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A Letter To Obesity Written By Ray New There are lessons you are teaching me About this obesity The problems that I had in the past were decreasing me Physically and mentally I wonder if there's any me Well, obviously there's a whole lot of me I would dream about hitting the lottery Then I could get a trainer and work out constantly Little kids pointing out and screaming that I got to be Sean Kingston...Is that him? Probably These bad eating habits is like feeding rabbits carrots I'm never needing salads, embarrassed My clothes don't fit, I can't wear it Insecure about it, so I can't air it I said I'll drop these pounds, I did swear it But is it possible? I'd talk to others who said that it wasn't even plausible So I turned calories to casualties And I burned them suckas right off, that's not who I wanted to be But the diet was similar to rehab So many fat foods, I knew I didn't need that I would lie to my family, and say 'I'll be back' And then drive down to McDonalds, I shouldn't eat that I reverse out the drive through I can't eat crap that'll make me die too To then have a subconscious that'll despise you But then my other half whispered, 'Just drive through' They talk about the addiction to cigarettes But with obesity, I think that we have a bigger threat At least in America, because thinner fits It's not difficult to see all the benefits

And eventually, I felt That it wasn't about fitting in, it was my health Here's a situation that you are not reading You see overweight people and say 'stop eating' They know the consequences, they could stop breathing But the dinner plate, they are not leaving I've been there so I'm not laughing I have no regrets; I don't wish that it not happened It's a struggle for those who can't drop napkins But if it's easy for you then you cannot fathom Imagine a secret that you could never hide And if you give up once, it's as if you never tried We've all had nights where we forever cried All from the pain of the monsters inside Disgusted with yourself, and hated by others I am sure that we can make it out, my sisters and brothers This is a letter to obesity I eat too much for it to eat at me 

A letter to obesity  

This is the letter that I had to write to obesity. I hope by publishing this, others can be motivated and inspired to do the same in combati...

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