It was low tide by the time we got back and had nurse Cindi look at our wounds. We needed a little s i est.a to recover from our little excursion. Later that afternoon Cindi and I set off for the grotto to look for shells. We came back with too much. Gerry said we would never be able to bring them back. After supper that evening we made a little fire to celebrate a great holiday in the south. There was some sort of celebration across the bay as there were fireworks. A fine way to end a great weekend. The next morning we went for an early swim and packed up our belongings. Hhy is it that no matter how hard you try you always end up with less space in your bag than when you came? Especially when you are guaranteed to lose something (I lost my "hippie" hat ... bummer) • We thanked a wonderful a boat back bus back to

everyone at the office for time and headed off to get to the town and get on the Bangkok.

The islands of Krabi offered a tranquil place with the right amounts of adventure and excitement thrown in for good measure. We would like to thank Khun Udomsin (Manager, FSU) for recommending the spot. So far several other Canucks have taken her recommendation and all said that it is ten times better than Phuket!

- April 1st,




Work carried out. on the project despite the Technical Support Specials frequent trips. March saw the analysis team interviewing people in the office in preparation for the final prototype presentation. The prototype itself was completion and only a few details left for the few days before presentation on April 04th.

near were the

During the middle of the month the project had a new secretary. Khun Dusanee (Goy) has just recently graduated from the Bachelor of Arts program at Chulalongkorn University. She passed the intervied by telling us her hobby was eating. Full points from the TSS. He also received the Compaq SLT 286. A nifty little toy. But both Gord and I feel the keyboard is kind of mushy. But the rest of the machine is great. We even have a 5 1/2" drive expansion kit. Makes it easy to switch stuff between machines. One of the more interesting tasks was to help install the GIS software on Her Royal Highness Princess Maim Chakri Sirindorn's Compaq Deskpro 286. He had some people from Compaq in to help in case of any problems. It took a few attempts but eventually we had it up and running. We even managed to put the software on the Portable SLT. The 8 shade LCD screen had enough resolution to clearly define an image of the northern shores of Scotland. It took a bit of convincing the software that the oddball resolution was possible and finally it gave in and up came the coastline. We have a major presentation to NESDB executives, and representatives from the Embassy. The project is asking to extend until ear ly August. Hord has not yet come from Ottawa whether it is official yet but a mission is due from our PRO, Brian sometime soon and he can help make it official. Everybody is very busy and there is plenty to do. It is nice to take a break from the hustle and bustle and have lunch. I have got ten into the habi t of taking the team out to a restauraunt using the money I made from my daily allowances on the road trips.


Programming should start in April and continue through to the middle of May. Hith things going well we should be travelling again in Mid-June. Another round the country trip. I am not sure if I will be up to travelling around once again. Programming and travelling takes a toll on ones constitution.

cc:C~~~JJr¥a'i~~e.l$~~j:;" ..". ······.··\§uB1~&el¥;£Re~~·P~:~~R£i' . ·····mqnth$.

Things do look good and we will come in only marginally over schedule and right on budget. Remarkable how things never get done this way at home.

The Krung Thep Chronicle Phuket

(from page

- April


The main attraction was the salt water tank with, of course, the sharks. There were a couple of species in the tank along with some giant turtles and other sea beasts. After the tour was over we decided to head back. Tim was hyped for fishing after seeing the sharks and other fish at the aquarium. We went down to the main building to inquire at the tour desk if we could find a boat for a half day. They were willing to rent us a boat for two-thirds the daily rate. No problem. Still reasonable at around fifteen dollars a person. We had to be down at the dock around noon. There was still time for a quick bite and to stock up on supplies. We arrived at the dock and boarded the small fishing craft. The craft was the same one that ferried us to the small swimming island. We first went to a large island and anchored about fifteen meters off shore. The captain pulled out the wooden handles that were to be our fishing dev ices. He then retrieved a little squid from the bait bucket and chopped it up for us. vie dropped our lines and after ten minutes the captain pulled in a small fish. Our hooks were ignored. The captain just smiled and told us to reel in and we would move off to a new site. Ok. He was the expert and I was not about to question the guy with the keys.

1st 1989

drinks was just the ticket three kids into dodo land.




Tim and I got up early the next morning to take a trip to James Bond Island. We climbed into a van with about seven other folks and headed for the dock. It appears that no matter where you are you always have about an hours drive to get where you want to go. No matter I could use the extra doze time. We arrived at the dock when it was low tide. You could see some boats resting on the sea-bed waiting for the water to return. There was a small tour today about twenty people. There was a short wait till the long=tailed boat ferried us to the cruise boat. Out on the open sea again. Fortunately my sea-legs returned and I enjoyed the ride out there. James Bond Island is in the province of Phang Nga. The province is made up of a group of islands on the southwest of Thailand in the Adaman Sea. The waters are very green and the islands tower in magnificent colours. We spotted several jellyfish of the same variety as those we spotted the day before. We also saw a long thin fish that appeared to fly inches above the water. The ride was peaceful. We passed a small 'floating' village. The community was Islamic and made its existence on

The limestone islands in the area took on some interesting shapes. One jutted out like a leaning wall. I was amazed that it didn't topple over. There was one that we agreed look like a dog or a Thai lion. We went onwards to the floating village. Lunch was served immediately after we docked. Tim and I were assigned separate tables. So we had to fend for ourselves. The food was excellent. Fish, shrimp, crab and rice. I1mmm. Good. At my table a group of yuppie Thais had joined their parents on a business trip. They were very eager to t a lk and giggled at my attempts at Thai. After lunch we toured the small island. The villagers had turned the island into a giant market. Every soi had several shops. All selling wares available in Bangkok plus some gifts wi th a more local flavour. We also stopped to look at the local school and mosque.

Our time had run we boarded the journey. It was that the journey shorter than the everything.

We stopped on the other side of the island. The only thing we saw for about half an hour were little brown jellyfish. Still no luck. The captain smiled and pointed further out to sea. Ok. I'll try anything.

out on the island so boat for our re t urn interesting to note back was considerably ride out. Timing was

We stopped for a stay on James Bond Island. Not much to look at. The citadel was very small and the beach could be crossed in under two minutes. Still it made for some interesting photos.

We anchored well away from any shore and dropped our lines once more. At least this time we had a few nibbles. But after another hour at sea we decided to pack it in. All part of the game.

Our next stop was James Bond Island. This was the famous home of The l1an With The Golden Gun? The island was very small. Impressive but small. There was a wall of rock that look like it was the model for the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The monolith was smaller than I pictured but then it was only a movie, right?

exhausted by the half-day so we headed back to the how John was doing. The an awful burn and spent in the shade. His skin more than Tim or I and was keeping him just

We decided to check into the Happy Hour. Ahhhh . Cool drinks in the sea air. Is there anything that could beat this? There were plenty of free barsnacks to tide us over. Shrimp beats the heck out of stale pretzels anyday. After happy hour we went to the seaview restaurant. A good meal and a few more

But first we had to see the limestone tunnel. After navigating several thin channels among the mangrove we reached our destination. Unfortunately the tide was in and our boat couldn't make the journey through the passage. Just as well I didn't like the idea of driving through a fragile limestone tunnel.

Despite all the international furor over a certain book these folks seemed very calm and peaceful. They were friendly. A nice blend of Thai spirit and religious devotion is probably a good example for all of us.

I have never known myself to get seas i ck but that day I was fighting to get my sea legs something fierce. Tim was undisturbed by the constant rocking. Oh well I just had to grin and bear it.

We were both at the boat room to see poor lad had the afternoon had suffered cold cream comfortable.

fishing and providing a place to lunch for the many tours that pass by as we would.

I had been trying to move our flight to later in the day but I had no luck. We had a very early wake-up call and the van parked on the terrace just above our room.

That infamous tal/er of rock as featured in the Jam Bond epic. Say isn't that Timothy, Daltonn?

With beautiful coastline, crystal waters and plenty of sunshine Phuket is a great little weekend getaway.

8 Ask

- April 1st,

The Krung Thep Chronicle


Dear KTC: Do you ever get tired of working on the Chronicle? It seems like a lot of work. Littlest Sis. Dear Littlest Sis: Well, actually I find working on the paper rather refreshing. It does take up some of my time but it is rather enjoyable. I also get to look over some neat pictures and think about what I have done every month. Normally I write articles during the whole month and then try to find the time to put it into the newspaper format.

Dear KTC: Why don't you give up on a half-[editedJ product like WP 5.0 and use a real desk top publisher. Logan Dear Logan: Laziness. Pure and simple. I would have to figure out how that worked and I am still having a heck of a time putting 5.0 through its paces. But your point is a valid one and I may just pick up a copy of Ventura or PageMaker. Any preferences? Bampf!



Khun Gai - April 23rd. Pee, Even though you are fighting this with all your strength you can't beat time. Happy Birthday! ENGAGED! Congratulations to John and Mary on their engagement. The news was late getting here but all the best. When is your wedding date. IS IT OFFICIAL? Rumour control has it the Mike and Margo are planning to marry in 1990. Something about the 12th of May. Still one more year. Send your announcements to the Chronicle and we w i Ll try to put them in as soon as we get them.








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Dear KTC: When is my son coming home? Mom. Dear Mom: Well, we're not sure about that. Ed.

Andrea Teske - April 19th. Another year older but you still haven't grown. Don't sweat it your still cute and Scott probably likes short girls.




:· ••••••

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·.·.·<..::\:;.:~~\~:>tite.;t·: ...



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~~ I ~






The next morning I went off to work and left the jet-setters sleep-in. My maid fed the animals breakfast and put them into a taxi to meet me...