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4 Layer PCB immersion gold ROHS compliant

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4 Layer PCB immersion gold ROHS compliant Best PCB deal you can find on Internet (PCB Price List)

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Large Image :4 Layer PCB

Pro duct Details: Place o f Origin:


Brand Name:


Payment & Shipping Terms: PTH pre-scrubbing machine

Minimum Order Quantity:

1PCS fro m the set

Packaging Details:

vacuum packing

Delivery Time:

24H fro m

Payment Terms:


Supply Ability:

50 0 0 square meters per mo nth

De t aile d Pro duct De script io n

4 Layer immersion gold PCB with 3 years manufacturiing experience 4 Layer PCB 4 Layer PCB for mobile product, professional manufacturer in China Materials:1oz Board Thickness:2.0mm Surface processing:immersion gold Laser drill hole(minimum):0.2mm Buried and blind via structure:L1-L2, L2-L7 Line wedth/space(minimum):0.15/0.15mm ROHS compliant

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4 Layer PCB immersion gold ROHS compliant  

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