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Positive expressions, colourful characters of imaginations wild and wise . . . adventures of wonder and surprise for children, and the young at heart, everywhere, to be inspired by. Painting on canvas, drawing on paper, mini stories with illustrations as poster size prints. Story picture books. Murals any size, anywhere, dramatic spontaneously inspired drawing and storytelling presentations.

The Frightfully Wise Owl acrylic on canvas 610 x 740mm 2014

Fred the Astronomically Monstrous Frog acrylic on canvas 735 x 740mm 2014

The Musically Attentive Rooster oils on canvas 660 x 715mm 2014

The Magic Cow oils on canvas 700 x 850mm 2006

The Imaginative Dog oils on canvas 700 x 850mm 2008

Leon the Rocket Scientist oils on canvas 700 x 850mm 2008

My Friend oils on canvas 700 x 850mm 2008

Stage Scene#1 oils on canvas 2006

Stage Scene#3 oils on canvas 2006

Stage Scene#2 oils on canvas 2006

Auckland on Stage - oils on canvas - 2006

The Wild Giant Cow

Wild and Woolley

Creative Balance

The Artist's Happy Mobile

Developed with Raymond Jennings by Jojo

Raymond Jennings Art for Children Presentation

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