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Fabulous Playmates You) Fabulous Playmates Lovin') Tommy Castro Delfonics DJ Ray Seastrunk Brothers Hank Gray Raymond Simmons Carla Thomas Raymond Simmons Part 1 Raymond Simmons Part 2 Joy Mover Barry International BluBlack And The Mozart Boys Joy Mover Joy Mover Joy Mover Flying Joy Mover House Of The Rising Sun Joy Mover Joy Mover Joy Mover Starlite Al Green Raymond Simmons Raymond Simmons Bobby Blue Bland Fantastic Four The Performers The Performers The Performers Hunter Jamie Gazelle Preston Gray Dolly Parton Dotman Gia Yee Moscato Moscato Moscato Stewart Rollinson Eric Lambert Crooked Eye Tommy Kirra Rey T Request Zally Gansta Marcus Sennid Simon

Ain't Gonna Be No Fool (For Don't Turn Your Back (On Just Like Me When You Get Right Down To It Station ID Live365 No One Can Love You Like I Do You Got What It Takes Don't Bother Me Pick Up The Pieces Can't Get Rid Of This Feeling Can't Get Rid Of This Feeling Circle Game Get Up 80's Chick Insight Steal My Thunder Neverland, Neverland, I'm You'll Never Walk Alone, Never Fit In Martin Said Winter Song Hot For You Love And Happiness Hot Percussion Licks Part 1 Hot Percussion Licks Part 2 I Wouldn't Treat A Dog The Whole World Is A Stage I Can't Stop You Little Angel Set Me Free Lock Me Up Into Your Heart Hell Fire Preacher Boy Can't Stand The Heat I Will Always Love You (Live) My Woman One Heart Unshiny Broken Dreams Flowers Matrix Don't Think Twice Crooked Eye Tommy Tappy Gilmore The After Party-Special Justice #1 Fan (Feat. Lil Reese) It A Gwaan Red!!

Mitchell Thomas Prentiss Stuart Hollinger White Horses David Earl Lewis Jim Menzel Ito Alma Mira Tree Jett Allen Matteo Lama Golden Boy (Fospassin) Michaela East Coast Sound April Martin Ada Blessings Neal Storme And The Band Of Amazing Friends Emmett North, Jr. Forbidden Planet Mike Meier Keld Sand The Cristeas Purple Scream Angus McKerracher Corina Bartra Lou Nac Konsept The Genius DJ Karim Frank Kozlowski Prentiss Vinyl Floor KayDee 912 Breasman Robyn Kemp Keith Williams Jazz Ivar Sigurbergsson Tha Captin Roger Palmer KayDee 912 T.J. Doyle Uncle Tadashi & Da Boyz Coco Tea Shawn Howard Gregory D The Sex Pistols Orchesta Fuego Rhett May Benny Turner Raymond Simmons Heartbeats) The Ringflowers The Ringflowers Ajae G Northwest

Gonna Happen Again Music Is Because Of U Wanna Little Love Employee Of The Month Midnite Shadows Slamming Jamming Song Of The Barren Orange Image (Instrumental) Circle Of Joy Thank You Barack Obama Dreaming Of Loving You East Coast Sound One Breath Bongo 5 Step Off I'll Be Around Circular Logic Otono In The Ghetto Fever Dolphin Downstream Guajira Son Head Games (Ponytail) My Purpose Is Colli Collie-Do You Pray West Side Music Is Time Your Life Keep It Blazin' Tree Of Life Raining Sideways Heading Home Happening Now 5 Minutes Come In Out Of The Rain Free World Favorite Places Back In Da Day Ladies Ball Bobby The Legend "Sack Full Of Crack" God Save The Queen Encendido The Violence Of Ice I Can't Leave "SOMETHING ELSE!" (Stolen World Blues Mr. Hotel Roll Up Look At Me

Sher'nell La'Fleur

You Got Me Singing

SELECT Worldwide All Star Radio Playlist Magazine July 2017  

Read Past Issues of SELECT Playlist Magazine AT Get Your Airplay, Promote Your Music Career, Be A Subscriber! M...

SELECT Worldwide All Star Radio Playlist Magazine July 2017  

Read Past Issues of SELECT Playlist Magazine AT Get Your Airplay, Promote Your Music Career, Be A Subscriber! M...