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What Does James Malinchak Mean When He Says Get Stuff Done Fast By Andrea Adams-Miller If you've been researching James Malinchak online, you have probably come across information quoting him to say, “GSDF! Get Stuff Done Fast!” He makes use of that phrase so frequently, he has trademarked it! “Get stuff done fast” has a lot more meaning behind the simple phrase. Get stuff done fast is also one of his personal motto’s. Let me explain what the difference is between the literal and figurative meanings behind the phrase. Typically, “Get Stuff Done Fast” means quick, hurry, get it done without waste or haste! In some regards, James is referring to this literal meaning. Being a coaching client for several years, I see co-platinum members hesitate and put off getting projects complete. Yes, they have the work done, they have the requirements to fulfill the project. They just are stuck with toying around with achieving the final product. In those scenarios, “Get Stuff Done Fast” literally means stop stalling, block a chunk of time immediately, and just focus until the project is complete! It might mean right now when you're reading this, you call a client, schedule an appointment, or type up your brochure. Right now, do not wait until the proper time. Make now the right time! Figuratively, “Get Stuff Done Fast” may be translated as creating an action plan before beginning a project. In an action plan, the steps are mapped out in a particular order to make your time and efforts more efficient. You may discover in looking over your action plan, it would be more apropos to hire someone to conduct specific tasks instead of you doing them yourself. Also, it may mean getting times set aside on your calendar for which you are to complete a task uninterrupted! While James himself is a quick implementer, he often has a strategy to the implementation. When he doesn't appear to have a strategy, based upon my observations, he makes use of a previous successful strategy as a fast start model and his calculator! Having a keen mind for numbers, James seemingly organizes his life and projects about what could be done as fast as possible with the most professionalism as possible that will generate the most profit for his time and investment. That's getting stuff done fast. Those of us who have adhered to his example are getting stuff accomplished fast. Personally, I realize that the attitude of just do it and do it now gets so much off my plate. For instance, when I think of calling somebody, instead of making a note, and scheduling a time to contact them, I just contact them right then. Either we talk right then and complete the thought in my head or we schedule a time to talk while we're both on the phone. If they're not there, I leave a note stating when I'm available and what I want. That way the person could call back with information in hand, or email me the information I was asking for to begin with. James’ “Get Stuff Done Fast” has been a powerful reminder for me to do what I'm good at efficiently and quickly, it most likely is going to be for you, too!

Andrea Adams-Miller, CEO & Founder of IgniteYourRelationships, LLC, is considered by the media as “The Leading Interationa Authority on Healthy Relationships.” She's a keynote speaker, relationship and business relationship consultant, columnist, international award winning radio show host, and best-selling author. She shows people how to create, retain, and sustain REAL lucrative relationships for life! James Malinchak, Showcased on ABC’s Hit Tv Show Secret Millionaire, is recognized as by a lot of professionals as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Free Video Trainings on how to receive money to speak and the ways to turn into a motivational speakers presentation skills, check out

What Does James Malinchak Mean When He Says Get Stuff Done Fast By Andrea Adams-Miller  

If you've been researching James Malinchak online,...