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Printed circuit board defects in road design process

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Printed circuit board defects in road design process

First, the overlapping pad Contact Us Tel: 0086-0755-27348087 Fax: 0086-0755-27348087 E-mail: MSN:

1, pad (except for surface mount pads) will overlap, meaning that the overlapping holes in the drilling process because of many holes in the lead off a bit, causing the hole injury. 2, multiply the two holes overlap, such as a hole for the isolation plate, the other holes for the connection plate (flower pad), so the performance plots for the isolation plate after plate, resulting in the scrap. Second, the graphics layer of the abuse

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1, in a number of graphic layers to do some useless connections, four-layer board was originally designed more than five lines, to cause misunderstanding. 2, design the easy way to Protel software as an example of the layers has a layer of line with the Board to paint, also marked with the Board level to draw lines, so that during the Gerber data, because the Board is not selected layer, missing Connect the circuit, or select the Board because of the short lines mark layer, so the design of graphics layers to maintain the integrity and clarity. 3, the violation of conventional design, such as surface design in the Bottom layer components, welding face design in the Top, causing inconvenience. Third, the character of misplacing 1, the character SMD pad cover lug, off to the PCB and components of the welding test inconvenience. 2, the character design is too small, causing difficulties in screen printing, characters will overlap too much, it is difficult to distinguish. Fourth, the aperture setting side pad 1, generally do not single pad drilling, drilling should be labeled if its diameter should be designed to zero. If the design value, so that drilling in the production data, the location coordinates of the hole appeared, and problems. 2-sided pad should be a special mark such as borehole. Fifth, with the filling block painting pad Fill block with the lines drawn in the design of the pad when checking through DRC, but processing does not work, so classes can not directly generate solder pad data in the solder resist, the area will be filled block covered by solder mask, resulting in welding device difficult. VI, electrical ground is connected to spend the pad is Way designed to take the pad because the power, ground and the actual printed image is on the contrary, all the connections are the line of separation, that designers should be very clear. This way, the painting of several groups of power supply or ground line of separation should be careful not to leave gaps, so that two sets of power supply circuit, it can not cause the connection of regional blockade (to a group of power is separated.) Seven levels of ill-defined process 1, single panel design in the TOP layer, such as the pros and cons of doing without that, the board may come out fitted with the device and poor welding. 2, for example, used a four-layer board design TOP mid1, mid2 bottom four, but the processing time is not placed in

this order, which requires description. Eight blocks of the design too much filling or filler blocks filled with a very fine line 1, resulting in a loss of light painted the phenomenon of data, data is not completely painted. 2, painted by filling in the data processing block is used when a line to draw, so the amount of data generated by a large painting of light, increasing the difficulty of data processing. IX short pad surface mount devices This is a test run off, for very dense surface mount device, the spacing between the legs rather small, the pad is quite small, installation of test pin must be from top to bottom (left) staggered position, such as the pad the design is too short, although the device does not affect the installation, but it will not open the wrong test needle position. Ten, a large area of the grid spacing is too small to form a large area between the grid lines with the line of the edge is too small (less than 0.3mm), in the PCB manufacturing process, the map transfer process after the film was finished easily lead to many broken membrane attached to the board, cause breakage. XI, a large area from the frame"s too close to the copper foil Large area of copper from the frame should be at least ensure that the spacing of 0.2mm or more, as a result of milling in the milling time to form easily lead on copper and copper Qiqiao off by problems caused by solder resist. Second, shape frame design is not clear Some customers in the Keep layer, Board layer, Top over layer are all designed to shape and the contour lines do not coincide, resulting in pcb manufacturers is difficult to judge which of contour to prevail. Thirteen, graphic design, graphic plating caused by uneven coating during the uneven impact of quality. Fourth, short shaped hole Hole length / width should be ≼ 2:1, the width should be> 1.0mm, otherwise, drilling holes in the processing of shaped drill off easily, resulting in processing difficulties, increased costs RayMing PCB -

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