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Public-Private Partnerships with Parks & Rec

Local business Big Green Turf Management, LLC will provide fertilization and weed control services for Recreation Park in 2021 through a sponsorship with Raymore Parks & Recreation.

Big Green, Parks & Rec Enter Public-Private Partnership

Recreation Park at 1011 S. Madison St. is the most active park in the City. With basketball and tennis courts, a disc golf course, baseball, soccer and football fields, approximately 80% of the 62 acre park is dedicated to active programmable use.

Thanks to Big Green Turf Management, LLC, the green spaces at Recreation Park will be looking their best this year. A sponsorship from the Raymorebased business provides fertilization and weed control services at the park for 2021. Raymore residents Terry Kennedy along with Joe and Matt Tamburello, who each have their own separate lawn care companies, started Big Green Turf Management when they realized the fertilization control portion of each business was taking up a lot of time – over a third of the year. They knew there was a better way, so they joined forces in 2019 to form Big Green, a small business offering specialized fertilization and weed control, as well as aeration, seeding and other turf management services in Raymore and surrounding communities.

“We all live in Raymore, we have great customers in Raymore and we love what we do here, so we’re always looking for ways to invest in our community and expand our services to more people,” Kennedy said. “As a smaller company that takes pride in what we do, we are excited to partner with the city to provide our services for the park.”

Raymore Parks & Recreation Director Nathan Musteen says that the partnership with Big Green not only provides an opportunity to enhance the visual experience of Recreation Park, but also allows residents and parents of athletes who use the park to take a vested interest in Raymore’s parks and programs.

“There’s no better way to increase the level of care of our parks than to allow those who use them to take an active part in making them the best they can be,” Musteen said. “Big Green’s commitment to a healthier turf and athletic complex that can withstand the extreme weather conditions, as well as the use from our programs, is exactly what our sponsorship program is all about. We are excited about this partnership with Joe, Matt and Terry and look forward to how great Recreation Park is going to look.”

All five fertilizer applicators on the Big Green team are certified through the Missouri Department of Agriculture. With more than 80 years of combined experience between owners and staff, each certified applicator goes through continuing education on an annual basis and recertification every third year.

“Our customers are our first priority and each lawn is unique, so we really pride ourselves on bringing that personal touch to each customer,” Kennedy said.

Big Green is also hopeful that this venture will help bring awareness to their brand and give others who might not be familiar with their company a local option for their fertilization and weed control needs.

For more information on Big Green Turf Management’s services or to get a quote, call 816-600-4936 or visit www.biggreenkc.com.

There’s no better way to increase the level of care of our parks than to allow those who use them to take an active part in making them the best they can be. “

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