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6 layer blind buried PCB

PCB Process 6 laye r blind burie d PCB

PCB Material PCB Application PCBA

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GC0 6 0 1

Te l: 0 0 8 6 -0 755-27348 0 8 7 Pro duct name:6 laye r blind burie d PCB

Fax: 0 0 8 6 -0 755-2738 9 6 25 E-m ail: m


MSN: Raypcb@ho m No te:the pro duct

Skype : Raypcb

Quality catego ries:Mult ilaye r PCB

Pro ducts multilayer pcb PTH pre-scrubbing machine

Raw material: FR-4 TG170 Board thickness: 1.6mm Surface finish: HASL lead free Layer count: 6 layer Surface treatment: flash gold(0.76um min) Green solder mask Impedance control Blind/buried vias BGA RoHs Compliant

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6 layer blind buried PCB  

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