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metal base PCB board contains aluminum pcb copper pcb iron pcb

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metal base PCB board contains aluminum pcb copper pcb iron pcb Best PCB deal you can find on Internet (PCB Price List) Aluminum PCB (metal base PCB board: contains aluminum pcb,copper pcb,iron pcb) is a unique metalbased copper clad laminate,it has good thermal conductivity,electrical insulation and machining performance. Aluminum PCB is one of metal-based pcb,including copper foil,thermal insulating layer and metal substrate,its structure divide into three layers:

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1. Circuit layer: the equivalent of an ordinary PCB,copper thickness from 1oz to 10oz. 2. Insulation layer: Insulation is a layer of thermal insulating material with low thermal resistance.Thickness: 0.003 "to 0.006" inch is the aluminum pcb core technology. 3. Based Layer: a metal substrate,usually aluminum or copper may be chosen. Features: ● Use of surface mount technology (SMT); ● The circuit design of the thermal diffusion of highly effective treatment; ● Reduce product operating temperature,increase the power density and reliability,extended product life; ● Smaller footprint,lower hardware and assembly costs; ● Replace the fragile ceramic base pcb,better mechanical durability.

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As an advocate to promote energy-saving lamps and colorful energy-saving LED lights are very popular by the market, the aluminum pcb used in LED lights have begun a large-scale applications. If you have the inquiry of the aluminum pcb, please don"t hesitate to contact us. Pictures:

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metal base PCB board contains aluminum pcb copper pcb iron pcb