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Our group began the structure by first measuring the gap length to be able to fit the dog. We estimated roughly around 3 blocks long, and from there we started to build the base.

Week one: building a


We decided on a brick formation, where each brick does not necessarily pill on the top of each other exactly. Rather, we tried to have the same ending points at each corner. After reaching the height of the dog, we placed an extra layer to ensure that dog

To close off the gap, we used a rubber band to bind 4-5 blocks together and place it above the gap.

After we felt that the foundation of the tower is solid enough, we decided to stack the bricks tall instead flat since the goal of the task was to get the tower as tall as possible

To seal off the top of the tower, we bind some blocks together in strips and just place them over the top.

A test to see how much load it can take was done to the tower, and the result showed that the structure can withstand a lot of weight. This is because the way the foundation was built. The forces applied go straight down and through the foundation,

Another group attempted to build the tower in a spiral formation, and but placing the slanted, they were able to use less blocks and maximise the space used. Once the gap was high enough for the dog, they simple followed on to complete the circle rather than leaving

Tutorial #1  
Tutorial #1