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Message from the MCP Dear AIESECer, After 6 years, AIESEC in Brazil has decided to have regional conferences once more. It is an unprecedented event, we'll unite more than 1000 people, in 3 different places. That's 20% of our organization getting together to write its future. Congratulations for joining this crew. We hope this is as powerful to you as it's being special to us. And that, no matter what, you always think about the best AIESEC our country Brazil could have. You are the one who makes this real. You are leading the biggest changes in this year. You are the one who'll take care to make experiences not become a number, but a meaningful leadership development for every single person in Brazil, so we activate youth to build the change our country needs. On behalf of a proud MC Dare really excited to this conference, GAME ON! Leonardo Civinelli Tornel da Silveira President - AIESEC in Brazil 2012-2013

Message from the OC Dear delegate, “Connection” was the idea that united OC Grow since the beginning. We want this conference to be the chance for you to get to know better your neighbor LCs, we want this to be the opportunity for you to share your experiences and to develop yourself. Our region is the largest in territory and yet the one with less LCs on @BAZI. This only proves one thing: our potential! Thinking about this, we decided on the name Grow – and we hope that you take this message with you. Enjoy yourself! Take the most of this conference and get your game going on! I hope this booklet will help you understand a little bit more of our conference. There's information on the conference site, transportation, among other things. Any doubts, please contact us (

Hope to see you soon, OC Grow

About the conference The Growth Meeting is a National Conference of AIESEC in Brazil, divided into 3 regional conferences and aimed to empower leaders and develop ideas to deliver higher impact. It is the first Conference of the year, where delegates will have the opportunity to share and analyze the first experiences of 2013 and build positive strategies and innovative initiatives for the rest of the year. The sessions are mostly separated by tracks, which allows the leaders to have a chance to integrate more and be much more capacitated and motivated to increase the results.

For 2013, our motto is GAME ON: All work and all play to get us to the next level!

Site of the Conference Chácara Shekinah DF 140 KM 2, São Sebastião Distrito Federal, Brasil Phone Number: +55 61 9558-6123

Transportation The OC will provide transportation to the site of the conference from BrasĂ­lia Airport. Date: 01/03 Departure: 07h00 a.m. Meeting point: Floricultura Flor & Cia

FEE: One Way Ticket: R$30,00 Round-Trip: R$60,00* *The return bus to BrasĂ­lia Airport from the site of the conference departs day 03/03, at 07h00 p.m.

But what if I lose the OC transportation?

FIRST OPTION • 1º STEP : take the bus nº 102 to Rodoviária do Plano Piloto from the Brasília Airport. • 2º STEP: take the bus nº 170 Barreiros to DF 140 from Rodoviária do Plano PIloto.

SECOND OPTION • Take a cab to site of the conference from Brasília Airport. • The OC suggests you to call to Rádio Táxi Alvorada (phone number: +55 61 3321-3030) cause you have 20% off.

But If I want to go by car? • Flow the OC directions below: Go to Esplanada dos Ministérios from the JK Bridge. Continue straight and cross the Estrada Parque Dom Bosco to first roundabout. Keep on the road following de Aphaville’s sings until the beginning of DF 140. There is another roundabout and you have to go on the Tororó’s direction. Stay on the left side and you are going to see the Condomínio Mônaco and Pedras Décor. Turn left on the first dirt road* and go straight for 200m. *The OC will put some signs on the dirt road.

Doubts? Call to Seu Antônio (phone number: +55 61 3335-0415)

TCS Travel Cost Share is a way to all delegates pay the same value to participate the conference. Myth: “If I pay more now, I’m going to pay less TCS.”

Fact: “The less each one pays in their tickets, lower is the TCS for everybody.” *Pay attention to the sales and discounts offered by the airlines companies. *Are you going by a car? Arrange some rides and go Carpooling. *Try to arrange a host in Brasília before or after the conference. You can pay less on plane tickets by staying one or more days before or after the conference.

Y2B The Fórum would happen day 28/02, but because of some troubles it was adjourned. “The OC keep offering the option to go to the site of the conference at the 28th for a 40,00 FEE, like it was in inscriptions. This FEE cover the transportation* to site of the conference, 1 meal and the accommodation. *to site of the conference from Brasília Airport Departure: 07h00 p.m. Meeting point: Floricultura Flor & Cia For more information about this day keep in touch with your Chefe de Delegação.”

Checklist Bed Sheets

Pillow Blanket Towel Soap Shampoo

Toothbrush Toothpaste Deodorant

Medicine Mug Comfortable Clothes

Repellent *If you prefer, the site of the conference has a Kit with bed sheets, pillow, blanket and towel for 30,00 reais.

OC *Keep all your things organized in your bedroom so you won´t lose anything, the site of the conference, OC GROW and MC Dare are not responsible for any loss of delegates’ belongings. *The room will be clean periodically, so keep your stuff in your luggage, when leaving the room. When you leave the bedroom, make sure your things are safe: lock them! *Take care of your personal objects and avoid taking highly priced objects to the conference.

Keep in Mind! *Many products will be sold on the conference, so remember to have money in cash to by them.

*If you like to eat snacks during the day, take some with you, too. *No wireless internet will be provided *If you need a participation certificate from the OC, request it until the 28th of February with your complete name and position to It will be sent by e-mail right after the conference.


Coming Soon! The OC will give you more information. Wait for it!

Parties! 28/02 Boteco Night For you that is going to be in the conference this night it’s time to join us to play some boteco’s games. Have fun with good music and good gathering.

Parties! 01/03 Guitar Hero Party! Inspired on a famous video game, this night will be a time to have fun enjoying rock music. Be prepared to play this game.

Parties! 02/03 Game On! Inspired about our conference motto this night will be a time to PLAY! With a lot of games and good music we are going to enjoy the last night in the conference. The OC wants everybody participating so it’s time to show your LC drinking game, after all, it’s a game too.

National Partners

Find us! YOUTUBE CHANNEL : All the videos related to the conference will be uploaded here. FACEBOOK : The Facebook Page is where we talk with the entire world. Like, comment and share everything you want about the first conference of the year! @BAZI CONFERENCES GROUP : Here you can talk with your friends about the commute, ask questions to the OC and MC and check our announcements and videos.

Have you read it all? Do you still have doubts? Contact us!

Booklet GM North 2013  

Booklet que contêm as informações sobre a conferência da @BAZI que irá acontecer em Brasília nos dias 1, 2 e 3 de Março.

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