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Raymond Iskandar A boy who love to "wandering" around inside my head. He love new adventure, but don't want to get in trouble or something like that. Well, he is a very loyal friend and an entertaining person. Actually, He is a true Ravenclaw.... Hobbies

Basic Information Birthday 24th May House Ravenclaw Guardian (Patronus) Ibizan Hound GPA 3.13

Skills Ai / Lr / An Ps Illustration Photography Creativity Uniqness Learning ability Public Speaking Layout Crafting

Wandering around Looking at / Do some art and stuff similar Reading stories (Fantasies) Join contests at 99design Lost in music

7.5/10 8.2/10 7.1/10 8.9/10 9.2/10 10.1/10 9.9/10 9.2/10 7.2/10 9.1/10


Macbook Pro Earphone 13.3 Inch

Describing Raymond

Ring & Bracelet




Personal Stats

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List of Art Spells Logorudum Illusthunor Animateus Typorhombus Copie Ad Comdi Advicio Ser Advicio Advicio Ci Phostos Kintome

- Logo Spell - Illustration Spell - Hearten Art Spell - Typo Illusion Spell - Literature Spell - Creative Ad Brief - Creative Ad Spell - Burst version of Advicio - Gigantic version of Adivicio - Capture visual spell - Hidden Crafting spell

Vine wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ½" and Slightly Yielding flexibility Raymond’s Wand

The Art of Raymond

Logorudum Background information


This job was published in 99design as a contest, the owner are trying to find a logo that is Classic, Mature, and Sophisticated style.

Water Drop Leaf Building Dots Blue White Green

Name to incorporate in the logo Hub City Hydroponics Slogan to incorporate in the logo your friendly, local indoor garden supply store

= Hydroponics = Garden / Plants = Cityscape = Sophisticated look = Watery and Maturity = Clean and Faith = Growth and Fertility

Description of the organization and its target audience Garden supply store for middle age person. Industry Agriculture

Made using Ai, using font Swiss 721, November 2016

Rune of life (Water)

The Art of Raymond

Logorudum Background Information




Name for logo Raymond Iskandar Logo’s insight A classy designer who has style.

Ingredients = Classic = Completeness = Vag = Suprising = Classic tool

The chosen one, He chose this logo ro represent him the best It contains simple design, like the way He describe his designs: “Simplicity is all you need”

Target market All the client and advertising agency Industry Design

The chosen one, He chose this logo ro represent him the best It contains simple feather as a quill, the only tool that show classy in writing

A spell to craft a logo

Font Circle Question mark Exclamation mark Feather / Quill

A project by himself to make his own logo for his wax stamp. I want to have a logo that has classic design and contain elegant concept. This logo is representing Him to all of my client.

The Art of Raymond

Illusthunor Ingredient Raymond’s Face Kenshin Scene A Japanese BG Maroon & Grey

Background Information = = = =

For face guide For body guide For BG guide Kenshin outfit

This main concept of this project is to make yourself into a character. In this project, Raymond chose to be Rurouni Kenshin. He is trying to describe this illustration into a scene of Kenshin in his own imagination. Main Concept Raymond the Wanderer Swordsman Style AI Illustration, Complex, Dramatic

A spell to change reality into illustration Rune of Growth (Earth)

The Art of Raymond

Animateus Background Information A second time experience of Him in making Animation, this is a story about everyone mood, that is represented by each animal and colors. The book was made by Dr.Seuss called, “My many Colored Days� Story My many colored days by Dr.Seuss Style 1st person, watercolor, animated

Ingredients Grassland Sky Cave Colors Animal

= = = = =

Horse habitat Bird place Bear habitat Representing mood Representing act

A spell to animate Illustration

Rune of rage (Beast)

The Art of Raymond

Typorhombus Background Information


This was a project from his lecturer to craft a font, the main idea of this project is to make a sub-family font from a well-known font. In this project, He took Trajan to make it into Trajan Armory font. The main concept of this font is to redesign and combine with some melee weapon across the world.

Trajan Karambit Kukri Dagger Kunai Brass Knuckle Butterfly Knife

= = = = = = =

Base font Indonesia Nepal Egypt Japan Japan Philippines

Main Font Trajan

Typorhombus (tÄŤ.pĹ?.rom-buh s) A spell to create a font

Style Classic, Sophisticated, Strong vibe


Trajan armory, mad by Him, at his 3rd semester in Bina Nusantara

The Art of Raymond

Copie Background Information This project was made to motivate parents to support their child by giving education as high as possible rather than supporting them by giving some material heritage.

Headline Pendidikan Merupakan Investasi Abadi

Style Corporate

Ingredients Glases Blue White Dark

= = = =

Intellegent Professional The Truth The Reality

Rune of Wisdom (Fi)

The Art of Raymond

Ad Comdi Brand Sour Sally

Competitors J.Cool llaollao

Goal / Objective: Give freshness with new flavour

Target Audience Teen - Young adult, male or female, High mobility with tight schedule, diet planning.

Benefit (USP)

New taste and new vibe.

Support Well known for it's frozen yogurt lot of toppings option

Consumer Insight Sour Sally, a good taste for healthy food

Tone and manner Cheerful, black, fresh

The Art of Raymond

Advicio Creative Ingredient Background Make a healthy, refreshing sensastion print advertising for Sour Sally. With their new yogurt. Competitors Jco, llao llao, and heavenly blush Goal Increase awareness in Sour Sally new product.


Advicio (ad.vik. o) A spell to make ads using creative brief

Target audience Teen - Young adult, high class lifestyle and high mobility. Benefit Healthy detoxing yogurth with delicious taste. Consumer Insight Yogurt has sour taste but yet healthy for our body.

Rune of regen (Ice)

The Art of Raymond

Ad Comdi Brand Good Day

Background Problem Want to increase target market to increase sales.

Competitors Kopiko 78 Nescafe

Goal / Objective: To increase awareness that Good Day is good to be drink before any activity

Target Audience Teen - Young adult, male or female, High mobility with tight schedule.

Benefit (USP) Good Day has lot of taste for you different mood.

Support Good Day has more than 9 taste and still developing more. Cheap to buy and easy to consume.

Consumer Insight Good Day has a lot of taste for your day.

What we want to change Nothing to change

Tone and manner Cheerful, Mystery, Colorful

The Art of Raymond


Creative Ingredient Background Recreate good day advertising with new concept that inviting other to start their adventure. Competitors Nescafe, Kopiko 78, etc

Ser Advicio ( o) A modified spel ffrom Advicio to create a sequence ad.

Ser Advicio Target audience Teen - Young adult, active, wild, high curiosity and high mobility. Benefit Your day booster Consumer Insight Coffee good for waking up.

Goal Invite consumer to have a new adventure with good day.

Good day Print ad with a theme of daily life adventure.

Rune of regen (Ice)

The Art of Raymond

Ad Comdi Brand Red Bull - Kratingdeng

Background Problem Monster Energy sales has gone way higher than Red Bull in Europe and U.S.A. Red bull need to increase the masculinity concept to counter Monster Energy.

Competitors Monster Energy (Main) Nos

Goal / Objective: To increase awareness that Red Bull is more "Masculine" than Monster Energy. To counter the "Unleash the Beast" slogan from Monster Energy.

Target Audience Mostly Man with high to very high activity rate. High mobility, and packed schedule. Productive age.

Benefit (USP) Red Bull is an Energy drink that will vitalizes Body and Mind.

Support Has unique and refreshing taste, Strong brand Identity and color theme, Iconic brand and logo.

Consumer Insight Provide energy necessary to complete the workday without crashing.

What we want to change Red Bull give you the real power within you.

Tone and manner Masculine, dark, strong

The Art of Raymond

Advicio Ci Creative Ingredient

Competitors Monster energy, Rockstar, NOS, etc Goal Recounter Monster Energy.

Target audience Teen - Young adult, active, wild, tight schedule and high mobility. Benefit Recharge your energy Consumer Insight To stay awake and give more energy

Print ad 3. Franken’s secret

Background Recreate redbull campaign, with more masculine and a bit touch of dark vibe.

Print ad 1. Corpse revival

Print ad 2. The only drink for Vamps

OOH ad. Street guiding lamp

Rune of Death (Dark)

The Art of Raymond


Purbasari Talent: Priska Olivia Camera Canon 600d Focal length : 42 F :5 Exposure : 1/160 Edited in Lr and Ps

Rune of Health (Light)

The Art of Raymond

Phostos Lakeview Cellars Packshot Camera Canon 600d Focal length : 96 F : 26 Exposure : 1/125 Edited in Lr and Ps

The Art of Raymond


A Glamorous Disney SS Taken in Disney World Tokyo August 2016 Camera Canon 600d Edited in Lr and Ps

Focal length F Exposure

: 96 :5 : 1/4000

The Art of Raymond

The Art of Raymond


Sunset Balloon Taken in Disney World Tokyo August 2016 Camera Canon 600d Edited in Lr and Ps

Focal length F Exposure

: 55 :4 : 1/60

The Art of Raymond

Phostos (fos.tos) A spell to capture light

The Art of Raymond

Kintome Kintome Hipster was a product created as a Project in 2016 by TIE, creating a path, for the hipster to reminisce the era of peace and love. Bringing back the Hipster Vibe for those people who thirst of love and tired of war, for those who seek the truth and escaping the shadow. We got "Black of the north", "Blue of the sky" and "Brown of the earth"

The Art of Raymond

Rune of Knowledge (Psychic)

Trace me at: Instagram @RaymondIskandar Phone 0856-745-3488 E-mail

Raymond Iskandar (AoR)  

A trace where you can find out about some arts and design spell crafting...

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