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Chapter 1 Rock Around The Clock It was a beautiful summer day and Bob just defeated Dark Fawful and GOROG. He and his friend John just got home from the Mushroom Kingdom. Right after the day that Bob defeated Dark Fawful, Mom had a party to celebrate the defeat of Dark Fawful. “Hey John” Bob said as they were playing ball in the backyard. “What?” John asked him. “Remember the Dark Star and Dark Fawful” Bob said. “Yeah” John replied. “Well, Alex and Harper told me that the Dark Star had a vision of Bowser, but in a dark version and that Dark Fawful had something to do with it” Bob explained. Suddenly it turned dark. “Alright, I guess GOROG did survive, I will defeat him” Bob said. But it wasn’t GOROG!!!!!!!!!! It was……… ALIENS CALLED SHROOBS!!!!!! They opened up a time hole and they sucked John into the past and back into the TOWER OF EVIL!!!!! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, John is in the past! I lost him again!!!!!!!” Bob screamed. He cannonballed into the time hole and got sucked with John into the past. How are there time holes here? But the real question is, what are aliens doing here? On Planet Shroob…………. Lots of shroobs were having a meeting. “OK, our shroob armies are going to Planet Earth to capture John and destroy Bob” Princess Shroob said. “It’s GOROG’s orders” Shroob 1 said. “Bob thinks that GOROG is dead, well he thunk wrong” Shroob 2 said. “Yea” Shroob 3 said. “Quiet, Shroob 1, 2, and 3” Princess Shroob said. “Now you, Shroob 1, 2, and 3 will go to Earth to make sure the armies are OK” Princess Shroob said. “OK” Shroob 1, 2, and 3 said. They went on to their space crafts and traveled to Earth….. Bob got sucked back in time to 1978. “WE ARE IN 1978!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob shouted. “John” Bob shouted again. There was no answer. “Dang it, John is in the TOWER OF EVIL, I need to go there and also defeat the aliens” Bob said. “No, I’m right here, I was

trying to scare you but it didn’t work” John said. “Hey John, look” Bob said. “What?” John asked Bob. Suddenly, little aliens started to come and grabbed John and dragged him to the TOWER OF EVIL. “NO!!!!!!!!!!!! He ran and all of a sudden, he pulled out a magical clock that went into the past, pulled the trigger and got sucked into 1893. ”Why did I do that?” Bob asked himself. He was in the dessert and a group of people walked by. “Hey dude, do you know where to get some cargo for our buggy?” A man asked. “Who are you? I am from the future, 2011!!!!!!” Bob said. “What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the man said. “OK, who cares about the cargo, tell us about the future!” the man said. “Yeah!!!!!!!!” all the others said. “OK” Bob said and then he explained…… Meanwhile in 1978…… “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha” Shroob 1, 2, and 3 said. “You will be trapped here forever” Shroob 1 said. “How do you know? Maybe Bob will rescue me like he always does. BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” John said. “That will not work” Shroob 2 said. “Bob is in…. 1893!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Shroob 3 said. “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” John screamed and he fainted. Back in 1893…… “…. I flashed him with the wand, and I won” Bob said as he was explaining the future. “WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the group said. “Then, I went back to the building, got Alex, Harper, and the others and went to the spirit, that was my quest, now let me tell you about my other quest, defeating Dark Fawful and GOROG!!!!!!” Bob explained. “GOROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is our worst enemy!!!!!!” the man said. Suddenly, GOROG from the past came down. “GOROG?!?!?!?!?” Bob said. “Hahahahaha” GOROG said. “I will destroy the people of 1893.” GOROG said. He stared at Bob for a moment and he realized something. “BOB?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?” GOROG said. “Yep, it’s me” Bob said. “You are from the future” GOROG said. “Yeah, and if you destroy me, you will be alive after 2011. Everything that someone does in the past affects the present day” Bob explained. “I HAVE TO DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALIENS, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!” GOROG said. Aliens started coming out and started to attack Bob. Bob pulled out the time travel clock and pulled the trigger. He went back to 1978. Chapter 2 Partners in Time Bob went back to 1978 and landed in the TOWER OF EVIL. He saw John with the aliens. “JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob said. “What are you doing here?” Shroob 1 said. “I have come to save John” Bob said. Suddenly a

monster came in. It was Dark Bowser!!!!!!!!!!!! “Dark Bowser?!?!?!?!?” Bob and John said at the same time. “I have come to destroy the aliens of Planet Shroob” Dark Bowser said. “I thought you were with GOROG” Bob said. “Yeah, I was but I decided to be on your side now” Dark Bowser explained. “How did you get in the past” John asked Dark Bowser. “It was easy, I saw Bob playing ball when the shroobs came and when you and John went in the time hole, I went in the time hole too, and that is how I got here” Dark Bowser explained. “You really think that we will believe that you did that and you are good now” Bob said. “Yep” Dark Bowser said. All of a sudden, Dark Bowser started sucking Bob and John in his stomach. “This is just like what I did to Alex and Harper” Bob screamed. “Don’t worry guys, I’m actually saving you” Dark Bowser said. Bob pulled the trigger on the time clock and got sucked back to 1777!!!!!!!! They landed in an old creek house back in 1777. “This is 1777!!!!!! GEORGE WASHINGTON’S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we can see him and tell him about mag…” John said and then Bob covered his mouth. “We can not tell anybody about… y’know” Bob said. “MAGIC” John whispered. “Yep” Bob replied. “Alright, let’s go on the most epic quest to find George Washington to help us defeat the aliens” John said. “Good thinking, John” Bob said and they set off…… Meanwhile, on Planet Shroob… “Bob and John have gone back in time to 1777” Princess Shroob said. “What!!!!” all the shroobs said. “Yes, now I will go to Earth to go to 1777 to destroy Bob and kidnap his friend John forever and there will be nothing to stop me, SHROOBIE SHROOB!!!!!” Princess Shroob said. “SHROOBIE SHROOB!!!!!” the shroobs said as Princess Shroob set off to destroy Bob and find John…. Back in 1777, Bob and John were trying to find George Washington. They went to Mt. Vernon in Virginia. “GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!!!!” John screamed. “That wasn’t really a long quest” Bob explained. “Oh hey” George Washington said. “I can’t believe I’m standing right next to our first president” Bob said. “Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, really funny, I don’t know anything about me as the president” George Washington said. “We are from the future, and you will be the first president of the United States, you will have a district right around here that will be called Washington D.C., and a state called Washington” John explained. “Really, WOW!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!” George Washington said. “Let’s cut to the chase, how do you get rid of aliens that are trying to take over the world in the future?” Bob asked George Washington. “Oh, here is a bow and arrow, sorry we are all out of muskets, just aim at the aliens and ba-bam, they will be gone. You have 5 shots, then the arrow breaks” George Washington said. “Thank

you, oh and by away its ok that you don’t have a musket, my mom would never let me shoot a musket” Bob said. “Bye” George Washington, Bob and John said to each other. Bob and John walked away. “Let’s go back to 2011” Bob said. “Yeah, let’s go” John said. Bob pulled the trigger but suddenly John acted like a robot and pulled it back way, way, way far. They landed in…… 1011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “WHAT!!!!!” Bob shouted. “What happened? I acted like a robot” John said. “We are in 1011!!!!!!” Bob screamed. They stared at the sky and then they knew who did it. “SHROOBS!!!!!!” Bob and John said at the same time. Suddenly, the clock zoomed away from their hands. “Oh no, we are stuck here” John said. Y’know what, they were right, the shroobs were doing it and they were stuck there. They had to find a way out!!!! Or else they would be stuck in 1011!!!!!!!! Chapter 3 Stuck in the Past Bob and John started walking around the land in 1011 and saw a cave. “What’s a cave doing here?” John asked. “OH!!!!!! THIS IS THE CAVE OF ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!! I was born in Italy and I have been here so many times! This IS the Cave Of Italia; Italia is Italy in some other language” Bob explained. “Enough of the history, I know about the Cave of Italia, the shroobs are destroying the earth right now and we have to destroy them, the only way to destroy them is a laser, my great-great-great-greatgreat-great grandfather said to me “there is a laser in the Cave of Italia, this is a life-lesson to learn, NEVER GO TO THE CAVE OF ITALIA AND SHOOT THAT LASER!!!!!!!!!! It will destroy random groups of animals, creatures, or people around the world” John explained what his greatgrandparents told him. “We need to get that laser” John said. “How did your 6th great grandfather live that long?” Bob asked John. “He was a vampire” John said. “OK, so we have to go in the cave, get the laser, get out, find the time-travel clock, go back to 1987, defeat those three shroobs, then we go back home and defeat all the other shroobs that are there” Bob explained. They walked into the cave and they looked around. No one was there. Suddenly, a group of cavemen walked by. “hdhidsfhjdfvklsjfgduihdgfyugfiu&%$#%^*(*&%$%!!!!!” a group of cavemen said. “What are they saying?” Bob asked John. “They are from the past, they don’t know English” John said. “yhsfdkvhikjvfhviodhfidfiohdi*&^*&%^$%#$%^ %&hirgijfigdfihiod!!” one caveman said. “^^*&^*&^

%^&*&%##!@@#%^&^*vdbvhjbcxkvbxjbvhxjbv&&$^*!!!!!!” another caveman said. “I have a translator” John said. He pulled out a translator and he could know what the cavemen were saying. “They are saying….. “Do you need a laser? Well get one here. We have been trying to sell this thing for ages!!!!! Since 999!!!!!!!” John said as he told Bob what the cavemen said. They said yes, got the laser, and went out. “That wasn’t hard” Bob said. “Yeah” John replied. “Hopefully finding the clock will be easy too” Bob said. Suddenly, they saw a big huge monster that got the clock and ate it!!!!!!!! “That won’t be easy to get” John said. “Yeah, let’s scream” Bob replied. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE REALLY ARE STUCK IN 1011!!!!!!” Bob and John said together. “I can’t believe this; we will be stuck here forever!!!!!!!!” Bob said. They went into the forest and they looked around. Suddenly, the monster came up and ate them!!!!!! The time clock was already out of his system!!!!! They fell through his stomach. “HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob and John said as they fell through his body. “THIS IS EXCATLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ALEX AND HARPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob screamed as they entered his stomach. They didn’t know what to do!!!!!!!! They might actually be stuck in 1011!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! The shroobs have gone way too far!!!!!!! Back in 2011…. “Where is Bob?” Mom asked herself. Dark Bowser suddenly came. “Hey lady, so listen, I’m a really good friend of Bob and I have to tell you something. Bob is in 1011!!!!!!!!!!” Dark Bowser explained. “WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mom screamed as she ran away into the time hole and landed in 1978. Princess Shroob was just arriving. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Princess Shroob said. “I will go to 1011, get the time clock and Bob and John will never get out of there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Princess Shroob explained. “You can’t give up, can you?” Mom asked Princess Shroob. “Ah, Bob’s mom, you are trying to save Bob and John RIGHT???????????? Well, you’re not going to and they will not destroy us. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!” Princess Shroob replied. “Yeah right, I will get them” Mom said. She was very determined to get them. Chapter 4 Time Traveling Trouble In 1011 Bob and John landed in the monster’s stomach and its name was Yoob. “We did not plan for this” Bob said randomly when they were walking through Yoob’s stomach. “We need to get out of here!!!!! Those shroobs are gonna pay BIG TIME for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” John

said. Suddenly, they heard something strange. “Ughhhhhhhh, ughhhhhhhh” some strange voice said. Suddenly, out of the blue appeared MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! With children!!!!!!!!!!!! “Mom……. 2 questions, 1. HOW DID YOU GET HERE??????????? And 2. WHAT ARE CHILDREN DOING HERE????????” Bob asked. “To one, I found time holes (the quest is not included in this story) which led to here and Yoob ate me” Mom explained. “Who’s Yoob?” Bob asked. “The dragon” Mom replied. “It’s a giant Yoshi dinosaur, you’re so out of date” Bob said. “Oh yeah, um……….. You love Happy Times” Mom said. “Yep, you’re out of date” Bob said. “Back to the questions, to question two, I adopted them” Mom said. “K, what’s your name?” Bob asked as he pointed to an 18 year old boy. “My name is Ben, I’m 18 years old and I’m addicted to Talking Ben on the iPhone, man!!!!!!!” Ben explained in a deep, slow voice. “Alright, what’s YOUR name?” Bob asked as he pointed to a 12 year old boy. “My name’s Tom, I’m 12 and I LOVE Talking Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talking Ben’s friend and enemy!!!!!!!!!!” Tom shouted. “OK y’all, what’s the lady’s name?” Bob asked as he pointed to a girl who was 16. “I’m Gina and I love…………” Gina said. “….TALKING GINA!!!!!!!! TALKING………… JOHN’S FRIEND” Bob said as he finished Gina’s statement. “WHO ARE YOU??????? Talking Gina is Talking Bacteria John’s cousin” Gina said as she cried. “WOW!!!! I got part of the name correct!!!!” Bob said. “Last one, what’s your name sweetie pie?” Bob asked a 2 year old girl. “Charlie” Charlie said in the cutest voice. “Alright, let’s get out of here…. With magic” Bob said as he flashed his new family out of Yoob’s behind as manure (ughhhhhhhh!!!!!!!) “You mommy (now us mommy) tell us magic” Charlie said. “You told them about magic?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob shouted like he was gonna faint. “It’s okay, I’m a full wizard, I’m trained” Mom said. “Oh, that reminds me, the wizard competition is in March!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob said. “We know that, we are trying to save the world here” John said. “Let’s go” Mom said. They walked around the Garden of Italia and saw the clock. “Yes, finally” Bob said. “What is that?” Gina asked Bob. “It’s a time travel clock, it lets us go to the past or the future” Bob explained. “COOL!!!!!!!!!!” Gina, Tom, and Ben said. “Wow” Charlie said. “Alright people, lets go back to our time” Bob said. “Yippppppeeeeeee” Ben said. “ALRIGHT!!!” Tom said. When Bob started to pull the trigger, Charlie came in and pulled it way way way back. “UH OH!!!!!!!!!!!!” They all said. They went way back in time. They landed in Bethlehem and there were lots of people wandering around. “OMG!!!!!!!! We are at The Birth of Jesus!!!!!!!! LOOK, THERE’S MARY AND JOSEPH!!!!!!!!” John shouted. They saw

Mary and Joseph walking around finding a place to sleep. “I’ve always dreamed of seeing the birth of Jesus” Bob said. “Let’s go to the stable” Bob shouted. They all went to the stable and sat down. “I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!” Bob said. Suddenly, there were sheep coming in the stable. “The shepherds are arriving” John said. Many shepherds were coming in the stable. “I CAN’T WAIT FOR MARY AND JOSEPH!!!!!!” Bob screamed. Finally, Mary and Joseph walked in the stable, set up the manger, and leaned next to the manger. Suddenly, a bright light started shining and there was a voice. It was God. “MY SON LORD JESUS IS TO TEACH THE WORD OF ME TO PEOPLE AND TELL PEOPLE ABOUT HEAVEN AND EARTH! NOW, MY SON LORD JESUS IS TO BE BORN!!!!!” God said. The light disappeared and there in the manger showed a baby. “ JESUS!!!!!!!!” Bob said quietly. “We saw the birth of Jesus!!!!!!!! We must pray then go!!!!!!!” John said. “There’s no rush! We haven’t even seen the kings yet!” Bob said. Then, three kings walked to the stable with gifts and gave them to the baby. “I bring you the treasure of gold, it’s rarity and brilliance fit for a king!” Melchior (King 1) said. Then the next king came up and said “I bring you the treasure of frankincense, an incense made of Arabian and African trees”. The last king came up and presented his gift with an British accent. “I bring you the treasure of myrrh chap, a perfume made of rare Arabian and African flowering plants”. They left after that. “OK, now we can leave” Bob said while they left. They started to walk. They walked for ages. “When are we going to GET THERE????????” Bob screamed. “Be patient” John said. “Weeeeee neeeeeeeeeddddd toooooooo getttttttttt homeeeeeeeee” Ben said. “I CAN’T WAIT!” Tom said. “When are we going to get there?” Gina asked. “I don’t know!” Bob screamed. “We are in the year 1 now” John said. “Where are we?” Bob asked. “We are….. in…… Windsor Park” Mom replied. “Yes!” Bob said. They walked around. “Alright, no shroobs! Let’s go to our own time AND DEFEAT THOSE SHROOBS!” Bob screamed. Bob pulled the trigger forward but John gave it a long tug back. “JOHN!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!!?” Bob said. “I PANICKED!!!!!! I DON’T WANT TO GO HOME!!!!! I LIKE ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!” John screamed. They kept going back in time. They landed in a dessert in 20 B.C. “Where the fish sticks are we?” Gina asked. “HOLY SOUR MILK!!!!!!! WE… ARE….. IN.... 20 B.C.!!!!!!!!!!” Bob screamed. “WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?” everybody screamed. “Let’s try again” Bob said. He pulled the trigger, but again, way back. They landed and he saw Moses! He kept going and going and going until -0! The world was empty and dark. It was just rock. “HELLO!!!!!” Bob screamed. He dropped the clock and the group ran away to find people. They ran for a long time,

but no one was found. “OH NO!!!!!! THE EARTH DOSEN’T EXIST YET!!!!!!!” John screamed. “Quick, we got to get out of here before we disappear” Bob said. “Why will we gone?” Charlie asked. “Charlie, THERE IS NO EARTH NOW!!!!!! HUMANS DON’T EXIST YET!!!!!!!!!!” Bob said. “Bob, she’s 2!” Mom said. Suddenly, Bob disappeared. “QUICK! Let’s get out of here” John said. Then they disappeared too. They ended up in a bright town with tons of wands in the air. “Where are we?” Bob asked. A wizard walked by. “Hey, are you a wizard?" the wizard said. “WAIT!!!!! THIS IS THE FUTURE!!!!!!!” Bob said. Suddenly, the time-traveling clock appeared. “Let’s finally go back! Those shroobs are going to pay for all this” Bob said. They went back in time to 2011 safely and no more adventures in the past. Chapter 5 Wizards vs. Aliens They landed safely in 2011. The battle has just begun. That adventure was part of their plan to attack Windsor Village. “This is it. Those shroobs are done!” John said. “This is the perfect time for the wizard ceremony” Mom said. Bob waved his wand and music started playing. Mom waved her wand from head to toe on everybody; Gina, Tom, Ben and Charlie. “Great! You’re wizards! Now you’re in the competition with us!” Bob said. Wands popped in their pockets and they were happy. “Alright! Let’s CREAM… THOSE…. SHROOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob said. They all started marching towards the shroobs. “^&^%^&%^$%^$$^$&$#%#%^ %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Shroob 1 said. “BhBhbhsdbhbvhbfvBKHV<JFV<J^^&*^& %^^$67!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Princess Shroob said. They raised their hands, bowed and begun the battle. Wizards vs. Aliens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Aliens shot lasers and never stopped. “OK, Bob! 5 shots until the arrow breaks! You can do it! COME ON!!!!!” John said. “GO BOB!!!! GO BOB!!!! GO BOB!!!!!!!!” everybody shouted. Bob aimed and shot the arrow. One army was killed. “YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO ARMIES LEFT!!!!!!!!” John said. Bob aimed again and shot the arrow. Another army was dead. “OK, BOB!!!!!!!!!! ONE MORE ARMY THEN PRINCESS SHROOB!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!” everybody shouted. Bob aimed super-well and shot. The last army was dead! Even Shroob 1, 2 and 3 was dead! Now, only Princess Shroob was left. “OK, aim Bob, aim! You can do it!” everybody shouted. “%&^%^$!!!!!!!!!!!Pooh……” Princess Shroob said. “Wait!” Bob said. “About me speaking English, the other one is my secret code OK!!!!!!!” Princess Shroob said. The battle resumed. Bob made his target and shot! But he

missed! “BOB!!! One shot left! You make it or another trip to 1777!” John said. Bob focused. He concentrated. He did coordinates in his head. He aimed. He agreed with his aim. He shot. He………. GOT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The battle was over. Wizards won once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They cheered. “Fair game! I decided want to be calm and good. It’s too stressful being bad! I’m glad you won” Princess Shroob explained. She got on her UFO and left. They were all happy. All danger was gone and Y’know what! That was true! All danger was gone! THE END! At the end of the story, Bob defeated the shroobs and the group had some wild adventures in time-traveling. But, in the next story in the series. It’s Christmas time and Bob, Alex and John missed their family’s flight to Los Angeles, California and there are some wild adventures in there. Find out what the adventure Bob and his friends will have in…. Bob’s Quest: It’s Christmas!

Bob's Quest: Alien Attack!  

The adventures of Bob and his friends continue when they get attacked by aliens and get sent back in time.

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