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LIVE PROJECTS: D2M + SeymourPowell





Adaptable Short and Long Throw Projection


F i n a l Ye a r

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P ra c t ice


Micro living is a trend that is gaining traction in the modern lifestyle dynamic. More people are trading a conventional living space for small micro apartments. This is driven by rapid urbanisation and the desire to be near trendy areas in cities all around the world. Apps and mobile content drives the majority of media consumption, and habitual behaviour has caused users to shut off social aspects and gain a close attachment to screens in close proximity.

This behaviour enables greater control of user’s social situations, and thus users may develop self-socialisation. Consumers tolerate viewing media on small screens for convenience within a given scenario. They are unaware that to others that the experience comes across as anti-social. When bringing meaning back to the medium of video content, the quality should be paramount as a point of principle; especially from the stakeholders (producers and directors) point of view.


Gen Y and Z is the typical age of which this trend is being identified with. Also known as millennials, this demographic is receptive to new technologies. The key user is also appreciative of global connectivity and the downsides that come along with it. The attention apportioned to screen based content has users yearning for social experiences that incorporate activity. As the consumer electronic sector embraces the Internet of Things, this aligns with the key user needs of intertwining the digital and physical world in a seamless environment. A product solution that increases the value of their time at home would be desired by those attached to video content.


Research Insights The Rationale The current consumer electronic market is saturated with technology that users don’t need (think 3DTV in recent times). .Lantern is a product that aims to encompass technology that users will value and realistically use. Homes are getting smaller, and this facilitates adaptable technology suited to the user. This is why mobile devices and on demand content has become so popular, and .Lantern serves as a way of enabling this content in a sociable way. Embracing I.O.T is an important part of the product, and serves as a sensible solution for the way users interact and connect with .Lantern. It also enables connectivity with existing apps and services in the market currently.

“Media Consumption has taken up a large part of our lives�


F i n a l Ye a r

The nature of consumer electronics relies heavily on component specification and out-doing the competition

De s ig n P ra c t ice

Some users will purely not have the space for a large screen in small environments where space is at a premium Consumers are foregoing large screens in favour of portability and ease of use Large amounts of content is based online and on demand services, facilitating the use of connected devices. Pre-conceived notions of home AV products will impact user opinions on how useful and beneficial the proposal is.



F i n a l Ye a r

De s ig n

Exploring form through sketchwork

P ra c t ice


First Prop

In addition to traditional 2D form development, a hands-on approach with sketch modelling techniques was utilised. Modelling in 3D helped generate a coherent 3D form and decide placement of certain features in a user centric manner. Such models were also placed in front of users; with this approach enabling test users to become designers themselves to better the product experience; design as a facilitator. The crudeness of the models also ensures a quick turnover of design proposals in order to gain optimised form.

F i n a l Ye a r

De s ig n

P ra c t ice




The first example is that the design of the internals and components can be ratified first, and the design of the external form can then be sculpted around the parts. This ensures feasibility, but limits on the ‘magic’ and wow factor of the design. The second approach is the opposite, whereby the form of the product is decided and the parts and components are then engineered to fit into the shape. Ideally, the perfect design process incorporates the two harmoniously. the fact that projector placement within an environment is key to the performance of the product. This then led to incorporating long and short throw technology and a physical change in the product that can facilitate this functionality.


F i n a l Ye a r

De s ig n

P ra c t ice


The first draft design featured a simple form defined by the material choice. However, there were various design changes that facilitated a user centric product as well as a higher level of visual intrigue. In order to accommodate for a lasting physical design, the ethos of the physical form was changed from a focus on materials to a focus on interesting surfacing, and instantly recognisable lines. The size of the model itself was optimised through sketch modelling, and research into the

components for the required specification. The focus has shifted from simple form/CMF focused design into the design of the form and surfaces, which could be more likely to stand the test of time over the CMF trend. Complex surfacing and CNC technology in large scale manufacture is an area that is emerging and combines technological advancement with interesting visual. Fractal and complex geometry is a factor that is being incorporated into portable consumer


F i n a l Ye a r De s ig n

The Lantern App is primarily a media browser that casts onto the Projector using the GoogleCast SDK. Again, because GoogleCast is being used, the data stream from the internet goes directly to the projector, freeing up processing power and minimizing battery drain.

P ra c t ice

LanternCast can utilise Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-FI direct to control local media storage solutions into the projector. A flash drive containing a movie can be plugged into the projector, and the app can wirelessly navigate the on board media browser.

Through DLNA and MiraCast, computers and laptops can be cast through the Wi-Fi network to the projector. ChomeCast browser extension can also be used in this instance. The most stable connection is still via HDMI cable.


Exploring th Convergence Technology, Trends & Fashion

F i n a l Ye a r

De s ig n

he e of


P ra c t ice


Download Lantern App

Set up network credentials

Need to use GoogleCast Enabled devices? No



Download GoogleCast

Has network connection to Lantern been verified? No



Full Access to Lantern

Netflix, Youtube, iPlayer etc

Set up network credentials


F i n a l Ye a r

Stream online content

Playback controls via GoogleCast enabled apps

Need to control AV options? No



Use Lantern App Playing content that isn’t streamed from the internet. (Localised content from mobile device storage, or storage media plugged in directed to Lantern Projector

Need to control local playback options No



Use Lantern App

Control via Bluetooth or WI-Fi direct (if already connected) to control projector while content is playing

P ra c t ice

GoogleCast streams directly to Lantern, freeing up smartphone for regular use even when streaming content

De s ig n

Use GoogleCast and dedicated apps



F i n a l Ye a r

Companion UI

De s ig n

P ra c t ice


.Lantern benefits from rotary adjus throw mirror to accommodate for a

The rotary adjustment means that a

Short throw projection can be initiat tural sensors for control with simpl

P ra c t ice

ted by just a simple press that aligns the mirrors to induce a short throw beam. The same top panel also houses gesle hand motions.

De s ig n

any plugged in devices remain stationary whilst the projection beam can be moved freely.

F i n a l Ye a r

stment as well as angular tilt dependent on user preferences. The tilting mechanism actively adjusts the internal short any keystone correction.



The form factor alone sets the product apart from the current conventions of the projector market and that the form indicates that there is something different that the product has to offer. One user talked about the “sense of opulence� certain elements of the design brings. In the Asian market, this is highly valued and adds reasoning behind the physical form. The strength of the product relies in its adaptability, and the projection image should reflect this. The short throw mechanism is an innovative feature and opens up the possibilities of what a projector system could be.


F i n a l Ye a r De s ig n P ra c t ice .Lantern black edition offering 4K resolution in 2017.



F i n a l Ye a r De s ig n P ra c t ice

The chassis allows for a complex system of articulating mirrors that align when the pop-up mechanism is activated. The projector beam aligns with first surface and freeform surface mirrors specially formed for short throw projection. Gears within the tilt axle also link to the freeform surface mirror, enabling real time manual keystone correction.


An important factor of the product is that it defies convention of the home AV market, and brings interest to what future products in this market could look like. Entertainment should not be bound by black slabs and Lantern embodies this.


F i n a l Ye a r De s ig n P ra c t ice

Wireless Control via. LanternCast and GoogleCast


Aqua Alchemy

When people hear the term ‘chronic condition’, the leap to heart disease, strokes, cancers and terminal diseases are made. However, chronic illnesses and diseases are those of a long lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured. As such the decision to pursue the area of eczema and dermatitis has been taken. These are chronic conditions that affect “1 in 5 children and about 1 in 12 adults in the UK”. Choosing to empower those with eczema is a viable option. Cursory contact was made with eczema sufferers as to what their main habits and lifestyle changes were to facilitate for the condition. Mind maps were also generated on the back of these ‘off-the-cuff’ discussions.

The key insight of this however was the effect of water on the skin and that area was used as a starting point for the secondary desk based research. Eczema is a disease that causes a lot of trauma visually for the patient. With flare ups of eczema, the skin will lose its moisture content and will firstly become dry and scaly. Neglecting eczema and insufficient care of the condition can lead to “inflammations, swelling, oozing and crusting, all of which are unsightly and can affect the patient psychologically”


F i n a l Ye a r

De s ig n

P ra c t ice


Chronic diseases are those of a long lasting condition that can be controlled but not cured Lifestyle behaviours and habits have to be adapted over a lifetime

Self-management by the person who suffers the condition is key to the treatment

Water that goes onto the skin contains hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals that react negatively with eczema Stress causes eczema, and eczema in turn causes psychological stigma because of its perceived unsightliness


RSA Ent r y : T he G ood

Research Insights

L ife

The Rationale Why do medical products look the way they do? The stigma of ‘white-plastic medical’ products is removed in this product range. For a chronic condition that manifests in a visually aggravating way, the products should be visually stimulating to remove the misconceptions and reputation that medical products currently have. Almost all medically accepted treatments of eczema rely on the use of topical products after the symptoms have flared up. The Alchemy Collection aims to provide both preventative measures as well as enabling direct control of factors that may flare up eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions.

“We absorb more toxins through our skin in a 5 minute shower than by drinking tap water all day.”


Managing how water affects the skin


RSA Ent r y : T he G ood L ife

Focusing on the area of filtration of water at touch points ensures that less time is spent on typical eczema aftercare consisting of topical emollients and steroids by eliminating harmful substances found in regular water. Additionally, studies show that removal of chlorine in shower and drinking water can help reduce risk of cancers and lung diseases (via inhalation). Filtration will also help the user have younger looking skin and hair. All products within the suite can be bought and used separately, catering for varying severities eczema and other skin conditions as well as affordability for the market. The nature of the shower control also denies the users of any shocks in the shower in regard to unexpected cold starts and poor flow; therefore reducing stressful moments in the shower. Users can instantly choose the heat and flow rates suited for their skin. The controller is wireless within 10m of the hidden digital mixer, and can be taken to be used with other mixers if installed in other buildings. A central modular water filter can be used to filter out harmful substances in household water usually added in by the local water board such as chlorine, fluorine and nitrates.




Ent r y :

T he

G ood

L ife




RSA Ent r y : T he

The modular filter contains both NMC (nano metal clusters), ceramic tourmaline balls and natural binchotan charcoal to effectively filter harmful substances out of water passively.

G ood

Its modular design means it can be used in both the shower-head as well as the water bottle and possible future products.

L ife

The rail of the shower emits ultra-low power UV-B rays to act as a light therapy when the user requests it. This is intended as a low-impact, long term treatment solution. Users only need to push to turn on a switch between flow and heat controls. Unit will automatically shut down once a shower cycle has been completed.


Diploma in Professional Studies: A Year in Industry As part of a Diploma in Professional studies, a year long placement was undertaken at Philex Electronic: An electronics manufacturer with it’s strengths primarily based in distribution. The role as a product designer was a first for the company and product designs and 3D visualisations were carried out single-handedly, as well as contributing heavily to branding and marketing of new accounts and product ranges.

A large responsibility was producing OEM designs in the audio and portable device categories for national retailers. This in addition to producing conceptual and prototyped designs for a fully fledged consumer electronics brand; i-box. The aim of the conceptual designs was the raise the profile of the company for its design ability, and to offer designs that were compelling and different to anything else in a market that is saturated.


Wor k


I nd us t r y :

P hilex

E l e c t ro n i c


Knowles and Thomas full size DAB retro styled radio.


Wor k in I nd us t r y : P hilex E l e c t ro n i c

Knowles and Thomas mini DAB retro styled radio.



WAVE The i-box wave is a mid to high-end bluetooth speaker produced as a concept for 2015. The product features 3 active and 2 passive drivers, for optimal sound output, as well as class D amplifiers. However, the main appeal of the product comes from the visual appearance. In portable consumer products, there are beginnings of a closer link between technology and fashion based elements. The wave pattern embossed onto the speaker mesh is a feature that is currently unique to this product. It shows that the speaker is always aiming to incorporate the latest design, manufacturing and technological trends for the consumer audio market.


Wor k


I nd us t r y :

i - b ox



Wor k in I nd us t r y : i - b ox

Design, modelling and visualisation of the i-box wave bluetooth speaker included looking into generative waveforms on parametric software, as well as the possibilities of engineering cloth for aesthetic and sonic capabilities. Intended product features all the latest wireless technologies such as Bluetooth 4.1, NFC and Wi-FI direct. Created in PTC Creo, Rendered with Keyshot.


Design and visualisation of a bluetooth speaker for a large guitar amplification company based in the UK. The client wanted to exhibit a more consumer oriented nature to their proposed design, and wanted also wanted to incorporate some interesting, and unique user interface. Co-operation between the engineers was integral to devising a engaging control scheme from a concept that was originally very complex.

Consumer F Product Des

Wor k in I nd us t r y : M is ce l l a n e o u s

Focused sign


Producing various home audio and consumer electronic products both for Philex Electronic and other various UK retailers via OEM. These projects were all delivered on tight deadlines, and delivered in international sales meetings. A large focus of the year out in the industry was keeping up with trends in the market, and the fashion influence saw a large uprising in that year.



L ive P roj e c t s

Live Projects Projects consisting of a week long brief providing opportunities to respond to problems identified by real world consultancies and companies. The stages of a live project design week are designed to rapidly exhibit design thinking and process to a tight deadline. The briefs also allow for co-design in teams of peers at the front end stage in order to gain as many ideas and concepts as possible. After the initial ideation stage, the presentation is reliant on individual work, meaning that a sense of personal style and flair can be achieved at this stage. This is the best opportunity in the final year to carry out ‘consultancy-style’ blue sky concepts.



L ive P roj e c t s : D2 m

The following brief was set by D2M innovation: “We would like you to explore the idea of a consumer product that actively encourages integration of user fabricated elements in such a way that the functionality or capabilities of the product can be complemented or fundamentally modified by the end user to suit their own personal needs.” The sports footwear market is expanding, and various designs are released frequently for fashion purposes Manufacturers capitalise on both the functional and fashionable lifespan of their products

The focus of football boots in recent years has been to make the boot as lightweight as possible. However, this reduces the ‘padding’ and safety of the boot in the quest for best performance. Can additive manufacture be optimised for both lightweight and boot upper coverage? With new styles and different soleplates being released on a monthly basis, users could purchase one product to suit all conditions.



L ive P roj e c t s : D2 M

Created in PTC Creo and Rhino (with grasshopper) , Rendered with Keyshot.

Current users will own multiple boots for different conditions. With top level footwear costing over ÂŁ250, users are looking for solutions to match different conditions. Hybrid studs (mix of stud types) have risen in popularity over recent years, although this is a performance compromise for the ease of having one boot to suit conditions, as opposed to bespoke solutions. Replacement soleplates could offer both a cost and performance improvement. Cellular structure is optimised between strength and weight for best performance trade off between speed, protection and power during game play. The soleplate provides flexibility in the movement of the foot during traction stages. Foot scan data is employed in order to mould the midsole and sole plate to user specifications, reducing stud pressure and avoiding long term injury. Upper sock-like fit allowing for user to insert and remove foot easily into the boot and to conform to the foots natural shape. Rubberised lattice structure bonded to surface ensures optimal grip and power on the ball during play.


SeymourPowell: New Sound Experience Brief: Create a new device for the workspace that facilitates a valuable new hearing experience Solution: An auditory device that can either remove unwanted white noise, or augment and simulate more familiar sonic experiences place devoid of natural sound (think Interstellar). By channelling ambient sounds of personal environments such as home or previous workplace, or sounds of life on earth in general, users can relay a sensory experience personal to them in an environment that is devoid of natural occurring sound.


L ive


P roj e c t s : S ey mour Powe ll

Zero gravity environment enables Halo to float effortlessly, directed by the low energy turbine which also acts as a alternator as its energy source. In addition to astronauts who use outer space and multiple space stations as their own workspace, It is not unreasonable to assume that more people will travel up out of the earth’s atmosphere as part of everyday life and possible colonisation in other planets. However it is still uncharted territory where people who do go up are left feeling alone, bored and missing their loved ones. This is the same for both experienced and novice astronauts. Telephone calls and normal means of communication can take days to plan, leaving workers in space isolated which can lead to anxiety and mental illness.


Logitech Performance MX Mouse: Reverse Engineering In order to effectively convey the geometry of the chosen product, surface modelling strategy was chosen for its ability to construct areas of complex curvature. Using a parametric modeller has its advantages in using a feature based modelling tree; meaning that steps can be ‘rolled back’ and changes can be updated and iterated in real time. A large emphasis of the modelling time was placed on the generation of surfaces in the skeleton model. Instead of using separate curve features and boundary blends, the model tree can be significantly reduced by using the style tool instead of separate reference sketch features (the model can still be done in this way, albeit with a longer process) Instead of using tangency continuity as with previous modelling strategies, G2 continuous curvature was used wherever possible. G2 curvature is used for its visual qualities on external surfaces on products with complex surfaces.



As s ig nme nt


Branding and Marketing

In addition to traditional product design and development, branding and marketing responsibilities during the placement year was undertaken. As a worldwide distributor of many brands; Philex Electronic required category management of different products for different brands, and the need for a high visual nature of brand and identity increased. Over the year, a heavier emphasis was put on producing 3d visuals, for both packaging and

product. These were the basis of e-commerce and sales meeting content. The full website creation via Shopify for i-box, Qubic, and Wishbone baby were handled personally, as well as content for various other brands under the Philex family.



Packaging design and artwork for the following is currently on the market: Thor 4K Image Enhancing Cable i-box Slix + Slix² Qubic - The Modular Power System (full range)

Full Web and Content Creation for: i-box Thor 4K Qubic WishboneBaby


Pa c ka g ing

De s ig n


All 3D visuals and online content for Qubic was produced from self generated 3D models. Created in PTC Creo and Rhino (with grasshopper) , Rendered with Keyshot.


Dig it a l C onte nt C re at ion

The WishboneBaby product needed reverse engineering for 3D visual content as well as for packaging artwork. The product required class A surface modelling to achieve the curvature and design intent of the original design.


/SKILLS PTC Creo Adobe Suite Keyshot Rhinoceros 3D Microsoft Office

/PROFILE A driven, ambitious final year industrial design student from Loughborough University. Always looking for the best solution in response to a creative problem. I am an extremely motivated and hard working individual, and always looking to learn, especially in the first steps of my career as a designer. My year in industry and education at Loughborough Design School has established a good base for design thinking and technical skill, but I am always looking to improve and to add value to a design orientated environment. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!


/C O N TAC T 89 Dunstable Street, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, MK45 2NG

t: e:

(+44)7763 062772



Philex Electronic July 2014 - August 2015

Product Designer Year in industry for a leading manufacturer and distributor of AV accessories. Sole product designer employed by the company in an primarily experimental role leading to lots of key responsibilities.

Freelance Designer July 2014 - Present

Designer Concept generation, design and product visualisation for clients including PhilexHK, Exetech Smartwatches and Blackstar Amplification. Services also included branding proposals and website content generation.

/ E D U C AT I O N Loughborough University September 2012 - Present

Industrial Design and Technology (BA) Currently enrolled in final year after successfully completing a year in industry. 1st Year - 65% 2nd Year - 70% 3rd Year - currently averaging 72%

Redborne Upper School and Community Sixth Form 2010 - 2012

A Level Product Design (A*), Business Studies (B), Maths (C)

2007 - 2010

GCSE 12 A-C’s including Maths (A), English (A) and Product Design (B)

V it a e

Main duties included concept and idea generation in analogue and digital formats. Design and development of product designs with communication with the far east on subsequent design proposals. Carrying out high quality product visuals and renders of products, branding and product range proposals for a number of well-known UK retailers.

C ur r ic ulum


Thank you for reading

Raymond Ng Industrial Design Portfolio 2016  

Lougborough University, Industrial Design finalist 2015/2016